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Why SAP Course Training in Pune?

Pune is coming up as one of the top IT hubs in India. This place is full of opportunities. SAP training in Pune has become a much-desired qualification. Applications and Products from SAP(Systems Applications and Products in data processing) are critical components of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software and its accompanying business applications. SAP has developed from a small start-up to a multibillion-dollar international corporation with headquarters in Germany.

Accounting, sales, production, human resources, and finance are all part of a company’s ERP system, which helps customers organize and integrate their business-related activities.

To simplify information sharing across SAP components and perform the financial and legal processes, SAP processes must be integrated. The majority of SAP users are small and medium-sized organizations. SAP has a lengthy number of customers, including well-known worldwide food and medical device industries. The SAP system is used to conduct a thorough examination of the world’s transaction revenue. SAP training enables professionals to get the most out of SAP modules. SAP training enables professionals to use SAP software to improve work processes and data management in enterprises. As a result of the numerous benefits highlighted, more and more businesses are embracing SAP on a daily basis.

Here is a list of the Top 10 SAP Course Training Institutes in Pune

1. Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin LogoMode: Classroom, live online, and self-paced courses are available 

This is one of the most prominent SAP course training institutes in Pune. It is one of the greatest comprehensive training institutes in the globe, offering a wide range of courses in various fields. Henry Harvin is a registered training provider with the Ministry of MSME. Higher Education Digest ranks Henry Harvin SAP Courses first in India. The institute has a wealth of modern tools as well as comprehensive course materials. 

Aside from classroom-based learning, SAP courses also provide E-learning access. Students can use e-learning to access a variety of study materials such as recorded videos, games, projects, case studies, and more. Monthly Bootcamp sessions are held on a monthly basis under the supervision of area specialists.

The following are some of the advantages of becoming certified with Henry Harvin: 

  • Graduates of SAP courses receive 100% placement support as well as internship chances. 
  • Students receive hands-on instruction through industry projects. Students can also participate in different batches and work with different instructors. 
  • During their membership, students can choose to take the authorized SAP training courses as many times as they want.
  • A one-year complimentary subscription to Henry Harvin LMS (Learning Management System) is also included with these benefits. 

Faculty for SAP training courses include the following individuals: 

The course instructors are prominent industry professionals with years of experience, having delivered countless lectures and had their professional work recognized by numerous organizations. 

SAP training classes in Pune would help students improve their skills and land a fulfilling job. The training will also help you have a more pleasant experience with SAP-related products.

Henry Harvin conducts SAP course training in other cities-  Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgaon, and Indore. 

This video depicts the salient aspects of Henry Harvin SAP Training

2. Kodak Consulting: One of the Best SAP Classes in Pune

Kodak Consulting is a Certified Technology Consulting Company with expertise in SAP software solutions & enterprise application services. It operates across geographies, industry verticals, functional domains, and technical landscapes.  

Kodak Consulting has corporate offices in Hyderabad and San Francisco. It specializes in providing enterprise application services focused on-

– SAP Business Suite S/4HANA
– SAP Cloud Platform
– Successfactors
– C/4HANA with Hybris C4C
– BW/4HANA Cloud Analytics
– SAP Multi-Channel Foundation etc

 Kodak Consulting has its presence in SAP S/4HANA Implementations, Support, Conversion & Cloud Based Services.

With “Customer-first approach” Kodak consulting team helps companies buy, build, implement, service, support, and run SAP solutions to fit their unique needs.

The key area of expertise-

Automotive and Auto Components Manufacturing
– Industrial Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing
– Pharma and Chemical Industries
– Agro Food Products Processing Industries
– Utilities Industry
– Infrastructure and Project-based industries

Also Watch:-

3. Timespro SAP Learning Center 

Timespro SAP Learning Center  logoTimesPro uses technology to offer learning through a combination of classroom instruction, virtual live classroom sessions, and direct-to-device e-learning that learners may access at their leisure. TimesPro works with academics to provide course material, pedagogy, and evaluation and assessment standards that are in line with industry needs and expectations.

Address: 4th Floor Fortune Centre, Model Colony, Pune – 411016, Above DBS Bank, Opposite More Super Market Near Deep Bunglow Chowk

Website :

4. Seed Infotech Ltd 

SEED INFO TECH logoSince 1994, SEED Infotech Ltd. has been a premier technology training provider. SEED Infotech has chosen to alter the rules of the game by providing world-class quality training and customer service to the SAP ERP professional community in India as an approved SAP Education Partner. There is a blending of practical, academic, and certification programs using actual SAP ERP as the learning tool.

Address: Vasundhara Space 2nd Floor, Nagraj Road, Aundh, Pune – 411007, Near Dominos Pizza


5. ATOS SAP Education 

atos logoAnother good institute for SAP training in Pune is ATOS. ATOS believes believe in offering advanced knowledge and skills to customers, and has over 20 years of unequaled industry expertise in delivering SAP Education services. ATOS has trained and qualified students and professionals from all over the world, including India, North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, ANZ, and Africa, to ensure the highest level of service delivery. The cutting-edge training facilities and cutting-edge teaching techniques ensure that candidates learn SAP more efficiently while avoiding network speed and connectivity difficulties, voice breakdowns, and delays.

Address: 1st Floor, Butte Patil Complex, Paud Phata, near Dashabhuja Temple, Kothrud, Pune – 411038 


Email: [email protected] / [email protected]

6. Sap UV Technocrats

Sap UV Technocrats logoUv Technocrats specialize in ERP business consultancy, including the development of totally new modules, subsystems, or full applications, as well as the conversion of existing applications to new versions or technologies. The depth of resources’ expertise in important subject areas, based on experience and actual hands-on understanding, distinguishes UV Technocrats from the competitors.

Address: 1st Floor Rajyog Building, Anat Khanere Road, Navipeth, Pune – 411030, Near Mhatre Bridge


7. Asap Infotek

The training at Asap Infotek is excellent. The teaching quality is excellent, and it is one of the top institutes in Pune for SAP training. Beginners are strongly encouraged to begin their careers with ASAP INFO TEK.

Address: 3rd Floor, Bramha Chambers, Next to Vijay Sales, Tilak Road, Sadashiv Peth, Pune – 411030, Opp. Bank Of Maharashtra


8. Connecting Dots ERP

Connecting DotsERP logoConnecting Dots ERP is a renowned online/classroom training provider for Software Development Training in Pune, which was founded in 2013. Connecting Dots ERP, as the SAP training centre in Pune, is happy to provide SAP training in Pune to individuals who wish to pursue a successful career in SAP. High-quality training with real-world projects is what you can anticipate. Connecting Dots Pune is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization that works with high-end technology.

You may participate in a specifically created Job Oriented Program with Connecting Dots ERP, regardless of being a new or experienced employee. Students are usually instructed by professional consultants in this sector. They provide students with practical knowledge and prepare them for careers in the IT industry.

Address: Radhika Avenue 4th Floor Flat No 08, Pimple Nilakh Road, Jagtap Dairy, Pune – 411027


9. Gateway Technologies

Gateway Technologies logoGateway Technologies is a fantastic SAP training center. They exchange items from real-time scenarios as well as a thorough understanding of company processes.

Address: Dhage Plaza First Floor, Aundh Ravet Road, Thergaon, Pune – 411033, Opposite Gawane Hospital Dange Chowk Laxmi Nagar


10. PRIMUS Techsystems 

PRIMUS Techsystems  logoWhen compared to any prospective ‘alternatives,’ PRIMUS provides organizations reliant on SAP solutions professional experience and value for money. The expertise allows recommending the technical solution that will best support a customer’s business solution. This is one of the best institutes for SAP training in Pune.,

Address: 501, B-Junction, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank, Karve Road, Kothrud, Pune, 411038 


Email: [email protected]

11. Keen Technologies

Keen Technologies is one of the world’s largest and most reputable IT service providers. It offers excellent SAP courses in Pune and other Indian cities. Moreover, the SAP course offers internships to gain practical knowledge. 

In addition, skilled instructors use a hands-on approach to help students apply the course material. KeenTechnologies exceeds the candidates’ expectations in every way. Candidates are captivated by the highly interactive SAP courses, which facilitate accelerated learning. Further, KeenTechnologies guarantees an SAP course in Pune with placement.

12. Oasis Technologies

Since 1996, Oasis Technologies has distinguished itself as one of the best SAP training institutes in Pune. It offers numerous SAP courses, including SAP-ABAP, SAP-HANA, and SAP-FICO. Oasis Technologies has a dedicated team of educators and trainers in relevant domains led by seasoned professionals. Moreover, the SAP course of this institution is designed to help students, working professionals, and aspiring IT professionals improve their SAP knowledge. They also offer an SAP course in Pune with placement for their students and help to expand their career opportunities.

 13. Advantex – 

Advantex provides the best SAP course in Pune. It has assisted numerous professionals in enhancing their abilities by providing extensive training. In addition, Advantex employs a variety of optimisation solutions to boost skill adoption, accelerate the learning curve, and ultimately promote career advancement. 

In addition, the SAP courses provide access to elite instructors and unparalleled hands-on training. Advantex SAP training will equip you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to compete in real-world situations. Advantex offers SAP training both online and in-person for your convenience. It also provides both functional and technical SAP training. They provide an SAP course in Pune with placement to help students get their dream job.

14. Igrow Soft 

Igrow Soft Solution is a specialised SAP Training Institute. Additionally, it provides the best SAP courses in multiple cities, including Pune. The classroom training offers a balanced environment for theoretical and practical SAP training. Moreover, the SAP course will raise awareness of SAP implementation and skills. The objective-oriented programmes help lay the foundation for subsequent SAP courses. The timing of this institution is flexible to accommodate the needs of each candidate. Igrow’s SAP course in Pune with placement has the best placement cell to help their students. 

15. ACTE

ACTE holds an indispensable position in the IT industry. It is one of India’s best SAP Training institutes, supported by a team of knowledgeable SAP professionals. Candidates such as job seekers, recent graduates, and professionals employed by MNCs are encouraged to achieve their goals through this SAP course. In addition, the SAP courses in Pune are tailored to each candidate’s specific strengths and weaknesses. The coordinators monitor each candidate’s progress and employ appropriate training mechanisms. In addition, ACTE provides cutting-edge technologies, structures, systems, and procedures to ensure performance standards. This institution has the best SAP course in Pune with placement facilities.                                         

SAP Advantages: 

SAP is a dependable global provider of ERP systems that offers a simple and cost-effective ERP system solution.

SAP  Modules:

Functional and Technical Modules are included in the SAP ERP system. SAP modules work together to give the best possible business solution.

Components of functional SAP ERP Modules:

•        Human Resource Management (SAP HRM)

•        Production Planning (SAP PP)

•        Material Management (SAP MM)

•        Financial Supply Chain Management (SAP FSCM)

•        Sales and Distribution (SAP SD)

•        Project System (SAP PS)

•        Financial Accounting and Controlling (SAP FICO)

•        Plant Maintenance (SAP PM)

•        Quality Management (SAP QM)

Components of Technical SAP ERP Modules:

•        SAP Basis

•        SAP Security

•        Advanced Business Application Programming (SAP ABAP)

•        High-Performance Analytic Appliance (SAP HANA)

•        SAP NetWeaver

•        Information Systems Management (SAP IS)

•        Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM Technical module)

•        Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI)

•        SAP Solution Manage

ERP’s Importance:

ERP’s importance stems from its ability to improve a company’s internal procedures and overall performance. ERP also saves money on things like personnel and IT. The contact between employees and organizations is also much improved.

Some of the disadvantages of ERP include:

1.      High cost of purchase

2.      High cost of implementation and maintenance. While the software 

3.      Difficult customization processes. 

4.      The complexity of the software

SAP provides a variety of solutions for various functions: 

ERP and Finance: This module provides a variety of financial reports, such as cash flow estimates and order statuses. Financial data is provided, and all manual errors, such as duplicate entries, are reduced. 

CRM and customer experience: An SAP CRM system aids in the efficient handling of customer requirements. It also aids account management and makes it easier to respond to consumer requests. 

Network and Spend Management: This refers to the company’s partnerships with suppliers as well as purchases made on its behalf. It assists in tracking where money is spent and successfully automates the process. It manages the expenses of supply and procurement. 

SAP’s digital supply chain eliminates all human entries, resulting in a more efficient supply chain. Because everything is digital, the chances of making a mistake are quite slim. 

HR and employee engagement: This approach aids in the more accurate checking of employee salary and attendance. 

Experience management is the study and monitoring of the connection between a firm and its employees. It makes the encounter go more smoothly and leaves space for progress. SAP is a business technology platform that uses sophisticated technology to handle data and databases. SAP uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to transform enterprises through digital transformation. This increases the company’s performance and operations. 

Small and midsize businesses: SAP assists these businesses in better understanding and managing cash flow, supply chain management, and employee engagement. 

SAP provides industry-specific ERP solutions to a variety of industries, including aerospace, finance, defence, and insurance. 

SAP courses are classified into the following categories: 

Functional Training: 

This is the subject area in which the consultant concentrates on key areas including HR, Finance, CRM, Supply Chain Management, Sales and Distribution, Business Intelligence, and others. Functional training is appropriate if the consultant comes from business operations experience. 

Technical Training: 

A technical consultant has an academic background in programming and is fluent in the language. They are well-versed in ‘Advanced Business Application Programming’ as well as ‘Master Data Management.’ 

However, the training program you choose is determined by your history. If your background is in business operations, a functional course is an ideal option; if your knowledge is in programming languages, a technical course is the best option. 

 Advantages of obtaining SAP certification:

SAP certification has not only sparked interest among people from many areas, but it has also had a positive impact on the world. 

Many employees have been generated, and many people have had their careers advanced as a result of it. The following are some of the courses’ benefits: 

Creation of jobs 

Many people profit from SAP enrollment because they are directly or indirectly benefited. SAP certification can help you advance in your profession and achieve a variety of objectives. People migrate about in search of work, and certification placements are made much easier as a result of this. 

Monetary gain 

For many students, enrolling in this course is a long-term investment. They assume that by obtaining this qualification, they will be able to obtain high-paying jobs. The truth is that your subject expertise is also important. 

Reputation and acknowledgment 

SAP-certified consultants have a distinct reputation among employers, coworkers, and, in some cases, even family and friends. This qualification also improves the consultants’ possibilities. 


Many SAP-certified professionals find it easier to advance in their current jobs, and their success rate rises. Employers will sometimes ask their staff to take a course in order to get more information and add value to the firm. 

Prestige and self-respect 

Many people are more confident when they have an SAP certificate. It not only boosts a person’s inner worth, but it also boosts their self-esteem. 

The Importance of SAP Training for Businesses 

SAP is a renowned provider of business software that helps organizations of all sizes and industries better their work and data management. When SAP  was created in June 1972, it was focused solely on A-type or large corporations. However, small and medium-sized businesses gradually adopted SAP to achieve organizational goals, and SAP is now the market leader in enterprise software. 

Over time, various SAP modules focusing on different areas have been developed. SAP Network Specialists, SAP FI/CO course for finance and accounting control, SAP Database Administrators, SAP Security consultants, and more professions are available to professionals. Management experts, on the other hand, have the option of using SAP customer relationship management, SAP business intelligence, SAP sales and distribution, SAP business information warehouse, and other SAP products. 

SAP implementation is a difficult procedure that necessitates extensive expertise and training in order to reap maximum benefits. Professionals must spend years learning how to work with SAP. SAP training enables individuals to obtain knowledge about software and the programs that run them, as well as the many SAP modules, resulting in strong technical support for a business. 

SAP HCM Module’s Organizational Benefits 

SAP is a commercial software corporation that offers a variety of management-related products. The SAP HCM module is the best software for a company’s human resources department. The job of an HR professional comprises much more than just recruiting. HR is in charge of everything from hiring experts to navigating the complexities of designation, payment, compensation, and promotion, to name a few. Everything is easy to keep track of with the SAP HCM module.

Organizational management, personnel administration, e-recruitment, time management, payroll, ESS and MSS, and reporting are among the sub-modules in SAP HCM. Personnel administration, on the other hand, is in charge of things like pay, performance evaluations, and so on. Organizational management directs an organization’s human resources toward a specific aim. E-recruitment improves a company’s recruiting processes, while time management increases employee work and time management, and payroll manages payment data, among other things. 

SAP CRM Module’s Organizational Benefits 

SAP Client Relationship Management, as the name suggests, assists in better managing customer needs and the establishment of long-term and profitable customer relationships. SAP CRM allows a business to create a number of unique solutions to improve customer experiences. It helps you create consistent and meaningful interactions across all customer-facing branches. This module helps companies increase customer value, loyalty, and profitability across their whole value chain. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental goal for all businesses.

Organizational Benefits of SAP SD Module 

SAP Sales and Distribution is the best program for handling master data, system configuration, order and cash process-related transactions, and more for any firm. Organizations can use this module to better manage their Customer Master and Material Master Data, Sales Orders, Deliveries, Pricing, Billing, and Credit procedures, among other things. Master Data, Sales Support, Pendulum List Indirect Sales, Sales, Shipping and Transportation, Billing, Empties Management, Credit Management, Foreign Trade, and Sales Information System are only a few of the SAP SD sub-modules. Each SAP SD module facilitates the administration of task lists within the larger Sales and Distribution process. 

Organizational Benefits of SAP BI Module 

At the end-user level, SAP Business Intelligence, formerly known as SAP Business Information Warehouse, is commonly referred to as SAP BI. SAP Business Intelligence aids a company’s numerous procedures. It’s in charge of obtaining data from various sources, applying rules to it, and loading it into the Data Warehouse. SAP BI helps organizations better manage their data storage. SAP BI allows users to visualize data analysis in a variety of ways, including grids, graphs, and maps. In order to deliver these data and report presentations for enterprises, SAP BI leverages BEx technologies. 

SAP FICO is a well-known SAP module. SAP FICO is commonly used to manage financial data in a variety of businesses. SAP FICO is divided into two parts: SAP FI and SAP CO. Financial accounting and reporting are handled by SAP FI modules. The CO modules are responsible for cost control and financial planning. SAP FICO’s mission is to help businesses streamline their financial planning and analysis processes. 

SAP FI (Finance): The SAP FI software manages all of the unique capabilities for executing financial transactions and storing various types of data. The program is also used to create financial statements. SAP FICO is widely used by a variety of institutions, including banks and tax authorities. 

SAP CO (Controlling): This module is responsible for business process monitoring, control, and optimization. It facilitates effective financial planning. Companies can assess the discrepancy between their projected and actual financial statistics by comparing the two. The SAP CO assists businesses in managing their business data databases. Business reporting and decision-making are aided by a flawless SAP CO deployment. 

SAP FICO, when used in conjunction with other SAP modules, manages a variety of functions, including Quality Management (QM), sales, and distribution (SD). Production planning, material management (MM) 

Advantages of SAP FICO 

SAP FICO is a leading course for getting a decent job in an MNC and working as an SAP FICO consultant. The SAP FACO certification course allows the candidate to select from a variety of alternatives, including sales and distribution, plant management, and material management, among others. Strong SAP FICO core knowledge makes it much easier to handle reporting and financial accounting. 

SAP FICO course certification advantages:

• Improving financial procedures in the organization 

• Making the user aware of current economic developments. 

• Be aware of the most up-to-date software tools for managing the organization’s economic activities. 

• SAP assists the organization in obtaining strong technical support. 

• SAP FICO training facilitates the smooth running of business processes and the expansion of the company. 

• The SAP FICO certificate aids in the development of skills and the advancement of a profession. 

• SAP FICO training enhances professional development and improves career possibilities. 

• Better coordination between various functions leads to a smoother business operation.

More about SAP

SAP is an enterprise resource planning software that is utilized across functions. It’s a simple tool for streamlining corporate procedures. HRM (Human Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), financial statement analysis, distribution, logistics, and other activities use this software. 

To summarize, all of these procedures are centralized into a single program in order to make the software sophisticated. It’s an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that integrates all corporate processes for a more effective result. 

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is critical to the seamless operation of any firm. ERP systems are used by business owners to automate all business activities such as supply chain, human resources, finance, manufacturing, customer relationship management, and so on. With the ever-increasing demand and supply in today’s world, every organization needs end-to-end processes to handle and streamline business management. 

As a result, ERP technologies are used to assess current company processes and use data models to streamline all operations. 

A sort of ERP system is SAP software. Other popular ERP software includes SYSPRO, Scoro, Odoo, Sage Intacct, and Netsuite ERP. 

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