Bitcoin is basically one of the most popular digital currency. It was built using complicated cryptographic principles. With Bitcoin becoming popular day by day and its market capitalization crossing USD 7 billion, other digital currencies do not even constitute nearly to 20% of it. Thus with this increasing capital, the number of opportunities to earn Bitcoin is increasing day by day. Today this article will explain top three ways to ear Bitcoin:
1)One of the ways to earn Bitcoin is through affiliate programs. Basically such programs allow the promoter of a business or particularly a product to earn Bitcoins.This can be done by referring new clients to these businesses or products.
2)In order to earn Bitcoin online, you can opt for gambling. It is not everyone’s cup of tea but still one who masters it can gain a lot. One who knows the tricks can easily manage to win the game. There is one game called satoshiDICE that has been in demand since 2012.This game has been successful in paying a huge number of Bitcoins.
3)Another way to get your own Bitcoin is with the help of mining. This mining can be done through two ways: either you can use your own computer or hardware to do the mining or you can hire the hardware from the third party and do the mining.
Apart from these there are other ways as well to earn Bitcoin.Some involve risk and some require substantial knowledge.  

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