The English language is often than not, called the business communication language of the world. The world today has become one without boundaries. So learning the English language opens new channels of communication. English-speaking courses in Jammu preferably online have become popular with students and professionals. Jammu is the capital of Jammu and Kashmir state. Many students opt for English-speaking courses in Jammu. When many institutes have sprung up. Finding the correct institute to learn from looks difficult. Follow this blog to know about the English-speaking course in Jammu.

Top 15 English speaking course in Jammu at a glance

1. Henry Harvin


The program aims at helping the learner speak the English language fluently and proficiently. Since English is not our native language, these English speaking course in Jammu help in improving reading skills as well. The objective of these English speaking courses in Jammu thus becomes a confident learner. This confident learner can read, write and speak the English language. First, the student learns proper pronunciations. Secondly improved writing skills. Thirdly, reading the English language with the desired amount of confidence. Another advantage that Henry Harvin gives its students is one-on-one training sessions. Thus clearing the levels to attain achievable goals.

The English speaking courses in Jammu come with a 9 in 1 benefit as follows: 

  • Live online interactive English speaking sessions for each level.
  • Various projects offered on the level of the English language learned eg:- English Speaking, Rhetoric Speaking, etc.
  • Internship for students to improve the learned English language.
  • Hallmark certification from Henry Harvin gets recognition from the industry as well as the government. 
  • Placement guarantee for English language courses in Jammu. Thus ensuring complete support to the students.
  • Abundant tools, techniques, and videos on an E-learning platform. These tools offered in the English speaking courses in Jammu, sharpen the mind of the learner. 
  • Access to boot camps for over a period of 1 year. Learn the English speaking course in Jammu with peers and compete with them
  • Hackathons sharpen the command of the English language. Free entry to #AskHenry for a period of 1-year.
  • 1-year gold membership from Henry Harvin for English speaking course in Jammu.

6 levels of the English speaking courses in Jammu with duration

Level 1Duration
A140 hours
A240 hours
B140 hours
B240 hours
C150 hours
C250 hours

Trainers of the English Speaking course in Jammu

  • Each trainer with an experience in the field for around 12 years and more.
  • Selection criteria extremely stringent, Hence only the best get selected.
  • 250 plus more lectures delivered by each of the English Speaking course in Jammu trainers. 
  • Often these trainers get invitations from various platforms as keynote speakers. Industry-backed and certified trainers for the English speaking course in Jammu.

Benefits of learning the English speaking course in Jammu with Henry Harvin

  • Become a flawless conversational English speaker.
  • Achieving a command in the English language. Further helps with preparing for exams like IELTS and TOEFL.
  • Get work opportunities overseas and push the accelerator of growth.
  • Gain an edge over peers, hence improving the overall personality.
  • Communicate easily, sharing ideas with confidence, and express your views on any topic.
  • Quicker visa for students.
  • Qualify to become an English language teacher
  • Opportunity to study abroad with foreign universities or work as a translator in India. One can open a business that offers trade to English speaking countries.

Henry Harvin’s English speaking course in other cities:


Other Languages at Henry Harvin:

As Henry Harvin is a Language Academy by itself, it also offers courses in the following languages.

2. British Council

Popular and resourceful in learning the English speaking course in Jammu. In the light of this, one can say that there is an English speaking course in Jammu for everyone with any requirement. Similarly, check for online courses that come in a self-paced package. However, the fee could be around 6 pounds per month. The learner can learn at their pace and convenience or while on the go. Live sessions include doubt solving by an instructor. Besides, try learning in the form of reading and speaking.

3. ABA English

There is no dearth to learn the English speaking course in Jammu. The school named as the digital English language school. since the learning adoption happens on any device. Teaching and learning happen through video lessons, sometimes with dialogue-filled films. Often with short videos. The course design is such that it caters to any category of learning. May that be a beginner or business. Special sessions one-on-one too possible at all times

4. Udemy English Language pro

A unique interface for learning the English speaking course in Jammu. Udemy offers everyday learning English. American culture and a bit more get covered in these courses. Kallan is the teacher who trains the students. Systematics learning happens with vocabulary, phrases, and idioms. Using the right reference for Idioms. Learning correct usage of phrases at the right place and time.  Each unit ends with an assignment. Kallan is responsive too, hence furnishes feedback and solves doubts. 

5. English Ninja

The aim of the academy is to bridge the gap between soft skills and language. Economical, instructor-led, and Experienced teaching sums up the English speaking course in Jammu. 4 types of short-term courses the academy help with a proficiency of the English language. The duration of these short-term courses ranges from 30 days to 75 days. Topics covered range from basic grammar, foundation, and personality development. Sessions conducted for an hour a day, help in gaining confidence in the English language. Fee structure ranges in the range of 6,000 INR to 10,000 INR.

6. EF English Live

Often heard that practice makes perfect. EF English speaking course in Jammu work on the same principles.  A course designed to suit the learner’s requirements. Before starting, the learner gives a small test and details of his learner level. Once assessed, a course charted out for you. The courses are completely interactive. A learner’s speaking skills get reviewed by the voice recognition tool. Comprehensive feedback awaits every learner at the end of the unit. Group, as well as private sessions conducted, prove beneficial to sharpening pronunciations and idioms. Many learners opt for a seven-day trial offer. Once convinced of the effectiveness, enrollment follows.

7. Fluentu

Learning the English speaking course in Jammu at a snap. Well! That is how Fluentu works. Making learning the English language simple and fun. Learning is interesting since Fluentu uses music videos, inspirational talks, and a few movie trailers. Converts them into interesting concepts to learn. Working on the immersive learning approach, Fluentu makes learning quicker and easier. Transcripts, vocabulary, and practice tests end each video. To learn, enroll in the 2-week trial and see it for yourself. No matter and irrespective of the learning level you begin with. There will always be a course for you.

8. Coursera

Coursera offers Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs. Thus Coursera became the preferred English speaking course in Jammu. Best about these courses in one line would be great value for learning English free. This course in English speaking turns out fine for people who want to learn at leisure. A certification given on completion of the course is from a University with which Coursera has a tie-up. All courses bring focus on certain topics. 4 courses sum up the English speaking course in Jammu. Learners can sign up for individual courses or for all 4 courses at once. Speech writing and presentation courses from Coursera find enrollment in huge numbers.

9. London school Online

Skype-based English speaking course in Jammu from London school online help immensely. The school offers help in IELTS preparation. An exam that helps in getting admission to foreign shores. Other than these general courses special courses like English in hospitality gain popularity. This English speaking course in Jammu helps business communication while communicating with clients. Check out their website for other types of English speaking course in Jammu.

10. Alison – Speaking And Writing English course

Communication both written and spoken prove vital to business. The right tone and usage of proper voice help make an impression. This is exactly what comes forth in these English speaking course in Jammu. A Short introduction level lasts for 3 to 4 hours. Certification from the institute at the end of the course. The institute aims at generating confident English speaking professionals at the end of the course. 

11. Oxford Online English  

Convenience at learning is the motto of these English speaking course in Jammu. Skype-based, Whats app-based, or any platform convenience for every learner. Feedback at the end of each session. This helps the learner know the flawless. Flawless are further ironed out with the trainer in the next session. All in all a course worth your time and effect. Along with flexible timing, flexible pricing benefits immensely. Try a few sessions with online learning. Free videos make it worth every penny that you pay.

12. Future Learn

IELTS, an exam that measures English proficiency. Often students appear for this competitive exam. To train and clear these exams, speaking the English language proficiently matters the most. This learning platform Future learn is an initiative from the British Council. Devoted to only teaching and preparing for the IELTS exam. The duration of the course is 3 times a week for 3 weeks. Currently, the website is getting enrollment requests and the batches will commence soon. Improving communication skills along with acing the same.

13. Perfectly Spoken

While learning the English language the level of learning does matter. With perfectly spoken, learners can take a course as per their proficiency level. Beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. Live practice sessions on Facebook, clips on Instagram, and podcasts methodology adopted to attain maximum reach. Free courses from perfectly spoken and few paid. See the videos and then take up the paid classes. Practice tests, free assessment, and unlimited course access ace positive reviews for the courses. 

14. USA learns

These government-sponsored programs for all. Concise learning units designed for proper understanding. Listening skills with a short video. While speaking on a microphone boosts confidence. Pronunciation gets corrected by the native speaker. Trainers or native speakers brush up on all the phrases, idioms, and vocabulary. Ms. Marquez is the tutor who very diligently teaches the English language. Free courses motivate maximum learners to enroll in these courses.

15. Learn English with Let’s Talk

This English speaking course in Jammu finds its roots on the YouTube channel. The videos presented on themes. Thus making learning effective, quick, innovative, and interesting. Common topics in video format. Videos dedicated to idioms and slang, common mistakes, accent, and pronunciations. Vocabulary improvement videos see maximum reach. Tricks and tips make learning intellectual.

Practice English at home! How?

We learn a language with enthusiasm. What matters the most is the practice. We have learned ‘Practice makes a man perfect’. While learning the English language the phrase changes to ‘Practice and practice and practice to make the English language perfect’. Tips to practice better.

Mirror mirror on the wall method

speaking the English language with confidence and proper language. Practice the language by standing in front of the mirror. You thus critically evaluate yourself. You feel confident when you yourself see the confidence reflecting on your face. If this intimidates you try it with a friend. A partner will motivate you to do better. Get timely feedback from friends or peers or family members.

Put your phone to work

This exercise proves beneficial when practising pronunciations. The English language has certain rules and the words though written in a certain manner. May need deferred pronunciation. Your partner may not be beneficial in this exercise. That is when your smartphone comes in handy. Download a voice recognition app and get started. Many times, these apps have the right pronunciations. This proves beneficial. Record your speech or vocabulary and hit the playback option and make learning easy.

Hire an Expert

Sometimes, the above-mentioned tips may not benefit. In such a scenario, seek help from a native speaker. Tandem and Hello talk provide learners with unique services.  Hiring these native speakers proves helpful. You receive immediate feedback and change the pronunciation. Feedbacks and timely help from these speakers go a long way in speaking the English language.

Watching TV with benefits

In the era of OTT and watching foreign drama, watching TV series also helps. All English language web series come with sub-titles. Watching them on any popular OTT channels like Netflix or Prime Video. While enjoying the show, the dialect and vocabulary improve tremendously.

Read with a dictionary

Reading improves the command of language. Reading with a dictionary sitting on the side improves vocabulary. The English language has unique words. These, when used in the correct context, make you proficient. 


In India, English may be the first language in school. Yet many cannot converse in English. Since English is not the native language in India. Nevertheless, this does not stop a learner. Enrol in online classes or take any of the above tips and master the language. Happy Learning!

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Q 1. What common grammar errors do students commit while learning the English language?

Grammar has always been tough for non-native speakers. Grammar perfection comes only with practice, perseverance, and patience. Often students goof up in tenses. Choosing the correct tense, both in written and spoken English. Another commonly noticed error definitely – is the use of vocabulary. Students tend to use vocabulary in the wrong context. To change that one has to expand the vocabulary set of words. 

Q 2. How do I ace spoken English?

Often this case arises even in students who have studied in the English medium. Learning and speaking aspects differ. When the language is not spoken, obviously proficiency issues rise. A teacher should always encourage students to converse in English. Errors that arise, are carefully get solved. This instils the self-confidence that students seek. Keep talking in English. Achieving English language proficiency aced with confidence and self-assurance.

Q 3. Is learning the English language beneficial?

Yes, without an iota of doubt. Learning the English language gets you better job opportunities. In case you are a traveller, beneficial there as well. The language is often called a business communication language. This means better communication skills leading to good opportunities. There is good content on foreign shows that becomes worth watching. English comes in handy there too. World literature has the English language imprint on it. No way anyone would want to miss it out.No one would want to miss out on that. Hence suggest learning the English language and tapping into the plethora of things.

Q 4. Do phonics come in handy?

Phonics uses sounds to pronounce. Learning phonics helps in learning and spelling words without errors. Kids who learned phonics could correctly spell large words. Definitely learning phonics through videos on Youtube or any other channel benefits. Phonics become helpful even during a conversation, thus boosting the confidence of the speaker.

Q 5. Common Exams that become mandatory for an overseas job application?

English in India falls under the non-native category. Exams like IELTS or TOEFL, When applying to English speaking countries like the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand. These exams check proficiency in the English language. Students and working professionals both have to clear these exams for studying or working on foreign shores. Help from the coaching academy or private tutors proves helpful. 

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