Writing is a creative job that requires focus and patience; therefore staying motivated is very important for a writer. No one wakes up with the motivation to write every day, not even successful authors. But to excel in writing you must find your inspiration. There are several writing tips to help you get  motivated to write.

Get motivated to write

Get Motivated to Write:

Do you feel unmotivated to write? Just totally drained out of Energy and inspiration? Maybe, you have plenty of ideas to put down on paper, but you do not feel like writing. Sitting down in front of your laptop and starting to write scares you because you are afraid that everything you write today will be horrible. If you feel like this, then do not worry. You are not alone. Many writers feel the same way. It’s common for writers to run out of road at times. So, I am here to  help you get motivated to write.

18 Tips to Help You Get Motivated to write:

1. Establish a routine:

Get motivated to write

Initiating a daily routine is very important to put words on paper, as it helps you get motivated to write. Write at the same place and time everyday in order to develop a habit of writing daily. “Early bird gets the worm”, a proverb which indicates that mornings are the best to work for the sake of potential outcomes. Hence, try to wake up early to make the most of your writing.

Most importantly, avoid research while writing. It is an essential writing tip that helps you focus exclusively on word count generation. Finally, make writing an integral part of your routine so that you develop good habits to enhance your writing skills.

2. Join a writing course:

Writing courses provide you with lessons that can be applied to bigger projects. In addition, classes give you an imposed deadline to finish the assignments as well as expose you to different writing styles. College courses are expensive; hence, online learning platforms such as Henry Harvin are a better choice to join content writing courses.

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  • Join their internship program to get practical training in writing as per current industry standards. 
  • Above all, Henry Harvin’s internship program allows you to interact with fellow writers to  help you get motivated to write.
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3. Eliminate distractions:

Get motivated to write

Keep away from distractions such as the internet in order to improve the quality of writing. Avoid searching for synonyms and google pressing questions while writing, as these deviations might affect the standards of your work. What you need is self-control; hence, there are several apps that allow you to block certain websites for a set amount of time.


Besides the internet, music is also a distraction because you tend to waste a lot of time searching for an inspirational song. Instead of browsing through music albums, focus on your work in order to save time and improve the quality of your writing.

Sometimes the distractions come from family members as well. However, if you have a writing routine it will be easier for them to understand and respect your work timings.

Ultimately, eliminating any form of distractions is a vital writing tip to get motivated to write.

4. Set Daily Goals:

One of the most effective writing tips is setting everyday writing goals.  Writing is a strenuous task, but writing a little everyday makes it simple. Aim to complete a certain number of words each day or write for an hour or two, irrespective of the word count. Choose either way to stay motivated.

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5. When to stop writing for the day?

Here’s another writing tip to keep in mind. When you plan to call it a day, stop writing when you know what to write next. This tip excites you for the next day and prevents you from being stuck.

6. Pomodoro Technique:

It is a time management technique that helps you achieve the set goal. This technique helps you if you have the tendency to procrastinate, lack concentration or have problems meeting deadlines. The Pomodoro technique is an interesting way to manage time.

How does it help you get motivated to write?

  • Plan your task. 
  • Set an alarm for 25 minutes
  • Challenge yourself to complete the task before time is up
  • Take a break for 5 minutes and then start the process again.
  • For every 4  Pomodoro’s take a break of 15 to 30 minutes.

Finally, you will be surprised to see the amount of work completed by the end of the day. Hence, this writing tip is needed to help you get motivated to write.

7. Don’t break the chain method:

Being consistent in your writing routine is not easy; however, there are  productivity techniques such as, Don’t break the chain to help you.

Simple steps of Don’t Break the chain method  to help you get motivated to write:

  • Fundamentally, break your entire  project into smaller tasks in order to accomplish them  easily.  
  • Secondly, set your goal for the day.
  • Most importantly, make sure to set realistic goals so that they do not overwhelm you.
  • Finally, Grab a calendar and mark a big red X for each goal you accomplished.
  • Ultimately, Don’t Break the chain. The bigger the chain, the guiltier you feel breaking it.

This technique helps you visualise your progress besides making you consistent. As a result, you get motivated to write.

8. Reward yourself:

If you are an extrinsically motivated person, then this tip is for you. After completing the task, reward yourself with a chocolate or an episode of your favorite tv show.

Make sure you get this reward only if you finish the task and not before because your mind associates writing with the reward; therefore, this technique helps you meet deadlines besides helping you get motivated to write.

9. Try alternate forms of writing:

Writing something is better than not writing at all; hence, if you do not feel motivated to write your main work; then write a prompt, poem or anything for a change.

Platforms like Reedsy organise weekly writing prompts where you can pick any genre and write a prompt. Remember that these are flash-fiction exercises, so the word limit should not exceed a thousand. Maintain a journal of your daily experiences or create short stories to try alternate forms of writing.

Use the above writing tip when you need a break and get motivated to write your main work.

10. Enter writing contests:

Get motivated to write

Writing contests and magazines are the best ways to get motivated to write because they force you to stick to deadlines. The writing contests have a specific word count as well as subject constraints you need to follow, and having that kind of box to work makes it easier to start writing. Look for small contests posted on blogs rather than going for big international competitions. 

The thrill of finishing the project before the deadline is a great motivator, as it tells you that you are capable of completing the project you started.

11. Join writing groups:

Get motivated to write

Sometimes, writing for yourself is not enough to motivate you; therefore, joining a writing group is beneficial. These groups help you discuss and critique each other’s work. As a result, you get motivated to write.

Group members often give supportive feedback that helps you know the areas of improvement.  Joining a writer’s group not only motivates but also improves the quality of your writing.

12. Take a break:

Sometimes, you might experience a creative breakdown while writing, then step away from your computer and take a break. Go for a run, watch your favourite tv show or listen to an inspiring podcast. Either of the activities might switch back your creativity. When motivation hits, get back and start typing. Short breaks help you get motivated to write as well as overcome writer’s block.

13. Never edit during the first draft:

It is an essential writing tip to avoid writer’s block. Always remember not to edit while you are doing the first draft. Never stop writing to edit, as it might delay the writing process leading to a loss of interest in writing.

After completing the first draft,  you get a sense of satisfaction; hence you can redraft your work better. Follow this tip to complete your work fast and get motivated to write your next project.

14. Write Anywhere:

Ideas can pop up at bizarre times and places during the day. Your mind is constantly thinking about the next writing project, even when you are sleeping, walking or busy doing some other work. If you don’t note them immediately it could be a problem; hence carrying a notepad at all times is beneficial for writers.  If you do not like the old-school method of carrying a notepad then use note-taking apps in order to jot down ideas.

Choose either way to scribble down the random thoughts to develop later. This writing tip saves a lot of time when you start writing your main work. Follow this method to avoid getting stuck in between while developing your writing. When the words flow smoothly, you get motivated to write more.

15. Read Good books:

If you are an avid reader, then reading books is an excellent motivator. Countless books are available to inspire you. Nothing can motivate you more than reading, as it helps you get fresh ideas along with good content. Additionally, you will learn how to write when you read a good book.

Reading turns off your creative mind and gives your mind some rest. Moreover, when you read a book you tend to observe the author’s writing style which can inspire you to write.  Get motivated to write by reading  good books.

16. Exercise:

When you are struggling to write, just step aside from work and go for long walks or hit the gym. Physical activities stimulate creativity besides helping you get past the writer’s block.

Workout  releases endorphins which are responsible for producing positive feelings that help you focus better. Therefore, when you feel sluggish, go for some physical activity in order to get motivated to write.

17. Don’t try perfection:

Primarily, don’t be hard on yourself to be a perfect writer because there is no such thing. Secondly, if you try for perfection,  you will never be content with your work. Many authors could never publish their books, trying for perfection.

They start well, but then they read what they have written, delete it and start over. Eventually, they lose interest and get demotivated. Don’t get stuck with unrealistic expectations, just try to focus on putting down words.

18. Outline first:

The main aim of writing is to communicate thoughts and ideas; therefore, it should be simple and not complicated. You can achieve this by outlining all your ideas which is a great way to prevent writer’s block. As a result,  the chances of getting stuck in the middle are rare.

The first step of outlining is to collect information through brainstorming and research. Once you have all the data ready, make a table of contents so that you can establish a sequence in your writing. Finally, when you start writing, it becomes easy, as you have all the information along with the chronology of events.


If you want to excel in writing then you have to strengthen your writing skills and the best way you achieve this is by writing every day. No one will have the motivation to write every day, not even the best selling-authors. There will be days when you don’t feel like putting a single word on paper but if you do that for a single day, it can easily lead to procrastination. Irrespective of the conditions, push yourself to write everyday to become a better writer.

The above-mentioned 18 tips motivate you to write every single day, even when you don’t feel like writing. Choose any tip that can help you get motivated to write every day so that you get better at it.

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1. How can I improve my writing skills?

Ans. The first and foremost tip is to write diligently without  skipping a single day. As a writer, you need to find your motivation to write daily. Secondly, read what you write and check for grammar or spelling errors. Thirdly, check if you have established the flow appropriately. Ultimately, it’s the discipline that shapes you into a good writer

2. How to become a successful writer?

Ans. Successful writers write every day. It is common for writers to feel blank on some days but if you aim for success, write daily. You can achieve this by establishing a routine, setting daily goals and keeping a dedicated time to write every day. Besides following a discipline, you must regularly read your work to see if there is room for improvement. After completing your first draft, revise and rewrite it to improve your work.

3. How to overcome writer’s block?

Ans. The main reason for writer’s block is perfectionism. When you try hard to make yourself perfect, you lose the flow of words. As a result, you become blank to move ahead. The first tip to avoid writer’s block is to remember that you are writing your first draft which can be edited and rewritten later.

4. How can I manage time while writing?

Use the Pomodoro technique to manage time effectively. This technique challenges you to complete the task before the alarm rings. As a result, you can focus more on writing rather than wasting time correcting your first draft.

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