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‘The Barista arrived with an order of Latte and Pepperoni pizza and made everyone go Mamma mia!’ Well, you were just reading English with Italian words, that we so casually use in our daily lives. But, how many of us know we are using the Italian language? It is a very tongue-twisting, yet interesting language. Spoken by more than 85 million+ people globally, it is the official language in Italy, Switzerland, Vatican City, and San Marino. So, we have got you covered with the top Italian language courses online that will make learning Italian super fun. Learning a foreign language in India is no more a hobby, but a crucial career requirement.

Compared to other foreign languages, Italian is much easier to learn, it sounds like music for the ears, and adds beauty to the tongue. Above all, today, there are plethora of Italian language courses online.

Some learn the Italian language to express love, and some for career prospects. Some people learn it because of their love for Italian fashion and Italian cuisine, while some learn it for international travel and business. The reasons are multiple. But, one thing is for sure. As you progress with the language, you are sure to fall in love with it and go all ‘Ti amo’ over it. 

So, read on to know the best of the institutes offering Italian language courses online. 

Infographic on Italian language
Italian language Health Infographic

Top 11 Italian Language Courses Online

1.Henry Harvin

Rating: 9.9/10

Henry Harvin Institute
Henry Harvin for Italian language training

Henry Harvin is one of the top Ed tech companies in the world with learners in more than 97+ countries. Since its inception in 2013, this institute has always aimed at empowering its students in their career growth. Ranked in the top 500 Ed Tech companies globally, Henry Harvin has an esteemed language academy aimed specifically at domestic and international language learners. It offers premium language courses, the Italian language course being the most sought-after one.

Moreover, you will be trained by some of the most seasoned trainers having 15+ years of experience in the Italian language. The sessions are well-organized, including the doubt sessions. 

Also, once logged in, you will be directed to an exclusive LMS system whereby, you can access the study material, PPTs, and assignments.

Further the Henry Harvin institute also provides other language courses, including German, Spanish, and French language

Course Highlights

  • Expert-led live sessions
  • Curriculum covering all the language levels from A1 to C2
  • CELI and CILS Exam Preparation
  • Bootcamp sessions
  • Internships and certifications
  • Job Support
  • Access to exclusive study materials and projects
  • Modules on soft skills and resume writing

Course Fees


Contact Details

+91 9891953953


To know more details about this Italian language course, click here!

2. Letstalkindia

Rating: 9.8/10

How to write Italian in Italian? Learn the Italian language
Lets Talk Institute for Italian language

In addition to above, Letstalkindia is also one of the best Italian language training institutes online. It offers some of the top Italian language courses depending on the learner’s requirements. From group training to one-on-one training sessions, it has it all. Also, it offers a unique personalized group training module for language learning.

The sessions are systematic, the course is regularly updated and the trainers are patient enough to teach at the pace of learners. Furthermore, the Italian classes here, offer training regarding Italian culture, pronunciation, grammar, and much more. Also, regular tests are conducted to keep a check on learner growth. This institute also provides classroom sessions in Pune, Maharashtra.

Course Name

Letstalkindia- Italian Language Courses Online

Course Highlights

  • Customized training sessions
  • Examination guidance on international certification at all levels
  • Enhancing Italian reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills 
  • Course modules cover vocabulary, verbs, and sentence structure
  • Flexible sessions
  • Mock tests 

Course Duration

Beginner level-60 hours, intermediate level-90 hours and advanced level-120 hours


3. Udemy

Rating: 9.8/10

Udemy institute for Italian language online
Udemy for Italian courses

Udemy is an educational platform that is best known for its courses offered online. It offers some of the best Italian language courses, right from beginner to advanced levels. Trusted by more than 12500 companies around the world, it is a platform that offers future-ready skills to its learners.

Udemy offers Italian language courses with visual support, interactive boards, and subtitles. It is confident enough to deliver positive results. 

Courses on Udemy offer on-demand videos, downloadable resources, access to digital devices, and verified certifications.

This Udemy course aims to develop grammar, vocabulary, communication skills, reading, and writing skills in a learner. The course presents everyday situations in the lessons and how to tackle them using the Italian language.

Course Name

Udemy Italian Language Courses Online

Course Highlights

  • 4.5 hrs to 8 hrs Full HD Video Lessons, with captions and subtitles
  • Downloadable PDF files
  • Full-time resource access
  • Learning material from beginner to advanced level
  • Future updates
  • Quizzes
  • 30-Day Satisfaction or Money back guarantee

Course Fees

Ranges from ₹799 to ₹3499 depending on the level of language

Course Type

Self-Paced Learning


4. edX

Rating: 9.7/10

Online Italian language courses
edX institute of language learning

Since its inception in 2012, edX is aiming to transform the education system for all. It is an online platform offering various programs and courses. It provides bachelor’s, and master’s degrees, and also professional certifications across various career fields. With around 48+ million registered learners, and 230+ partners, this online education platform is also an open learning platform for language learners.

It offers one of the simplest Italian language courses online, accessible to everyone. Its main is to give the learners an extraordinary language learning experience, career strength, and a valuable credential.

Course Highlights

  • Self-paced 4-Unit course for beginners to advanced-level learners
  • Training in phrase formation, greetings, fundamental topics
  • Training in reading and writing text
  • Creative writing prompts and group discussions
  • Downloadable study material
  • Assessment Tests
  • Valid Certification
  • Interview guidance

Course Duration

12 weeks


5. Scuola Leonardo Da Vinci

Rating: 9.6/10

Italian language classes online
Italian language school

In addition to above institutes, this being an Italian language school, it is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Education. It offers courses specifically for the Italian language. In addition, it also offers Italian cultural courses which include Italian food, history, art, tour, etc.

It is an online platform that provides Italian classes in three categories:

Academics, Art and Fashion, and Other special courses.

Course Name

Italian language courses online

Course Highlights

  • A platform for all international learners
  • Get trained by Italian native speakers
  • Age-friendly online classes and courses
  • Interactive online sessions
  • Discount on the registration fee
  • Customized lessons

Course Duration

  • Intensive Course: 4 daily lessons 
  • Part-time Course: 8 week Course, 2 lessons per week
  • Private lessons: 5 lessons of 45 minutes each

Course Fees

  • Intensive Course: € 150 per week
  • Part-time Course: €290
  • Private lessons: €190 per lesson


6. Langma School of Languages

Rating: 9.6/10

Italian language courses online
Institute of Foreign languages

Langma school of languages is a Delhi-based institute for premium language courses. Established in 2007, with the main objective of serving as an English language learning center, this premier institute got an overwhelming response. Due to the exceptional demand for regional and foreign languages Langma School of languages started offering a wide range of courses in international languages including Korean, French, Spanish, German, etc.

It is one of the best institutes if you want to learn the Italian language. It provides both, online and offline Italian language courses and classes. The courses can be attended by kids, working professionals, and adults. 

Apart from serving as an education facility this institute also offers special services like language translations, interpretations, voice-overs, etc. It offers its students flexibility, by offering weekday and weekend batches.

Course Name

Langma Italian Language Courses Online

Course Highlights

  • Interactive audio-video sessions by experts
  • Resource sharing and class recordings
  • Interactive online whiteboard sessions
  • International certification exam preparation
  • Tailored sessions
  • Question and answer sessions
  • Provides Career Opportunities


7. CyberItalian Institute of Italian Language Courses Online

Rating: 9.7/10

Italian language courses online by CyberItalian
CyberItalian Online Italian language courses

This institute dates back to 1997 when the internet was an emerging technology. The founder wanted to develop an educational language program that served the needs of all types of learners around the globe.

This online language school provides Italian language courses in three different ways, namely:

  • Self-study course
  • Tutored Courses
  • Private 1-to-1 Courses

The tutored and private courses make the learners eligible for additional educational learning material. Learn the Italian alphabet, grammar, and glossary with this institute most efficiently.

Course Highlights

  • Access to 60 beginner, intermediate, and advanced level lessons
  • Doubt sessions with professors
  • Pronunciation guides and voice notes
  • Interactive learning activities
  • Assignments and guidance thereon
  • Assessments and certifications

Course Duration

  • Tutored Courses: 8-12 weeks
  • Private lessons: 6hrs per lesson (total 6 lessons)

Course Fee

  • Self-paced:$4.95 per month
  • Tutored Course: $99 to $149 depending on the type of intensity of the 


  • Private course: $239 for 6 lessons


8. Rocket Italian Language Courses Online

Rating: 9.5/10

Learn Italian language course near you
Rocket Italian Online Institute

Rocket Italian has been well around for a decade, offering tailor-made courses for learners of the Italian language. It offers a systematic course, however, the best part is that you can skip the lessons you want and come back to them as you wish. 

Rocket Italian provides you with its course in an audio-podcast style so that you also get a clear understanding and hold of the accent. It provides all language skills and uses in-built voice recognition technology.

Course Name

Rocket Italian language course

Course Highlights

  • Concise Module Course
  • Structured lessons
  • Covers skills like reading, speaking, listening, and writing
  • Lifetime access
  • Culture lessons
  • In-built Google Audio technology
  • Assessments and certifications

Course Duration

134- 374 hours of lesson time (Depending on levels of language opted for)

Course Fees

$99.95 to $259 based on the levels of language opted for


9. Rosetta Stone-Italian Language Courses

Online App for Language Learning

Rating 9.6/10

Found and established in the year 1992, Rosetta Stone offers cloud-solution services to its language learners. It is a one-stop solution for learning any language. Rosetta stone offers more than 30 premium language courses online. It also provides digital products for learning the Italian language.

The learners easily read, speak and write foreign languages. Rosetta Stone believes in the power of language education and aims to empower all its learners across the globe.

Course Highlights

  • Concise lessons available online and offline
  • Immersive environment for long-lasting impact
  • Speech recognition technology to enhance your accent
  • 30-day money-back guarantee on no satisfaction
  • Expert-led interactive lessons

Course Duration

3 months to 12 months (Depends on the option opted for)

Course Fees

3 months: $11.99/month

12 months: $7.99/month


10. FluentU


Italian language learning platform

FluentU is a video-based educational platform for language learners.

It aims to train learners through video-based content. It provides an immersive approach to language learning. Also, it contains videos and clips for all levels of learners.

Course highlights

  • Video-based content and lessons
  • An interactive approach using subtitles
  • Use of Flashcards and quizzes
  • Expert native Italian trainers
  • Immersive language approach
  • Hover-over option to learn the meaning
  • Vocabulary building exercises
  • Get a 14-day free trial


 11. Preply Online Italian Courses

Rating: 9.5/10

Preply Online Institute of language learning

Found in 2012, Preply is an online platform that was established to make effective learning, accessible to all. Further, it went on to become a success story with 3000 tutors from 58 countries. Ever since the Preply community of tutors and learners is continuously growing in the foreign language learning space.

Course Highlights

  • 1-on-1 lessons approach
  • Categorized classes: From beginners to advanced level, conversational and business Italian language courses
  • Italian language certification exam (CELI and CILS) preparation
  • Personal and professional communication skills
  • Separate training sessions for kids
  • Training in grammar, vocabulary, and complex to easy sentence formation
  • Wide range of experienced tutors
  • Trial lessons available

Course Fees

Fees are charged on an hourly basis


Language Levels Offered by Italian Language Courses Online:

  • A1: Elementary

This is just a basic level where the students get to learn the basics like the alphabet, simple phrases, and self-introduction in the Italian language. The student is equipped here with basic skills of answering simple questions, filling in personal details in a form, and so on.

  • A2: Intermediate

Now, since the learner is equipped with the basics of Italian phrases and communication skills, they build it up by practising the same. Further, grammar and vocabulary are a prime focus at this level.

  • B1: Intermediate

Here, the learner is trained for expressing themselves clearly in any given situation. Since the learners are having clarity on the basic syntax of the language they can easily express themselves and produce text on the topics of their interests. They can freely speak about their dreams, hopes, and ambitions.

  • B2: Advanced

The learners are trained to understand the complex text and have technical discussions at work. A certain degree of fluency in the language is expected here. For that, the learner is trained to write the Italian language fluently and have a spontaneous approach. The learner should be able to communicate with native speakers and have a clear discussion on various range of topics.

  • C1: Advanced

By now the learner has a typical hold on the language, enough to use it for personal, social, and professional purposes. They can easily frame sentences, speak-read-write the Italian language and also understand the context.

  • C2: Mastery

Here, the learners have become equivalent to native Italian language speakers. They can frame complex phrases, have important discussions, and have the ability to express themselves clearly and confidently. They also get control over the accent and the implicit meanings of various discussions and arguments.

Surprising Benefits of Taking the Italian Language Courses Online:

  • Improved language skills

People across the globe have understood the significance of learning a foreign language. This is one of the reasons why so many are getting enrolled online for Italian language courses.

  • Career Opportunities

There are tremendous career opportunities due to cordial India-Itlay relationships. You may also start your career as a language specialist. No doubt so many Indian students are looking for Italian language courses being offered by various institutes online.

  • Ease of communication during travel

During travel, it is always recommended to have a basic knowledge of the native language of the respective place. Italy has seen a massive footfall of people from around the globe in recent times as tourism flourishes. This again is one of the reasons why you should look for Italian language classes near you, immediately.

  • Improved rational function

Learning a new language always brings exercise for the mind and improves our rational thinking. Thus, it is suggested to always learn a non-native language to keep the brain cells enthusiastic. So, what is better than the language of romance itself? Thus, it’s time to high time, you Google, “Italian language courses near me” 

  • Personality Enrichment

Learning a foreign language brings confidence. There is no attribute better than that, it enhances an individual’s personality. Thus looking for timely Italian language courses along with academics is a must for personal growth.

  • Opportunity to Study in the country of romance

Who wouldn’t want to study in Italy, which is popular for its lip-smacking cuisine and high-end fashion? Students across the globe, are looking out for Italian language courses, this being one of the obvious reasons.

Learning Italian language in 30-Days

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So, it is very much evident from the above write-up that the Italian language is very much in demand as it is being offered by so many online platforms. This has made the language accessible globally. Also, keeping in mind the India-Italy cordial relations since 1947, it is not a secret that you would have great career prospects working with international embassies and being a part of international negotiations. 

Learning a foreign language always comes in handy, as this world is slowly becoming a small place due to the growing use of the internet. The plethora of Italian language courses online is a sign that we need to buckle and learn the language as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Why is there a need to study the Italian language?

The Italian language is on the rise as a spoken language with 85+ million people speaking it, learning it thus becomes important.

Q.2 How much time does it take to learn the Italian language?

It takes 3 months to 12 months for learning the Italian language. However, the time taken to learn Italian depends on the learner’s needs and learning abilities. 

Q.3 Should I opt for the Italian language Courses online?

Italian language courses are the best when offered online. This is because it gives the time to learn the language from anywhere in the world very easily.

Q.4 Are Italian language courses worth the money and time?

Italian language learning will always be worth your money and time.

Q.5 Is learning the Italian language easy?

The ease of learning a language depends on the tutor and the learner’s rapport. A better explanation by the tutor combined with the sincere efforts of the learner, always calls for a great combination.

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