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SAP Consulting firms are enterprises that assist in implementing diverse SAP software in various organizations. An SAP Consulting firm performs a mixed bag of functions. They help understand the client’s criteria, customize the SAP Software, and infuse it with the IT infrastructure.  In general, they cater to the needs and mandates of their clients to ensure the smooth running of their businesses. Here I have enlisted the top 20 SAP Consulting Firms in USA and their attributes based on my research. 

Without any further interlude, let us jump to the list, after which this blog will take you through the various other aspects of SAP Consulting firms and how to choose the best one for your organization.

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Top 20 SAP Consulting Firms in The USA

1. Navigator

With a repertoire of services, ranging from life science to manufacturing domain, Navigator tops the list of Top 20 SAP Consulting Firms in USA. The streamlined way in providing their services helps their client organizations transform their business digitally at full tilt. Small and medium-sized organizations are also benefitted from Navigator’s cost-effective services.

Why choose Navigator?

The features of Navigator are appealing, but why choose their services? This can be understood by the following list of determinants:

  • Navigator is an SAP Gold Partner and one of the best SAP implementation firms globally.
  • Approbatory on-time and on-budget SAP implementation
  • The base is built on industry standards and later can be developed or configured easily for specific functions.
  • The updated solution-set helps with the changing needs of the client organizations.

For more follow the link:

2. Surety Systems- Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in USA

Surety Systems is a firm that provides consulting services ranging from basic development to the full implementation of SAP software. An SAP Consultant in your timezone, what more to ask?  In addition to this, they give the top-notch SAP Consulting service. The major and the winning feature is that they work on the terms of the client’s organization rather than their own. 

Why Choose Surety Systems?

  • All the 6 major SAP software can be implemented by expert consultants.
  • S/4 HANA conversions are done 
  • Everything from SAP FICO to SD is dealt with by Surety Sytems
  • Above all, the most unbiased and translucid consulting service.

For more follow the link:

3. Vision33

Vision33 is proactive, they are our partners in success, and so on are the prominent reviews by some of their clients. Additionally, in the Food industry, manufacturing industry, Software, Finance industry, whatever is the breed and brand, Vision33 can help you. Based on the US and Europe, Viosion33 is a promising firm and one of the best among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA.

Why Choose Vision33? – Top 20 SAP consulting Firms in the USA

  • High-end technology used ensures top-notch deliverance.
  • They offer services to both public and private sector organizations
  • Most important of all the above points, automation, and Integration pave the way to the successful digital transformation of the client organization. 

4. Navisite Services

If you are looking for a team of SAP experts with hands-on experience and industry-specific knowledge in the domain, then you can opt for Navisite Services. They are an SAP Gold Partner with a skilled set of advisors who help in their client’s SAP journey. On top of this, they also are cloud providers and technical experts. So, Navisite services are exceptionally good among the top 20 SAP consulting firms in the USA.

Why choose Navisite Services?

  • Methodical and flexible approach with the main objective being client’s priorities.
  • This ensures high ROI from your SAP applications
  • An outstanding set of helping hands throughout the service.

5. DELL EMC Corporation

Most of us are habituated to hearing the name DELL when speaking about Laptops and generally PCs. But DELL EMC specializes in Data storage, SAP solutions, Cloud computing, etc among other services. Dell EMC uses top-end technology in implementing and enhancing the SAP software. There are more than five validated SAP designs currently employed by DELL EMC. Also, DELL and SAP are adept partners providing the best and most cost-effective solutions in SAP.

Why choose DELL EMC? Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

  • Server solutions, Data storage solutions, Data protection solutions, Infrastructure solutions, and cyber recovery solutions are the main services in SAP solutions.
  • All the above services are available for public sector enterprises, Medical care, Software developers, and so on.
  • Beyond everything, DELL Technologies is a  gilt-edged company in this domain.

6. Wipro

Wipro is another big leaguer in the IT domain. They provide a wide range of SAP services in SAP S/4 HANA and Intelligent Technologies. Also, the unique approach of industry-specific and pre-configured strategy ensures the quick maneuver of services in the domain. Moreover, the business challenges are also dealt with with most modern technology.

Why choose Wipro?- Top 20  SAP Consulting firms in the USA

  • Quality assurance
  • Application as well as platform transformation
  • The super-scaled delivery model.
  • Apart from other features, Big Data and Analytics help in the further enhancement of the business.

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7. Deloitte- top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

One among the BIG FOUR accounting enterprises, Deloitte can be categorized as one of the best among the Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA as they help integrate operations, technologies, workforce, Data, and much more for a sleek working experience and deliverance. Also, Cloud transformation, Enterprise Transformation, SAP Enterprise managed Services, Finance Transformation using SAP S/4 HANA, Supply Chain transformation, etc are the major areas of expertise.

Why choose Deloitte?

  • Deloitte helps in the transformation of the Vestige database to Sap Ecosystem so that the performance can be improved.
  • Optimize and manage the use of cloud-based services in business solutions.
  • Thirdly and most unique of all the above is the use of SAP Leonardo to leverage Big Data, Machine learning, the Internet of things, etc.

For more follow the link: 

8. Accenture

Accenture is an MNC that provides IT services and Consulting. 91 of the Fortune Global 100 companies are Accenture’s clients. This Data is more than enough to flaunt the attributes of this company. Moreover, being an SAP partner they help develop, innovate and deploy services working with SAP. SAP industry solutions, SAP Cloud solutions, Sustainability, Finance, Intelligent talent, and HR are the main SAp offerings at Accenture. Accenture my concerto helps in advancing the business with the newest technologies and innovations in SAP as well as other domains.

Why choose Accenture?

  • The best of Accenture and SAP merge in transforming the client enterprise digitally, thus increasing the client value.
  • Faster transformation and innovation at the core level on the cloud.
  • Workforce transformation using a global operating model, especially the HR.

For more follow the link:

9. Atos Services

Atos Services is an MNC providing IT services and Consulting. Since, it is an official IT partner for the Olympic Games, Atos is one of its kind among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA. But, Atos specializes in SAP Cloud migration Services and is regarded as the top firm providing this service.

Why choose Atos? Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

  • Unique accelerators that help speed up the potential of SAP S/4 HANA to digitalize the client business.
  • Sustainability in consumption and production solutions as well as in the public sector
  • Above all, the most outstanding fact is that Atos services successfully implemented SAP S/4 HANA in European Parliament.

10. Hewlett Packard Enterprise

An American MNC specializing in Information Technology, HPE is a legacy of the HEWLETT- Packard company. If you are looking to upgrade to SAP HANA, then HPE is the number one option and is a major crackerjack among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA. Also, bigshots like the Adani group use the HPE Converged system in SAP HANA.

Why chose HPE?

  • Number one SAP HANA server deployments
  • Secondly, flexible implementation for specific needs and requirements.
  • Thirdly, Scalability to improve performance for growing Data volumes consolidate applications.


Engineering and Technology, digital transformation, consulting are the major areas of expertise that Capgemini possesses.Though, It is a multifaceted and multinational company with a top position in IT innovation services, the years of experience in digital transformation using SAP solutions put this company in a unique position among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA.

Why chose Capgemini? Top 20 SAP consulting firms in the USA

  • The main advantage is that Capgemini follows a speedy delivery of services.
  • Also, it helps redesign the future of the client enterprise without straying away from the mission.
  • Above all, they are the proud owners of the SAP Pinnacle award in the ‘Partner learning Excellence’ category.

12. Hitachi consultancy Corporation

Japanese Tech-giant Hitachi commenced their services in IT and management support and is known as Hitachivantara or Hitachi Consultancy Corporation. It is a consulting-led solutions company. As a result of their immense experience in the domain, the clients can leverage the benefits of cost-optimization without compromising the quality.

Why choose Hitachi Consultancy?

  • All SAP-related needs from implementation to support post-implementation are taken care of.
  • Also, Maximum Return on Investment is the main motto.
  • Along with this, they also assist in co-innovating so that the system will not be disrupted.

13. Cognizant Implementation Services


Cognizant Implementation services is a paragon among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA. It has marked its indelible presence in the domain as a result of an endless list of acquisitions,. Also, they follow a holistic approach with SAP in the digital transformation of the client enterprises.

Why choose Cognizant? Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

  • Sleek, rapid, and flexible digital transformation without much disruption.
  • Preeminent optimization of infrastructure yet top-notch implementation.
  • Lastly, good knowledge of SAP applications, client business, and apparent testing ensures high-end quality.

14. HCL America Solutions

HCL Technologies are linchpins in the past, present, and future demands in the field of technology products and services globally. The relentless innovations in the technology domain are extended to provide SAP solutions and also the sleek digital transformation of various enterprises. Also, being an SAP Strategic Service Partner has added value to the various SAP services and offerings and has reached a pinnacle position among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA.

Why choose HCL?

  • SAP S/4 HANA, SAPCX Suite, Digital transformation, Supply chain, UX and Flori, Successfactors, AMS, etc are the main services in the SAP domain.
  • Also, better IT tools for SAP, Process integration, and development with constant support are the few add-ons.
    • efficient deployment of SAP services through HCL software.

15. AspireHR

Employees first are the motto of AspireHR. So, their main expertise is Cloud and Human Experience Management. An assortment of industries in multiple domains both in the public and private sector take a seat in the list of client organizations. 

Why choose AspreHR? Top 20 SAP consulting firms in the USA

  • Advanced Data Analytics and employee insights
  • SAP/SuccessFactors gold Partnership
  • Thirdly, delivery accelerators, Business technology outsourcing, people-centric products, Cloud implementation, and upgrades, HR business experts, HR Advisory services, etc are the other services in the domain.

16. Axxiome Americas Inc. top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

Axxiome specializes in adding value and quality to Financial services organizations like banks and insurance companies. Reduced complexity yet improved solutions are the major upsides of this company. Though in the finanacial domain, their services include Consulting, Advisory, Analytics, Testing, as well as Technology among others.

Why choose Axxiome? Top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA

  • Both SAP Banking and SAP Insurance are the areas of expertise.
  • Optimally customized IT solutions for the Finance sector.
  • Tools set box called Advanced Banking Framework that helps in the digital transformation in this particular sector easily.

17. Bart and Associates, Inc 

B & A has over 28 years of experience in system integration in the IT domain. One of the front-runners in the SAP domain, B&A delivers its services to the Federal Government. This is primarily because of the level of security and compliance to the innovative solutions and developments by the B&A Associates.

Why choose B&A Associates? 

  • Most reliable and secure implementation and solutions in SAP
  • Also, six service offerings are available: Integration and Analytics, Certified Hosting, Human capital management, OPerations and Enablement, Agile Delivery, and Modernization and Transformation.
  • Both off-shelf applications and customized solutions are available.

18. BizTech Solutions Inc

BizTech was started around 20 years ago and provides insightful solutions and services in the SAP domain. That is why it is regarded as the most comprehensive among the top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA. from implementation, development, integration to upgrades, everything is taken care of at BizTech Solutions.

Why choose BizTech Solutions?

  • Experience in deploying RDS services
  • Round the clock support across all time-zones
  • Top-notch business applications

19. Blueprint Technologies

Blueprint technologies are a new generation SAP service provider with clients from diverse industries. They are pioneers in providing SAP services at optimal cost. But, they focus on extending high-quality services in the domain.

Why choose Blueprint Technologies?

  • Industry-expert consultants take the clients through the SAP journey.
  • Secondly, the latest technologies are inculcated to provide excellent services.
  • Application Lifecycle service is provided to the clients.
  • Winners of SAP ACE Award.

20. Cipher Business Solutions


Cipher Business Solutions is a global technology and consulting firm. Therefore, they also offer IT solutions with SAP that are tailored to meet the changing and growing demands of the client enterprise. SAP solutions are provided in Financial Consolidation, Budgeting, Planning, Organizational Strategy, Performance, etc among the others.

Why choose Cipher?

  • They apply all the major technologies and tools to ensure flawless performance.
    • Also, they deliver a balanced scorecard that works in compliance with the client’s needs and requirements.
  • And help in estimating the resources and planning strategies to enhance the performance.


Countless consulting firms provide SAP solutions as well as implementation services. Additionally,  SAP is a constantly evolving domain, and with a vast ocean of options choosing the best Consulting firm is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Snippets of information regarding each firm are included in the above list of top 20 SAP Consulting firms in the USA consists of. For further details, the links are also included. The list above gives insights into various SAP Consulting firms in the USA and you can use it to select the best that suits the needs and requirements. 

To add as an extra tip, you get a lot of info on SAP courses to start your career as an SAP consultant.

Frequently Asked questions

Which industry uses SAP?

Many industries use SAP products. But, a few of them are Software development, manufacturing, and Production, Oil and energy management, Telecommunications, etc.

Can I become an SAP consultant?

Yes, you can become an SAP consultant but after doing a course in the domain and clearing the exams. For more details of the course, visit

Are SAP jobs in demand in the USA?

Yes, SAP jobs are in demand and well-paid in the USA. So, You can apply for jobs in the above list of top 20 SAP consulting firms in the USA.

Where is SAP located in the US?

SAP headquarters is in Pennsylvania in the USA. Nevertheless, Many SAP consulting firms are spread across the USA.

How to choose the best SAP Consulting firm?

To choose the best from the list, you need to evaluate your requirements, budget, and time frame. After that, you need to understand how to leverage the services offered by the different firms.


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