Are you someone who aspires to be in a leadership position in your organization? Do you want yourself to be projected as a change agent bringing quality improvements to your company? Have you been looking for better job prospects and also good salary packages?

Lean Six Sigma certification, can be a breakthrough in your career. It might help you to give a twist to your career, giving you, valuable career opportunities across the globe.


Who gave birth to the concept of Six Sigma Black Belt Certification?

The Motorola company pioneered the Six Sigma concept, to improve their quality and standard of products and withstand the tough competition given by the Japanese Companies post world war 2. 

Mikel Harry and Bill Smith, often cited as the Father of Six Sigma, discovered this revolutionary concept, in 1980, to improve their quality by 1000% in five years.

What is Six Sigma?

The concept of Six Sigma is envisioned to earn 100% customer satisfaction. The Six Sigma techniques and tools, when practiced meticulously, guarantees zero, defects. This approach leads to quality product deliverance to customers and also enhances the productivity of any business process. 

Six Sigma approach is a highly disciplined methodology, which is completely based on statistical analysis. The data-driven approach first records how work is done and then tries to eliminate the root cause of any problem, thereby drastically reducing the defects and creating quality products and services, dipping any wastages. 

The six-sigma approach is not only good for the customers and the organization, but it also leads to employee satisfaction by increasing their performance standards helping them to perform any task correctly for the first time itself, and removing the need for any kind of re-work.

How does Six Sigma work?

DMAIC and DMADV are the two most important methodologies used under Six Sigma to improve the efficiency of any business process thereby improving the productivity of the workforce, enhancing the product and service quality, and achieving customer satisfaction.

Source: Digital E learning

DMAIC and DMADV may sound similar but they perform different functions. Both these methodologies despite having similar characteristics cannot be interchanged.

The Six Sigma methodologies mentioned above play a vital role in reducing any kind of manufacturing and service defects drastically.

DMAIC focuses on continuous improvement and applies to a product or service that exists already but is not completely successful in meeting customers’ requirements.

DMADV is used as a reengineering technique. This tool is used when a new product or technique is to be designed.

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certification Training

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What is Lean Methodology?

The Lean tools enhance the efficiency of a process. The main goal of a Lean approach is to identify the activities which lead to wasteful steps. This approach helps in producing high-quality goods and gaining customer satisfaction too.

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The Lean Six Sigma Approach

The Lean Six Sigma combines the principles of both Lean and Six Sigma as both these methodologies are customer focused. It is a team-oriented approach designed to upsurge the profitability of any organisation through waste reduction and understanding the root cause of a particular problem through statistical analysis.

Why businesses look for Lean Six Sigma Certification professionals nowadays?

The swelling competition in business, breaking of monopoly and more choices with the consumers, each company is striving hard to deliver quality products and services to their consumers and hence, the role of a professional who implements Lean Six Sigma has become noteworthy as it proves to be very beneficial for the company. The Lean Six Sigma methodologies help an organisation to reduce wastages, thereby reducing cost, increasing revenue and employee satisfaction. Thus, Lean six sigma upsurges overall growth and profitability of any business.

The role of the Lean Six Sigma Certified employees is paramount when it comes to the implementation of methodologies like DMAIC and DMADV.

How can Lean Six Sigma Certification be a breakthrough in your career?

Lean Six Sigma Certification can surely make a positive impact in your professional life. Here are some of the positive changes that you will experience once you have pursued this course.

1. Plenty of Job Opportunities

Six Sigma methodologies are used by many companies and government organizations. Some of the famous companies which use Six Sigma to improve business processes are Amazon, Bank of America, Boeing, etc.

There is no dearth of jobs for skilled personnel. Depending upon your certification level, you will be accommodated in the organization’s structure.

2. A hike in the salary structure

Six Sigma certification helps you to earn a handsome salary. According to, a certified Six Sigma yellow belt can earn close to $40,299 to $76,529 per year. Similarly, a green belt can earn between $51,280 to $98,381 and a black belt can earn $62,214 to $118,134 per year. This would depend upon the company you work for and the number of years of experience you have.

3. You can help your organization to comply with international standards

Six Sigma certification can also help an employee to help his existing organization. The certification equips an individual to be a change agent and help his organization to comply with international standards.

4. Enables you to become an important part of your organization

The Six Sigma Certification enables you to become an important part of your organization. It helps you to play a vital role in achieving zero defects and gaining consumer satisfaction.

5. Six Sigma Certification will enrich your LinkedIn profile and your CV

The valuable Six Sigma Certification will add charm to your LinkedIn profile as well as your Cv. It will help you withstand the cut throat competition and will also make you a much valuable candidate.  

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How do the Six Sigma principles prove to be beneficial for the organization?

The advantages of Six Sigma to any organization are enormous. Many eminent companies like Amazon, Toyota, etc have applied the Six Sigma principles and tasted its fruits too!

Some of the noteworthy advantages of implementing Six Sigma principles are as follows.

1. Helps in gaining Customers Trust.

Any company which adopts the Six Sigma culture can feel a change in the quality deliverance of their products and services. Due to consistent customer satisfaction, the company thus earns customer’s trust and goodwill.

2. Wastage is drastically reduced

The Six Sigma culture also helps the organization, to reduce Mura or wastage. This helps to reduce costs and improve productivity.

3. Helps in boosting employee morale and reduces employee turnover

The methodologies of Six Sigma help in increasing the confidence of employees as they learn faster by standardized processes. This leads to job satisfaction and reduces the employee turnover rate drastically.

A detailed study of the various levels of Six Sigma Certification

If you always have been ambitious about acquiring leadership roles in the organization then Lean Six Sigma Certification can prove to be a wise decision. This course shall help you to increase your business expertise, analytical skills and also your productivity. 

The Six Sigma Certification follows a hierarchy. The various coloured belts show the different levels. Let us now take a look at what each level implies.

The Six Sigma Certification levels

1. Six Sigma White Belt

The first level in the Six Sigma Certification training is the Six Sigma White Belt. This level of training is suitable for professionals who don’t have any expertise in the field of Six Sigma. A White Belt Certification helps an individual to acquire an introductory level of knowledge about the fundamentals of Six Sigma. Though this is a low-level certification it can be a great opening for someone who wants to work in this field. This level of training also enables an individual to work in the problem-solving teams of an organisation. This level of certification may help the trainee to work as a Project Manager, Quality Assurance Specialist, Senior Business Analyst, Production Specialist, etc.

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2. Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The Yellow Belt Certification is the second level of the Six Sigma Certification. The person who receives a certification of this level not only is well versed with the Lean Six Sigma Concepts but also can review process improvements. This level of certification may help the recipient to assist in process mapping and quality improvement. It also makes an individual capable of working as a Business Analyst, Team leader, Quality Assurance Manager, etc.

3. Six Sigma Green Belt

A Six Sigma Green Belt Certification holder is in a better position to apply the various six sigma methodologies into practice. They can apply tools like DMAIC. The professionals who attain this level of certification can assist the Black Belts in projects and can also review the statistics sent by the white belts and the yellow belts.

 Acquiring a green belt helps you to adopt the role of a change agent. It will help you to work as a Lean Six Sigma Consultant and Lean Manufacturing Engineer.

4. Six Sigma Black Belt

The Six Sigma Black Belt holders are the change agents of any organisation and today most employers hunt for them to achieve a zero-defect goal. They are well versed with Six Sigma principles and tools like DMAIC and DMADV. They often work as project leaders and mentor their team members to bring about qualitative changes, helping the organisation to reach the zenith of success through customer satisfaction.

The Six Sigma black belt holders can work as Black Belt certified trainers who can train the workforce and can also bring about a change in the organisational culture. They can also work as a business analyst and process improvement experts.

5. Six Sigma Master Black Belt

The Six Sigma Master Black Certification belt holders have the expertise required to operate at the highest level of an organization. This is the highest achievement in Six Sigma Certification. At this level, one can coach green and black belt professionals. What is the expected salary after Six Sigma Certification?

The diagram below shows the salary depending upon your level of certification.

Source: Six Sigma Power Point Template

Average salary of Six Sigma Certification levels

$62K               $66K             $83K           $99K            $99K

How can Six Sigma Black Belt Certification have a positive impact on your Career in 2022?

The attainment of Master Black belt certification is the final step of the Six Sigma achievement. The roles fulfilled by black belt personnel vary from the other belts. The Black belts are trained for bringing a definite change in the organisation’s efficiency and productivity. The main role of a black belt to lead a team and also assign roles to people according to their capability.

Below are a few advantages of the Six Sigma Black Belt Certification.

1. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification will help you to expand your technical skills

This level of certification means leading a team of green belts. So, the professionals who acquire this level of training, are well versed with many advanced statistical tools that help them to perform data analysis. Hence, the black belt certification enables an individual to become adept with the technical skills needed to perform at this level.

2. Six Sigma Black Belt Certification enables you to use DAMIC Methodology

The training at this level will help you to define, analyse, measure, implement and control. This methodology, leads to continuous improvement in the process, thereby helping the organisation to achieve greater profits.

3. Growth opportunities

Six Sigma Black Belt Certification gives you plenty of growth opportunities. It gives you a chance and the capability to adopt managerial roles. If your work as a black belt professional is commendable then you can aim to get Master Black Belt which will open new window of opportunities for you.

4. The certification could give you a fresh start

The Six Sigma Black Belt Certification could prove to be an important milestone in your career. The Black belt certification personnel are the most sought-after professionals as they have the skill set necessary to turn any organisations fate by increasing its profitability and productivity. Hence, there is no paucity of jobs once you pursue this certification.

5. Six Sigma Black belt certification can help you become a change agent and increase your value in your workplace

This Six Sigma Black Belt personnel can also be a change agent for any organization. Someone who is well versed with the tried and tested principles of Lean and Six Sigma, he is the person who can bring a positive change by implementing multiple methodologies of Lean and Six Sigma which eventually helps in increasing the quality, reducing the wastage, and rearranging business processes.

6. Helps you to provide results that can be measured

A capable black belt professional is an asset to the company. He can bring about an increase in profitability and revenues which can be measured. With the help of the Six Sigma and Lean Principles a lot of time is saved that can be productively used to achieve quality standards.

7. The Certification can help you earn a handsome salary

According to, the average salary of a Six Sigma Black Belt certified employee may range from $104,600 and $131, 400. This will depend upon the company that you work for and also your experience.

8. Helps you to work as a trainer

The Six Sigma Black Belt certification professionals can also work as a trainer mentoring the yellow belts and the green belts. The valuable experience of a good black belt will help the lower belt professionals in learning important lessons.

Six Sigma Master Black Belt 

The Six Sigma Master Black Belt is the zenith of the Six Sigma Certification. This is the hardest certification in the Six Sigma ladder as it helps the professionals to learn beyond the Black belt level of certification. It helps the experts to explore higher-level topics like advanced regression methods, destructive testing, non-parametric analysis, etc.

How to decide if you should acquire the Master Black Belt?

If you have ample experience in implementing the Six Sigma methodologies and have strong leadership qualities. If you always wanted to work at the managerial level and like mentoring people then this could be the right choice for you!

A Six Sigma Master Black Belt is expected to have mentored at least 10 projects, along with this his experience as a trainer is also counted.

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Why should you think of getting a certification in Master Black Belt?

Master Black belts are professionals who work from the other side of the table, the top management level. They can work as change agents, strategic analysts, mentors, trainers, etc. 

Some of the advantages of Master Black Belt Certification are as under

1. Opportunity to work as a Mentor

The Master Black Belt Certification helps you to work as a mentor and guide the lower belt professionals. If you are a person who strongly believes in teaching the skills that you have learned then working as a mentor can give you immense job satisfaction.

2. Work as a trainer

If you are someone who has worked for a long time in implementing six sigma methodologies then you can become a trainer at a classroom level. You can share your expertise and skills learned and safeguard the Six Sigma principles.

3. Help your organisation to design a Six Sigma training curriculum

Six Sigma Master Belt plays a pivotal role in designing the training curriculum. Their role in delivering the best training to the employees is vital. A proper blend of experiments, case studies etc are included in the Six Sigma training Curriculum.

4. Ensuring the implementation of Six Sigma Principles for the betterment of the organisation

As a Six Sigma Master Belt, it is your foremost duty to ensure that the six sigma methodologies are implemented well to achieve the desired results. Considering this, the master black belt plays a pivotal role in the growth of the organisation.

5. Helps you to reach the top of the pyramid

Are you someone who has always been ambitious to climb the ladder and reach the topmost level? The Six Sigma Master Black Belt can be your ticket to reach the level that you have always dreamt of.

6.Help your organisation to achieve measurable results

The Six Sigma Master black belt can contribute enormously to the company’s progress and help them to achieve the desired results thereby increasing their reputation and goodwill amongst the customers and the market.

7. Plenty of distinct Career Opportunities

As a Master black belt, you will find a new window of opportunities awaiting you. You can choose to work as a strategist, a mentor, or a trainer who is paid well and also play a dynamic role in the organization you work for.

8.Helps you in decision-making process

As a Master Black Belt personnel, your role to make quick decisions is foremost. The certification at this level will help you take important organisational decisions in minutes with the help of statistical tools. This would eventually save a lot of time.

9. Bring about a change in the organisational culture

As a Master Black Belt, you can preach about the methodologies of Lean like Poke Yoke, Kaizen, etc, and help the employees to change their perception about doing a particular task. This can bring about a Paradigm shift in the employee’s working pattern.

10. Golden opportunity to be a star of your company

The Six Sigma Master Black belt certification can give you a golden chance to prove your talent and not get stuck in the monotony of the same job.

The decision to pursue a Six Sigma Certification programme could prove to be a very important and fruitful one. A good certification programme will help you to not only understand the nuances of Lean and Six Sigma but also technically implement it in the organisation for growth and productivity.

A valuable certification programme will lead to self-improvement and also tapping out your hidden potentials.

A Few Organisations Offering Six Sigma Certifications

ASQ Green Belt Body of Knowledge

ASQ Black Belt Body of Knowledge

IASSC Green Belt of Knowledge

IASSC Black Belt of Knowledge

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is getting a Lean Six Sigma Certification worth it?

Ans. The certification of any course adds more value to your resume and also helps you to outshine among the other competitors. But, having said that, certification is not enough you need proper expertise and skills to prove your worth and really add value to your organisation.

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