Are you a creative thinker who loves event management as a career? Will your thoughts always focus on doing something different and unique? What if your innovative plans excite a group audience? 

Then you can give a shot towards Event management. As pandemic arises, our federal system has incorporated many restrictions, and those barriers paved a better hope for customization for conducting an Event or a function. 

Event management is the one-step solution, whether it be a birth or death, an Event of colours or hope, or a celebration of love and life.

The perspective of new-age groups is streamlined toward uniqueness, So the Scope of event management as a career is of humongous credibility.

If you have a management capability or you can sense what the customers need for a particular Event, you can acquire a better solution for Event management as a  career.

Let us have a detailed look and analysis of Event management as a career in India.

How to make Event Management as a career in India?

Scope of Event management in India

Event management as a career event management

In India, we have a lot of scope in conducting festivals, cultural events, conferences, technical events, and also tailor-made birthday events and marriages.

In the olden days, we have cooperation from family members and the community for taking over particular event management. As days passed by, every rural function are laking cooperation in coordinating an event. Also, the urban classes are the transition of rural groups who found a way for educating themselves and earn a better quality of life.

Here comes the scope of event management as a career in India. They need someone for event management. Unlikely a community, an agency has to take over its concerns and elevate the importance and uniqueness of that particular event.

What Qualities do you need to manage an event?

If you can manage every need of a particular function and provide all necessities for the audience without any lack of preparation and conduction, you are obviously eligible for event management. 

Look for the needs, arrange as per the needs, give priority to heritage, engage the participants and manage every aspect without a leak in the process and execute the satisfaction of the sponsors or the sole owners of the event will eventually lead to an event management specialist.

Let’s have a close look at which all scopes Event management as a career!  Here we are discussing the top 10 possibilities for choosing an event management career.

1. Events based on culture

This is predominantly a great exposed area to start Event management as a career, In India, there are 25 plus states and each state has its own heritages and yearly many events are hosted.

Listing a few would be:

  • Urdu festival
  • Indian art festival
  • kids Festival
  • Karva Chauth
  • Film making event
  • Onam

As the world is running busy with respect to its work-life balance, arranging and coordinating will be a hectic task. So most metro communities jointly sponsor their emotional events with an event management team

What arrangement is to be done in the cultural event management sector?

  • Fix a location that is quite reachable to every member who is enrolled.
  • Crafting the stage and the premises which will be ambient oriented related to the culture.
  • Printing out the invitations innovatively will be a word of mouth thereafter.
  • Discuss and fix the delegates and the host for the event.
  • Arranging refreshments and dines for all without a complaint.
  • Audio video system arrangements.
  • Transportation for top members.
  • Finding external sponsors for the event.

If you are quite sure about the above factors and achieve the checkpoints the event will be a great success and a possibility that it will be your Unique selling point for future endeavours. Your name will be spreading globally based on positive feedback and affiliate marketing.

Getting written and video feedback from the delegates who participated in that particular event will increase your revenue. Keeping these factors in mind event management as a career will be so exciting and engaging.

2. Role of event management in Traditional functions

Traditional Events in India are mostly on the verge of extinction since most of the population is running for their bread and butter. But the regression for conducting it had been growing rapidly. So these functions also now fall into the hands of the event management team.

Listing a few Traditional events such as

  • Deepavali
  • Pongal
  • EID-ul-Fithar

People mostly residing in non-Indian countries are most urging with their nostalgia, so they have to preset the activities before the day. So here also they need a huge line of preparations. Nowadays aspirants having event management as a career can pitch whole heartily to support them.

Arrangements to be done

  • Budget-friendly approach
  • Traditionally customized and cooked food varieties.
  • Rented costumes for dress code for all participants.
  • Designing festival premises with colors and lights.
  • Age-related activities to engage in.

Each traditional festivals differ in its own way, so we have to consider the varying financial angles. But once the event is incorporated with Traditional festivals and becomes a success yearly tenure will be assured. This dimension of Event management as a career needs utmost care and sensibility to traditions. 

Good Research will be a perfect solution for traditional related event management.

3. Events based on Business 

In cooperated and management scenarios, event management as a career has a huge scope.

Events such as team gatherings, success parties, and farewells.

Here for business events, it will be strictly time-bound. We have to arrange those gatherings at the speed of thunder. So the verge of complexity is also high. But the outcome will be a huge profit and continuous commitment to surrounding ventures.

Events based on business will be classified as

  • Inter-Intra company conferences
  • Cultural events and DJ party
  • Employee-employer traditional events.
  • Success party.
  • Best employee annual events.
  • Jubilee events.
  • Farewell to experienced employees.
  • Team dinners and hangouts.

Factors to be noted for Bussiness Events

  • A short period of preparation and execution.
  • Product-related ambiance arrangement.
  • Catering based on multi-cuisine.
  • Arranging booze-related consignments for a team party.
  • Gifts and goodies designing.

Here in business events a lot of corporate deals have to be undergone. A lot of adjustment and reliability are needed to tackle the barriers. Once successfully conducted will lead to a long run in those particular events.

This Event management specification literally needs muti-dimensional support, So utmost care must be taken for the right deals and agreements. Additionally, constant rapport building will help for a healthy relationship with the companies.

4. Events related to Trade

As far as concerned, trade-related event management as a career will pull your firm across the sea.

For instance, if a company or a group of companies is launching a new product, a novel futuristic design, or an exhibition of their evolution of products in a particular industry.

They need the huge participation of industrial experts, entrepreneurs, skilled researchers, and academic persons to pitch in and receive ideas. That humongous feedback will give a mileage to their products.

Most industries and companies explore this opportunity by utilizing the large crowd’s attention. Displaying the products in the right manner to the specific groups is a bulls-eye hitting for the company’s reputation.

Factors for trade-related Event Management

  • Perfect display of the products.
  • Description of the products with the help of boards, and visual interaction.
  • Refreshments and catering services according to the geography.
  • Facilitating the delegates in the right manner.
  • Generating organic leads for follow-ups for the company you took tenure.
  • Pre-activities such as advertising the event and the direction to your stall in the exhibition.

Some important events such as

  • Trade deficit government
  • India expo
  • Dubai expo
  • Educational expo
  • Dental expo
  • Medical expo

Trade-related event management as a career demands a huge groundwork for advertisement, deep research for affiliating your stall to a large group, assessments for the organic leads, and attracting international funding consequently. Here profit is huge if the exhibition went in a right way and assurance for a long term indeed.

5. Wedding-related event management

If you are looking for speedy exposure to event management as a career, wedding events are quite flexible and you can showcase your talents. A lot of improvisation eventually leads to reference-based business improvements for your agency.

Since its reference is a serious case of comparison and betterment, each customer’s needs and budget will be different. Although it earns you a name and fame along with that it also feels like touching a hot pot unknowingly.

Wedding ceremonies range according to religion, cast, creed, heritage, and geography, so no mistakes should have happened from your side may cause huge because of a large variety of people from the society.

Marriage ends up not only in the specified function pre-functions and post-functions are a real challenge. Run like a horse to make it happen.

Ceremonies in marriage are differentiated as

  • Engagement
  • Haldi
  • Sangeeth
  • Mahendi
  • Receptions
  • Roka
  • Tilak 

According to the culture, geography will change so gear up for a challenging shoot-out.

Points to be managed in Wedding

  • Prewedding and post-wedding arrangement
  • Catering for both post and pre-events
  • Transportation for participants and relatives
  • Dress code inniovation
  • Dance and songs for entertainment
  • Food and drinks are a predominant concern.
  • Proper photography and videography arrangement
  • Surprises for bride and groom
  • Stage arrangements
  • Perfect budget breakups

Timely delivery of these above elements is a major training we have to undergo. If we master these skills and if we are ready to improvise according to situation the event management as a career in the wedding section will pay back a lot.

6. Sports-related event management

Event management as a career will be so challenging and push you out of the box if you are hosting a sports-oriented event. Sports events need an exaggerated approach to presenting things and engaging the audience.

After the successful completion of sports-related event management, you will be established as a brand and there’s no look back. A directorial skill is a mandatory addition for you to host a game or athletic event.

Some of the sports events are

  • Football tournaments
  • Cricket leagues
  • Indoor sports
  • Outdoor athletics
  • Adventure sports competitions
  • Traditional sport events

Points to look after for a sport/game-related event management as a career

  • Live recordings and telecasting
  • Crowd management
  • Leisure and practice space for players
  • Sponsorship for the whole tournament conduction
  • Food stalls and goodies for the crowd
  • Crowd pulling inauguration and windup events
  • Lighting and sound arrangements
  • Special seating and ticket-related affairs
  • Tie-ups with television channels
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Medical crew arrangement
  • Logistical arrangements
  • Weather-related plan change

Similarly like a player, we have to strictly maintain consistency and discipline throughout the tournament contrary it is a small or a big one. Every event may not be visibly the same one.  Simultaneous improvisation and adjustments must be performed and in addition to that taking up a call and adjusting with eventual plan change is a hectic task.

Finally, if a single tournament becomes hit, You will be the king of this particular event management for a decade. 

7. Educational-based events

In this new normal atmosphere, many industries and companies along with non-profit organizations are coming down to collaborate with the school and college students to utilize their product prototypes and spread the word of mouth. 

Facilitating them with awards and scholarships will be a great motivation to market their products and name among all houses. So event management as a career in educational-related affairs will consequently build a bridge across a company and academic institutions for you.

Few educational events are

  • Institutional – industry scientific expo
  • Talent acquisition exams
  • Quiz competition
  • Young scientist competitions
  • Skill development contest
  • Industrial visits

Points to be remembered while hosting these events

  • Crowd management
  • Arranging proper delegates
  • Sponsors for award winners and advertisements
  • Location arrangements where the event should be well apt
  • Exhibition stalls for educational related products
  • Light and sound arrangements

Event management as a career in the educational sector is an unstable contract. Mostly it is a very low-budgeted event that will probably be hosted by an institution or by a collaborating company. So the scope of generating a loop revenue is very low and also it’s not a risky task to be carried out.

Because it is an academy and those institutions have their own student group if it’s not a complex task they will carry it out in a joint effort. When it is beyond the limit, the task will obviously come in hands of event management.

8. Political-related events

In India, we have a lot to discuss political parties and their events. Each and every year new political firms with new ideologies are evolving. According to the changing political wave, each political parties change its way of campaigning, advertising, and conducting rallies.

Their aim of reaching out to the nuke and corner needs a well defines public relations protocol. For those public relations tasks, they need a complete set-out event that registers the party ideologies towards the crowd.

Events related to political scenarios

  • Election-related campaign and publicity gimmicks
  • Rallys on the most important days of history
  • Announcement of ideologies
  • Healthy addressing of current issues by opposition parties
  • Social survive-related affairs
  • International political delegate visits

Points to be noted for political event management as a career

  • Arranging political pluck cards and design properties
  • Stage arrangement for orating
  • Refreshments and seating arrangements for party members
  • Crowd management
  • Proper security arrangements
  • Transportation for campaigning
  • Related content about ideologies innovatively reaching out to all socio-political citizens.

The political event concerned things have to plan in prior and a perfect timeline of public relations must be maintained. Any element incorporated with the ideologies that reach the crowd wrong will lead to the collateral damage of that particular event.

Successful completion will lead our firm in a long run in generating revenue. So conducting socio-political event management is a high-risk and sensitive category to organize.

9. Community event-related management

In our country, a lot of community events were hosted as part of the celebration. Although it is a short commitment yet multiple events will occur in an annual timeline.

There is a downside to some events which will be nonprofit organizations and host charity-related events where we have to consider their scarcity in the economy and adjust to the event’s financial side.

Events related to communities were

  • Residential events
  • NGO events
  • Charity events
  • Anniversary
  • Community-based cultural events
  • Educational facilitation events

Point to be taken into consideration

  • The short time span of pre activities preparation
  • Location arrangements
  • Lights and sound arrangements
  • Innovative activities to engage the audience
  • Theme-related pluck cards and decoration properties
  • Selective arrangement of food items.
  • Refreshments 
  • Different dress codes for different age groups
  • Celebrity arrangements to excite their engagements

If you are taking community-based event management as a career, please keep it as a secondary income because how much your budget scale increases the probability of making a good profit is also very high.

Keen relation-building with different communities and NGOs is very necessary and pitching them to do more will increase your chances of proving your creative arrangements.

Differences in community tastes and upgrading your knowledge about the changes in those communities will increase your long-term survival in this event management firm.

10. Birth/Death related event management

Birth and death-related events are becoming tailor-made and customized as per the needs and the availability of properties to dos so.

Educated parents give great importance to their children in case celebrating their birthday, specifically selecting a theme and arranging great food for pleasing their friends and relatives.

The case of death is also considered a much-disciplined function in India, each funeral function changes according to the religion and community.

In both cases, relatives mostly residing abroad are in need to showcase their virtual presences.

Birth and death-related event managements are listed below

  • Birthday anniversary
  • Sixty age anniversary
  • Marriage anniversary
  • Funeral for religious-oriented death

Points to remember for these events

  • Customized dress codes
  • Party stage arrangements
  • Innovative theme-based arrangements
  • Different varieties of food items 
  • Audio video engagements
  • Planned surprises
  • Takeaways
  • Location-based events
  • Corpse transportation
  • Customs-oriented funeral functions
  • Live to stream the events for virtual participants if needed
  • Photography and videography for memories.

Considering the different dimensions of customized ideas the budget of each and every function of events will probably differ. According to the economic class of the customers, arrangements are done at the best for pleasing their dreams.

At a funeral, if a person expires from a non-resident place the corpse has to be delivered timely after all medical formality and charges are consolidated according to the financial situation of the family.

Once pleased is pleased forever is the credibility of these event management scenarios. So if there is a fluctuation in profit, consider the takeaways from family moments.


By considering all the above facts and functions we can summarize that. Event management as a career is a job of creativity and organizing. Managing skills along with the customized design of both pre-events and post-events will be a great advantage. 

Great research skills and a ready-to-go attitude will surely make you score great positive feedback to attain a wonderful career as an event manager. Coordinating the crowd, understanding the need responsibly, and budgeting in a formal way will attract more customers for your firm in a long run. Proper marketing and affiliating your ideas will land you with a widespread audience.

Be updated, Be flexible Be active, and Be challenging in event management as a career earns you a name and fame. Maintaining relationships with a lot of departments will make your process of conducting an event smoothly.

1. Will the event management business needs a lot of initial financial investments?

Considering both sides you can give a shot as a rental consultant or as a sole owner of your assets. In the first case, you can earn a lease and establish it soon, In the second case, you can also rent your assets and earn more.

2. Can an efficient event manager handle both wedding and sports events?

Both are internally different sets of protocols to be followed, rather putting your foot on both sides and concentrating on one side will give you a name. 

3. Which will be the best stream to earn in event management?

Sports events and corporate trade events are profitable, but we can’t jump easily towards that. Constant exposure and trial and error in small commitments will put you there.

4. Is it possible to make event management a primary career to earn?

Of course, you can, before that watch your initial steps and keep it possibly a second income in the initial stages.

5. What is the basic eligibility to become an Event management coordinator?

Basic management skills and an organizing mentality along with a troubleshooting attitude are the best quality. While starting to assist some events for other agencies.

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