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Business Intelligence Course Online  Power BI Course (BI) simply put is an intelligent way to do business. BI is a set of processes and techniques used for analyzing given data. It helps extract information and present it visually appealingly, which supports executives to make informed decisions. BI assists businesses in identifying new opportunities and implementing effective strategies. These carefully crafted strategies can reinforce long-term stability for a business.

The ultimate goal of BI is to enable organizations to make better decisions that can in turn help increase their operational efficiency and revenue. It gives a competitive market advantage over their business rivals. Several tools play a key role in BI. Among all BI tools, Power BI has risen to become the leader in business analytics.

Power BI can access vast information from multiple sources. It allows one to view and analyze huge quantities of data. Power BI course online has a drag and drops function that helps to easily transfer information from other sources into power BI.

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The software makes data visually engaging and easy to understand removing the need for an intermediary for translation. Power BI fetches data from social media sources and gives an insight into real-time analytics. This can help make timely decisions. As power BI is used by many businesses, there is a continuous demand for power BI professionals.

To become a Power BI professional, getting your academic foundation from the best courses is important. In this blog, we will be exploring the top 10 Busines Intelligence course online that are available online.

1. Henry Harvin Education : Best Business intelligence course Online

Henry Harvin Contact No : +91 9891953953 | Chat on Whats App with Henry Harvin

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Henry Harvin is one of the prominent leaders in BI training. It has been ranked the best Business Intelligence course Online by Henry Harvin’s online classes happen on one of the finest e-learning systems. Its world-class technology and infrastructure allow it to run online, offline and self-paced courses. The institution boasts trainers who are senior industry professionals with more than 10 years of experience. The trainers are supported with the required facilities to ensure that the training is interesting and engaging. 

Henry Harvin’s Power BI Certification Training Course is one of the best Business Inteligences course online. Whether you plan to build your own startup or improve your existing startup, Henry Harvin will become instrumental in your growth. The course also caters to those who are wanting to become eligible for high-paying jobs. The strong academic foundation clubbed with hands-on experience forms a bridge to reach your dream jobs.

This Business intelligence Courses online covers:

  • The course covers a total of 10 modules.
  • The course starts with an introduction to BI and the tools used in BI.
  • There is an introduction to Power BI architecture.
  • The applicants learn about connecting power BI with different data sources.
  • There is an in-depth look at power query and data transformation.
  • The applicants are trained to use data modelling in Power BI.
  • Applicants create reports in Power BI with the guidance of the trainers.
  • The students are made to understand visualization in Power BI with charts and maps.
  • Applicants learn hands-on to create dashboards in Power BI.
  • Configured scheduled refresh: applicants learn to refresh the dataset created from Power BI.
  • The course included 2 projects that engrain data modelling and visualization.

Duration: The course entails 24 hours of online training. It also offers 50 hours of e-learning access.

Costs: To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-

Benefits of doing the course with Henry Harvin:

  • You will be able to present unstructured business data in an easy-to-understand form and a visually appealing form.
  • The expert trainers will keep the training fun and interesting.
  • It will become effortless for you to implement advanced mapping techniques.
  • You will leave the course with a strong foundation in the core concepts along with hands-on experience.
  • At the end of the course, you will be creating highly interactive dashboards with ease.
  • You will be talented in consolidating large data into manageable figures.
  • You will be equipped to efficiently work on real-life business problems.
  • This course will open doors to high-paying job opportunities in India and abroad.
  • The institution offers 100% job support exclusively for BI professionals.
  • You receive one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Analytics Academy.

Henry Harvin Power BI course fees:

Cities in India where Henry Harvin Power BI Course is Provided:

BangaloreHyderabad,  Mysore,  Pune,  Mumbai,  Delhi,  Chennai,  Pune,  Gurgaon,  Indore,  NagpurCoimbatore

Other Henry Harvin Courses:

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2. HKR Trainings – Best Business intelligence course Online

Contact No.- +91 97116 99759

HKR logo

HKR Trainings is a leading platform for providing trending IT courses. It aims to help professionals who want to enhance their careers in trending courses. Along with the course, it offers job assistance by conducting mock interviews, assisting in resume preparation, etc. 

HKR Trainings encourages individuals to improve their technical skills. So they are offering various BI courses like Power BI Training for the learners intending to skill up their knowledge on Power BI from the basics. 

Objective of this Power BI Course:

In this Power BI course, the learner will be able to Understand Power BI, Power BI working in various scenarios, Power BI Services, Mobile Apps and Desktop. 

The learner will be able to Visualize & Analyze data and draw insights from Local databases and Excel Spreadsheets, Generate meaningful reports and visualizations, extract real-time information and deploy it when requested.

The learner will be able to create, collaborate, share and take advantage of business insights with specially crafted dashboards and Work on real-time projects to gain practical experience.

Features of this Power BI course:

This BI course offered by HKR Trainings is customized for both freshers and experienced professionals. 

To attend this course, Learners do not need prior knowledge of the domain. Statisticians, marketing, financial, business and sales professionals interested in business intelligence can attend the Power BI course.

To complete the course, learners can opt for self-paced or live online training.

This BI course is offered at an affordable price.
The duration of this Power BI course is 25-30 hours. 

Other courses from HKR Trainings:

    • Tableau
    • Data Science
    • AWS DevOps
    • SAP Courses
    • Salesforce
    • Mulesoft
  • Workday

Course Fees and Duration: 

Address:  6-3-852/2/B/6, PlotNo-8,Ground Floor Aparajitha Housing Colony, near Lal Bungalow, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016

Location: Hyderabad

Website Link:

3. edx – Best Business intelligence course Online

edx logo

edX is an American non-profit organization that offers both free courses and paid courses. One is required to pay to get certification for the courses they have attended. It partners with over 160 member universities to offer a multitude of courses. Analyzing and Visualizing Data with busines Intelligence Course online is aimed at individuals as well as professionals looking to acquire knowledge on Power BI. 

This Business Intelligence Course online covers:

  • Applicants will start by learning to identify business-oriented data sets and work with them.
  • Applicants will learn to import data from other sources and prepare data with tools on Power BI.  
  • Applicants will understand various types of data visualization and their purposes.
  • Towards the finish, applicants will be able to create and share fully functioning reports and dashboards on Power BI.


  • The course is self-paced and can help you to complete the course according to your time availability.
  • The course can be taken by a beginner-level data professional.
  • The course requires a Windows computer and you can complete up to 95% of the course without signing up for Power BI. 

 Duration/Cost: It’s a four-week program with about 10-20 hours of effort needed per week. The course is free of cost without certification. To request for certification upon completion the total cost comes up to Rs14,760.  Workday

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  Rs. 14,760

Course Duration: 10-20 hours

Website Link:

4. Microsoft – Best Business intelligence course Online

microsoft logo

Microsoft, the creator of Power BI also offers several courses to help familiarise one with the software. Its official Power Business courses make it easy to understand and use the system. Microsoft provides a Learn Power BI module through which numerous self-paced learning courses are offered. The courses include an exhaustive overview of the software. The platform also provides Power BI Documentation, where various in-depth articles relating to Power BI’s tools are made available. There is one downside to taking courses with Microsoft: they do not offer job placement support. Their intention is to acquaint the applicant with Power BI’s tools and features. Get Started Building with Business Intelligenc Course online is an introductory course.

This Business Intelligence Courses covers:

  • The applicants will learn what Power BI and its building blocks are and how they work together.
  • Applicants will learn how Power BI services and applications work hand in hand.
  • The course explores how Power BI helps businesses to improve efficiency.
  • Applicants will learn to create spellbinding visuals and reports.

Benefits of doing the course with Microsoft:

  • You get to attend courses that are offered by the creators of the Power BI.
  • You can become a part of their community forum and dedicated user groups.
  • They offer contact support.

Course Fees and Duration:

Website Link:

5. Coursera – Best Business intelligence course Online

coursera logo

Coursera is one of the leading MOOC providers. It is well known for its courses that focus in-depth on topics. Applicants can enter the course with an assurance to fully explore the chosen subject. It offers courses that range from beginner to advanced levels. The courses are designed to adhere to both students who wish to gather knowledge on the subject and to professionals who are looking at improving job-related skills. Coursera presents its courses in partnership with well-known universities. 

Coursera offers multiple choices while opting for a course. You are able to choose your preferred language, the level of difficulty, the skill set you are looking for, and also the university that is partnered with Coursera. Getting started in the Business Intelligence Course online is tailored for any competent computer user without requiring prerequisites.

This Business Courses covers:

  • The course covers the basics of Power BI Desktop and how to use it.
  • The applicants will be made to scrutinize data on credit card defaults on Power BI.
  • The applicants will learn to import, visualize and transform data on Power BI Desktop.
  • Towards the end of the course, the applicants will learn to create reports that are visually appealing from given data.
  • This course is directed towards beginners who are starting with Power BI.

Duration: This is a short 2 hours course designed for beginners.

Course Fees and Duration:

Website Link:

6. Udemy 

Udemy logo

Udemy is an American MOOC provider. Udemy’s courses are aimed at students and professionals. It offers a wide range of topics covering almost every subject. It offers courses and certification at a minimal cost. Udemy strives to reach students across the globe and has made its course available in multiple languages. The Microsoft Power BI – Up and Running with Power BI Services 2021 course offers a panoramic view into Business and Intelligence. Udemy is not an accredited institution. Although Udemy certification may not assist you in getting your dream job, the course will help you in understanding the nitty-gritty of Power BI.

The Business Intelligence Courses covers:

  • Introduction to Power BI services.
  • Power BI Service: Administration roles and types and admin portal settings.
  • Applicants will learn to set up data gateway and understand data flows.
  • Learning to Create reports and dashboards that better represent the mass of information.
  • Sharing and collaboration of data with other users and teams. This skill is essential in ease of communication in an organisation. Applicants will also learn about user roles and how to give permission to view the data.
  • In-depth view into row-level security.
  • The applicants will be able to publish exceptional Business & Intelligence reports to the cloud. 
  • By the end of the course, you will be able to master the tools and features of Power BI Service (2021).
  • The applicants armed with job-ready skills will be prepared for any professional career in BI or Data Analysis.

Duration/Cost: It is a 7.5 hour course. The total costs come up to Rs 490.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees:  Rs 490

Course Duration: 7.5 hour

Website Link:

7. DataCamp

datacamp logo

DataCamp is one of the popular platforms that offer quality content mainly in fields of science, technology, engineering, and math. DataCamp offers 3 plans for individuals for any chosen course. They offer a free plan, basic plan and premium plan. The free plans are quite restrictive with access to the first chapters of any course and 7 projects and 1 skill assessment and challenge. But the basic and premium plans offer complete access to multiple courses and are worth the money value.

The platform provides learning through courses, career tracks, and skill tracks. The courses are individual lessons on your chosen topic. Career tracks, as the name suggests, are designed to improve your career growth. It comprises a set of courses that will acquire and sharpen skills that will assist to climb your career ladder. The Skill tracks consist of a set of courses that are devised to support you in mastering your desired skill. Introduction to Business and Intelligence Course online gives a 360-degree overview of Power BI’s tools and features.

This Business Intelligence Course online covers:

  • It starts with an introduction to Power BI’s features.
  • One will learn to load multiple datasets in a data view and build a data model. 
  • Applicants will learn to clean and transform data. One will learn to create graphs and interactive maps in Report VIew.
  • Applicants are taught to visualize data and to choose the right visuals for the given data. 
  • One will learn to sort data, edit properties, change visuals, and apply advanced filters.
  • Applicants will be able to create calculations with Data Analysis Expression (DAX).
  • Applicants will be taught about profit columns, product count, and profit margin ratio. 

Duration/Cost: It is a 6 hours course. This course is offered free of cost.

Course Fees and Duration:

Course Fees: free of cost

Course Duration: 6 hours

Website Link:

8. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning focuses on offering courses relating to management and technology. It aims to fill in gaps in one’s personal or professional knowledge. A big advantage of attending courses with LinkedIn is related to its professional networking feature. This enables one to connect to job opportunities through already popular LinkedIn platforms. Power BI Essential Training course is for starters to get to know Power BI.

This Business Intelligence Course online Covers:

  • The course starts with an overview of Power BI and how to sign up for Power BI.  One will learn to navigate with Power BI services.
  • Applicants will get a review of the Power BI data sources. 
  • One will learn to import existing data files: how to upload a CSV file and data from an Excel workbook.
  • Applicants will learn to create reports using visualization.
  • Applicants are taught to add filters to report and manage report pages.
  • One will learn to create and manage dashboards.
  •  Applicants will build a dashboard with Quick Insights and create a mobile view.
  • Applicants will understand how to share reports and dashboards and publish reports on the web. 
  • One also learns to use Power BI on the mobile app. They also learn to create dashboards on mobile devices and learn to present the data using the Windows app.
  • Applicants are largely exposed to using Power BI through the desktop. How to get large quantities of data and to reduce it and transform data into the visually appealing form.

Duration: It is a 3-hour interactive Business & Intelligence Course online available online. You will need to sign in to apply for the course.

Course Fees and Duration:

Website Link:

9. Edureka

Contact No. – +91 89517 55400

Edureka logo

Edureka is an Indian online education company headquartered in Bangalore. It offers live interactive sessions, a master’s program, and post-graduate programs. The courses are delivered by well-experienced trainers who focus on imparting knowledge in an engaging and interesting manner. Edureka offers a 27/7 support system that allows their students to avail help at any time regarding their course. Its courses are offered in partnership with many well-known educational institutions and corporations. Microsoft Power BI Training course is an instructor-led live online class.

This Business Intelligence Courses covers:

  • The course starts with an in-depth introduction to Power BI.
  • Applicants learn to use Power BI Desktop. They learn to connect with data sources and import data into Power BI.
  •  Applicants learn to clean and transform data using Query editor and Manage data relationships.
  • From data types in  (DAX) Data analysis expressions, to DAX functions, to DAX operators, to DAX queries, applicants get a thorough overview of DAX.
  • Applicants learn about various visual representations of data through charts, matrixes, tables, and map visualization.
  • Applicants are introduced to workspaces. A comparison between workspaces such as reports and dashboards is done to understand the limitations and advantages of each one.
  • Applicants are made to create their own dashboards and learn the configuration of dashboards.
  • Applicants learn to connect to data sources and create interactive dashboards.
  • Applicants learn about Power BI report servers and data gateways. They will also learn about data portals and row-level security.
  • Applicants also get a peek at advanced analytics in Power BI using languages like R and python.
  • A comprehensive project is given towards the end. This will put to use the knowledge that was imparted through the previous classes.

Cost: The course costs about Rs 15,125 which can be paid through an EMI of Rs 1,499 per month. 

Course Fees and Duration:

Address:   5th FLOOR, Wing A, No 38/4, INDIQUBE ETA, DODDANEKUNDI VILLAGE, OUTER RING ROAD, Bengaluru (Bangalore) Urban, Karnataka, 560048.

Location: Bengaluru

Website Link:

10. Kubicle

kubicle logo

Kubicle is an online learning platform that aims at aspiring professionals who wish to improve their careers. Individuals who are aiming to get job placement specific to a skillset can also make use of the courses offered. They offer a limited number of specialized courses.

The Business and Intelligence Course online review the subject extensively. There are four major categories under Power BI. Each category has a subset of modules in them and each module has multiple lessons that are covered within the mentioned duration. The modules on the top start with the beginner level and as we move to the bottom the level moves to intermediate and advanced. The duration, no. of lessons and the level of difficulty are mentioned in the description of each module.

This Business Intelligences Courses covers:

  • The first category covers Dashboards and visualization with Power BI.
  • The second category covers online services and data connections.
  • The third category covers the query editor and DAX.
  • The fourth category covers the Power BI case study. The applicants are made to apply what they have learned in all the above categories above.

Course Fees and Duration:

Website Link:

11. MindMajix

MindMajix logo

MindMinjx promises to help you understand Power BI. They offer both self-paced and live virtual training. The live classes are held by experienced instructors who are well versed in the subject matter. They propose career transition programs like resume building, mock interviews, and job assistance. This will aid in obtaining a professional job relating to the particular skill set you are desiring to acquire. They offer Power BI Training and certification courses to help understand the functioning of the software.

Duration / Cost: The Businessand Intelligence Course online is covered in 20 hours. The total cost comes up to Rs 15,600. EMI options are available.

This Business Intelligence Course online covers:

  • Applicants will learn to first install Power BI and connect to Data sources.
  • Applicants will work with models and create a visualization.
  • There is an overview of workflow in the Power BI desktop.
  • Applicants will be able to take a closer look at the query editor interface.
  • Applicants will learn the differences between query editor and data model.
  • Applicants are exposed to Power BI services and Power BI mobile app.
  • The course includes sample tests to practice for certification. 
  • The applicants participate in 7 projects that ensure hands-on experience with Power BI.

The Future of Business:

Business intelligence is very important if one wants to do smart business. BI is used by executives to formulate appropriate decisions and effective strategies. These strategies can help the business in long-term stability. BI benefits short-term decision-making along with long-term planning. Accurate product placement may shovel in huge profits for the organization. 

There are large quantities of data available in today’s world, but the sources are scattered in different places. Through the use of Power BI, we are able to compile data from different sources and analyze the given data. The data is then presented in a visually appealing manner and in a way it is easy to understand. The work of a business analyst is crucial as he interprets how the data relates to the current situation and what decisions can rectify problems that the business is currently facing. 

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Q-1. What is Power BI( Business intelligence Course Online?

Ans: Power BI is a tool created by Microsoft to assist businesses. This platform helps to transform vast quantities of data into a visually appealing and easy-to-understand form. The data then is used by organizations to make new strategies to increase their productivity. Power BI also helps to compile data from various sources and helps to analyze the given data.


Q-2. Who should take up the Business intelligence Courses online?

Ans: There are no prerequisites. Any graduate with basic computer knowledge is eligible to take up the Power BI course. The Business intelligence Courses online offers extra benefits as you can attend the classes from the comfort of your home. Most online courses offer easily shareable certification, which comes in handy when you are applying for a job.


Q-3. Is Power BI hard ( Business intelligence Courses) to learn?

Ans: Power BI is created to be user-friendly. There are drag and drop options that help you in the easy creation of charts and dashboards. Most Business intelligence Courses are designed for the learner’s convenience.


Q-4. Will I be able to get a job after completing the Business intelligence Course online?

Ans: Most businesses use Power BI to assist them in formulating market-relevant strategies and decisions. This has led to an increase in demand for professionals with Power BI knowledge. There are many job opportunities available for you to enter into, for example, Business Intelligence Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, etc.Z

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