In December 2004, the CEO of got arrested when cyber police found a CD of offensive material for sale on the site. A Bank NSP management trainee was arrested for blackmailing her boyfriend through the bank’s email id. So, these were some of the case studies on cybercrimes. 

The field of cybersecurity is currently growing at a breathtaking rate to control cyber crimes. Many new positions are opening in every sector to save their websites and businesses from the attack. 

If you want to learn about cybersecurity, there are a few Cybersecurity books that can help you along the way. You can improve your knowledge about cybersecurity and find solutions to any problems you’re having by reading these books. The best Cybersecurity books for Mango Man will teach their readers by providing lessons learned from actual situations. The most useful ones are those that give us a heads-up about potential hacking threats so that we can take preventative measures.

Top 10 Cybersecurity Books In 2024

Knowing the value of cyber security books, we have compiled a list of the top ten best books for novice and seasoned experts looking to upskill. 

1. A Guide to Cybersecurity- Henry Harvin

These Cybersecurity books for Mango Man take a look back at pivotal moments in the evolution of the computer industry, focusing in particular on the “dark side” that gave rise to worms, viruses, Trojan horses, and a threat environment that necessitated the emergence of a new field of study: cybersecurity. 

Moreover, they cover critical infrastructure protection and engineering design challenges. This book talks about them in terms of protective design objectives. To deal with cyber disputes, a watchful cyber intelligence capability is essential.


So, to understand what makes cyberwar possible, both offensively and defensively, it is necessary to consider cyberspace and the cyberwarfare environment.

Here, you will get distinct cybersecurity topics in each chapter.  Another interesting fact is that one needs no prior knowledge. Therefore, you can read in any sequence. 

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2. Hacking- The Art of Exploitation

These Cybersecurity books by Jon Erickson is one of the top Cyber Security books for learning Ethical Hacking. 

Unlike other ethical hacking publications, the book delivers insight into problem-solving and exploitation, and contemporary hacking TCP connections. 

Further, the book offers a CD-ROM in Linux for easy installation. 

SO, you will get two versions of this famous hacking book: 2003 and 2008. The second edition is a hacker’s guide to the C programming language and shell scripts.

3. Cult of the Dead Cow

Joseph Menn’s Cult of the Dead Cow book refers to one of the oldest Cybersecurity books. The book is about the history of ‘Cult of the Dead Cow’ and their subsequent impact on America.

Therefore, in 1984, the USA gave birth to the Cult of the Dead Cow. Beto O’Rourke, a politician, claims to have been a crew member. This book describes the inner group workings that ultimately led to the creation of TOR.

Further, you will learn how the cults influence numerous multinational firms to enhance their security procedures.  All these prevent global catastrophes significantly. I suggest this book to those interested in learning more about the evolution of hacking.

4. Ghost in the Wires 

This book is a thriller detailing the author Kevin Mitnick’s daring initiatives of hacking into multi-million dollar organisations. 

In contrast, Kevin’s prior book provided insight into safeguarding privacy. 

These Cybersecurity books for Mango Man, based on actual events, depict the life of the most notorious. Besides, it is the autobiography of a master hacker.  

5. Penetration Testing

Georgia Weidman outlines the foundational knowledge of cybersecurity that beginners should know. Further, Cybersecurity books for Mango Man are geared toward new programmers. It also covers programming fundamentals and a guide to tools for computer security suites in Kali Linux. 

Besides, it covers the Security for mobile devices and evading antivirus programs. Penetration testers investigate the security of computer systems, networks, and software to locate flaws.

6. The Hardware Hacker – Adventure in Making and Breaking Hardware

Most Cybersecurity books just cover the dangers. But, Andrew Huang investigates how hackers might circumvent the security to reverse-engineer it.

Besides, the book comprehensively looks at the challenges related to open-source hardware. Huang uses case studies from his experience in China’s underground industries.

7. Metasploit 

This book by David Kennedy, Jim O’Gorman, Devon Kearns, and Mati Aharoni will teach sophisticated penetration testing methods, such as 

  • Network surveillance
  • Client-side attacks 
  • wireless attacks and
  • Targeted social engineering attacks.

Moreover, you can learn to integrate NeXpose, Nmap, and Nessus with Metasploit for automated discovery. 

Metasploit is a complex tool that can be challenging for new users. Therefore, this popular book is best for beginners. It starts with a brief history of the program, penetration testing, and installation instructions. 

Learners with strong technical skills in Ruby and Linux will find this book an excellent resource. 

8. The Hacker Playbook Three- Practical Guide To Penetration Testing

Peter Kim’s book offers fresh methods of attacks, crimes, and advice. The author highlighted Some of the older ways alongside the new ideas.

Moreover, you will learn advanced hacking techniques and discover new routes for defence. 

These Cybersecurity books will help you to upskill the scanning, vulnerability assessment, and exploitation topics. It also covers sustaining access, lateral movement, and data exfiltration. 

9. The Code Book

The book gives a comprehensive history of encryption in shaping our modern society. Besides, it establishes links between various historical figures and the concept of encryption. 

In this exciting book, author Simon Singh traces the fascinating history of encryption back to ancient Egypt.

10. Social Engineering- The Science of Human Hacking

In Social Engineering, you’ll find steps to the foundations of social engineering for widespread manipulation in the modern day. Learn to safeguard yourself against personal social engineering.

 Explore to recognise how these manipulative communication methods combine deceit and information-collecting.

Therefore, human errors are the primary reason for a security breach. Also, this book is a must for anyone interested in gaining a warped. You will learn the cynical understanding of the minds of cyber criminals and turn that knowledge to their benefit.

Finale Takeaway

These Cybersecurity books are excellent resources for learning the basics, history, and current scenarios of the cyber industry. The Cyber Security Program is also available and will teach you everything you need to know to be a successful cybersecurity professional.

To become a cybersecurity expert, you may also want to check out Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security course. It is a great way to learn about cutting-edge Information System Security Technologies from industry insiders. 


Is cyber security a future-proof career?

Ans: The demand for cybersecurity professionals will expand dramatically in the coming years. Recent research indicates that there will be a demand for an additional 3.6 million people to work in cybersecurity worldwide.

Can I master cyber security on my own?

Ans: You only need a reputable online course, free learning tools, cyber security books, and boot camps to learn everything you need about cybersecurity in no time.

Is cyber security more challenging than coding?

Ans: The entry hurdle to cybersecurity is typically lower than that of other highly technical fields. Whereas, to launch a successful career in coding, you need a deeper level of technical expertise and experience.

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