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Do you want a proper impact on your company and develop your business skills? The main idea of Six Sigma certification is not only because it is certified with six but it’s all about how you could use the tools? The certification is useless if you couldn’t apply the tools efficiently.

With intensive knowledge of the practices and principles of Six Sigma, and their ability to apply this learning for an up-gradation in business functions and competitiveness professionals with Six Sigma Black Belt Certification and training are immensely sought-after agencies worldwide.

There are a lot of ways through which you can get Six Sigma certification but here I am discussing only 8 ways including India’s one of the best courses. Let’s have a look at them with me!!

Henry harvin Institute is one of India’s top-notch and number one online course provider including the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course

1. Henry Harvin Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Course

Key points

  • The modules they have designed teaches you how you could become skilled and hone your organizational qualifications through complete video content
  • You will get everything you would like to understand to obtain your Lean Six Sigma belt certification which is equipped in 21 well generated and engaging video modules
  • Get access of a complete e-learning system that will support you to find whether or not this is often the right program for your career requirements
  • Highly-experienced trainer with at least 10 to 20 years of experiences in their related fields
  • Get certified after completing the course
  • Upon completing the program, you will get free webinars + live sessions and doubt clearing sessions with highly skilled coaches
  • Get benefited by their job support emails after completing the training

So let’s grab this offer at such an affordable price.

  1. Simplilearn | Lean Six Sigma Expert

Simplilearn is really offering such a high skilled Six Sigma Black Belt certification course here. This course is to boost your business skills and provide you with the best well-paid opportunities.

Key points

  • Gain expertise in Lean Six Sigma, begin from the basics and reach an advanced level through this course
  • There are heading 10 simulation exams and 5 case studies. Discover industry exposure with 20 case studies
  • For industry-oriented projects. You will learn from basics to advanced level
  • Course overview

Module 1 – Lean Management with self-paced learning

Module 2 – Lean Six Sigma Green Belt. This is provided in an online classroom.

Module 3 – Minitab also with self-paced learning

  • The charges of the course are 22000 INR
  • Salary package

The annual average income of Lean Six Sigma Expert is Rs 11 lacs to 12 lacs in India

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business Standard

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Cities in India Where Six Sigma Certifications are provided:


Henry Harvin Ranks #1 Six Sigma Certification Course Amongst Top 5 by Business StandardIndia Today

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2. Benchmark Six Sigma Black Belt Certification

Benchmark started the first Lean Six Sigma Black belt course in India. The only other course in India was available at Motorola University from the USA. The program has been evaluating and is revised annually.

The trained business excellence professionals now organized more than 40000 and the organization has occurred in the position in top 3 worldwide.

Key points

  • 40 hours of training oriented online training
  • Access to 2 exercise projects
  • There are 56 PDUs for PMI credential
  • Conducted by multi-industry experts
  • Complete Minitab practice during the workshop training
  • Free online projects
  • Globally approved benchmark Six Sigma certification accrediting by Exemplar Global
  • Participation of great business improvement group
  • Receive completion certificate after training
  • Training Package
  1. Pre-training study material
  2. The online training study material
  3. More than 200 practice questions
  4. Lean Six Sigma black belt test
  5. Online trial sessions
  • Offers in the course
  1. Online trainer support
  2. Public training – a calendar program
  3. Corporate program – customization or standard, phase-wise or continuous
  • 15 key elements of the course
  1. They have been upgrading their training methodologies since 2001 annually
  2. They provided participants with 2 question once a week to facilitate progressive learning
  3. The facilitator has important training expertise in manufacturing and services
  4. They interpret the communications and Robotic Process Automation and Business Analytics as a portion of the Black belt program
  5. The facilitator for these workshops is a consultant and corporate trainer
  6. Integration of Lean and Six Sigma in their programs more than a decade ago
  7. They offer extra coaching to their members when they apply projects at their workplace
  8. They offer perfect integrated programs from GB to BB to MBB regularly
  9. Application of multi-sensory methodologies in their forte
  10. This is one of the top 3 globally and has more than 53000 participants
  11. They offer lifelong free Excel-oriented software to these members
  12. You can experience the most engaging training ever there
  13. They conduct free webinars regularly for members
  14. The facilitator has executed hundreds of Lean Six Sigma programs
  15. The training is rated as excellent by members
  • Who is the program for?
  1. Anyone who wishes to upgrade an organization’s performance
  2. Any progress measurement trainee who wishes to bring development
  3. Professionals who won’t solve a business problem by applying design methodologies could take advantage of Lean Six Sigma black belt
  4. Anyone who wishes to create competence 
  5. Process improvement team participant who want to do improvement projects

Contact information: you can call at +919811370932 or you can also fill the online contact form at their website.

3. Varsigma | Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Certification

The Six Sigma Green Belt Certification is one of the remarkable training for Lean Six Sigma credentials. This Six Sigma Green belt training and certification offers credence to your proficiencies in starting and managing improvement projects.

Key points

  • Get training under the supervision of a six sigma black belt analyses and solves business problems, and get involved in process and quality improvement projects
  • Green belt training supports individuals with a logical and objectively to recognize competence and reduce difficulties/issues 
  • The training also upgrade the way employees methodologies their day to day work and strategy position to assist improvement program at their workplace
  • Varsigma is an Exemplar Global (a member of the ASQ family) certified TPECS provider for six sigma competency to guarantee Global identification for their Lean Six Sigma certified once
  • The pedagogy has been created by Dr. Shantanu Kumar repairing it the most sought after training and certification
  • Varsigma has certified professionals across industries and countries, therefore the identification and approval unparalleled
  • Varsigma course content includes for the most meticulous and exhaustive across all public provided program
  • Alumini network for placement – more than 25000 professionals trained globally, over 7500 senior professionals trained, and more than 3 lakh LinkedIn followers
  • Unique facilitators – These facilitators have at least 15 years of extensive training and consulting experience. All the facilitators undergo a meticulous ‘train the trainer’ workshop by Dr. Shantanu Kumar
  • Project and career guidance – expert moderate institution and regular winners offer the vital assistance for complete improvement progress and learning the next steps for career advancement
  • Online classroom learning – the Lean Six Sigma workshop are executed in-person, along with winners and online classrooms to facilitate basics learning
  • Training session
  1. Members will also have access to another 36 hours of e-learning module, case studies, sample question papers, quizzes, etc.
  2. 63 hours total learning duration available
  3. Member will attend at least 27 hours of facilitators-oriented classroom training for Green Belt
  • Training package
  1. 12 hours of Minitab hands-on practice
  2. Green belt  e-book of knowledge aligned to ASQBoK
  3. Access to 10 +  e-books on Lean Six Sigma
  4. Access to 50 plus completed case studies
  5. 2 simulation assignments
  6. 200 practice questions
  7. Analysis data and practical simulation projects
  8. Free membership to project assignment forum
  9. PDUs for PMI renewal
  • Certification examination

a.The certification applicants are needed to pass a written exam that comprised of MCQs measuring comprehension of the body of knowledge

b.The duration of the Six Sigma Green belt certification exam is 2 hours, 80 MCQs, and only offered in English

Contact details: 3

4. Lean Six Sigma Corporation

This online Six Sigma Black belt certification course will provide you to successfully apply and perform Lean Six Sigma projects, perform Six Sigma analysis, and apply the DMAIC approaches.

This initiative is 100% online and you could achieve certification at your own pace.

Key points

The Six Sigma Black belt certification course will be included:

  • 21 professionals narrated e-learning elements
  • 5 DMAIC phase tests
  • The Black Belt Project module
  • 1 Lean Six Sigma certification test
  • 21 interactive quizzes
  • 40 data sets fit every example around the course
  • Dozens of tools and template files
  • Control charts, hypothesis testing, and roadmaps for DMAIC
  • Download PDF file for the course curriculum
  • On certified you will get
  1. A physically extended seal certificate with your unique serial number made to you online
  2. A custom certification letter awarded CEU/PDUs
  3. Listing you in their official certification directory
  • There are 2 Six Sigma Black belt versions:
  1. SigmaXL
  2. Minitab
  1. Demonstrating to the statistical software (Minitab or SigmaXL) that is implemented to execute the analysis
  2. The Minitab version structured to offer instruction on using Minitab statistical I analysis software
  3. You will be offered an opportunity to include a 6 months license of Minitab in your order (adding this course to your cart). The involvement fee will be $499 (Minitab tutorials for $1595)
  4. The statistical analysis software tool will provide you to exactly follow the different practices around this training program
  5. Training module with practices will exhibit step by step instruction on how to execute analysis applying Minitab
  6. The second version is SigmaXL which is a Microsoft Excel and it has been created to execute much like Minitab but at a low cost
  7. The SigmaXL software license is perpetual and could be included in your order once you include the Black belt course on your cart
  • Certification Requirements
  1. Pass all the 5 DMAIC exams (score 80% or more)
  2. Pass the certification exam (score 80%, 2 attempts limitation)
  3. Review on e-Learning and quizzes
  4. Complete the needed program feedback
  5. Complete your Six Sigma project needs
  • Project Requirement
  1. Submit Measure phase project report and pass Measure Tollgate
  2. Submit Define phase project reports and pass Define Tollgate
  3. Submit Improve phase project report and pass Improve Tollgate
  4. Submit Analysis phase project report and pass Analyze Tollgate
  5. Submit Control phase project report and pass Control Tollgate
  • This program is accredited by the Council for Six Sigma Certification. The content and body of knowledge are aligned to ASQ, IASSC
  • Course fee
  1. The course fee is $990
  2. Payment plan 

i. 3 payments monthly each is $336

ii. 5 payments monthly each $198

iii. 9 payment monthly each $110

5. MSI Certified Six Sigma

MSI (the Management and Strategy Institute) offers online certificates of Business and management skills for learners who want to boost their learning in business-related fields.

The best in six sigma certification institutions, however, have a complete line of professional advancement certification to meet your professional requirements.

Key points

  • MSI is an industry leader in professional development certification. Accrediting BBB member and their certification recognized by industry-leading forums
  • Their certificate tests are created by industry leaders and structure to test your basic understanding of the subject being tested
  • All certification exams consist of $299.95  or Less. All programs are done 100% online, permitting you to learn and examining
  • There course fee for the certification test and study material. They also mail you a professional certification and transcripts once you are certified
  • As today’s job market is so competitive, so certifications serve as they differentiate between you and your competitor
  • You can take programs like lean Six Sigma certification online and Six Sigma Black belt certification online
  • You can take the exam as soon as you are ready, they do not require you to be a schedule in advance
  • It teaches you the key basics, you will be required to understand while working within a forum going through a six sigma project
  • MSI is one of the only Institute going through to provide a six sigma project simulation in addition to its certification
  • it offers you the chance to earn certification and practice your skills with simulated project
  • they also offer a free six sigma white belt certification program which will teach you the fundamentals of Six Sigma and what is anticipated that each belt level
  • It also provides you a good knowledge of exactly how the programs work

6. Expertrating Six Sigma

The Expertrating Six Sigma Black belt program leading to a six sigma Black belt certification. This is a very researched online course that has been designed for individuals who would like to master the science of Six Sigma.

Key points

  • The program has been developed so that it is simply understood by beginners and newcomers to Six Sigma apart from seasoned Project managers
  • The Six Sigma Black belt program adds all the tools, techniques, and concepts related to Six Sigma and has been designed keeping in mind the needs of most modern-day industries
  • The certification has been offering at a reasonable price of $199.99
  • Expertrating is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization providing online certification and training services to learners and forums in over 160 countries
  • More than 2,700,000 people in 160 countries have benefited from this online certification program
  • The Six Sigma Black belt certification level offers you an intensive knowledge of Six Sigma black belt and the philosophy behind it
  • The course included several projects scenarios
  • Course overview

Business process management; project management and selecting Six Sigma projects; define phase; the measure phase; the analysis phase; the improvement phase; the control phase; lean concepts; design for six sigma

7. iCert Global Six Sigma

This is one of the few organizations to provide both in-person classroom sessions and instructor-led online courses around the country for six sigma certification.

The meticulous Six Sigma approaches and statistical analysis that make it like a sought-after professional certification are well taught by iCert Global.

Key points

  • Black belt mentoring

As a mentor of the Six Sigma Black belt certification programs, you will participate in the mentoring program. This exceptional expect to the iCert Global program actually guarantees you learn the core concepts as you will have to serve as a mentor to someone taking the green belt Six Sigma certification course

  • Yellow belt
  1. iCert Global Six Sigma programs begin at the basic level with the Yellow Belt program. Understand the requirements for beginner level programs, if you are expecting to pad your resume
  2. Several organizations conduct in house training for Six Sigma open applying iCert Global and pink for a full mastery course can not be necessary when implementing for those organizations
  3. But having some training makes for more alluring participants making the Yellow Belt program a valuable choice
  • Minitab application
  1. Minitab is a potential tool for analyzing research data and leading organizations that apply Six Sigma approaches utilize Minitab
  2. iCert Global Six Sigma certification features level I and II of Minitab application
  3. This is one of the best features of their program because learning how to precisely utilize Minitab is advantages for any analytical process
  • Trainer-led online program
  1. The Green Belt and Yellow Belt Six Sigma certification programs are two-day intense class taught by a live trainer online
  2. You could also see for availability over 35 cities across the US to attend an in-person class
  3. Availability is limited either way and you will be required to plan ahead carefully, but if self-paced instruction is not your thing
  • Online exam simulator
  1. After finishing the program you have one instantly long way of three months of exam simulation
  2. Six Sigma approaches are highly data-driven, needing the acquisition of new modes of thinking and implementation
  3. The simulator from iCert Global will assist you to pass the first time
  • Perfect user
  1. iCert Global provides an exceptional mentorship course for its Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certification program and multiple levels of Six Sigma
  2. The organization provides a 100% money-back guarantee, making trying the program a risk-free endeavor
  3. The program design is simulation across all levels, making the decision for future progressions much easier
  • Pricing

The price of the course is $1399

  • Course elements overview

Real-world examples, quizzes, case studies, for six sigma simulator exams, exam papers, 3 months online exam simulator, online certification

8. Online Six Sigma Certification Institute

The certified Six Sigma black belt (CSSBB) certification course is a multiple option online test in which you could take part from your own laptop from anywhere throughout the world.

Key points

  • Certification examination
  1. The exam consists of 50 questions and you have one hour in one session to answer your questions
  2. To pass the exam you have at least score a minimum of 60% of your test questions 
  3. The examination success rate is 98.5%
  • Course charges

The net cost of the test and certification is $99. No other hidden charges or costs involved

  • Registration process
  1. Enroll online for your certified Six Sigma Black Belt certification course
  2. They Mail your exam access code instantly online after enrollment
  3. Take your online test anytime and anywhere and answer 50 MCQs
  4. Get your worldwide valid certified Six Sigma black belt (CSSBB) certification instantly after you complete your test for a lifetime
  • If you fail at your test then they provide a 100% money-back guarantee
  • If you might not pass your certification test during your first attempts, your access code will be free of charge and reactivated up to 10 times
  • You could retake your test without any additional charges
  • If you are still not able to pass the test at your last attempt, they will refund your full enrollment fee without asking any question

How To Become A Six Sigma Certified One?

  • Whilst many candidates for the role of well paid and heavily visible Six Sigma black belt; it consumes a lot more to become one
  • Achieving the qualities needs much more time and hard work and not everybody having the drive, and statistics that are needed for the cause
  • However, with in-depth training, understanding, and the perfect skills in place, it is not tough to clear the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam and lead to a lucrative and long career Path

Why Is Training Beneficial For You?

Appropriate training module and units of the proper resources lead professionals applicants for the Six Sigma Black Belt certification, in the following way:

  • These models make it easy for them to reach complete Coursework, see lectures and take exams on time
  • The proper training leads professionals to prepare well to certify with the Six Sigma Black Belt certification exam
  • They are and valuable intensive learning fromSigma application and principles
  • They could apply the tools of live chat rooms, online message boards, voice over IP (VOIP) systems, virtual whiteboards, and other modern communication to connect with teachers anytime and anywhere

Hey, hope you are excited like me to join the training, let’s start your new journey with these effective training programs!!!!

Good Luck!!

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  1. The Six Sigma Black Belt certification training with Henry Harvin and it was a great experience. He was very knowledgeable and was able to provide us with an in-depth look into the material. He also provided us with plenty of hands-on practice which was very beneficial.

  2. SixSixma Black Belt certification was nothing short of amazing. The course was very comprehensive and incredibly helpful. I learned a lot about the various aspects of the Six Sigma methodology and how to apply it to different processes.

  3. Shivangi verma Reply

    I recently completed the Six Sigma training certification with Henry Harvin and I am very pleased with the experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and professional and I was able to grasp the concepts quickly. The course material was comprehensive and well-structured, and the hands-on training was very useful.

  4. Saunali Verma Reply

    Six Sigma training certification and it was one of the best experiences I have ever had. The instructor was knowledgeable and the course materials were comprehensive and easy to understand. The hands-on approach to learning was invaluable and I felt confident in my abilities after the course was complete.

  5. poonam Singh Reply

    Six Sigma Certification Training and it was an excellent experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and the course was well structured. It covered all the topics needed to understand the Six Sigma process as well as the tools and techniques used to improve processes.

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