Eureka!!! Have you heard of the nicknames “The land of opportunity” or “The natural state”? I bet you have. Yes, I am connotating the breathtaking Arkansas where diversity and prosperity began after World War II. Today, the Arkansans have taken their state to the next level in all their areas be it their education, industry, culture, health, recreation, etc. Now, the fact remains that all industries are growing across the globe. To be at par with the ever-increasing competition, it’s essential to bask in the new approach that is considered for global recognition.


Now, there would be a dilemma of what am I referring to? I am referring to nothing but the “Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas” which is the need of the hour be it the manufacturing industry, the IT, the healthcare, the finance, entertainment, or the military. None of the industries is excluded. Every industry worldwide has used the scientific six-sigma certification course to streamline all their operations and improve their services and products, the success of which is speaking for itself.

When we have the Arkansans developing in all the fields, why wouldn’t one excel in this field and further bring about the progress of the state as a whole? Because the fact remains that, everything is online now and going forwards with all the COVID-19 pandemic situations globally, and “you” my dear Arkansans have the privilege of getting certified professionally right through the comfort of your home and stay ahead in your professional game. Without much further ado, let us dive straight into our well-researched topic on Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas.

The top 10 Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas –

1. Henry Harvin Quality Management Academy

  • Acing the list is Henry Harvin for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas, one of the leading career and competency development organizations that focuses primarily on value creation. This institute ranks no.1 in the industry by India Today, The Tribune, and the Business Standard.
  • The training curriculum is aligned to nothing but the best IASSC BOK (viz. The book of knowledge) which has been followed globally and holds utmost value within the industry. You will be trained by trainers who have almost 18+ years experienced in this field
  • You will get 100% practical training with the popular GCAO pedagogy with a focus solely on experiential learning. Not to mention, this is the oldest course in South Asia with access to 35 PDUs that can be claimed with PMI.
  • The projects that are covered will help you with optimizing the average calls in a voice process (BPO), improve the quality of work-life in any organization, improve the total time and the rolled throughput yield, defect reduction in die casting, improve internal SQR in the XXM activities, etc.
  • You get an experience of 12 projects throughout 1-year post your formal training with a 1-year gold membership giving live projects with a guaranteed internship coupled with all the recorded videos, job supports, along with monthly boot camp sessions. Not to forget the services offered in a career with an enhancement of interview skills.
  • The course combines the Lean and DMAIC methodology for imparting the key skills.
  • The certification is a hallmark of CSSE-GB from Henry Harvin.
  • The cost of the course is approximate 233.35$
  • If you are interested to know more about this incredible course, you can go through the link below for further details. Also, if there are further queries, end-to-end assistance via call or WhatsApp or mail is readily available and you will be re-directed with all the information on Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas: –

Six Sigma Certification also visit in other states:

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2. Management and Strategy Institute (MSI)

  • Another top institute for Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas is MSI which is a trade association that is dedicated to representing the requirements of the process improvements for all professionals. 
  • MSI is accredited to Process improvement credentialing standards, six sigma quality standards, CPD certified, and also is an accredited member of BBB. MSI is a registered US government contractor.
  • Their six sigma certification course and the exams are all conducted online. The exam is open book but timed and includes 65 questions with a passing score of 70%.
  • It uses the DMAIC method that is capable of performing defect-free work with a negligible failure rate of 99.999%.
  • This methodology uses tools, techniques, statistical methodologies, and proven strategies to improve any process virtually.
  • The certification includes all the learning material and the certification exam at the end of the training.
  • MSI certified professionals work in every industry starting from small manufacturers up to 500 top Fortune companies.
  • The duration taken to complete the course varies from person to person. They provide a time of 1 year from the date of purchase to complete the course end-to-end.
  • The cost of the course is around 195.95$

3. American Society for Quality (ASQ)

  • Another highly recommended institute for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas is the ASQ because of its reputation globally, worldwide quality recognition, rigorous training with SMEs, and exam preparation.
  • ASQ is one of the oldest institutes offering Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas and it offers independently accredited certifications.
  • Six-sigma green belt certification training materials consist of study guides, handbooks, and question banks.
  • They offer the certification preparation in a self-paced way and it is both classrooms as well as virtual.
  • After the training, a test needs to be taken in a specific window period and it’s an open book with the choice to bring your study materials.
  • In case you fail the test, you can re-take the same for up to 2 years and the number of attempts is unlimited, only the exam fees need to be paid. However, one of the downsides would be that the certification is required to be renewed every 5 years.
  • Duration would be between 2 to 6 weeks.
  • However, this six-sigma certification course requires 3 years of on-job experience and the cost is around 438$.

4. Villanova University (Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas)

  • Another recommended institute for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas is Villanova University which offers an online six sigma certification course.
  • This university is accredited by the Middle states commission on higher education recognized by the U.S secretary of education and the council for higher education.
  • They teach the proven problem-solving methods of lean six-sigma methods and statistical tools.
  • DMAIC method with tools with each phase of DMAIC will be taught with the project charters. Also, you can lead a project using the DMAIC methodology.
  • The course will help you in assisting in Lean and six-sigma implementation by further taking on quality improvement initiatives and improving the profits by reducing the inefficiencies.
  • Their course focuses on the knowledge, optimization, designing, and leadership to move students into new career roles.
  • Upon successful completion of the course, the students can take up CSSGB (Six-sigma green belt Certification) exam online conducted by this university.
  • Veterans, spouses, guardsmen, active-duty service members, or dependents can receive up to 15% discount on each course.
  • Duration of the course is 8 weeks.
  • Cost of the course is around 2495$.

5. International six sigma Institute (ISSI)

  • ISSI is yet another most affordable institute for Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas with worldwide credibility and acceptance of six sigma certifications fully accredited.
  • Their six sigma certification course has been developed by experts, selected six sigma practitioners, and major authorities from all the industries.
  • They have recognition internationally from all the leading organizations following DMAIC and all the problem-solving methodology.
  • The programs are personalized to match your career goals and ambitions.
  • There is no mandatory classroom training while the six-sigma certification exam can be taken from anywhere at the convenience of your home and the certification has lifetime validity. There is no need to recertify.
  • There is lifetime access to the online portal for education with continuous future updates and additionally, live Q&A sessions.
  • There is no mandate to complete any projects for this certification which may not be appealing to all.
  • Duration is not fixed, some take a few days to cover all the topics while some take hours, since it’s self-paced.
  • The cost of the course is around 49$ which is the cheapest among most of the courses.

6. Lean six sigma Institute (LSSI)

  • LSSI is yet another institute for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas offering 2 types of training viz. self-paced and instructor-led.
  • Six Sigma certification in Arkansas offers Step-by-step lean six-sigma methodologies and tools are taught sequentially, however, there is a pre-requisite of yellow belt certification that is approved by the ASQ, LSSI, CSSC, or IASSC.
  • They provide 3 months of access to Minitab statistical software to solve the toughest problems faced in business and eliminate the cost involved even before the mistakes could happen.
  • They have downloadable instructional content and work formats that enhance your training.
  • LSSI offers around time duration of up to 6 months to complete the self-paced course which can help the student to save more than 50% of the money on the materials in comparison to the ILT.
  • In case, you are unsatisfied with the course material, you can ask for a refund within 2 days of purchasing the course. The exam fees are also included in the total fee structure.
  • The passing percentage is around 80% to receive the certificate.
  • The self-paced duration of the online course is around 17 hours while the instructor-led training takes around 40 hours with a master black belt trainer.
  • The cost of self-paced is around 999$ while the instructor-led training is around 2,399$.

7. 6Sigma 

  • 6Sigma is another institute for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas.
  • 6Sigma.USA is a multiple award schedule contract holder of GSA offering special pricing to federal government-related agencies offering six sigma certification courses. 
  • It is approved by the Project management institute to issue PDU as an authorized training partner program. It is also accredited to AICET and ISSSP and recognized by SHRM.
  • Includes the training and the project certification at no additional charges.
  • On mail, they provide a PDF with the training and certification agenda which can be requested individually.
  • They have the programs scheduled at over 20 locations and that also can be customized as per your needs.
  • Online self-paced format for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas can be adopted depending on your comfort.
  • They have classes for enrolment, customer sites with practical application of the concepts.
  • They provide hands-on simulations with reinforcement exercises using statistical learning software. 
  • They offer live classroom training of 2 weeks with a month in between each week conducted by the master black belt.
  • The cost of the course varies between 2650$ to 3800$ depending on the location.

8. Grey Campus

  • Grey Campus is another good choice for Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas.
  • The institute is an IASSC accredited training provider and the course prepares you to be ICGB certified.
  • They offer six sigma certification courses with multiple training formats like live online or self-paced online or in-person boot camps.
  • They provide 1-year access to their online platform with access to all simulated tests, video lectures, sample question banks, etc for Six Sigma Green Belt Certification in Arkansas.
  • There are 3 simulated exams so that the students can experience the type of questions that can be asked in the certification exams.
  • The certification exam has 100 questions (3 hours) MCQs with a passing score of 70%.
  • Exams can be taken within 1 year of registering in the course. Student support is available 24/7.
  • The course duration is up to 110 hours. 
  • The lean six sigma green belt costs around 270$ while with the added boot camp advantage the cost goes up to 880$.

9. University of Arkansas

  • Another good option is the University of Arkansas for Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas which is accredited by the Higher learning commission.
  • This University is classified as having the highest research status by The Carnegie Foundation for advancement in teaching and that places the University among the top 2% of the colleges nationwide.
  • The six sigma certification course can be taken 100% online, however, a bachelor’s degree is required as a prerequisite.
  • There are 4 courses in this course that follows the IASSC and prepare the students accordingly.
  • The course covers the application of the lean principles for increased productivity, problem-solving, and improving quality with the use of five phases of Six Sigma DMAIC methodology.
  • The course duration is approximately 3 hours with 12 hours of credit.
  • The cost of the course is 303.88$.

10. iCert Global

  • Last but not the least, we have iCert Global offering the Six Sigma Green Belt training in Arkansas.
  • Their six sigma certification course program is aligned with IASSC and there are no pre-requisites for the course or the certificate.
  • The course extensively covers the use of Minitab for statistical analysis.
  • They will provide you with a practical approach using effective industry-based case studies, group discussions, demos, real-life case studies, etc.
  • They have 2 full-length green belt practice tests with complimentary access to 24 hours of e-learning.
  • There are 3 modes in which the training is conducted with 20 hours of project coaching and the exam fees are included in the fee structure.
  • 1st mode is E-learning – includes 180 days of self-paced online e-learning with interactive audio-video lessons, study materials, and simulators for the exam online.
  • 2nd mode is Instructor led-live online training (Duration is 32 hours).
  • 3rd mode is corporate training – with LMS, 24/7 support, and flexible pricing options.
  • The cost of e-learning is 199$ and an instructor-led live online class is 1199$.


I hope, I have been able to give you a glimpse into what all my lovely Arkansans can get here by doing Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas. As per the last statistics, Arkansas ranks 41st in the education category among the states of the US. Why can’t this number go up with more quality certifications? As Jim Rohn, the famous American Entrepreneur has quoted “Your life doesn’t get better by chance, it gets better by change” – So go for it, take this opportunity and see new events of your life unfolding in front of your eyes. To be an excellent quality master, you need to develop your inherent niche skills and for that, there are plenty of resources available. Possibilities are limitless. You will be stopped only by your own limiting beliefs of being unable to step into this ever-advancing world of quality. There is so much to explore. Go for it and bring out the best in Arkansas.

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Q.1 Why is it necessary to have a Six Sigma Certification in Arkansas?

I would say that the certification provides the required extra edge for being part of the Quality specialists team. It will not only provide you advancement in a specialized Quality management career but also, will help you provide the right solutions with minimal errors and maximum efficacy and quality for any project and ace your career with added salary benefits.

Q.2 How do we say that, lean six sigma method is any different from other methods of problem-solving?

Lean six sigma uses DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control) for solving any problem. This tool is completely data-oriented with statistical reasoning. Hence, highly ranked globally as an efficient technique for problem-solving.

Q.3 What can we expect from a six-sigma certification course?

Any program you opt for should give you an in-depth knowledge of DMAIC with practical problem-solving tools along with a valid certification, hands-on practical experience, and access to a variety of tools for in-depth knowledge of being quality personnel.

Q.4 Is there any kind of central agency that checks the competency of the green belt?

There is no central agency like ISO that checks the competency of the belts. These are awarded by the agencies via successful completion of the projects as applicable.

Q.5 Do I need to do yellow belt certification and then only go for green belt certification?

No, a Yellow belt is not a pre-requisite to taking up a green belt certification. It is aimed at those who are new to the world of six-sigma, however, have an interest in developing their knowledge on the subject.

Q.6 How much does a green six-sigma belt owner earn on average?

As per statistics of last-to-last year, the salary range can start from a minimum of approximately 95000$ and can go up to a maximum of 1,40,000$ depending on the certifications, the number of projects handled, years of experience, etc.

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