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The Tableau course is the most widely used Business Intelligence (BI) and analytics software. It is trusted by companies like Amazon, Experian and Unilever to explore, visualize, and securely share data in the form of workbooks and dashboards. With its user-friendly drag and drop feature, it can be used by everyone to quickly clean, analyze and visualize your team’s data. You’ll learn how to navigate Tableau’s training interface and connect and present data using easy-to-understand visualizations. By the end of this article, you will know what is Tableau, will know 19  Tableau courses online and also know much more about this magic application.

Top 19 Tableau Courses Online

1. Henry Harvin

Tableau Training and Certification Course

Curated by Industry Experts, focused Tableau training & certification program helps you master Tableau Desktop, Tableau Prep Builder, & Tableau Online

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Henry Harvin Best Certification Training and Courses

Henry Harvin Ranks #1

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Henry Harvin gives the Tableau training and certification course. Their Tableau Certification Course is curated by industry experts, and it helps you master Tableau desktop, Tableau prep builder, and Tableau Online. You can create compelling data visualization using the most popular tools in the industry preparing you for the Certified Data Visualization Specialist Course. It also prepares you for Tableau Desktop Certified Associate Title. You can now attend unlimited batches with multiple trainers. You will have mobile app access to Moodle E-learning portal. You will also get 1- year gold membership of Analytics academy and 24×7 lifetime support. You can also upgrade your visualization skills with live projects.

The Tableau training course is a 32-hour immersive instructor-led Tableau course. This course comes with 24 hours of boot camp sessions and 50 hours of e-learning access. Seasoned professionals and experts with 10+ years of experience in the Tableau training industry come to teach students at Henry Harvin.  You can now experience real-time Tableau training projects to hone your skills as per the latest industry trends. You will also get alumni status and you will become part of the 18,000+ distinguished alumni network. The certifications that you will get are as under:

  • Certified Data Visualization Specialist
  • Tableau Desktop Qualified Associate
  • Certificate of Proficiency in the latest software and tools of Tableau including Tableau Desktop, Tableau prep builder, Tableau online, Public integration with R and Big data.

The top learning benefits of the Tableau training program are:

  • Master data visualization using Tableau
  • Create powerful storylines presentation to executives
  • Develop an intrinsic understanding of how table calculations work
  • Create effective presentations using stories
  • Easily implement advanced mapping techniques
  • Understand data/KPIs and the importance of data visualization
  • Create highly interactive dashboards
  • Easily create charts of any type
  • Connect Tableau to other sources effortlessly
  • Work on real-life business problems proficiently
  • Check- Henry Harvin’s Tableau Training and Certification course

Henry Harvin Tableau Certification Course fees: 

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Tableau Certification Course is Provided:

BangaloreHyderabadPuneMumbaiDelhiChennaiGurgaonIndore, KolkataAhmedabadJaipur

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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2. Springboard

SpringBoard logo

Are you interested in all things data analysis? This article will teach you technical and business thinking skills, along with the career support to get hired. This article mainly focuses on Tableau, but it also stresses data analytics as a whole more than each program individually. This article focuses on Tableau rankings given to the 19 best Tableau courses. Tableau best practices in writing queries and common DA/BA tools. It will also teach you visualization tools like Tableau. The Data analysis boot camp is a budget event that happens occasionally to help freelance writers to meet. Not to mention, exchange pleasantries.

3. Tableau Training by Gangboard

GangBoard's logo

Would you like to become a master in the construction of collaborative Tableau dashboards and data visualization? If yes, then this course will increase your knowledge in things like big data R, Tableau desktop, data types, mapping data, and the Tableau interface. This program contains dozens of hours of online teaching and many examples to aid you along the way. Tableau training caters to beginners, and its sole aim is to teach beginners to become intermediate users of the software. This Tableau course will teach you the essential Tableau terms and architecture, the many charts used in Tableau, managing worksheets, and dashboards. This course costs around $300

4. Mitaja Corporation

mitaja logo

This course has an excellent structure and it seems to have fantastic content, too. The only reason it is not ranked higher on this list of Tableau courses is because of a lack of reviews. The objective of this course is “to empower your strengths and pass the Tableau Desktop 10 Qualified Associate certification exam as well as with the ability to implement important concepts and techniques involved in Tableau” This course consists of five chapters namely: Introduction and Overview, Overview of ETL, Introduction to Data analytics, Tableau vs other tools, and Introduction to Tableau architecture.

5. Datacamp

datacamp logo

As you know by now, the Tableau course is one of the best BI and analytics software tools used to explore, visualize and securely share data. As such, it is used by the largest corporations and organizations in the world. Do you wish to access the sphere? If yes, you can begin here with an introduction to Tableau. Datacamp provides several excellent Tableau courses including getting started with Tableau training, Building and customizing visualizations, Digging deeper, and Presenting your data. In each section of this program, you will sharpen your Tableau abilities and learn new skills. Are you ready to be a Tableau developer? If yes, start today.

6. Pluralsight

pluralsight logo

Pluralsight is a gold mine for all things computers, programming, and data analytics. This course isn’t necessarily for beginners –you should have analytics literacy before you begin. Pluralsight charges $29 per month or $299 for an annual subscription, which includes an unlimited amount of classes on the platform. This online program includes courses for experts, intermediates and beginners. You can begin your Tableau course with classes like Collecting and Preparing data for Tableau Desktop before moving on to more intermediate topics like using calculated fields in Tableau Desktop. Finally, you will begin advanced courses like Mapping Spatial Data in Tableau Desktop and Using integrated analytics for Tableau training Desktop.

7. Simplilearn

simplilearn logo

This is another excellent Tableau course. In Simplilearn’s class, you will master Tableau Desktop 10, the best software to visualize and report data. This course would be ranked far higher on this list if it weren’t for the price: this self paced course costs $999, while the blended learning option costs $699. Thankfully for students, Simplilearn provides refunds to those students who are not satisfied with the program. This Tableau course features 56 hours of in-depth blended learning, four real-time projects, two simulation exams, all-day support, and lifetime access to its self paced learning. This Tableau training class is excellent, and it is worth it if you are willing to pay a high cost for a fantastic education.

8. Udacity

udacity logo

These days communicating with data are as important as communicating with language. Data says a lot. It speaks about past performance, current trends, and future expectations. With Tableau, you can communicate data with a number of visualizations. This free class covers how to apply design principles, human perception, color theory and effective storytelling with data. This Tableau course suits aspiring data scientists, business analysts, and anybody who presents data to others in their careers. Over this three week class, you will learn to become more effective with data visualization tools. This program includes quizzes, a student support community and heaps of resources provided by industry pros.

9. Intellipaat

IntelliPaat logo

There is no reason not to register in a Tableau course from the get-go. Think about it: Certification courses teach you the crucial information that you need to learn the software. All the while, these classes work to prepare you to clear the certification test. That way, you can sharpen your skills and prepare to show them off. This Tableau preparatory course has two options: Self paced course for $165 and online classroom version for $349.  This course features 30 hours of exercises and project work. Lastly, you will gain lifetime access to the course after making a purchase.

10. Udemy

Udemy logo

Again, credentials matter. It’s one thing to have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a study, but unfortunately, that’s not yet a possibility with Tableau course. With the few resources out there, though, you can still prove your Tableau proficiency with certifications. This $25.99 course will surely prepare you for the certified associate certification or the desktop specialist certification. In this course, you will get to learn how to show an overview and how to tell a story using dashboards. Additionally, you will get to know about more advanced features like calculated fields, parameters and hierarchies. Importantly, you will learn all of the vital skills to use Tableau proficiently and show your abilities off with a respected certification.


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Tableau course offers users many options for visualizing data. Some of the options come easy, while others are more elusive and more difficult to learn. This course costing $19.99 course teaches you about 49 charts in Tableau. This course covers many types of visualizations. By the time you finish this course, participants will have learnt how to design and create over four dozen chart types. Of note, students will learn the Lollipop Chart, Calendar, Bullet Charts, Maps, Dumbell Chart, KPI, and many other fancy visuals. Students will also learn about concepts regarding charts and other visualization tools. If you wish to expand your Tableau visualization abilities, enroll in this course.

12. Edureka

Edureka logo

The job market is competitive – candidate must find every possible way to stand out. Some methods are internships, experience and certifications. Certifications especially prove your commitment to your trade and your willingness to learn as much as possible. This Tableau certification training will make you a Tableau expert, and you’ll have the qualification to prove it. This class covers an in-depth knowledge of Tableau Online, Tableau Desktop and Tableau Prep Builder. In this Tableau course , you’ll apply real situations found in retail, entertainment, transportation, and life science industries to the Tableau platform. This course costs $359, but it is worth it for the highly esteemed certification.

13. Tableau by Tutorials Point

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The world has been graced by accessible, free information. From massive open online learning courses to old-school tutorials, the internet has an incredible amount of information. Tutorials Point is an agglomeration of free tech-related tutorials, right from coding to Tableau. It does not even have a clean graphic design nor does it have dynamic lesson types of paid online classes, however, it does highlight and explain the essential Tableau course tools. This website will walk you through everything from downloading and setting up Tableau to the data joining, data blending string calculations, date calculations and much more. If you are accustomed to reading information without having an instructor speaking to you in real time, this course will be enough to become a Tableau expert.

14. Linkedin Learning

LinkedIn Learning logo

Tableau course and R combine to make powerful tools to analyze, display and understand data. Tableau is perhaps the best data visualization software on the planet, while R has the analytical depth to impress everybody. Together they can lend you a helping hand to display and analyze data in an effective and under stable way. In  this course you will learn how to R and Rserve. Then you will create a Tableau connection between Tableau and R. Next, you’ll learn how to perform different types of analysis in R before incorporating those analyses into Tableau visualizations. Subscribe for a free month trail before your payment plan begins.

15. Mind Majix

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Tableau training is critical to becoming an analyst. That’s obvious. But, as you already know, it takes more than hard skills to get a job. Do you know how to find a job? Do you know how to answer questions put to you by the interviewer? Without a confirmation of soft and hard skills, you will be left in the dust. This excellent online course will help you improve your Tableau course skills. Additionally, it will also introduce you to tools that will lead to you excelling in your interview process and obtaining your Tableau certification. Are you still unsure? If so begin a free trial of this course today itself.

16. Creating Interactive Tableau Dashboards

Everybody cannot understand the implications of a data sheet by just looking at it. Not the people in the field, and then, not the CEO. Moreover, visualizations are always better compared to raw data spreadsheets. Those who want to sit through a presentation based on an Excel Sheet? Nobody. This course focuses on creating interactive dashboards. This class isn’t for beginners – you should have an intermediate understanding of Tableau course before enrolling. This course will explain the core principles involved in dashboard design. It will explain how to construct a dashboard, summarize how to extend dashboard functionality, and more. You will also learn about dashboard features, and how to create a dashboard narrative, and also how to create different dashboard types.

17. Tableau Essential Training

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It may take a while to become a Tableau course expert, it’s not the most challenging software, but it’s not the easiest either. This class is relatively short, at only four-and-a half hours, and it is designed for beginners. While this course alone will not make you a Tableau expert, it will help you climb over the learner’s curve and more. This class will explain Tableau data source configurations and management describe Tableau worksheet and workbook management. And give examples of data analysis in Tableau You’ll learn more from Tableau course tools to combine data, create visualizations, and apply mapping techniques. Sign up for this class to get familiar with Tableau.

18. Duke University

duke logo

Understanding data is only half the battle won, you also need to be able to communicate what the information means to people who don’t understand data so well. Tableau is essential and useful because it provides actionable advice and the answers to companies questions. This class is a part of a specialization course Thus; it requires a $49 per month membership. In this class students will learn how to become experts at communicating business relevant implications of data analysis. More explicitly, students will learn to ask the right questions, learn about data visualization, and get to know the tools to communicate critical findings. If you want a quick and practical Tableau course this institute class is your best option.

19. UC Davies-Coursera

UC Davies logo

Coursera is an excellent host for free and paid online courses. Coursera’s reputation is aided by the fact that all of its courses are high quality. Data Visualization with Tableau is a specialization, which means it comprises several courses. Given its depth, this specialization does not come free, but it is included in a $49 per month membership. This excellent specialization contains five courses: Creating dashboards and storytelling, Visual analytics, Essential design principles, Fundamentals of visualization, and Data Visualization. Each course delves into a topic, in the process giving you details and explanations you would expect from a paid class. For an exhaustive primer on all things, Tableau, this is the best course available in the market.  

For what jobs can I apply for with Tableau knowledge?

Tableau course knowledge leads to pretty lucrative careers. It makes sense – business intelligence is a tool used primarily by large organizations. And only large companies have enough data such that it takes a dedicated job to analyze all of it. The primary job title for Tableau users is a Tableau developer. Tableau developers first assess data, then they analyze it, and finally, they interpret results. Then they present their information to the company in a comprehensive, easy to understand way. Tableau developers organize, conduct and participate in meetings with product sponsors, product owners, and executives to understand expectations and interpret results.

They also interpret KPI definitions and dashboard needs. Moreover, Tableau developers define new KPIs with the approval of the core business team. These are just some of the tasks that a Tableau developer performs. How much do Tableau developers make then? According to, the average Tableau developer makes $114,440 per year. Yes, it’s a lot of money. But you will not earn that immediately on qualification. That may take several years of experience to reach that salary. According to Glass door information, entry level Tableau developer jobs in the market can earn an average of $81,514 per year. So can you directly jump from a Coursera class to a Tableau developer’s job?  

How long will it take for me to learn Tableau?

Nobody can give a simple answer to this question. It all depends on how you learn. It also depends on how quickly you learn. That is why some of these courses are three hours long, while others are 20 hours long. What type of learner are you? Would you rather learn the minimum amount of tools to access the program, and then figure out the rest on your own? If so, you can get by with one of the shorter courses on this list. It will still take you weeks, if not months, to get to know Tableau well.

Or are you such a learner who wants every bit and piece explained to them? If so, don’t worry! There is nothing wrong with that – everybody has their own way of learning something. If that’s the case I recommend that you take a longer course. I also suggest that you use supplementary materials like the ones available on the internet. Bit by bit, you will first become proficient, and then become an expert in no time. Again, I would like to say that there is no real answer to this question. It will most probably take between ten and twenty hours to gain a working knowledge of Tableau.

Then again, it may take hundreds of hours of work until you become an expert in Tableau. I suggest that you wait until you’re an expert to join the job field, but if you can make it into a steady job before that then do it by all means. Suffice to say that I have given you an introduction of Tableau, given you 19 top ranked courses which teach Tableau. The order in which the courses are given is their ranking. You might well say that why the Henry Harvin course ranked first?  The answer to that question is that it is the best course on Tableau available in the market.

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Q1. What is the use of learning Tableau Course Online?

Ans. Tableau Course Online from Henry Harvin Institude offers you with the live training, selpaced videos, one to one interactive classes. membership, placement guidance and more. After completing Tableau Course Online, you will be having a big career enhancement.

Q2. How can you use Tableau Course Online to advance your career?

Ans. Tableau Course Online can offers you with the big package career opportunities like Tableau developer, tableau analyst, tableau engineer and many more. Get ready to get the high paid jobs by enrolling in Tableau Course Online today.

Q3. Can I study Tableau Course Online on my own?

Ans. Yes, you can study Tableau Course Online by your own. But it is also recommended to enroll in Tableau Course Online from the reputed institutes like Henry Harvin. Very few institutes offers you that facility. Henry harvin can provide you life time access to the self paced videos of Tableau Course Online with 100% placement guidance.

Q4. Can I start my career in Power BI now?

Ans. Ofcourse you can start your Power BI career anytime. The job is always in demand. You can enroll in Tableau Course Online and take the complete guidance from top mentors. Once you completed the course, you are ready to fit in the market. 


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  13. This was my very first Tableau course, and it was quite beneficial to my skill growth. I enrolled in this course after hearing from a friend that Tableau has now become the industry standard for data visualisation best practises. The predicting with Tableau part of the course was the most valuable for me because it was new to me. Overall, a fantastic program.

  14. Exercises were well-designed, fast-paced, and well-communicated. The trainer made everyone feel at ease, as if they could contribute and take something away. Excellent.” The absolute and very good presentation about Tableau Software For Business Reporting and Analyst is highly recommended.

  15. This training will enable me to use tableau more effectively, as well as increase my marketability in the job market. I learned how to build charts, include formulas, and much more during the course. Because I work with a lot of statistics and tables on a daily basis, this course will help me organise data more efficiently and present it in a more professional manner.

  16. One of the most useful courses for me in the way of becoming an Data analyst. The content is very good structured and includes practical examples which sometimes are very challenging. I recommend this course to everybody who want to learn tableau as well as good presentation skills

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  18. This course provides an intermediate level exposure to Tableau applications, ranging from data analysis, visualisation for business decisions and an actual case example. Course design is very simple and easy to follow.

  19. The course explains basics of using Tableau as on approach for data visualisation very well. I particularly liked this course for teaching me the basic presentation skills and expressing them through tableau. The final project allows you to showcase the learnt skills. Thanks everyone !!!

  20. Awesome course for those who wish to learn Tableau. Real-life project / dataset , in-depth exercises . Extremely easy to practice, play and get expertise with both data analysis and Tableau software. The tips and resources for giving great presentations are like icing on the cake! .I really enjoyed learning about and working with Tableau!

  21. There are wonderful instructor. They keeps us entertained with their fact and knowledge. I appreciate that they really goes the extra mile in explaining the cause and effect of the different options in Tableau. The exercises are engaging and enlightening. This course will teach you not only Tableau but also how to give an effective business presentation and how to structure a data analysis project.

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