When talking about Financial Management Courses in India one can rest in assurance as India has some challenging institutions that offer Financial Risk Management Courses. Today, we’ll discuss some of these institutions that are highly known and regarded by the learners for the excellence and knowledge the institutions promise to offer. These course Institutions have been backed up by promising ratings by the candidates which makes it even easier for us to do the research.

The list given below will help narrow your search and spot the potentialities of the Institutions adhering to your needs. Let’s now dive into some insight into the Financial Risk Management Courses in India and the institutions providing the courses. 

What is a Financial risk management course?

A financial risk management course is a course designed for financial risk management professionals aspiring to bank on jobs like Investment Analyst, Financial Consultant, Financial Analyst, etc. The courses range from Financial Analyst Courses to Financial Investment Courses which are offered both online and offline modes open for Graduate, Post-Graduate, and diploma candidates in India. 

 Insight into Financial Risk Management Course

The duration of the courses can range from 3 years at the graduate level to 1-2 years for diploma candidates. Professional certified courses can be short spanning from a few hours to even a year. The financial Risk Management Course enables candidates to apply for jobs like Investment Analyst, Financial Consultant, Financial Analyst, and others. 

The financial Risk Management Course is applicable for candidates of Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Postgraduate levels.

Professional Financial Risk Management Courses

As mentioned above, certified Financial Risk Management Courses duration can range from a few hours to a year. It is designed for candidates having prior knowledge about the subject matter. The courses are self-paced and one can easily learn having a job in hand. 

Here, we’ll discuss the educators providing Financial Risk Management Courses in India. 

So, here goes the list of 12 Financial Risk Management Courses in India

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin is a well-known online educational community comprising like-minded individuals aiming to take greater leaps in their careers. Henry Harvin aids to provide the push one needs to achieve educational and career goals. The Financial Risk Management Course(FRM) by Henry Harvin is a globally acclaimed Financial Risk Management Course in India that employs the best careers in Finance and Banking. It is a 72 hrs course with level 1& 2 lectures and online training that provides free access to Risk Management Tools worth 85k. Henry Harvin has a rating of 4.9/5 with 2134+ reviews. The candidates also get free access to Hackathons and Competitions. 

2. Udemy 

Udemy is another challenging online educational institution that provides promising courses having Financial Risk Management Courses in India in demand. Udemy aims to minimize financial risks and double Financial Rewards by upgrading students and financial experts with skills such as identifying risks in an organization, analyzing the depth of the risks, and managing risks by reducing or possibly eliminating the risk. Udemy also focuses on providing fundamental learning to take challenging FRM certification examinations. Udemy is trusted by top companies like Nasdaq, box, NetApp, and Eventbrite. The candidate requires no prior knowledge to apply for the course. 

3. edX 

With 3600+ courses, 110+ million enrollments, 42 million users, 160+ partners, 15 thousand instructors, and 1.4 million verified courses, edX is also standing at par with the other educational online community. With edx’s finest Financial Risk Management Course in India, you’ll learn with WallStreet professionals. eDX provides 6 skill-building courses with 1-2 hours per week. The candidates will learn at their own pace with an option to take a trial for the course prior to payment. 

4. Coursera

The online educational community harbors yet another incredible institution, Coursera offering a challenging Financial Risk Management Course in India. With Coursera, the candidates learn the theory and practice of risk management and decipher the possible results from the management process. The learners further learn to analyze the depth of the risk associated with different types of investments and design an appropriate operational risk assessment program. 

5. GARP 

The FRM course by GARP is next on the list of Financial Risk Management Courses in India. GARP is recognized in all the leading banks and firms all over the world and is consistently coveted by professionals to display the capacity to predict, analyze, and adapt to complicated management issues. 


The ISACA community has worked for the professional community for over 50 years. Working along with the EDP Auditors Association in 1969 comprising a small group of working professionals identified the centralized source of information in the novel arena of data processing audit. CRISC offers the only credential-focused FinancialRisk Management Course in India that prioritizes IT Risk Management. ISACA’s Risk and Information Systems Control (CRISC) is ideal for a professional building career in IT/IS audit and risk and security professionals. 

7. EY 

Every organization is fighting the financial risks of currency, interest rates, and commodities constantly. Financial experts need to find solutions to these problems in the best possible way. EY recognizes the importance of decision-making in Financial professionals and therefore designs a true goal-oriented Financial Risk Management Course in India that gives the students and working professionals an insight into the manifold facets of managing financial risk from the leading industry specialists.

8. Indian Institute of Quantitative Finance 

The financial course by IIQF (Financial Risk Management Course in India) spans 4 months and includes training for promising exams, conducting specialized problem-solving sessions for FRM exams, 2 detailed mock tests, extra classes for doubt clearing, and recorded online classes. 

9. Vskills 

With Vskills the students receive Government acclaimed certificates valid for life. The learning hours span 13 hrs with a test duration of 60 minutes. The test is conducted online with 50 questions with a maximum mark of 50 and a passing mark of 25. The students get a Vskills Certified tag on Shine.com claiming Vskill as a certified Financial Risk Management Course in India. 

10. IIM Raipur 

IIM Raipur is an esteemed Financial Risk Management Course in India. The lectures are offered by the leading faculty of IIM Raipur, and students on the completion of the course receive a certificate from IIM. IIM adopts a practical and student-oriented approach to learning. The syllabus is designed based on International Certification requirements. The course is ideal for working professionals (professionals aspiring to achieve senior roles in Financial Risk Management, Risk consulting, and Risk and Compliance). 

11. GRMI

Global Risk Management Institute is also a Financial Risk Management Course in India with 60+ years of experience in Risk Consulting, 150+ students enrolled in the course, and 5000+ hours of teaching, with a group of 70+ Industry and Academia Experts. 

12. Project Management Institute 

PMI is based in Pune that offers 40 hours of Financial Risk Management Course in India. 


Institutions like GRM Institute, Gurgaon, Riskpro Pro, Mumbai, BSI Group, New Delhi, The Knowledge Academy, Mumbai, CRISIL, Mumbai, IGMP, Mumbai, IIBF, and West Mumbai are some of the other institutions offering Financial Risk Management Courses in India. 



Q.1. What are the best Financial Management Courses?
Ans: ACCA, Accounting, Auditing, Banking, CIA, CIMA, CMA, Cost & Budgeting.


Q.2. What are the subjects of the Financial Management Course?
Ans: The Financial Management Course covers subjects like Financial Management.
Banking and Financial Institutions.
Investment and Portfolio Analysis.
Capital Market.
Credit & Collection.
Financial Analysis & Reporting.
Monetary Policy and Central Banking.
Special Topics in Financial Management.


Q.3. Is online Financial Management Course certification accepted by leading companies?
Ans: Yes, online Financial Management Course certification is accepted by leading companies.


Q.4. How can I find the best Financial Management Course?
Ans: There is plenty of information available on the Internet. Just good research will help you learn about all the good courses available to meet your requirements.


Q.5. Is a Financial Management Course easy to pursue?
Ans: Yes, a Financial Management Course is easy to find.

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