Work from home became the new normal during the COVID pandemic. Earning during lockdown proved to be quite a tricky task. With many people losing their routine jobs or having their pay cut, looking for other alternatives became a necessity. Many people found solace in freelance writing as their work from option. Freelance writing seems like a very appealing option in such times.

To improve your content writing skills it is always good to try out some content writing courses. If your content is good, your employer would be satisfied to pay you for freelancing. 

Freelance writing in India has seen a rise by 46%. In this post pandemic world freelancing is no longer a part time job. Instead, lots of youth are looking up to it as full time payment means.

Freelance writing in India is estimated to show more surge by 2025.  Lockdown became the golden opportunity for more freelancers to join up. As all freelance writing requires is your laptop, Wi- Fi connection, a lot of free time and a cup of coffee or tea to trigger your writing skills. 

A laptop, a notepad, pen, mobile phone
Freelance writing

Here are 10 reasons to convince you that freelance writing is indeed the perfect work from home job for you.

1. You Control Your Own Workload

Workload meter in your hands
Control you workload

Doing a normal job it’s a 24/7 commitment. You cannot say no to the work assigned to you. But as a freelancer, sitting in on the company’s work routine is not mandatory. Get a chance to choose your own days for working. You won’t have a boring office job from 9 am to 6pm. Get to work anytime and as much as you want. 

You plan your week and set your own targets. Need not struggle to complete lots of paperwork as a freelance writer. You can balance your other jobs at the same time. Housewives can find this job right for them. Freelance writing gives you the chance to design your own schedule. Work on the days you get time. Your office hours can be in the peaceful night time, energetic mornings, or relaxing afternoons. 


Want more excitement in your life, get into freelance writing. Use your free time to make some extra bucks. Brighten up your normal job by giving a few days to freelancing each week.

Freelance writing is not an obligation, instead it can be relaxing. You choose the time and amount of assignments you need to take up. The choice of projects is in your hands. You are your own boss and do what you want. Freelance writing would be the cherry on your work filled cake. No need to worry about stress anymore.

2. Your Interest Turns into Your Work

Writing gives you money
Earn from your writing

It is rightly said, “Do what you love and love what you do.” 

With Freelance writing both things are possible. You get a chance to do the things of your interest. It was believed earlier that you can’t earn with writing. But freelance writing has changed this norm.

Freelance writing in India has increased and many writers have finally got the apt jobs for themselves. They finally got a chance to do something they love. It is difficult to write a bestseller in your first try let alone becoming a millionaire by your book. But this doesn’t indicate that you leave your interest behind. Freelance writing would give you a chance to keep writing articles and earn a living.

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Wanting to be an author is not wrong. It doesn’t mean you need to always keep running from publisher to publisher to get your book published at the earliest. Give your book its own time to be published. In the meanwhile catch on with some freelance writing projects to get your house working. 

Satisfy your writing spirit with these freelance writing projects and even get a chance to finish your very own book. Freelancing will surely teach you many new things. From it your writing career would reach new heights. You get a chance to turn your talent into your work. 

Writing from time to time you will gain the latest insights. Your research would help you know about the latest things happening in the world. You will even know about the audience’s likings. In the end your personal project would come out to be even better than you accepted. 

Freelance writing would set up new challenges for you. With every obstacle your writing would turn better. Freelancing would give you the true feeling of writing. Writing to earn would mean to unleash your creativity in the flow of your buyer’s interest. This would even update you to how to attract publishers. 

Freelance writing can become your guiding light in this big ocean of writing. It can become your first platform to be acquainted with the outside world.

3. Write from Anywhere Around the Globe

Interlinking the globe
Around the globe projects

Freelance writing in India has got a better scope now due to the technology. No longer is your writing sphere limited to your city or town. Now the internet has made the complete world a global village. Sitting anywhere in the country you can be a freelancer for any company abroad. Your desk is not fixed. Only your laptop and wifi are required to complete work.

You can sit on the couch and type or go in the backyard and write amongst nature. This job is portable and a change in scene can get your creativity. Your seat need not be that hard office one. No need for an enclosed cubicle to write anymore. You go over to the nearby park and finish writing a draft in your notebook. Working in bed is an option too. You can get your own window near your writing spot.

In offices not everyone is lucky to get an open window. But working at home you can keep your window open. You can feel the pleasures of a windy and rainy day or get a chance to enjoy sunshine during winters. An open window allows new ideas to come in. You can even have some potted plants near your window to brighten the scene. Your home office accepts your pets too.

Nothing better to write with the cat cuddled on your lap or your dog playing with its toys near you. You get assignments from far off places. Take the liberty to choose the most comfortable topic to write on. You gain global experience with freelance writing.

4. Gain that Precious Time for Personal Pursuits

Women, meditating near a river
Take Time off

A usual problem many office goers face is that their daily job leaves them no ‘me time’. Spending some time for yourself is important. It’s good to spend some time rewinding. Freelance writing allows you the novelty of taking a break whenever you’re stressed out. As a freelancer your working hours are not fixed so you can take a good amount of time yourself. You can spend time doing the things you love. Cooking, painting, dancing or any other entertainment. You get a lot of time for your mental well being. Your brain can take as much time as it wants to relax. 

Working from home means that you have got other tasks at hand too. Having a 24/7 job is impossible. At home a fixed timing job can be stressful. But freelancing poses no such stress. You can limit your projects according to your household chores. You need not stretch yourself to the breaking point.

Freelance writing in India gains more importance for the housewives as they get time enough to balance homework and their writing interests. 

Freelancing leaves you a lot of family time. You can have a lot of movie nights or picnics. You get time to play with kids and see them grow up. Parties with friends need not be missed. Freelancing gives you a chance to take care of your aging parents while working at home. You can wear comfy clothes while working. No need to be in an office suit all day long. 

Freelance writing will be a good job for your mental health. Even if you need time to break down. At home you can cry without shame. You can even be annoyed by your laptop. Even though it is an important tool for your writing, at times it does get annoying.

5. Stretch Your Writing Skills

Giraffe stretching its neck
Stretch your Limits

Freelance writing gives you the unique opportunity to stretch your writing skills. Your writing niche will never be limited. You can explore many genres of writing. Get the taste of each. You can channelize your expertise in all the fields. With each writing you will gain a new experience. Adding another feather in your cap, your employers would like to hire you. 

Your resume will expand and thus more opportunities will open up. Big companies do look for a freelancer who does different types of writing. 

A freelancer earns about many writing and SEO tools. These will add to your writing knowledge and give you a chance to experiment them in your personal projects. 

You will do research on new topics. Learn about the latest issues. Take time going over the recent developments. A good freelancer is always updated on the news. Having some general knowledge boasts about your resume. Each project will teach you something new.

You will get an opportunity to learn each day. A writer who learns daily writes nicely. Your content will improve. You will learn more researching techniques. A good freelance writer needs to do good research. Your articles will start winning the hearts of the readers. A new field of writing would not restrict you.

Everyday a company needs a freelancer to write about some different topic. Going through various projects would make you a kind of all-rounder in the writing field. 

In this battle of freelancers, the best would come out to be one who knows most of the writing forms. You should get a chance to learn about each of them. You learn the skills of better proofreading. Your typing speed would also improve as a freelancer. Each article would come out better than before.

6. Earn As Much As You Want

Dollars raining down
Earn to your fill

It’s true that money isn’t everything but everything needs money.

A perfect work from home job should give a good salary. Freelance writing can be your satisfactory mode of income. Freelance writing in India can help you earn about 20 lakh dollars per year. 

The best thing about freelance writing is that your salary is never fixed. With every new writing project you get a different salary. If you write more, you earn more. Hence, it all depends on you to earn. No longer do you need a promotion for a pay raise. Just increase the number of projects and your payment increases. With experience and better writing skills your income will see a further shot up. 

The more hours you put into writing the more output would be given. Freelance writing from home increases your savings too. 

You save on transportation means, no cab or metro bills to pay, home cooked food means saving on restaurant bills, no need to spend money on professional clothes your jammies would work just fine. 

Freelance writing gives you the chance to work at your own sweet pace. You need not rush to make ends meet. You can work slowly, taking fewer projects per month.

If freelancing has become your main job then you can go about earning per hour by increasing your speed and coming up with more and more articles.

Freelancing makes you independent. You are no longer someone’s employee. You control your own workload and in a way your own salary.

7. Reading Time Increases

cup of tea, books, flowers
Reading time!

For all the people who need a book to read as much as oxygen, freelance writing is the right work from home job for you. It requires loads of reading. Barack Obama one said, ‘Reading is the gateway skill that makes all other learning possible.’

If you read then only you can write. Quality reading gives out quality articles. Freelancing would give you the chance to increase your reading time. You will have to read a lot of research material. But not all work is boring. You get a chance to read creative books so that your articles come up with an artistic touch. 

The faster you read the faster you write. That’s what a freelancer does: reads a lot and writes a lot. Reading needs to be as important as writing.

A car needs fuel to work. Similarly a freelancer needs reading material to write beautiful articles. In a way a freelancer without research is like a fish without water. You need to keep the reading intake on.

There are many good sites to get some reading material. Reading other freelancers’ work is also recommended.  

8. Learn to Market Your Own Business

People using social media for marketing
Marketing your business

Freelance writing in India has helped people set up their own business. It would give you experience to stand up on your own feet. Writing as a freelancer you will gain a lot of insight in making money by writing. This will further give you ideas to make up your own blog or spread ideas through your Website. 

You will meet or know about a lot of people who can help you kick start your own writing career. Some companies might be interested to even help you as you gave them some real good articles. 

You will learn the art of catching the reader’s attention. You would be an expert in marketing. Freelance writing in the long run would help in your dream business. It will make you a known author. You would have your own readers.

Your blog or website would help you earn nicely. In short you can become successful and famous with freelance writing. Freelance writing would turn you into someone. 

9. Gain Confidence in Your Writing

A girl believing that she can do anything
Be confident

With each successful project your confidence would boost up. All that research work, hours of typing and thought process would come to fruitful with your payment. This boost in confidence would make you better in your writing. The fear of rejection would go and you will learn to appreciate your own talents.

If you don’t accept your writing then who would? Learning to take your skill positively would make you love it even more. Confidence is the key to success. An under confident writer can never tell the whole story. Freelance writing teaches you to be confident with your writeup. To show your skills without fear. To come out beautifully in your writing skills. 

With multiple projects you would be able to finally locate the writer in you. You will find out your spark. That confidence is built over time. With confidence only can a freelancer take up new projects. Shyness won’t help you gain new projects. The employer judges you by your confidence. Your confidence will be the sole reason for you to earn another project. A confident writer is not scared to write the truth.

Your work would be honest if you’re confident. You would become self reliant. Confidence is surely one character for a writer.

10. Learn to Handle Rejection and Move Forward

Crossed out failure, Tick on success
Failure comes on the path of sucess

Rejection is just a redirection. Facing rejection is normal. We all get down sometime or the other. Accepting it is what matters. It is not possible to win every time you write. Not every article of yours would be published. Rejection would be faced on and off. But that is where the beauty of freelance writing lies. Rejection would make you better than before.

It teaches you your faults. Learning from our faults is important. It is painful to have your hard work being turned down. You might feel dejected by it but don’t go into depression. Re,member there’s always a next time. A chance for improvement is always there.

You need to push away the bad thoughts and aim at the next target. Learn to overcome failure. Failure is on the path to success. All the successful people go through this path.

Even birds fall before flying high in the sky. You must learn the art of getting up from each set back and whipping the dust away. 

Every rejection would make you stronger and would help to spread your roots deeper in the ground. Success would seem sweeter after all the struggle you went through.

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  2. rohini bajpai Reply

    I have read a lot of blog posts but I appreciate the efforts you put in this one. Great tip. Carried enough valuable information. Keep writing and updating more.

  3. How blogs rule the digital content writing world is very well manifested in your blog. The Language used is comprehensive too. All in all, an awesome blog.

  4. How blogs rule the digital content writing world is very well manifested in your blog. The Language used is comprehensive too. All in all, an awesome blog.

  5. Learning this language from your French language course blog, I enhanced my career prospects and took it to a new height.

  6. Learning this language from your French language course blog, I enhanced my career prospects and took it to a new height.

  7. How blogs rule the digital content writing world is very well manifested in your blog. The Language used is comprehensive too. All in all, an awesome blog.

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