The emergence of technology is a driving force in all sectors of the world today. It results in the generation of vast amounts of data. Primarily, data is an integral part of any successful organization. Data analysis is a subfield of data science. Power BI courses are a fundamental part of the subject. Data Analysts with or without technical backgrounds can benefit from Power BI Courses in Pune

Pune is a metropolis. The city is fast emerging as a renowned Indian IT hub with several multinational companies. Moreover, It is due to the vast IT hub occupied by companies employing over 9,000 data analysts per year. Specifically, most of the IT company’s headquarters are in the city. Undoubtedly, Pune is the leading provider of data science education and related services. Similarly, the 10 Power BI courses in Pune provide the highest quality training in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Python, and much more.


Data Visualization | Microsoft Power BI

Henry Harvin’s Power BI courses in Pune are among the most effective to refine the skills of the applicants. In fact, one of the top 10 Power BI courses in Pune. Besides, the applicant will improve their knowledge by gaining skills and insights to become a creative Data Analyst. Basically, It is through the contents of the Top 10 Power BI Courses in Pune that a student will be able to select the most suitable institute. 

1. Henry Harvin  

Henry Harvin institute in Pune equally trains the applicant in one of the most popular Power BI course with a strong focus on practical training and internships. Subsequently, the institute has a bouquet of courses with more than 600+ courses. In addition, some of the courses are –  IBM Trainings – Technology Academy.  TEFL – Academy.  Cyber Security Academy.  SAP Trainings – ERP Academy. Quality Management Academy etc.,  Ultimately, these courses are trained by professional experts by one of the leading educational institutions in the country.  Specifically, they offer the best training facilities and infrastructure.

Course Curriculum – 10 modules

1 – Concept of BI  – Business Intelligence  

2 – BI Microsoft Power BI – Introduction.  

3 – Power BI connected to different data sources  

4 – Data Transformation with Power Query  

5 – Data Modeling with Power BI  

6 –  Power BI Reports 

7 – Types of Power BI – Reports and Visualizations 

8 – Power BI – Dashboards  

9 – Data Refresh – Power BI  

10 – Modeling and Visualization 

Skills training in the Power BI course

First – Data Visualization

Second –Data Reporting

Third – Scheduling Data Refresh

Fourth – Data Transformation

Next – Data Modeling

Finally – column calculation

Highlights of the Power BI Course

  • In addition, the Power BI course emphasizes the tools for the learning process applicant. Data Analyst training is a practice to gain experience during the learning process. Besides, It helps in a better understanding of the concepts. Moreover, the learners gain in-depth practical knowledge to apply to live projects.
  • Similarly, applicants are in a learning process throughout the program. In fact, the training makes the candidate aware of reverse submissions. Likewise, It is a combination of group activities and brainstorming techniques.
  • Simultaneously, applicants gain focus and action-oriented learning outcomes. Equally, the training teaches applicants how to make reverse presentations. Additionally, brainstorming techniques incorporate into the process.
  • Identically, the participants derive focused-action-oriented outcomes from the training.  Besides, using techniques aligned with the unique G.C.A.O. Pedagogy.
  • Moreover, learners gather experience with real-world assignments and practical projects to upgrade their existing skills. Deliver mini projects to be eligible for Henry Harvin® ‘s Certification.
  • Finally, on post-completion of the course, they gain Henry Harvin® Certificate. Candidates can post it on social media.  Identically, It is a mark of pride and privilege to increase their value in the industry.

Henry Harvin Power BI course fees

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Power BI Course is Provided:

BangaloreHyderabad,  Mysore,  Pune,  Mumbai,  Delhi,  Chennai,  Pune,  Gurgaon,  Indore,  NagpurCoimbatore

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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2. Edureka   

The Edureka Power BI course in Pune is active by subject matter experts.  Besides helping the candidate get through the official Microsoft Power BI Data Analyst Examination.  Similarly, the skills trained in this course are mentioned below as the key -points for the learner’s insight.

Course Curriculum – 9 Modules

  • Power BI Desktop, and data transformation – 10 topics  
  • Analysis of data – DAX – 10 subjects 
  • Data Visualization   – 13 themes 
  • Power BI  – 8 themes  
  • Modes of communication  – 8 themes 
  • Power BI Report Server  – 9 Topics  
  • R and Python in Power BI – 6 topics  
  • Advanced Analytics in Power BI – 6 Topics  
  • Class tests – 5 topics 

Skills learned in the course

  • Desktop Layout
  • Data Transformation
  • DAX Commands 
  • Page Layout and Charts
  • Dashboards and Reports
  • Advanced Analytics

Highlights  of the Power BI Course

Basically, the power BI training course ensures that the candidates gain experience in real-time projects.  Equally, Industry experts with 10+ years of experience teach this BI power course.

Further, Power BI Course in Pune provides the most prominent tool offered by software giant Microsoft.   Specifically to help Data analysts to analyze and visualize their data. As a matter of fact, new tools emerge day by day to solve the crisis of data management. Apart from this,  companies plan to use business intelligence to solve their issues.

Ultimately, the Power BI course in Pune is result-oriented to help the candidates to procure these certificates upon completion of the Power BI training.   The Edureka Training Certificate, Graded Performance Certificate, and Certificate of Completion.

Course Details

Schedule : Online classes on weekdays – 15 days, weekends – 5 weeks   

Course fees    Rs.16,015/- 

Address : 6th Floor Pentagon, P-2 Magarpatta City Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra – 411013

Helpline No : 8951755400/ 8035068126

3. SevenMentor & Training Pvt Ltd.

Among many other institutes for Power BI Course in Pune. Seven Mentor training institute. Data science is an umbrella in many technologies, tools, and administrative parts.  Candidates from any background, having basic knowledge of computers are eligible for this course.  All recent technologies and tools are applicable in the training sessions.  Primarily, the prerequisite to becoming a data scientist/data analyst is to have a good knowledge of statistics. 

Course Curriculum

Firstly, an Introduction to Power BI

Second, Power BI Desktop

Third, Data analysis, expression (DAX)

Fourthly, Data Visualization

Next, Custom Visualization

Further, the Integration Page and Administration of Power BI

Finally, Power BI for Embedded

Benefits of the Power BI Course

In particular, Freshers or experienced candidates can join this course to understand Power BI in detail analysis, visualization, and development practices.  Basically, as a data analyst, the job is to interpret the result legibly. Importantly, the Power BI training is for beginner to expert level.

In fact, candidates gain training from certified professionals with several years of teaching experience. Specifically, theory and practical knowledge are active in the domains.  Besides, present Industry applications are applicable for theory and practical training from the experts. Absolutely, trainers help the candidates to complete the projects and train them to face the interviews confidently. 

Undoubtedly, all international companies around the world recognize the SevenMentor certificate. Besides, the flagship is a boost to upgrade the profile. Ultimately, a course certificate is an award to the candidate. Moreover, upon completing the course, additional training and hands-on projects are a part of the course. Specifically, the theoretical-practical unit aims the newcomers and trainees in a company after completing the course.

Course Details

Schedule :30 hours of Online Classes / Classrooms  

 2- batches – Regular and weekends

Course fees : To contact the office 

Address : 21 & 25/A Wing, Shreenath Plaza,1st floor, Dnyaneshwar Paduka Chowk, 1184/4 FC Road, Shivaji Nagar, Pune – 411005.

Helpline No.    8951755400/ 8035068126  

4. Excelr  

Excelr provides certification training in Power BI courses in Pune with the most powerful data visualization. Besides, BI tools as a ready reckoner used by data analysts and professionals worldwide.  In fact, the course compiles two valuable self-paced with Power BI course and  Tableau.

Subsequently, professional experts train candidates in these skills Data preparation, Charts, DAX, Dashboard, Story Telling.

The two-in-one certificate is an offer to the candidate on the course completion certificate from ExcelR.   An internship certificate from the AiVariant as well upon completion of the course.

Course Curriculum – 25 Modules

  • Life Cycle of a Data Science Project   
  • Introduction to basic statistics with R and Python  
  • Probability Tests and Hypotheses  
  • Exploratory Data Analysis -1  
  • Linear Regression  
  • Logistic Regression 
  • Missions  
  • Unsupervised Data Mining  Clustering  
  • Dimension Reduction Techniques  
  • Principles of Association   
  • Recommendation System  
  • Supervised Machine Learning 
  • Decision Tree  14 – Exploratory Data Analysis – 2nd  
  • Feature Engineering  
  • Model Validation Methods  
  • Complex Techniques  
  • ANN and Support Vector Machines  
  • Regularization Techniques  
  • Neural Networks  
  • Text Extraction  
  • Natural Language Processing  
  • Naive Bayes  
  • Prognosis  
  • Survival Analysis  
  • A detailed description of the project with implementation

Value added Courses

Artificial Intelligence, Tableau, Basics of Hadoop & SPARK, Python, MYSQL.

Added with Assignments and Projects.

Highlights of the Training Program

  • Assignment & Case Studies –   Subsequently, more than 40 and above case studies are a part of the practical class and the assignment, with the support of the experts. 
  • In addition, real-life Power BI data projects are a part of the training process with the assistance of the Mentor. Moreover, projects are assigned in these sectors Healthcare  Analytics,  Finance Analytics, and HR Analytics. 
  • Particularly, a program for ready jobs – On completion of sessions, projects, assignments, and interview mock-up sessions is in practice to get jobs.
  • Finally, Lifetime access to LMS – Access to live recordings, study materials, and quizzes is a part of the training.

Course Details

Schedule : 65 hours -1 month live Virtual Classrooms  

Course fees : Rs.17999/- 

Address :101 A,1st Floor, Siddh Icon, Baner Rd, opp  Royal  Enfield Showroom,  Pune, Maharashtra 411045.

Helpline No.    8035240515 / 09880913504

5. The Tools               

The Tools waked in Pune., is a leading professional Institute particularly training on Power BI, Tableau, SAP Analytics, Cloud, Advanced SQL, and MSBI (SSIS, SSRS, SSAS). In addition, QlikView/QlikSense, Sisense, MicroStrategy, Looker, and Microsoft Azure. Specifically, professional trainers offer this training for fresh graduates, as well as working professionals, educational institutes, and corporate organizations.

Course Curriculum – 6 Modules

  • Firstly, Data, database / RDBMS software.  
  • Secondly, OLTP, DWH, and OLAP.  
  • Thirdly, Microsoft SQL Server, Components & Usage
  • Fourthly, applications, Versions, and editions of SQL Server. 
  • Next, SQL: In real-time objective. 
  • Finally, SQL vs. Microsoft T-SQL (MSSQL) 

The skill sets of the Power BI course

  • Firstly, Concepts with  layouts of Power BI
  • Secondly, Microsoft Power BI Desktop, 
  • Thirdly, BI reports dashboards, commands, and functions. 
  • Fourthly, The Power BI DAX.
  • Finally, Microsoft Power BI 

Highlights of the Power BI course

  • Especially, the Power BI service is for everyone with a free license for 60 days 
  • Besides, other subjects, the knowledge of SQL and Data Warehousing is in the course.
  • Specifically, as per the company requirements, corporate training is in the course program too.
  • Further, the training is as per market trends, In fact, the CV is framed and prepared for the candidates to attend the interview.
  • Indeed, In-house Microsoft Power BI and corporate training in MNCs. In fact, these skills enable jobs for candidates at Fortune 500 companies recognized Globally. 

Course Details

Schedule : Online / Virtual Classroom.  Weekday / Weekend Session  

Course fees : Contact Office

Address : 412, Sonigara Landmark, nr Chhatrapati Chowk, Kaspate Wasti, Wakad, Pune, Maharashtra 411057

Helpline No.    96075 84765 / 9607584765

6.  Gamaka Ai  


The Excelr institute provides certification training in Power BI courses in Pune with the most powerful data visualization. Besides, BI tools as a ready reckoner used by data analysts and professionals worldwide. In fact, the course compiles two valuable self-paced with Power BI course and  Tableau.

Absolutely, professional experts train candidates in these skills. Following, data preparation, Charts, DAX, Dashboard, Story Telling.

Specifically, the two-in-one certificate is an offer to the candidate on the course completion from ExcelR.   Additionally, an internship certificate from the AiVariant is in addition as well.

Course Curriculum – 11 Modules

  • Mathematics & Statistics 
  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Mongo DB
  • Tableau 
  • Power BI
  • Python/R
  • Additionally, data Visualization is in the program
  • Further, Machine Learning
  • Next, 15 Projects are in Practice
  • Finally, an Internship for 3 months (Internal/Tie-ups)

Highlights of the Power BI course

  • Firstly, Instructor-led online and classroom interactive sessions are the training.
  • Moreover, unique trainers and experts from IT professionals and MNCs specifically master the skills in the program
  • Subsequently, extensive training programs with 15 projects are in practice. 
  • Uniquely, soft copies with the latest mock-up interview training, likewise with resume building is another part of this course.
  • Moreover, 1-year of free subscription for updated guides, notes, POC, & interview preparation is in the portal.
  • Specifically, two certificates – An internship and a course completion certificate are in store.
  • Additionally, an Internship for 3- months (Internal/Tie-ups) is in addition to the program.
  • Similarly, for Non-IT professionals, a separate batch within a month of extra sessions to build their programming skills from start to end is added.

Course Details

Schedule : 250 hours -4 months online – Weekdays & Weekends  

Course fees : Rs.49500/- 

Address : 19, Godai Niwas, Shivaji Chowk, Nr. Mokate Chawl, near Shivaji Statue, Kothrud Gaothan, Pune, Maharashtra 411038

Helpline No.    73784 93293 / 73784 8365

7. Radical Technologies  

Radical Technologies is another institute with a pool of software courses. Particularly for Data Science, Database, and Cloud computing. In addition, to programming  Languages & Microsoft Training to build Data Analyst specialists.  Finally, after completing the course the candidates can have remote access to the data center infrastructure. Besides, they get hands-on experience as well. Subsequently, these job-oriented scenarios will make the learner confident. In fact, enabling the applicant to work on specified technology.  Similarly, the course combines -SQL, Advanced XL, Python &  Power BI. 

Course Curriculum – 13 Modules

  • Basic SQL
  • Extended SQL   
  • Advanced Excel  
  • Generation techniques of Data 
  • Formulas and functions  
  • Formatting and presentation of data  
  • Filtering and data management  
  • Python for the data scientist  
  • Power BI –  data transformations
  • Modeling of Data 
  • Visualization of Data   
  • Practice in PBI service  
  • Excel organizational, security, and group 

Highlights of the course

In fact, Radical Technologies have highly experienced and qualified experts as well. Besides, they have dedicated their services to improving the students.  Apart from theoretical instruction. Likewise, labs are available with many servers, including Sun SPARC and IBM AIX Power series. Ultimately, students gain the best training knowledge in professional jobs.

Finally, after the candidate has completed the training for 6 months. This unique certificate is awarded to them.  Alternatively, the training fills the education gap as well as the career gap without affecting the job. Moreover, the batch is repeated for the next 6- months after the completion of the course to refresh the skills

Course Details

Schedule : Online/ Offline  – Weekdays & Weekends  

Course fees : Contact office

Address: 4th Floor, Medhi Park, Dp Road, Abv Bata Showroom Harmony Society, ward No. 8, Wireless Colony, Aundh, Pune, Maharashtra 411007 

Helpline No.  8055223360.

8. ACTE 


The ACTE online training program challenges, particularly experienced candidates to become high-tech industrial specialists in a month. Besides, hands-on learning with live project sessions. Moreover, they are one of the best online training providers in Pune with job placement support. Simultaneously, this course is also suitable for Power BI and reporting professionals, data analysts, and data professionals from any industry.

In fact, the ACTE Power BI course in Pune offers specific training to become familiar with the Power BI tool. Besides, the candidates can customize these courses to suit their preferences. Particularly, both at their workplace and center. Ultimately, it is the learners’ choice to ensure that only the topics needed to discuss are focused on this unique course. 

Course Curriculum of Power BI Course – 8 Modules

  • Power BI Quickstart
  • Data Extraction and Transformation with Power BI Desktop  
  • Modeling with Power BI  
  • Power BI Desktop views  
  • Visualization tools for Power BI services 
  • Publishing and Sharing  
  • Updating records  
  • Power BI and Excel together 

Highlights of the Power BI course

Firstly, The learners will gain knowledge of Power BI service, advanced insights, and business practices.

Further, expert trainers and laboratories use airdrop communications backed by Red Hat Enterprise, Linux Power, and BI-certified management support.

Besides theory, practice-oriented training / vocational training is on top of inter-project contingencies.

  • Ultimately, they get updates from particular departments on formula updates, publishing charts, reports, and dashboards. Along with data models in Power BI visualization. Apart from that the candidates will also have access to Power BI Desktop publishing and sharing with Excel. 
  • Particularly, applicants gain hands-on experience in data preparation, data entry, and knowledge mapping projects.
  • Apparently, at least three years of experience, along with working with a self-service tool is preferable to learn Power BI or Tableau.
  • Similarly, the applicant learns how to extract values ​​from multiple data sources, understand the process at the BI level, and what data modeling and its relationships are in the field of Power BI. Moreover, it is the hands-on project is an education-oriented area. Additionally, the institute offers industry-specific Power BI training for professionals to get the best job in Business Intelligence and Analytics.

Course Details

Schedule : 40 Hours – Online/ On-site service  – Weekdays & Weekends  

Course fees : Rs. 14000/-

Address :12 / A, Konark Icon, Mundwa Road, Magarpatta City, Hadapsar Pune – 411028 Maharashtra.

Helpline No.   8376 802 119

Scope of Power BI course

In addition, these domains use Power BI analysis – Stock Market, Marketing,  Supply chain, HR Analysis, Agricultural Research, Weather forecasting, Collecting data on temperature, Payroll analysis, humidity, Oil and gas refinery,  Health care, and Fashion. Since data Analysis is used in all these domains.  Subsequently, it is not a constraint for Freshers or experienced Data analysts to get a job upon completion of the course. 

Absolutely, a career with the Power BI Certification course, fetches a high-profile job in fortune 500 top companies with a starting salary of 5 lakh for Freshers, thereby raising to 12 lakh as per the experience, salary range higher.  Finally, the institute assures placement within 60 days of completion of the course.


Undoubtedly, the demand for BI (business intelligence) and decision-making will not cease at any time. Apart from the BI tool, there is no other to supersede Power BI’s dominance in the next 10- years. In addition, Power BI is easy to use and ideal for learning visual images as well. Similarly, Power BI is a powerful tool that even a novice can use to generate value dashboards and insights. Basically, one of the characteristics of Power BI is that it can take the value of any data and turn it into valuable information. 

Definitely, the solution is simple – nowadays. In fact, the Power BI service is very prominent in the  Web field of application development.  Ultimately, the training institutes hunt for corporate companies to place Freshers and experienced Power BI specialists. As a result, young people are confident in advancing their careers by taking Power BI business courses in Pune.


Q1. Will I get a job as a Data analyst?

Ans: Definitely, as a Data Analyst, your profile is graded high in the industry.


Q2. What is the salary range for Data Analyst?

Ans: The salary starts from 5-lakh to 12-lakh


Q3. Can I get a job abroad?

Ans: The certificate is recognized globally, so yes.


Q4. Will the Institute help with the placement?

Ans: The certificate is recognized globally, so there is no issue

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    The Power Bi course in Pune is the best choice for a beginner to learn the fundamentals of the Bi training program. Henry Harvin’s power bi classes are a great option if you’re looking for a BI course. With their extensive instruction, you will be prepared to lead in your area. Investigate them immediately.

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  10. I made a wise move by investing my time and money in a Power BI course in Pune. The course materials were organized properly, and the instructors were knowledgeable and understanding. I improved my capacity for deriving insights from my data and creating stunning visualizations. excellently advised.

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  14. I spent both time and money on a Power BI course in Pune, which was a great decision. The course materials were well-structured, and the instructors were educated and patient. I developed my ability to extract insights from my data and produce beautiful visualisations. Outstandingly advised.

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  16. The article on Henry Harvin’s blog about Power BI courses in Pune provides a comprehensive overview of the available courses, their benefits, and the skills they can help develop. It also highlights the importance of Power BI in today’s data-driven world. Overall, a useful read for those interested in upskilling in this area.

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  19. You are a beginner or an experienced data analyst, a Power BI course in Pune can help you take your skills to the next level. With hands-on training and expert guidance, you can learn to use Power BI to make informed business decisions and drive growth.

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