The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) is a multiple-choice exam used by the military to evaluate potential recruits. Doing well on the ASVAB is crucial because it directly correlates to the number and quality of military career opportunities available. Your ASVAB practice test scores will be determined chiefly by your performance on the math and verbal parts; thus, you must devote ample time to ASVAB test prep by studying the topics using many practice tests.

Are you interested in ASVAB prep? The United States Armed Forces continually accepts applications from qualified, physically fit, and mentally alert citizens interested in serving their country. So to join the military, the first step is to contact a recruiter, who will interview you to assess if you are a suitable candidate.

If you pass this initial screening, you must have a physical examination and take the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test. A solid score helps you get a head start on your career path by indicating to your recruiter that you possess the abilities and intelligence necessary to function successfully in various military professions.

Please note that the exam is administered exclusively in English. It is because all the paperwork you must consult during your military career is written in English. If you study sufficiently, you should be able to pass even if English is not your native language. If English is not your native language, you may be required to take the ECL (English Comprehension Level) test to demonstrate that you can understand and follow English instructions.

What is CAT-ASVAB?

Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT) ASVAB refers to the automated administration of the ASVAB. As indicated by its name, this version of the test is adaptive, meaning that it watches your responses and adjusts the questions accordingly. Here is a description of how it operates:

A flowchart illustrating the adaptable nature of the examination

If you answer a question right, you get a more challenging question, but if you are incorrect, the interviewer will give an easier one to answer.

Although there is a total time limit of 186 minutes, you can complete the CAT-ASVAB at your leisure; you do not have to wait for everyone else in the room to finish a section before moving on. You can exit the testing room once you complete the exam.

It is crucial to know that once you submit your answers, you cannot go back and edit them, so be cautious before making final judgments.

What Exactly is P&P-ASVAB?

The typical paper-and-pencil exam is referred to as the P&P-ASVAB. Unlike the CAT-ASVAB, this test version is not adaptive and must be completed at the same pace as everyone else in the testing session. Although you can evaluate and modify your answers before proceeding to the next section, you cannot return to a previous section or move to the next area until an administrator permits you.

One catch is that if you leave Unanswered questions, they will count as incorrect on the P&P-ASVAB, another crucial exam aspect. If you are still trying to figure out an answer and running out of time, it is preferable to make intelligent assumptions.

Steps for Your ASVAB Prep

Create a Study Timetable

Creating and adhering to a timetable is the most crucial factor. On some days, you will be a little tired; on other days, you may not focus as intently as you should, but if you are persistent, you will reap huge dividends.

When you begin studying, list your strengths and areas where you may improve. If unsure, taking an ASVAB practice test would be a good idea.

Work On Your Weaknesses

Prioritize the four vital components which are crucial to the AFQT score. It appears that your linguistic abilities are at least adequate, given that you scored yourself a four on the word knowledge component and a three on the paragraph comprehension section. Your math talents might use some improvement, especially your mathematical knowledge, as you only have a level two skill. It indicates that you must concentrate very hard on the math areas.

After identifying the issue, the solution will come much more quickly. For example, you should devote approximately 60% of your study time to arithmetic and 40% to verbal.

Track Your Progress

A review is necessary if you wish to advance. How would you know whether you have improved if you never evaluated your past performance?

Henry Harvin has many years of experience giving ASVAB prep courses, and we know that studying and practising are vital for achieving a high score. Because your score defines your military career path options, it is worthwhile to devote time and effort to test preparation.

Even if you may feel overwhelmed by studying five to seven evenings a week, remember that this will only last for a few months. If you are willing to put in the effort, your investment in yourself today can pay off handsomely. Simply be honest with yourself, choose what you need to improve the most, and adhere to your program. You may also wish to create goals, such as: “Within a month, I want to score at least 80% on a practice test.” Be consistent and confident in your study methods, and you will be successful!

Practice Repeated Retrieval

This unique strategy emphasizes the period when you are not studying. In this retrieval exercise, students attempt to recall what they have learned after the study session. A learner pushes their mind to recover pieces of information it has on an idea without a natural testing setting. 

In addition, there are numerous advantages to taking little examinations before the big test. You can do it yourself or in a group. According to research, reviewing previously recalled information repeatedly has little effect on retention. Yet, frequent recollection of the topics you have recognized previously boosts retention by immense proportions. The method of recurrent retrieval is the key to long-term retention.

Try Connect With a Visual Image, Or Look for Flashcards.

Students must carefully examine diagrams, graphs, and other visual aids when preparing for ASVAB examinations. These images can aid in the retention of any piece of knowledge. If there are no images in your book, creating them might be beneficial. 

Studying diagrams does not require creative ability; you should be able to develop a mental model and draw structures with detailed labelling that are relatively identical. Even cartoons can aid in recalling knowledge. You must determine which types of images best suit you. Research indicates that pupils who utilize visual aids score better on exams than those who rely solely on textual information.

Avoid Slouchy Studies

Sitting with books is a complete waste of time when feeling drowsy. It wastes your valuable time and impairs your brain capacity through excessive weariness. You can effectively prepare for competitive examinations when physically and mentally active. For many students, the hours following lunch can be particularly drowsy. In contrast, others may experience drowsiness late at night, and many need to get up early enough to read clearly. How may you best combat your laziness throughout these phases? Get up, perform some light exercise, rehydrate, or refresh. You can always take a 15-minute snooze to restore your head before studying.

Online ASVAB Prep Course

An online ASVAB prep course is an excellent approach to preparing for the ASVAB, which can appear intimidating. The official ASVAB website does not promote any particular study method beyond a sound secondary school curriculum. Henry Harvin’s ASVAB Practice & Study Guide provides a more comprehensive review than the site’s practice questions. With concise video courses and test papers, it covers the information you will discover on the ASVAB. You can also take practice quizzes and examinations to familiarize yourself with the types of questions on the actual ASVAB examination. The ASVAB prep course is designed to give you all the necessary study resources and to pass on the first attempt. The ASVAB Course for the US navy consists of the following:

  • 1100+ Practice Questions: With hundreds of practice questions, the ASVAB prep course provides several full-length practice exams.
  • Over 95 Lessons Included: All lessons have been rewritten based on their validated study guide.
  • 220+ Entertaining Videos: Tutorial videos on a variety of complex concepts.
  • 300+ Interesting Flashcards: Whenever and wherever, you can study with the specifically crafted, handy flashcards.
  • Access to In-Demand Study Guides: Instantaneous access to the material from the study guide with the top reviews.
  • Qualified Trainers: Discover highly effective strategies from subject matter experts and trained instructors to pass the ASVAB examination.

The ASVAB Prep Course is intended to provide students with all they need to prepare for the ASVAB examination. Check it out by visiting Henry Harvin.


How long do you need to prepare before taking the ASVAB?

Ans: To effectively ASVAB prep, you should start studying at least two months before the exam, if not before. Here is some essential prep: Locate a peaceful and comfortable learning place. Collect paper, pens and pencils, a calculator, and more equipment.

Is the ASVAB test difficult?

Ans: There are simple and challenging questions on the P&P-ASVAB, although most are ordinary. The CAT-ASVAB software adapts to your skill level and presents you with pertinent questions. If you have above-average intelligence, you will be given questions of above-average difficulty.

What type of math does one get on the ASVAB?

Ans: Two math tests comprise the ASVAB: Arithmetic Reasoning and Math Knowledge. The Arithmetic Reasoning examination contains arithmetic-based word questions. Besides, the Math Knowledge examination covers abilities learned in high school.

How do I immediately pass the ASVAB?

Ans: Taking practice examinations is the most effective strategy to pass the ASVAB. You can utilize these sample examinations to familiarize yourself with the exam’s substance, topics, and schedule. You can use the practice examinations to determine which courses require the most assistance.

What happens if you fail the ASVAB?

Ans: You may retake the ASVAB if you do not score well enough to qualify for the positions you desire. ASVAB’s website claims you may retake the exam unlimitedly; nevertheless, the procedure changes slightly after the third try.

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