The inability to confidently speak English is one of the common communication barrier. This is usually due to embarrassment. An embarrassment from making mistakes in conversation. You are here because you want to improve your English speaking skills. Even after weeks and months of learning, you are still unable to speak confidently. Don’t worry. You’re in good hands.


English is a fascinating language, believe it or not. If learned well, it is rewarding. Just like any other skill. English speaking skills mean not only knowing words but also using them.

Why is it necessary to improve English Speaking Skills?

English. Specifically, the world’s unofficial lingua franca. English speaking skills are important as are other skills. Perhaps, the most significant. Here, I shall share some methods that you can adopt to improve your English speaking skills.

But first, why such hustle and bustle over English speaking skills? This is because nearly 20% of the world’s population speaks English. In addition, speaking English fluently opens up many opportunities. (Remember those job descriptions that stated you should have excellent communication skills?) From travelling across the globe to communicating with different people to getting that dream job, it all comes easily.

Many of us understand the complexity of English grammar. But when it comes to speaking a language, we lose confidence! So, without any delay, let’s get started on how to improve your English speaking skills.

Improve English Speaking Skills – Collectively

Before you get confused, let’s clarify the meaning of ‘collective’. Any language can only be learned by speaking, and more importantly, by talking to others. Therefore, these methods require the presence of people around you to speak the language and improve your English speaking skills.

Partner-in-Crime (I meant in conversation)

Find someone to talk to. Specifically, someone who is a native English speaker.  Having someone to converse with in English helps you get comfortable speaking the language. Not only does it improves your ability to converse in English, but also leaves some room to rectify mistakes if any.

Consider working with a tutor, if you don’t know someone close to you. Similarly, you can connect with someone on social media and improve your English speaking skills.

Grow your Vocabulary

Learning new words daily is a good way to improve your English speaking skills. Okay, if not daily, at least every alternate day. Set a target. For instance: three words daily or 5 words daily.

So long as you learn a word every day, you still grow your vocabulary by 365 new words every year. Impressive, isn’t it?

And how do you find these new words? Well, you have the news channels, the movies, and podcasts. If you wish to be more old-school, then you have the newspapers, magazines, and books. Oh, not to mention the songs! An interesting way to increase your vocabulary.

Improve pronunciation

The infamous recipe for disaster while speaking; knowing the word but mispronouncing it! But if you have Google, don’t worry.

Search the internet for online dictionaries such as the Macmillan and Merriam-Webster. Not only do you get the meaning but the little speaker next to the word will tell you the exact pronunciation of the word. Isn’t this an easy way to improve your English speaking skills?

In addition, you can use the English pronunciation youtube tutorial or podcast to pronounce it correctly. (By the way, did you know that pronunciation is the most commonly mispronounced word?)

Pocket a pocket dictionary

Of course, we are a high-tech generation. We have our cell phones for almost everything. However, it`s a good idea to go to the old school at times, to improve English speaking skills. In other words, keep a pocket-sized Oxford English dictionary.

Not only is it useful, but it also contains daily conversational words that help improve English speaking skills. Whenever you come across a new word, open the dictionary and highlight it to understand what it means. 

This miniature dictionary contains not only the meaning of words but also word usage and special grammatical rules. In addition, the meaning is explained with illustrations. There are more points to old-school, right?

Don`t just know the word; use it.

As soon as you heard a new word, you marked it in your dictionary. You also know the meaning of that word now. Are you done? No. Not at all.

You have to make it a point to use what you learned. (Or else, you will forget it.)  Once you practice using the words you learn, you find reasons to converse in English. So use that word in your conversation as soon as you have the opportunity. Make that word a part of you.

Sign-up for an English speaking course

If you are taking the course, that’s pretty good. Such exposures can greatly help improve my English speaking skills. If not, you can enroll in an online grammar course (quite boring, I know). Otherwise, choose a one-to-one course that tailors the content of the course to your needs.

Speaking of courses that will help you improve your English speaking skills, some of these below will help you:

Henry Harvin

This is one institute that needs no introduction. If you were looking for any course online, you certainly must have across Henry Harvin.

From time to time, you need to focus on your English speaking skills. With this in mind, Henry Harvin started a full-fledged English speaking course to improve the English speaking skills of learners. This recently launched English-speaking course currently has nearly 7,500 learners.

What are the Key specifics of the course?
  • Comprehensive training includes 6 levels of varying durations.
  • Projects such as English speaking and rhetoric speaking.
  • In addition, internship support for learning English on the go.
  • Furthermore, trainers with over 12 years of experience.
  • The curriculum is based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).
What kind of learning outcomes do you receive?

Those were the features of the course. Next, let’s take a look at the outcome of your capitalization in the course.

  • Gold membership access to Henry Harvin Language Academy, including E-Learning Access via recorded Videos, Games, Projects, etc.
  • Additionally, month-on-month Boot Camps for 12 months after registration.
  • Moreover, a definite internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms
  • Also, an opportunity to study at one of the best universities in an English-speaking country.
  • In addition, it increases the likelihood of adoption by organizations around the world. 
  • It also increases the likelihood of early citizenship in English-speaking countries. 
  • Moreover, you will be able to speak English fluently and have an excellent career outlook.

With its online format, Henry Harvin courses go beyond the boundaries of cities or nations. Anyone anywhere can enroll in this course and can improve their English speaking skills anytime.

Great Learning

Great Learning offers many free courses. Among them is the Spoken English course. 

You will especially learn the jargon and word pronunciation. Not only these but also improve your communication skills. As a result, you will improve your English speaking skills.

Well, you`re probably wondering how you can spend your time on this course, although it’s free.  Do not worry. This course contains only one hour of video content. Improve your English in less than an hour! Also, at your convenience! Need to ask more?


Just like Henry Harvin, many of you must have come across Udemy while looking for a course online. The pandemic made us shut our doors and sit in our homes. However, many institutions like Henry Harvin, Udemy, etc. opened their doors (or we can say websites) with online courses. Udemy offers several courses in different disciplines. Then, why would they leave the English language?

Udemy has many courses that help improve English speaking skills. Not just the written English but Udemy also covers the Grammar, vocabulary, tense, and every other aspect of the language. To list a few of the courses that Udemy provides:

  • English for Beginners: Intensive Spoken English Course
  • The English Master course-English Grammar, English Speaking
  • English Speaking Complete-English Language Mastery
  • Master Native English-Speaking Skills, Grammar & more, etc.

So, what`s best about the course from Udemy? That they are all easy on the pocket and convenient. Since all the courses are online courses, you need not juggle work and class. Learn at your own pace and Improve your English speaking skills.


Want to improve English speaking skills while on the move? You may try the Busuu app. A language app, Busuu offers many courses to improve your English speaking skills.

Interestingly, it has English courses designed for business needs or travel, or just for an individual.

So, what makes Busuu different? 
  • Get a study plan created just for you. How? You tell them when you want to start and how long you want to study. And there! Busuu keeps you up to date with notifications and progress reports.
  • Owing to the app’s partnership with The New York Times and The Economist,  you will learn with realistic content and improve your English speaking skills.
  • Moreover, get feedback on your English speaking skills from a large community of native speakers. 
  • Plus, learn all the levels of Grammar; from basic to advanced with the app.

Overall, I have listed only four of the many English language course institutions. In addition, some universities and colleges offer English courses too. Improving your English speaking skills doesn’t seem like such a chore anymore, does it?

Participate in Public Events

That is to say, join a language cafe, or participate in public speaking events. Listening to others speak is another way to improve your English speaking skills. By attending such events, you will learn new words, ideas, and how they are presented. You can also sign up to become a potential speaker. This will not only improve your English speaking skills but will also increase your self-confidence. 

Improve English Speaking Skills- Self

Collective techniques to improve English speaking skills are of immense help. When you have native speakers, you can listen and imitate how they speak and learn the language better.  However, if you are conscious of expressing yourself in a crowd, you can learn all by yourself, using these techniques.

Recording Yourself

The best way to learn by yourself is to record yourself. When you are having a conversation, you can make mistakes here and there. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Recording conversations will improve your English speaking skills. Record what you are talking about so that you can listen to it later and correct any mistakes. However, this requires you to be open about your shortcomings and learn from them.

You can also record conversations to help you reflect. Did you hear any unfamiliar words? Do you know the topic of conversation? Did you notice any new words? This mere act of reflecting not only builds confidence the next time you speak, but also challenges you to work on vocabulary, pitch, and so on. 

Mirror Mirror on the wall

While recording manifests mistakes, a mirror helps reveal your overall personality when speaking in public. Practicing in front of a mirror is a proven technique not only to improve your English speaking skills but also to improve your self-confidence. Read it in front of the mirror, whether it’s a news article or story, or a random paragraph from a book. 

When practicing in front of a mirror, you learn to connect with that person who is looking at you. You will experience what your audience will experience. And that’s pretty good. 

This technique helps to assess voice tone,  body language, and self-confidence, especially when speaking in English. You are your own critic. In addition, regular practice will give you confidence and improve your English.

Turn on those news channels (just for the language)

Wait. Hold on. Don`t lose interest as yet. We live in such a digital world that we are surrounded by millions of podcasts, videos, and News channels. And what’s the best about them? They are native speakers who usually speak clearly and have unique accents. Is there a better way to improve English speaking skills than listening to native speakers talking about different topics?

Another bonus? You get interesting topics to speak about in English! You will be familiar with all the latest news, although you may be repeating what you have heard (but who will know!). This means that you will improve your English speaking skills as well as expand your knowledge. Two birds with one stone!

Watch English movies and Web-series

Similarly, movies are the easiest medium to have a conversation without actually having one! Albeit, you resist turning on subtitles. As long as you can discern the language, try to keep the subtitles off.

Movies and web series are good as we watch them over and over. So much so that It deepens the bond with the character. Naturally, we grow accustomed to how they talk and the quirks of their speech.

Read. Read aloud

Recording, watching, news, movies… too much to process? Then, simply read. Not just read but read out aloud. Specifically, 10-15 minutes a day. Consequently, you get used to speaking longer. Also, forming long sentences comes naturally to you. Not to mention, increasing your vocabulary.

Any reading is fine, but choose one that includes conversation. After all, dialogue is conversation. Not only that, it’s more practical.

Also, listen.

A major part of improving English speaking skills involves listening. Whether it is the news, movies, podcasts, or web series, you need to first listen and then practice.

Listening helps you recognize the tone, pronunciation of the word, and the flow of the language. Whether they are contractions (they will to they’ll) or stressing of words, you know it when you hear it. 

Think in English and Self-talk

Recall Amitabh Bachhan`s famous Hindi dialogue ` I can talk English, I can walk in English, I can laugh English because English is a funny language?’ Of course, you don’t have to be so funny. However, you need to start thinking in English. If you are already thinking in English, the answer will come naturally in everyday conversation.

Also, speak aloud to yourself. It could just be a to-do list or a reminder to do household chores. For example, “I have to do a lot of laundry today.” In any case, try to speak in English as much as possible. 

Train your Brain to improve English speaking Skills:

Given these points, everyone has their favorite methods and ways to improve their English speaking skills.  As long as it fits your purpose perfectly, there are no right or wrong choices. So choose as many as you like or mix them: 

Learn new phrases:

Learn not only words but also phrases. By using longer phrases, you learn to blend words into a context that eventually helps you learn the meaning as well as pronunciation.

Know the phonetics:

Phonetics examines the sounds made by the speaker and how they are perceived by the listener. Knowledge of phonetics can help you know how to pronounce a word. It’s a little boring, but it’s worth the effort.

Listen and repeat

As  Anton Chekhov famously quotes, ‘Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice.’. So, practice, practice, and practice by listening and repeating what you hear.

Focus on fluency, not on grammar

Yes, you need to concentrate. But fluency is more important than grammar. Firstly, you need to know how to convey your thoughts. Then, the Grammar follows.


All in all, English is a language that develops with constant listening, reading, and of course, speaking. There are many methods to improve English speaking skills. Some are tried and tested methods (like the ones I mentioned above). And some can be one of your own. Like I said before, there is no right or wrong way. Even you can develop a unique way of improving your English speaking skills.

What must be remembered is, that it is not that big of a deal. English has become so prominent all over that even native English speakers have listened to varied forms of the language. So, just relax and take it easy.

If you are frustrated, you are in danger of quitting. This is the worst of all the results! Learning a language is a long process. Don’t stress yourself. Enjoy the learning process. Have fun while you learn.

Watch that show again, fill in the journal, read it again, try the difficult things again, and check the progress. This reminder of how awesome you are now is the boost you need!

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Q.1. Why is English speaking skill important?

Communication is the medium by which we connect, influence decision-making, and make a difference. Not to mention many career possibilities! Therefore, English speaking skill is considered important.

Q.2. Is my knowledge of English useful?

Certainly. If you are fluent in English, studying abroad, traveling, and getting hired is easy. In addition, you can enjoy your free time with movies as well as classical literature.

Q.3. Will fluency in English build up my confidence?

Yes. It most certainly will. However, being confident does not mean that you will not make a mistake. You shall make mistakes, but self-confidence doesn’t make it very obvious. People trust you and talk more with you.

Q.4. I get confused while speaking. Why?

Tension. It’s common to be nervous in a crowd. Relax. Do not apply pressure. Please clarify your thoughts. Please be concise and clear. And practice. Cool the pressure down and you will be good to go!

Q.5. Is it important to speak in English?

Yes, Conversation is the key to developing language skills. From sharing ideas and thoughts to observing facial and body expressions that express emotions, these are all skills that people learn during a conversation.

Q.6. Will an English speaking course improve my Grammar?

Definitely. English speaking courses introduce you to grammar and vocabulary through phrases you can use easily in conversations, presentations, group discussions, or interviews.

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