English is a very widespread language. “Yes, No, Hi, Hello, Welcome…” almost every Tom, Dick, and Harry knows this much English at least in a metro city like Mumbai. So, go ahead to have a look at the Top 12 English Speaking Courses in Mumbai to suit your own cause to speak in English.

An Ice-breaker

Whether you are new to learning English or want to be fluent in English speaking. You may just know English but can’t speak or you have flaws in your spoken English. One may also lag in vocabulary or in accent. You may be confused where which style of English to be used. Also, where and how to use various tempos, gestures, expressions effortlessly…Anything! What is your cause?  

In today’s world, English has taken almost every field by storm in such a way that learning English is almost a prerequisite. But, English is not the mother tongue for most of us. So, we have to use some elbow grease to be mellifluous in spoken English so as to enjoy the fruitful outcomes.

In the cosmopolitan cities especially, where multilingual, multicultural, and multinational people reside, English speaking is a must.

So, let’s hover over one of such, Mumbai; and pick the Top 12 English Speaking Courses In Mumbai.

1. Henry Harvin (English Speaking Course in Mumbai)

If you want to be a crackerjack or a confident person in your spoken English, Henry Harvin is the best and correct institute for English-speaking Courses in Mumbai. In addition to it, you will boost up your reading skills with even tortuous content easily. The English Speaking Course in Mumbai here emphasizes learning while doing. It also focuses on learning fundamentals of core English Speaking like pronunciations, diction, spelling, and vocabulary. You will also come up with an enhanced ability to write long paragraphs and sentences in no time. Expert native speakers will help you to grasp the local accent and dialect.

In Henry Harvin, the English speaking course in Mumbai follows the Common European Framework (CEFR). One-to-one training is available with some extra charges if one feels it is necessary.

Course Details:

After knowing about the institute,  of course, you must be curious to know about the English Speaking Course in Mumbai in detail. This single course has 9 arrays. 

  1. Training: Firstly, the training part includes six levels of live interactive online sessions. A total of 260 hours is divided into the respective levels.
  2. Projects: Secondly, activities including actual spoken English, Rhetoric speaking, implementations, etc. are in regular practice.
  3. Internship: In addition to that, a mandatory internship program is also run for ground-level guided experience.
  4. Certification: If this is not enough, let me tell you; it’s a hallmark-certified course.
  5. Placement Support: The cherry on the top is, 100% placement support for sure.
  6. E-learning: Furthermore, ample tools, techniques, videos, assessments, etc. are provided to the students. 
  7. Bootcamps: If still one needs or doesn’t, there are regular extra training drill sessions.
  8. Hackathons: Also, you will have free get way to #AskHenry and competitions.
  9. Membership: And, last but not the least, Gold Membership of 1 year for English Speaking Course in Mumbai at Henry [email protected] Language Academy.

Learning Perks:

If your eyes are sparkling by knowing this 9-in-1 English-speaking 

course, hold on! First, have a look at the perks which you will enjoy!!

  • First and most important is that you can be not only a Confident, Flawless but also, a Fluent English Speaker.
  • Additionally, this English Speaking Course in Mumbai is helpful in preparing for the International English Language Exam.
  • Along with that, you will get a chance to learn Advanced English Grammar.
  • Besides, your communication and grasping of ideas, concepts, and topics become effortless.
  • Over and above, you will get mingled with the surrounding dialect as a part of its local community.
  • Furthermore, you can express yourself in English amongst your peers, colleagues, and people around you without hesitation.
  • Also, you will be able to participate in debates or talks on public platforms and forums.

Career Opportunities:

Now let me tell you, despite your academic degree; how this 

English Speaking Course in Mumbai is beneficial with respect to your career.

  • The wider aspect is, that you will avail yourself a chance to study in the world’s best Universities in English-Speaking Nations.
  • Besides, you will increase your possibilities to get hired by multinational organizations all over the world.
  • You will be able to strengthen your social network with impressive English.
  • Apart from that, you can be an advantageous candidate to get early citizenship in English Speaking Nations.
  • Also, one can grow business and trade in English nations.
  • If needed, one can avail of F-1 Student Visa. 
  • In addition, you can be an English Teacher as a profession.
  • And you can also be an Online Influencer or Public Speaker.

Note: Henry Harvin also has English Speaking Course in Mumbai specially 

   designed for kids.

Henry Harvin’s English speaking course in other cities:

Agra, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Online

Other Languages at Henry Harvin:

As Henry Harvin is a Language Academy by itself, it also offers courses in the following languages.

2. Let’s Talk English Institute

The next state-of-the-art English Speaking Course in Mumbai are from the Let’s Talk English Institute which has its learning centres all over Mumbai. As English speaking and personality development go hand in hand, this institute has beautifully crafted English-speaking and personality development courses.

Course Details: 

As this is an exclusive English-speaking academy, instead of all in one English-speaking course, they have categorized the English Speaking Course in Mumbai as per the varied needs of the learners. So, they have,

  • Foundation English Speaking Course:

As the name suggests, this is for beginners. They have very well designed the course for the students who have very little idea and have to always ponder over their day-to-day English speaking. 

  • Basic English Speaking Course:

To make the long story short, this is for anyone who has little knowledge of English but can’t have that natural flow of spoken English in the way it should be. As this is the struggle faced by many people, this English-speaking course is the most popular one.

  • Advanced English Speaking Course:

Here also, as the name itself, this English speaking course is for boosting up the English speaking skills to the next level. You will learn exactly the way they speak in restaurants, parties, theaters, videos, and other places with this course.

Benefits at Let’s Talk English Institute:

Also, one should know the benefits of the institute. So, let’s go   

through them too.

  • The English-speaking courses here are loaded with activities including our daily routine to practice and polish spoken English as well as to eradicate the flaws.
  • Moreover, learning grammar to boost your confidence in  English speaking is fun over here.
  • Also, you will enjoy interactive audio-video content and MP3 files to learn anywhere, anytime, faster and better according to your pace.
  • If this much is not sufficient for you,  it’s not an end to the course! You can avail free online English lessons and an ever-growing library.

Other Related Courses:

As Let’s Talk is an exclusive English Institute; it has the following 

courses regarding English Speaking,

  • Business English Course
  • American Accent Training
  • British Accent Training
  • Accent Neutralization
  • IELTS Training

3. BM English Speaking Institute (English Speaking Course in Mumbai)

Moving on to the next amongst English speaking courses in

       Mumbai is the BM English Speaking Institute. This institute focuses on

enhancing confidence through impactful communication. They have a dexterous, result-oriented futuristic approach to the design of the English-speaking courses.

Key Features of the Course:

Being an English academy, this English-speaking institute also  

 offers a wide variety of English-speaking courses for different needs of different people. Let’s know them quickly.

  • First, these courses have proven most effective to upgrade lifestyles.
  • Also, these English speaking course in Mumbai have a sublime effect on rising a person, over the mark, personally, socially, academically as well as professionally,
  • They have British Council Certified Trainers.
  • In addition, 100% personal attention for sure.
  • Video recording of public speaking of the students to know themselves.
  • Likewise,  flexible course timings are also available as per needs.

Why BM English Speaking Institute?

After checking the benefits of the courses, let’s review the benefits

 of the institute.

  • They have modernized infrastructure which supports a relaxed atmosphere as well as all the modern tools and techniques used.
  • Also, it’s been ranked 1 on Google for 14+ years.
  • More than 6000 + Google reviews.
  • Furthermore, they provide complete activity-based training which gives students real experiences.

Other Courses at BM English Speaking Institute:

In the same vein as an English-speaking institute, there are also all other related courses available. To spot those are,

  • Basic English Course
  • Advanced English Course
  • Business English Course
  • IELTS Coaching
  • Online English Course
  • Email Writing Course

4. Speakwell English Academy

Now  moving down the line, another one of the best English

 Speaking Courses in Mumbai are offered by the Speakwell Academy. It  

is the NSDC approved institute and has an affiliation with GJSCI (Gem  

and Jewelry Council of India), RASCI (Retailers Association’s Skill  

Council of India) and eBay.

Special Features of the Courses:

So, let’s have a quick eye on the special feature of the courses.

  • First and the most unique feature is, before joining the course, the trained staff council the level of English one has and suggest the appropriate course.
  • Secondly, you will have personalized training with extra teaching if needed with all the tips, tricks, tools, and techniques to understand and master the skill.
  • Step by step procession of the courseware makes the transition easy and comfortable.
  • Lots of person-to-person classroom practice conversations.

Institute perks:

Enough is not enough. So, let’s give the once over to the perks of the institute also.

  • They have very well-crafted courseware including books, audiovisual CDs as well as a mobile app.
  • Again, the courseware is in Indian languages for the ease of the students.
  • They offer job-oriented courses.
  • In addition, they also have active placement cells and provide job assistance.
  • Thousands of success stories have been created so far.

Other Courses at Speakwell Academy:

Besides the English speaking courses, other courses are:

  • PTE
  • Personality Development

5. The British Institutes (English Speaking Course in Mumbai)

One of the oldest Pioneers in English speaking course in Mumbai is The British Institutes. They have English-speaking solutions for all age groups.

Key Highlights of the Course:

As its foundation is in London, UK; the communication skill development programs are meant to make one speak the required level of English. So, let’s have an idea about it.

  • Tailor-made program for all age groups.
  • Furthermore, it’s not just the communication; but, reading, writing, listening, and speaking facets are covered very well.
  • The crafting of the courseware is such that it brings the best in each student.

Institute Highlights:

Being leaders for 85 years, definitely, this English-speaking institute has some advantages over others. Those are as follows:

  • Firstly, in addition to improving the communication, it acts as a mediator between students and recruitment partners for the best educational opportunities, abroad.
  • They have proper Teacher Training programs to maintain and upgrade teaching standards.
  • They also offer all kinds of migration services abroad, work permits, PNP programs, etc.
  • Not only that, they have study programs for all kinds of professionals with the gradation hierarchy in every field.

Other Courses at The British Institutes:

Actually, they have industrywide different learning programs

 for students, the healthcare industry, schools, corporates,  

legal professionals, etc. Just have a quick look over it.

  • IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, etc.
  • Business communication Basic, for executives, for career development, etc.
  • Communication skill development, British English for schools.
  • English for Doctors and Nurses.
  • English in legal career etc.

 6. Argyle Institute of Learning.

Another one of the excelling above others English Speaking course in Mumbai is the Argyle Institute of Learning. Basically, it is a consulting and Hr solution provider company that also trains people for the same. So, it has clients from topmost companies in various industries like retail, pharma, infrastructure, telecom, BPO, etc.

Special Highlights of the Course:

Because it’s already a service provider company, they know very well the needs of the clients regarding English speaking and other related training. Accordingly, the courseware is designed. Let’s also go through them.

  • In addition to activity-based training, they also offer multi-skilled training.
  • Emphasis on fluency and accuracy.
  • Also practicing conversational English with contemporary, real-world topics.
  • Furthermore, focus on not only just grammar but also its communicative context.
  • Proper pronunciations and task-based activities.
  • Frequent progress report of acquired skills.
  • Affiliated with Cambridge University.

Why Argyle Institute?

Well, you will yourself find the answer after reading this:

  • Basically, they assist their clients to attract, select, develop, engaging, and retaining the best possible talent available. And accordingly, they groom them with respect to English speaking as well as other related corporate training.
  • That also means they provide a lock-n-key fit solution to the industry where you can find one for you.
  • They are very well acquainted with the job market realities, and requirements in accordance with the advancements in the industries with a team of expertise globally.

Other Courses at Argyle Institute: 

  • IELTS, PTE, SAT exams.
  • Foreign languages
  • Soft Skill Training
  • Voice and Accent Training.

 7. SAS Academy.

Proceeding towards the next, the most popular among students who want to study overseas among the top English Speaking Course in Mumbai is SAS Academy.  This academy has created its own success heights that no other academy has. 

Course Benefits:

If they guarantee success, we should check, how? Let’s see:

  • Regular classroom lectures on important grammar topics thoroughly.
  • Furthermore, you will get original Cambridge course material.
  • A special feature is they have flexible timings but still remain result-oriented.
  • Full-length mock tests with progress report regularly.
  • All the infrastructural facilities like a study room, computer room, and library are available.

Reasons to choose SAS Academy:

Also, we should know about the highlight features of the  

academy. Let’s have a glance over them.

  • The academy is not only the Silver partner for British Council but also a training and registration center for the same and IDP.
  • The most luring high light is, that they assure your success inevitably. They assure 8 bands or more score in IELTS and 300+ score in GRE. What more does one want?
  • If this is not enough for you, they remain with you till the last day of your exam and also, extra time dedicated if required.
  • Unlimited mocks doubt solving, and evaluation, till you achieve a satisfactory level, will sweat you up.
  • Certified trainers from British Council, IBT, and ETS.

8. Second Tongue Language Institute.

Next on the list of top English Speaking Course in Mumbai is, 

Second Tongue Language Institute. Without wasting time, let’s see the course details.

Course Details: 

  •  Improve English Speaking skills as well as presentation skills through lots of activities and in-person classes.
  • Also, courseware is designed to provide real-time social experiences.
  • Experienced trainers here, assist to boost your confidence, motivate, and enable you to use correct grammar, pronunciation, and fluency.

Other  Courses:

It is an all-round language institute with all-around 13 different  

international languages. So, for all those languages, courses are  

available. Other than that, commonly required courses are:

  • PTE
  • Foreign Languages (around 13 different international languages)

9. Career Crafters (English Speaking Course in Mumbai)

Ninth on the list of the top English-speaking courses in Mumbai is the Career Crafters. It is also a prime English-speaking institute that offers all the foreign language courses and exam preparation training. Let’s see the course details.

Course Highlights:

  •  For whichever exam you want to prepare for, Career Crafters gives you a customized program that helps to achieve the target score.
  • Unlimited doubt clearing sessions, and time-tested techniques.
  • Moreover, the trained and certified staff makes you ready and confident for the test.

Why Career Crafters?

Why not if the perks are as follows?

  • Their students are admitted to the topmost universities like Texas, Perdue, Cambridge and the list goes on.
  • Also, they provide solutions as per your wish where you want to go for studies abroad.
  • Accordingly, they undergo detailed counseling with respect to the facilities available as well as your requirements and limitations as well. 

Other Courses at Career Crafters:

  • Foreign Languages ( German, French, Russian, and many others.)
  • IELTS, PTE, GRE, TOEFL, etc.

10. iPromise Academy

There’s everything in the name here. This is also one of the top English-speaking courses in Mumbai. So, should we see what they promise?

Key Features of the Course:

Come on, here are the promises about the courseware:

  • Technology-based training as well as classroom lectures.
  • Real-life simulations.
  • An additional one to one guidance
  • Group discussions and role-plays.
  • Guest lectures.
  • Tiresome quantity of mock test sessions for professional courses.

Key Features of the iPromise Academy:

In the same token, have some more promises from the academy   

as well.

  • To give the overall idea, a free demo session is available.
  •  Dedicated and certified staff and study material.
  • Also, offline, online as well as hybrid options are available.
  • Grammar in a fun way, vocabulary, public speaking sessions, presentation skills, pronunciations, debates, tongue twister sessions, and many more to achieve the promises.
  • Bonus is the interview skills training as per the course.

Additional Courses in iPromise Academy:

  • French, German Languages.
  • Corporate Training.
  • IELTS, PTE, OET Trainings. 

In a Nutshell

To make a long story short, it is said that, “ Learning another language is like becoming another person” So, for whichever reason, you want to upswing your English speaking, the elasticity of the English language molds you in a New You! And you may find the required push in one of the above-listed English-speaking courses in Mumbai.

On this note, come on! Roll up your sleeves to transform yourself into a composed, gutsy, and silver-tongued English Speaker!  Best Wishes!!

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1. I am a housewife. Can I speak good fluent English?

Ans. Yes, Definitely!! With the proper guidance and hard work, you can.

2. I have my school education in my mother tongue. Can I speak flawless fluent English?

Ans. Yes, Surely! There are different levels of the English Speaking courses which will be helpful to you.

3. What are the fundamental things to do to learn English?

Ans. Not only English but any language in the world can be upgraded by basic school fundamentals: Reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

4. Can anyone learn English?

Ans. Yes, why not? English is so elastic, easy, and widespread language that anyone and everyone can learn English.


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