Cryptocurrency has been catching a lot of attention for the past few years. There are a lot of debates surrounding this ‘next big thing’ and Bitcoin in gambling. However, financial analysts, traders, bankers, stock market experts have been a bit sceptical about it.


But now with the world being pushed into quarantine and lockdown, it’s been speculated that cryptocurrency might actually be a good substitute. In fact, some believe it to be the money of the future.

While cryptocurrencies are digital currencies generally being used to buy most things of interest, much of its usage involves betting and trading it off for huge profits. 

U.S Senator, Thomas Carper, in an interview, said that virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of the rest of us.

Today, almost every renowned banker, trader, business, scientist, and organization is trying to understand the concepts of crypto currency. Hundreds of research reports are being published on a daily basis. Even so, the confusion still remains.

Amidst the noise surrounding crypto currency, it can be a bit overwhelming to make sense of what’s going on with the crypto world. However, we are trying to make even a layman educated about it through our course on Crypto and Bitcoin.

Here are all the things you need to know about Cryptocurrency:

  1. What is Cryptocurrency?
  2. What is Bitcoin? Why is it so popular?
  3. How does it work in the real world?
  4. How much is it worth? 
  5. Should you invest in bitcoins in 2020?
  6. Are the cryptocurrencies legal yet?
  7. What can you do with Cryptocurrency in 2020?
  8. What is Crypto gambling? Is it safe?
  9. How is Crypto better than traditional gambling?
  10.  What are the uses of Bitcoin in gambling?

1. What is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is essentially a currency in a digital format. Crypto Currencies are digital or virtual coinage that can be used to make any transaction online.

A lot of companies have come up with their own cryptocurrencies that can be used to buy goods and services.

These currencies are often in the form of tokens or digital coins. Imagine them to be similar to the gold coins in a video game or chips in casinos, even token coins in an arcade.

The only catch is that you would need to first buy these crypto currencies for real money, and later you can buy other things through them. 

Cryptocurrencies are brought into use via the new block chain technology. 

Blockchain is a decentralized technology spread across many computers that manage and records transactions. The most alluring part of blockchain technology is its untethered security. 

2. What is Bitcoin? Why popular? 

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency that can be brought into use for virtual transactions. It can be disseminated and circulated electronically.

BTS or bitcoin is a decentralized one-on-one transaction network that runs on blockchain technology. Bitcoins are generally independent currencies that aren’t owned by any jurisdiction.

This virtual electronic currency is completely digital, and can’t be printed or forged. Currently, only 21 million bitcoins are available in the market.

The reason why bitcoins are allegedly the most popular cryptocurrencies out there is because of their acceptance, accessibility, and feasibility in most marketplaces.

3. How does Crypto Work in the Real World?

In order to understand the working of cryptocurrencies, it is important to delve deep into the nitty-gritty of their background process.

Cryptocurrencies like bitcoin are digital cash that can be used to make payments and purchases. Just like the real cash or currency is stored in banks, secured under respective account names with ever-updating balances, crypto undergoes the same process but electronically.

The banks become the databases that keep track of all the transaction records with balance and spending records under respective accounts.

A key problem all the real currency managing payment systems need to resolve is to stop the users or the account holders from making double payments.

These networks try to eradicate this double-spending by establishing a central server, which keeps the records of all the balances, spending, and transactions.

However, for managing the crypto payment networks, this central server is no longer required. It works with a decentralized network so you need each part of the system to do what the central server does.

Each entity involved in the chain keeps a database of all the transactions to check if the future payments are double-spend or not.

In case the entities in control of the network conflict over a single, minute balance, the entire system falls apart. To avoid any such discrepancies, an absolute consensus is needed.

Typically, you yield, yet again, a central power figure to declare the accurate state of balances.

An operator perceives the sum of Bitcoins on his electronic wallet along with the record of transactions processed as well as the payment results.

At the backend, the Bitcoin setup is partaking a public account book called the blockchain. This account book or the ledger encompasses every single payment that has been ever made.

All these electronic records of payments are then registered and collected into what’s known as blocks.

And in case someone attempts to even change a single number, alphabet, or character in these blocks storing transaction records, it will end up affecting all of the subsequent blocks. Due to it being a public archive, the error or scam could be simply mapped and amended by almost anyone.

The users can easily verify their transaction records through their e-wallet. The legitimacy of each transaction is maintained via digital initials or signatures and their particulars.

4. How much is a bitcoin worth? 

It’s reported that more than 2,300 diverse types of cryptocurrencies are traded regularly among the masses. Cryptocurrencies keep on flourishing, raising physical cash through preliminary coin contributions.

The overall worth of all cryptocurrencies as of 2020 is about $251.5 billion. The total value of bitcoins alone is about $165 billion as of March 2020.

The price of a single bitcoin, being the most popular cryptocurrency, is around $9,547.04 roughly.

5. Should you Invest in Bitcoins in 2020? 

Uses of Bitcoin in 2020

Cryptocurrencies possibly will go higher in price, but numerous financiers see them as mere conjectures, not factual investments. This is because similar to the real currencies, cryptocurrencies spawn zero to no cash flow.

The only way to earn more out of your investment would be either by betting or trading.

This is known as the greater fool model of investment. Think of these cryptocurrencies in relation to a well-managed business, which grows its worth over time with all the profits and cash flow coming in.

For individuals who believe cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin to be the money of the future, it has to be taken into perspective that a currency requires constancy.

The stability of this money of the future shall help merchants and consumers to determine what a reasonable value of crypto is for goods and chattels.

Bitcoin has hardly been steady through much of its short history. Its value keeps on dropping and rising time and again. These sudden crests and troughs in the waves of the price make it extremely difficult for anyone to invest in crypto.

This amount of unpredictability crafts a conundrum. If bitcoins might value more in the upcoming times, people are less probable to use them today.

Thus, this ought to turn them into a less feasible currency for the future.

6. Are cryptocurrencies legal yet?   

Cryptocurrencies as of now are only legal in the United States. Some countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, Costa Rica, Singapore, Brazil, UAE allow the restricted amount of usage.

However, countries like China, India, Canada, Thailand, Vietnam, etc. have declared it completely illegal.

The banning nevertheless depends on the government and their legislation.

7. What can you do with Cryptocurrency in 2020?

Most people think of cryptocurrencies as high-risk and low reward investments. However, what we fail to understand is that these cryptocurrencies were created while keeping something particular in mind.

While we might not be able to figure out the purpose as yet, we may still extract its benefits.

Cutting through the hype and speculations of this powerful decentralized currency of the future, crypto still presents a wide range of uses.

With bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, you can make low-cost money transfers invest in yield farming i.e. earning interest on bitcoins, make private, high-security transactions, invest in some early-stage start-ups without thinking much about losses, satisfy your desire of gambling, legally, without much on stake, send non-cash remittances, and in some cases, even travel the world.

8. What is Crypto Gambling? Is it Safe?

Uses of Bitcoin in gambling

Crypto gambling or Bitcoin in gambling involves using cryptocurrency to form bets on casino games, gambling games, sports-based betting, online lotteries and spread betting.

Some online crypto gambling platforms and websites execute only within the popular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and ethereum, while others offer cryptocurrency as additional currency of transaction, additionally to transactions in traditional currencies like USD, EUR, and GBP.

There are growing numbers of online crypto gambling and crypto sports betting websites that supply gambling and money-based games in cryptocurrency.

Crypto casinos and sports betting sites operate from everywhere in the world, though they’re alleged to be subject to local laws. Through crypto transactions, these platforms offer a good sort of options for players to bet their cryptocurrency on.

There are many online gambling platforms but just some of them are really secure when it involves playing and transferring funds. one among them is PBET.

The PBET project may be a unique innovation that addresses the convergence between physical and online gaming through a Unified Gaming Platform.

PBET generates synergies between two channels while integrating crypto-currencies instant payments and mixing partners during a unique token-based Reward Club.

Many casino operators for Bitcoin in gambling that accept cryptocurrency payments use Provably Fair is an algorithm that permits players to see the fairness and randomness of every game themselves.

Players have the chance to see every game and each hand that they need to play. That way they’re going to be sure that they haven’t been cheated on.

Players will get to understand one another and this may generate a snowball effect with new registrations through online or land-based channels. Just imagine online qualified players getting together at the casino for prize-win events with all of the bells and whistles around such an occasion.

You can play on their already deployed platform or invest in their Token sale getting an enormous 45% bonus.

9. How is Crypto Gambling Better than Traditional Gambling?

Cryptocurrency provides a variety of upsides to operators and players alike. The speed and security of transactions are significantly better when crypto is used for banking. 

Thereupon, the safety can oftentimes be used for cheating players, accounts being hacked, and otherwise detrimental side effects.

If you felt that a web casino had cheated you within the past, you’ll dispute the payment together with your bank, whether you played at a regulated casino or an offshore site. 

Once you deposit funds with a crypto payment method, however, you’re trusting the operator at hand to treat you fairly. Once crypto is shipped, it’s gone, and this could be the primary and first consideration for any online crypto gambler.

While security has its downfalls for both players and operators, it also allows for quicker payments and significantly lower fees.

MasterCard processing is often very expensive, especially for offshore operators that require bypassing banking rules and regulations. With cryptocurrencies, however, the fees are very minimal.

The speed and security of crypto also make pay-outs far more timely. rather than waiting weeks or months to be paid via paper check by mail, cashouts at online crypto casinos are often times paid out within hours. 

This is often one of the foremost attractive benefits to prospective players. While speedy payments are a net positive for players and operators alike, the stealth nature of those payments can cause trouble.

Some casinos offer 2 Factor Authentication and/or other means of adding additional security to your account, and it’s recommended that you simply cash in of those options to assist make sure that your funds are kept safe.

10. What are the uses of Bitcoin in Gambling?

Naturally, to start out gambling with crypto, you need to buy some coins or tokens from an exchange.

Bitcoin is far and away from the foremost popular choice for crypto gambling, although many online casinos also will accept ‘alt-coins like Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Lit coin, or maybe Dogecoin.

To buy Bitcoin, you’ll make an account with an exchange where you’ll buy crypto with real cash. These exchanges allow you to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, which can be then transferred to the crypto gambling site of your choice.

Many crypto gambling sites would require you to send crypto to your casino wallet to play, so it’s best to familiarize yourself with this process, initially.

The progression of cryptocurrencies in the online use of Bitcoin in gambling has completed an almost full circle.

While sports betting, especially within the US, isn’t as freely accessible as other sorts of gambling, most of these crypto casinos are illegible from other brands that have been present for over a decade.

From typical casino staples like blackjack, roulette, baccarat, and spaces to further contemporary technology like Live Dealer betting, online casinos that agree to take crypto largely deal with everything imaginable.


Casino games; meaning table games, slots, video poker, and similar games, are the simplest to seek out.

You would be hard-pressed to get a web cryptocurrency gambling site that doesn’t have a full selection of traditional casino games to settle on from.

While poker or sports could also be tougher to play using cryptocurrencies, standard casino gaming is extremely easy to seek out, whether you reside within the US, the UK, or elsewhere.


Dice games, while considered the overall pioneer in online gambling with cryptocurrencies, represent a little portion of the market as an entire. The advancement in offerings from full online casinos has significantly reduced the appeal of those ultra-basic platforms.


Even top-tier live casino benefactors are now on a panel with troupes who want to use bitcoin to gamble with live dealers. This includes corporations like Evolution Gaming and Asia Gaming. Live trader gaming is easily one of the most important aspects of crypto gambling.


Poker is one of the more interesting elements of online crypto casinos. Many sites now offer poker, but since it needs critical mass to be most successful, the choices aren’t as strong as they’re in markets just like the UK, where Poker Stars, Party Poker then on dominate the industry. Poker has also been the topic of controversy within the US, which hasn’t helped it gain mainstream acceptance.


Sports are a touchy and wildly variable topic in online gambling. Offering sports betting to US citizens is particularly risky, even in comparison to offering normal casino games.

As such, the choices for online crypto sports betting are relatively limited, a minimum of the outside of Bitcoin specifically.

A large variety of websites have begun adding larger market cap altcoins, however, making crypto sports betting a touch more practical than it had been within the youth of Bitcoin online gambling.

Bitcoin Pros:

Bitcoin is the most open economic system so far. You shall make payments with Bitcoins 24/7 everywhere the planet, even where there is no banking industry.

International money transfers with Bitcoins are often faster and cheaper than with traditional banking and services.

Bitcoin is that the only asset ever created that cannot be seized from you by force. Besides, BTC transactions are not censorable, so nobody can stop you from conducting transactions.

Bitcoin is pseudonymous, and anyone can open its wallet via the web with no verification or credit history. It is especially beneficial in underbanked regions and third-world countries where most people struggle to urge access to money.

You can spend Bitcoins within the same ways you spend traditional digital money – from a personal computer, a mobile, or an open-end credit.

Unlike real currencies, Bitcoins are deflationary, meaning that their value is about to understand intentionally.

Bitcoin is that the most portable asset is ever-created and may be transferred through satellites or maybe radio waves.

Bitcoin Cons:

The most commonly mentioned Bitcoin cons include:

Little to no regulatory oversight when things go south.

Even with all the efforts to permit offline Bitcoin outflows, usage of this electronic money still mainly hinges on internet accessibility.

As Bitcoin remains in development, the transaction speed and costs tend to vary, counting on mining efficiency and network congestion.

Transfiguring Bitcoins into real cash is often very costly.

Not every shop or service provider accepts Bitcoins. The amount is growing, though.

Bitcoin transactions are immutable, meaning that when the cash leaves your wallet, there are no thanks to getting them back. Although many reputation management tools are being developed, “buyer’s protection” isn’t the thing with Bitcoin yet. Conversely, it can benefit merchants since accepting BTC eliminates the chance of fraudulent chargebacks.

Most people aren’t able to take full responsibility for his or her assets and will not manage their private keys securely. Many private Bitcoin keys are lost beyond recovery, thus contributing to Bitcoins’ deflation and appreciation in value.

Learning all the prevailing ins and outs of the Bitcoin ecosystem presents a steep learning curve. The interface in most Bitcoin apps remains not foolproof, and therefore the network isn’t ready for serving everyone within the world.

Securing Bitcoin requires basic cybersecurity knowledge and awareness. While the system is practically un-hackable, officialdoms, governments, and individual users are.

The core ideology of Bitcoin goes against the foremost powerful institutions, governments, politics, banks, regulators, and censorship, and is probably going to satisfy much resistance before these players can tolerate or approve.

Thinking about the gains and therefore the negative overall bitcoin gambling is a lot better than traditional methods if you are doing your research and determine all that you simply can about the actual site.

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