DevOps skills are in high demand, so DevOps engineers command excellent salaries. But before you get a DevOps job, you need to know the necessary expertise and skills. DevOps courses online can lead you to a rewarding DevOps career. These offerings can support you learn and demonstrate DevOps specialists, regardless of your background.

There are plenty of options for DevOps certification courses that are simple to access. Here are some of the top institutions. A developer first sets out a plan to plan on the module and algorithm. The repository holds the original code and versions of the code; this is called version control. The code is then fetched and made achievable in the build stage. Tools like Gradle and Maven sort this out. Before deployment, the product is tested for bugs using popular automating testing tools like selenium. Once the product is pushed, the DevOps engineer installs it. The adopted product is then continuously configured to the desired state. Ansible, Puppet, and Docker are some tools that automate these stages.


Every product continuously gets supervision in its working requirements. Nagios tool automates this phase to give feedback to the planning stage. The basic of the DevOps lifecycle is the integration stage. Tools such as Jenkins are reliable for sending the code for development and testing. If the code passes the test, it then presents for deployment. It is known as continuous integration.

Top DevOps Courses Online

1.Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin is valued as one of the top-notch institutes in the top DevOps courses online. The course module of Henry Harvin is well-versed according to the requirement of industry standards. 

The candidate will acknowledge each nook and cranny of the course, such as software development, lifecycle, DevOps tools, and many more. The candidate will learn to explore, analyze and solve management problems. They prepare the students with essential skills of shaping management by Ansible, Puppet, and Kubernetes.


Henry Harvin has highly experienced professionals and talented with more than fifteen years of experience in the cloud computing background. 

Live Projects

Henry Harvin is a top-rated institution for DevOps courses because of the extraordinary live projects, training, and internship. Students experience real-time cloud computing industry projects to advance their skills per the latest industry trends. GCAO pedagogy is followed to elucidate the fundamentals of principles and different DevOps tools.

Prestigious Alumni Status 

It qualifies you to be part of its alum status, and you can become a part of 18,000+  different alum networks internationally.


A prestigious certificate from a well-reputed and government-recognized institution that all the companies approve

Gold Membership

  • One year of Gold membership of Henry Harvin permits to attain training with different mentors
  • Also weekly job alerts for reputed tie-up companies and placement assistance.
  • Monthly Bootcamp and Hackathons


The duration of the DevOps courses online is 32 hours, with interactive instructor-led training. 

2. Udemy

Udemy offers courses for every level that needs no prior experience in DevOps. Those interested in understanding the different DevOps tools also can take up this course. You’ll learn about the basics of DevOps management and how to use it for your day-to-day problems. In this course, the trainer briefly introduces other DevOps concepts, like the execution of software version control.

Further, videos are combined with study material to make understanding easy for the students. You can take up the next level in DevOps certification for the role of DevOps engineer. The course fee is nominal and offers impressive discounts on a few courses.

3. Coursera

DevOps course from Coursera prepares you to launch your career in DevOps engineering by preparing for the Sharpens business understanding and commitment to improving the process. Besides, it includes four courses that will act as the foundation of fundamental knowledge to prepare you for the DevOps certification exam and a promising career in this field. The curriculum of this program is carefully planned and aligned to the DevOps exam objective domains.

This course has different assignments assigned to students by the instructor, and the following module videos open only on completing these tasks. The deadlines are flexible, and the course is 20 hours long.

Practically testing content and interactive study material are a part of the course. The Coursera Plus subscription provides unlimited access to the certification of the most popular course and guided projects if you plan to take multiple classes. 

4. Croma campus

Croma Campus is an ISO-certified training organization. Highly qualified and technical professionals run it. They have 15 years of experience in various fields. Additionally, the Croma campus training organization is unique and offers the best-in-class training and certification. They provide training on all popular technologies which are assessable globally. The learning methods are very innovative. They provide training all over India.

Moreover, their trainer is a certified corporate professional with eight-plus years of experience. Croma campus training institution has its branches in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

5. Edureka

The DevOps course administered by Edureka is online and interactive, and industry experts curate it. It helps you prepare for DevOps advanced certification exam to drive progressive tools initiatives in your organization. It supports you master the critical concepts while designing DevOps software. You will work on real-life industry use cases throughout this online instructor-led DevOps training. This course teaches you about the evolution and future of revolutionary DevOps courses online. Moreover, this institute will also teach you the DevOps management workflow and its components.

6. LinkedIn

Prepare for the DevOps software methodologies and other tools. This course on Linkedin is for those without any technical background to present as a foundation for further DevOps certifications as you build your expertise. 

 The students will learn the essential skills of shaping management by Ansible, Puppet, and Kubernetes. Moreover, students will develop skills in Software Version Control using Git.


Now learn the skills of the future with DevOps courses online. Candidates can learn DevOps from the industry leader and lets companies accelerate their leader adoption process. They focus on reinventing how people work by democratizing DevOps course learning and helping deliver management for every person. With the UiPath platform, you can now do three things: discover the bare basics of the DevOps course, get an overview of the DevOps certifications training platform, and build your career as a DevOps engineer in less than a year. Moreover, you will get a certificate from one of the reputed institutions after the course completion.

8.  Besant technologies

Beasant Technologies’ DevOps courses online support students in gaining an in-depth understanding of various DevOps software, DevOps lifecycle, and Citrix automation. It also touches upon deploying multiple DevOps tools. Moreover, also speaks on how to automate surrounding virtual applications and usability on various devices like UiPath certifications training automation anywhere. It also includes DevOps software through use cases, industry-based projects, and hands-on sessions. Besant Technologies believes in flexible timings for all their student’s maxim. Here students will be able to comprehend the concepts of Continuous Deployment properly. Further, Candidates can showcase their knowledge by getting a DevOps Engineer job. 

9. Inventateq

The DevOps course allows students to solve their assignments with a demo from anywhere. You can also learn from anywhere you are. You can get DevOps certifications training from your location. Students can now get certified online by attending lectures given by faculty with 12+ years of experience in DevOps training. Further, they gather experience working with significant projects in MNCs like Microsoft, Google, IBM, etc. The faculties hold a master’s degree in this domain with certified training in DevOps. He has delivered a lecture to more than 4500 students as of now.

Additionally, you will get 100 percent placement assistance and training modules created for everyone, including freshers, job seekers, and professionals. Students will receive hands-on experience by making them work on practical projects. The student can also obtain a recognized certification in DevOps software and tools from companies like IBM, Accenture, etc. 

Here you will be offered multiple internship opportunities in the industry. Online coaching support for students is also provided. Invanteq also delivers backup classes for students and remote assistance for all students.

10. Mindmajix

Mindmajix is  EDTECH and a learning academy for various IT and ITES job-oriented courses. You will get a platform to get an international certificate of DevOps professionals.

This institution has the best trainers from all around the globe.

Besides, hands-on and real-life project implementations are also done. The essential features of this training are 30 hours of instructor-led training, job assistance, and certification. This also includes 20 hours of lab sessions, payment in two installments, a flexible class schedule, and 24×7 live support. Candidates can acknowledge untangling the application of DevOps methodologies and execution of Software Version Control.

11. Cloud Foundation

It is an organization for training in administration and software development courses. Cloud foundation offers an online and offline mode of a classroom.

Thus, you can get a well-versed syllabus with live training for the candidates. Covers all the topics on DevOps and makes you ready to get your dream job. The batch timing is flexible; one can opt for a time as per their requirements.

12. Intelipat

Now Intelipat also has a DevOps course online, essentially giving students a DevOps certification. Students can now learn DevOps to unleash a modern DevOps engineer career. By doing this, they will understand DevOps tools and why the future of DevOps is a massive career and earning opportunity. They will also understand the challenges and risks when implementing the tools. They will also know which DevOps tools are the most relevant; and envision a basic DevOps implementation plan. Students aspiring for this course on the DevOps certifications training should have a modern Windows computer with an internet connection. They should also have essential job experience in a small, medium, or large company. Additionally, they should be familiar with software such as MsWord, websites, and applications.


DevOps certification is an approved credential demonstrating specific competitive skills and subject matter necessary to be a successful DevOps professional. Various evaluations, educational courses, or performance analyses prove that the candidate met meticulous standards. 

DevOps position is persistently ranked among the highest paying salaries, so earning a certification boost the chances of getting a good job. The certificate also prepares the candidates to work in a team of cross-functional team members, for instance, QA, developers, operation engineers, and business analysts.


1. Can an individual learn DevOps in three months?

Ans: It depends on how one learns and prepares to become a DevOps Engineer. Generally, it takes six months to know all the basics. So start gathering knowledge about your favorite tool. Indeed within a few months, you will get well-versed.

2. Do DevOps need coding?

Ans: Though programming skills are necessary for all development applications, DevOps engineers nurture a unique coding responsibility. Rather than having expertise in a single scripting language, a DevOps engineer is familiar with multiple languages, such as Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python, PHP, Bash, etc.

3. Is DevOps a hard job?

A career in DevOps is not for the faint of heart. So, it’s a painstaking undertaking that necessary skilled professionals who know how to mitigate problems and work in a team setting.

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