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                   “Knowledge needs a language to profess” 

    M.S. Chidanand Aradhya

Why should you opt for an English-speaking course? 


Despite the many changes that occurred with the dawn of the 21st century the most important was the need to speak English fluently, moreover, it is an important element affecting your personal and professional lives tremendously. The best way to enhance any skill is only through learning and as the theory of economics clearly states consumption of anything increases its demand, scope of English-speaking courses is evident, just a click away to begin your journey in pursuit of excellence. 

Boosts your confidence:

You might have faced many instances where you’ve looked at a person speaking fluent English being the heart of a conversation and every word spoken by him radiates confidence. Remember being an effective communicator always helps.

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Removes the barriers to your success:

In the first place, it’s the universal truth that a person who speaks fluent English is always preferred by employers, therefore his ability to communicate well automatically ticks the checklists of employers while they are considering promotion and as a matter of fact, don’t do it for a promotion or a pay hike because the happiness you derive by improving yourself is priceless. 

English is a universal language:

Roughly about 1.5 billion people in the world speak English; it accounts for the entire population of India! Nearly 10% of Indians speak English and the number of people speaking English in India has quadrupled, adding to her ever-growing share. Its reach is quite evident making it an important reason to improve your English speaking skills.

Language of digital communication:

For instance this must-have happened to most of you, while you’re traveling to any remote part of India, you would often talk about the availability of internet network with most of your friends, an exciting topic while you catch up with them over a cup of hot coffee and you would have come across a curious stranger either intently listening to your conversation and afterward even offering a suggestion, thankfully it’s a thing of the past internet has reached to every nook and corner of the Indian subcontinent. 

Well, digital communication is of great importance to everyone. A billion websites are present on the internet and some are added as you’re reading this blog! English is the preferred language on the world wide web. Moreover half of the websites have their content in English stressing the need to speak English. 

Employment opportunities:

You would have scrolled through job listings in employment portals most companies are looking to hire candidates who are good at speaking English. It occupies a top priority in the mentioned skill sets. Equally important that fluency in English also increases your chances of gaining employment but in India but also in other countries.

Enhances your communicating skills:

You’ll find many websites promoting debates and discussions on various topics ranging from your favorite cricketing moment to which is the best movie you’ve watched lately. Furthermore, you can voice your opinion on such interesting topics and to do so speaking English fluently is a skill that one must-have. 


Eager to read that interesting novel and or you always wanted to watch that sci-fi Hollywood movie, speaking fluent English would help you understand the content better. It’s a proven fact that speech improves your understanding skills.  

Helps you to Socialize better:

Unable to speak at a college party or a family gathering as a matter of fact restrained yourself due to your inability to speak? This might be stopping you from socializing. Enroll yourself in an English speaking course to improve your socializing skills. 

After reading the above content the next question that arises in your mind is which are the best education platforms offering English-speaking courses. There are many such institutions. The Henry Harvin Language Academy and Asian School of English are the two important education institutions among them. I will list out reasons why you need to consider them in the next section. 

Why should you take up English speaking course at Henry Harvin?

“Purpose reasons the inception of your action”

As a matter of fact that very purpose makes you think, read, write or take action and if you’re reading this blog, building a successful career, and adapting to the present times is surely your goal. The course at Henry Harvin is crafted in this direction. The Programme of study at Henry Harvin clearly defines its purpose:


Aim of the course:

How this course will help you achieve your goal – To earn – Land up in an organization that values your effort. 

Tie-ups with industry experts: 

In the light of creating a true meaning for the course Henry Harvin has forged alliances with subject experts – To provide the required contentThat powers you. 

Alters your career path: 

Collaborating with industry experts Henry Harvin – Drives your growth – Boosts your potential. 

The course is structured to:

  • Identify your goal 
  • Provide the required content
  • Training to understand the given content

Did you know? 

Henry Harvin derives inspiration from Mr. Henry Dunster. The First President of America’s Oldest University. 

Thanks to his effort the institution has thrived for 4 centuries! 

About Henry Harvin:

Henry Harvin Language Academy adopts a practical approach in its study syllabus:

Modernist view:

Importance to the present technological development – Upgrades you.

Talent development:

With its modernist view – Follows a method – To improve your skill. 


Your potential is unlocked through action. 


  • Such performance is achieved through a team of highly qualified trainers  

With a purpose:

  • Students are trained with a clear aimTo achieve their goal

Did you know?

Henry Harvin is present in 97 countries!  Has partnered with 1100+ companies. Trained over 7,00,000 students. Its certificate  is recognized worldwide!

What you’ll learn from this course?

Now you must be wondering about the scope of the syllabus. Here is a sneak peek at its composition:

Beginners Level:

In everyday situations of life, you might have found yourself stuck between people unable to express even simple words of a conversation. This module addresses your problem. 

You’ll learn:

  • Simple words to introduce yourself
  • Words and phrases used in routine conversations
  • Express about your family and friends
  • Illustrate your appearance 
  • Narrate about your clothing choices
  • How to order food at a restaurant 
  • Explain the weather conditions

What have you gained?

  • Confidence
  • Now you can introduce yourself 
  • Be a part of a conversation with family and friends

Intermediate Level:

Have job interviews in a company which you’ve always wanted to be a part of and you’ve required educational qualifications but your English speaking skills are creating roadblocks? Despite your persistent hard work and commitment, your career is going nowhere and the sole reason is your inability to speak English in professional terms.  Don’t worry this module will fix that issue.  


You’ll learn:

  • Professional language 
  • Prepare for a job interview 
  • Sentence formation
  • Interpersonal skills 

What have you gained?

  • Knowledge to face an interview 
  • How to write about your educational background
  • Speaking professional dialect
  • How to communicate in relationships

Advance Level:

You’re at a business conference listening to someone who’s speaking about a topic you love?  Even though you’ve got the required content but falter at putting it down in words or you just lack the skill of speaking in front of an audience whom you always wanted to address. you’ve a great business concept but you’re unable to write it down. Always wanted to read your favorite newspaper article but find it difficult. Your search ends here! This module is built for that. 

You’ll learn:

  • Speaking about topics you love
  • Write a compelling business plan
  • Read your favorite newspaper article

What have you gained?

  •  Public speaking skills
  •  Narrative style 
  •  Reading skills 

Proficiency Level:

The title speaks for itself and at the end of this module, you’re very good in not only speaking English but also your reading and writing skills would have seen a vast improvement. This module will give the finishing touches to your learning. 

You’ll learn:

  • Translation of phrases and sentences
  • Speech rate
  • Comprehension of sentences 

What’ve you gained?

  • Accuracy 
  • Competence
  • Clarity

Training Methodology:


Real-time projects:

Success depends on rationality and at Henry Harvin Language Academy you’re assigned live projects – A better understanding – Gives you that edge. 

New age tutoring: 

Creativity drives focus – Innovative methods of teaching are employed – More focus – Productivity. 


Inclusive participation:

The exchange of ideas in a group has a multiplier effect. It leads to more ideas, and the concept behind group discussions, and throughout this course, you’ll be given such tasks to ignite your thought process.



  • Enroll yourself 
  • Training
  • Submit assignments
  • Get your certificate


Learning Benefits:

  • Fluency
  • Confidence
  • You’re ready to take International Language Exams 
  • Exceptional communication skills
  • Grammar 
  • Introduction to new concepts


Career Benefits:

  • International employment opportunities 
  • Educational opportunities 
  • Helps in international trade 
  • F- 1 student visa
  • Become an online influencer
  • English tutoring 


  • 171+ Corporates
  • 109+ Colleges


Media Recognition:

37+ Media Recognitions 


About Asian School of English:

The effectiveness of learning is always achieved through a format of continuous programs. At the Asian School of English, the training wing of the Asian College of Teachers adopts such methods of coaching enabling recognition and development of potential in every student. Courses are designed to gain the required aptitude to succeed. 


  • Customized courses
  • Knowledgeable educators 
  • Success stories of more than 30,000 students

Why should you take up English speaking course at Asian School of English?

Courses are aimed at:

  • Importance to improving communication skill sets
  • Enhancement of such skill sets through training
  • Enabling students to gain employment  


  •  Excellence in Education by Indian Achievers Forum
  •  Global Achievers Thailand 
  •  Best Vocational Institute Award 



  • More than 11 years of existence 
  • Global and All India presence
  • National and international awards 


Courses Offered:

  • Intensive English Program:
  • Intensive English Program (Evening batch)
  • Online Course


You’ll learn:

  • English used in everyday conversations
  • Professional language  


  • Based on CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) 



  •   Listening skills
  •   Reading skills 
  •   Writing skills



  •  Evaluates your progress 
  •  Provides a roadmap for future assignments 


What have you gained?

  •  Rhythm 
  •  Precision
  •  The clarity in speech and writing 


Intensive English Program:            (Evening batch)


The course is ideal for:

  •  Students
  •  Teachers
  •  Working professionals


You’ll learn:

  • Practical usage of English
  • Presentation skills
  • Grammar and vocabulary

What have you gained?

  •  Public speaking 
  •  Group discussions
  •  Facing an interview 

Online Course

Ideal for:

  •  Students
  •  Home-makers
  •  Working professionals


  •  80 hours of learning content
  •  Objective-based
  •  Action-oriented


  •  Collaborative classes
  •  Engrossing content 
  •  Easy to understand 


You’ll learn:

  • Basic phrases and sentences
  • Everyday conversations
  • Writing skills


What have you gained?

  • Better pronunciation
  • Confidence
  • How to write an Email

How big is the e-learning market in India? 

“India is a land where every mile is not just traveled but is treasured”


From Yoga to Mathematics, India has always been a perpetual bestower of knowledge to the world and her contribution will always remain cogent. With the advent of technology, the communication gap has dwindled and e-learning in India just like Indian movies or cricket has captured a share of an ever-growing audience. 

E-learning market in India: 

  • 27% of India’s population is between the ages of 0-14 years
  • The E-learning market is set to reach US$ 225 billion by 2025
  • 250 million school students

Did you know?

  •  More than 42,000 educational institutions in India
  •  India is the second-largest market for E-learning after US
  •  The E-learning market grew by 19.02% in 2021


Global Scenario:

With almost a billion websites on the internet just a little short of India’s population you could just imagine the number of users, it’s just a glimpse of the number of people using the internet, and when you add people pecking at their mobile phones every minute or two to check their Whatsapp or Instagram accounts the figure of people on the internet would be staggering. It’s 5 billion users! Yes, you’ve heard it right, about 60% of the world’s population is on the internet. This presents a great opportunity for E-learning platforms. 


E-learning market globally:

  •  315$ billion in 2021 
  •  20% increase projected from 2022-2028
  •  1 trillion dollars by 2028



  • North America and Europe 
  • Asia and Latin America 
  • The Middle East and Africa 


With the above information E-learning in India is matching its global counterparts toe-to-toe as E-learning provides a platform not just to college students but also to working professionals and homemakers most of whom had given up learning owing to work or family commitments E-learning has surely brought back a smile to their faces. 


Language learning education market: 

With the internet reaching most homes around the world, the English language has emerged as one of the most preferred languages to learn as it is spoken by the majority of people in the world. Whether it’s a professional or personal life, having good communication skills always matters, and as language forms an integral part of our lives, effective communication skills are one of the top requisites of companies while they’re looking to hire employees. 



  • To gain or progress in work
  • Preparing for competitive exams 
  • Social needs 


Market segregation:Product: Institutional learners, Individual learners

Language: English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish


Market size: 

  • 14.2 US$ billion 
  • 18.8% Estimated growth rate (2021- 2028)
  • 28.5 US$ billion in 2028


Top companies:

  • Pearson ELT
  • Wall Street English EF Education First
  • Berlitz Languages
  • Inlingua International
  • Rosetta Stone 
  • Vipkid 


  •  North America
  •  Europe
  •  Asia Pacific
  •  Latin America 
  •  Middle East & Africa

Reasons for growth:

  • Basic education as a human right (In some countries)
  • Internet reach
  • Employment 


You often arrive at a correct decision only after careful examination of the information that is available to you. While the scope of learning the English language has a clear significance in your personal and professional success, educational institutions like Henry Harvin and Asian school of English provide you that one stop solution for your need. I’ve made an honest effort to provide information which will help you reach your goal. Now go ahead and take that step, my content would be truly meaningful when it leads you to the doorstep of success. Please post your success stories. It would motivate me to provide you with more content. 


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