Machine learning is undoubtedly the future and a game-changer for brand protection. As a result, organizations are gradually utilizing ML in areas like marketing, law, human resources, and so on. Therefore, this global industry is anticipated to be valued at approximately USD 152.24 billion by 2028, according to Fortune Business InsightsTM. Discover more about the machine learning course in Jaipur that will enable students to finally become pro machine learning experts.


Jaipur, commonly referred to as the Pink City is a symbol of culture, history, and heritage. Yes, much to your surprise, this city also serves as the nation’s premier center for education. In Jaipur, the developing education hub offers a variety of Machine Learning course in Jaipur also. As a result, the information on the Top 8 Machine Learning Training Courses in Jaipur offers a range of options for the course’s curriculum, cost, duration, and other factors.

The Top 8 Machine Learning Course in Jaipur: Cracking the Keys to High-Quality Education!

1. Henry Harvin – Best Machine Learning Course In Jaipur

Henry Harvin Contact No: +91 9891953953 | Chat on WhatsApp with Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin logo

  • The Henry Harvin AI & Machine Learning Academy works to empower people by giving them access to essential knowledge and abilities through hands-on training. 
  • The solutions are thus created by subject matter experts with in-depth business knowledge. Furthermore, these solutions are given through goal-centric instruction by chosen experts from top firms. 
  • This will enable the academy to accomplish its objective of enabling 200,000 managers by 2030.
  • Ratings 

Over all Advantages of the course from Henry harvin

  • 6,700+ Reviews, 7,000+ Classes/Month, 4,60,000+ Trained, in 97+ Countries
  • Project Management Institute, MSME, American Association of EFL, UKAF, UK Cert, and ISO 29990:2010 Certified Recognition (PMI).
  • Recommended by 13+ IIMs and 7+ IITs, including IIM Ahmedabad and IIT Bombay Students
  • Only One-Year Gold Membership of AI and Machine Learning Academy Capstone Projects + Guaranteed Internship + Weekly Job Support + Recorded Videos + Masterclass Sessions + Interview Skills + Career Services 1-Year Machine Learning Course
  • Get regular job calls, assistance with interviewing, and career services. Plus To connect with the 23000+ proud Henry Harvin alumni, become an alumni.
  • Major corporations such Abbott Pharma, Avon Cosmetics, HostBooks, NTPC, SAB Miller, Apollo Tyres, Deloitte, Fidelity Investments, and others have confidence in Henry Harvin.
  • Moreover, there are 12+ IIMs, including IIMs in Ahmedabad, Bangalore, and Kolkata, as well as 7+ IITs, including IITs in Bombay and Delhi.

Henry Harvin Machine Learning Course fees:

Cities in India Where Henry Harvin Course in Provided 

DelhiMumbaiBangaloreHyderabadKolkata, ChennaiPune, Gurgaon


Henry Harvin® Ranks in Top 30 most Trusted Companies by Insight Success

Other Henry Harvin Courses

Also, check this video:

2. DataMitesTM- Best Machine Learning Course In Jaipur


  • In order to create and deliver a training course, DataMitesTM collaborates with renowned machine learning professionals from across the world. 
  • Currently, there are millions of jobs and business opportunities available worldwide in the field of data science, and this number is only expected to grow further over the next few years.
  • A team of ardent Data Science enthusiasts with decades of experience in Analytics, big data, and Data Science working with Fortune 100 firms worldwide launched DataMites. 
  • Professionals in the data science field can join this amazing Data Science age with the help of DataMitesTM if they have excellent data science abilities that are in line with industry demands.


9.8 out of 10

Course duration

2.5 Months including practicals


Ranges from foundation course with INR 17745 to advance course with INR 40000. 00

Contact through email

[email protected]

Call on 

India: 1800-313-3434


3rd Floor, 46/4, Kudlu Gate, Hosur main road , Bengaluru, Karnataka 560068

Other centers 

Pune, Chennai, Hyderabad etc.

3. Learn and Build machine learning courses in Jaipur 

  • Learn and Build provides hands-on training in Python, C/C++, Data Structure, Embedded Systems, Robotics, Data Science, Online & Offline Courses, and Summer Internships in these fields. 
  • Learn and Build offers practical training/internships with real-world projects and knowledgeable instructors. trained over 50,000 students, including IIT and NIT students.
  • It is the best platform where we can learn and do practical new developing technology like IoT, Embedded systems, robotics, PLC SCADA, Matlab, EMI and many more theoretical and practical subjects. It provides the best quality of summer/winter training and internship.


9.3 out of 10

Course duration

4 months of online sessions


approx INR 21000.00

Contact through email 

[email protected]

Call on



262 Muktanand Nagar , Opp. Pooja Tower, Gopalpura Bypass -Jaipur(Raj.)-302018

Other centres

Delhi, Jaipur and so on

4. GOEDUHUB – Best Machine Learning Course In Jaipur


  • The greatest platform for learning and practising new technologies in development, including IoT, embedded systems, robotics, PLC SCADA, Matlab, EMI, and many other theoretical and practical topics. 
  • It offers the highest calibre of internship and summer/winter training.
  • Goeduhub Technologies is one of Chandwa Global Pvt. Ltd.’s major brands. It provides in-depth training in artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), programming in Python, information security, BIG DATA-HADOOP, cloud computing, Salesforce, embedded systems & robotics, mobile app development, AUTOCAD,  programming (Microsoft.NET, PHP, Java, C, C++), networks, and database. 
  • It offers thorough instruction in Python programming, Machine Learning (ML), and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Embedded systems and robotics, cloud computing, Salesforce, mobile app development, MATLAB, AUTOCAD, and programming (Microsoft.NET,


9.7 out of 10

Course duration

11 hours on-demand video


INR 3400.00


Call at 

+91-7976731765 | +91-7891167695


4-Mangal Vihar, Gopalpura Bypass Rd, Near Ridhi-Sidhi, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302018

5.Samyak Infotech – Best Machine Learning Course In Jaipur

Samyak Infotech

  • Several organizations, including observance, Industry Minister, Live24 News Channel, and multitudinous other forums across the country, have recognised Samyak Computer Courses as the stylish training institution. 
  • SAMYAK established its education division in response to the demand for assiduity-ready professionals in the IT sector. 
  • SAMYAK provides expert, career-focused training in a range of IT technologies through this section, including programming, finance & account, designing, CAD, robotics, and more. Samyak is presently available in 25 locales and is fast growing to meet the demand encyclopedically.


9.6 out of 10

Course duration

2.5 Months with practicals in Lab


INR 3400.00

Website/email [email protected]

Call at 

+91 977 227 1081


30, 1st Floor, Gopalpura Bypass, Near Cake World,Tonk Road, Jaipur

Other centers 

Ajmer, Kota, Gurgaon, Lucknow and so on.

6. KnowledgeHut


  • KnowledgeHut prepares candidates for the best career prospects from top businesses with instructor-led seminars, self-paced learning, a Data Science Bootcamp, and six capstone projects. The courses are designed to assist students in developing successful professions.
  • The fact that they are affiliated with prestigious accrediting organisations says a lot about the calibre of training they provide. Presently a member of the Project Management Institute (PMI)®, Scrum Alliance, EC-Council, CompTIA, IIBA®, APMG International, IASSC, Axelos, PEOPLECERT, and some other organizations. They have been successful in satisfying the training needs of more than 1500 businesses, and they provide more than 40 courses in 200 sites throughout the world.

Course duration

48 Hours of Live Instructor-Led Sessions


Approximately INR 60,500

Website/email [email protected]

Call at 


Other centers

Gurgaon, Kolkata, Cochin and more than 70 countries like Australia, Canada, New zealand and so on. 

7. Udacity


  • Each Udacity class is ray- concentrated, removing any query in choosing the stylish option. Systems foster the critical thinking necessary for applicability in the plant, going well beyond step- by- step instructions. 
  • Endured instructors remove learning walls with individualized coaching and confirm total faculty mastery. 
  • With assistance experts, the exclusive content is continuously bettered.


9.2 out of 10


approximately INR 22849.00

Course duration

5 Months

@ 5-10 hours/week

Contact at




HQ – Mountain View, California, United States

Other centers

Delhi and so on

8. Rajiv Gandhi centre for Advanced Technology

Rajiv Gandhi centre for Advanced Technology

  • The Rajiv Gandhi Center for Advanced Technology (R-CAT) was established in accordance with the Society Registration Act of 1958 and is run by the Government of Rajasthan’s Department of Information Technology & Communication (DoIT&C) (GoR),
  • R-CAT offers practitioner-designed, outcome-driven certification programmes that help learners develop the skills they need to deliver digital transformation projects and solutions. A few R-CAT programme USPs include:
  • To increase young people’s employability in the fields of information technology and related fields (undergraduates, graduates, and postgraduate students).
  • to serve as a finishing school for enhancing the technical and soft skills of young people and working adults to prepare them for the workplace.
  • By giving students hands-on training on real projects where necessary, they guarantee the quality of our training programmes.


9.7 out of 10

Course duration

14 hours


INR 24,000/- plus applicable taxes

Contact at

+91 141 292 3851

website/ email

[email protected]


WR58+C22, Dusadon Ka Bagh, Sangram Colony, Ashok Nagar, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302007

Eligibility and Prerequisites for machine learning courses in Jaipur


  • Undergraduates, Graduates
  • Post-Graduates
  • Job Aspirants
  • School Going Students


Not mandatory, however basic knowledge of Basic Python,Algorithm Design,Basics of Probability and Statistics will be preferred. 

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Those who can create useful implementations are in high demand, particularly when working with a cutting-edge technology team. You need a lot of expertise and software development skills to become a machine learning expert. 

Instead of only knowing a little bit of R or Python to create a model on a practice dataset, you need to be able to build production-quality systems for industrial big data. Training “machine learning engineers” with this rudimentary level of knowledge, however, requires a lot of effort today.

You must be knowledgeable to stay ahead of the game. It’s time to start developing ML-based apps or starting a project if you have it on your to-do list! 


Q1. What are the most in-demand machine learning abilities to learn? 

Ans. The top in-demand talents to master in machine learning include artificial intelligence, tableau, natural language processing, and deep learning.

Q2. How much salary do machine learning professionals get on average in India?

Ans. The use of machine learning has exclusively become more widespread in recent years. Even though, they are not the same, AI and machine learning are related. The term “AI” also refers to a variety of subjects. 

Whereas, in comparison to machine learning, which is one route, it provides you additionally with a lot more pitch flexibility. However, there is no fixed wage. 

Additionally, your ability to use machine learning algorithms and your comprehension of the domain knowledge that will be provided to them will determine this. 

Machine learning experts in India subsequently get between $120000 and $150000 per year in compensation. 

Salary variation is influenced by demand, experience, and skill also.

Q3. How artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and deep learning are different? 

Ans. The field of developing smart devices is known as artificial intelligence (AI). Systems that can learn from experience (training data) are called ML, but systems that learn from rich experiences are called deep learning (DL). Machine learning can be classified as a subset of artificial intelligence. While machine learning is good for big data, deep learning (DL) is DL. To summarize, DL is part of ML, which in turn is part of AI.

Q4. What math proficiency is necessary for machine learning?

Ans. One needs to be familiar with probability, multivariate calculus, linear algebra, and optimisation. You will require a better understanding of these subjects as you explore more complex ML ideas.

Q5.For newcomers, what is machine learning?

Ans. The fundamental ideas of machine learning for beginners include things like the different kinds of machine learning (Supervised, Unsupervised, Reinforcement Learning). There are various methods and libraries used by each of these forms of ML, including Classification and Regression. There are many different regression and classification algorithms, including linear regression. Before learning any other concepts, you will first need to learn this.

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