Get to know the valuable blogging tips for writers!

Are you a creative person with many thoughts and anecdotes to tell the world but do not know how to get started? Well, you are at the right place! Here, you are going to explore the best blogging tips for writers. All these ideas will help you kick start your passion for writing as a beginner. Professional training in content writing courses will help you further in this direction.

Whether blog posts, children’s books, novels, short stories, work documents, marketing material, emails, etc, the content represents who you are and shows your creativity. Hence a sound knowledge of English along with writing skills and techniques are of utmost priority to communicate your thoughts and engage the readers. Obtaining a certification in creative writing course from a reputed academy will give a boost to your skills.  Now, let’s check out the best blogging tips for writers.

Take a look at the top blogging tips for writers

1. Choose a catchy topic

One of the best blogging tips for writers all over the world is to choose a topic that is attractive, attention-grabbing, and in demand. Create a headline that is not too long yet has all the necessary words that are required to do the magic. Before deciding, you can make a list of 10 to 15 headlines about topics such as interesting news you heard, a lesson you learned, the problem a reader seems to be facing, the craft, etc. Let the aim of your content be to entertain and educate your audience.  

2. Know your readers

While there are many niches for you to choose from, it is quite tricky to decide on the topic that you are passionate about which is also engaging to the readers. However, when you think like a reader it becomes easier for you to get an insight into whether your article is interesting or not.

You can make your article interactive by asking the readers about the hurdles they are facing which will help you gain more understanding about them and produce content that inspires them. Adding CTAs or Call To Action button towards the end of your blog is also an interesting way of interacting and learning about your readers’ preferences. Writing and publishing only about you will not generate interest in your readers. Make it all about the readers!  

3. Research deeply

Good research always ends up in a good blog. It is advisable to spend more than half of the time allotted for a blog doing extensive research. Although there might be a few hurdles that make you want to haste through this step, it will always reflect in the quality of your content. Visiting sites with similar content and competitors’ websites will give you a brief understanding of the current trend. Good research is the essence of a great blog and that’s what makes it one of the recommended blogging tips for writers. Dedicated research on marketing techniques and keyword searches will also help generate traffic to your site. 

Here are some of the tools you can use to get popular keywords for your blogs:

  • Keyword generator
  • Google AdWords planner
  • Moz
  • Google Trends
  • KW finder

4. Frame an outline

After you have selected a topic and created a catchy headline there’s an important point among the blogging tips for writers i.e, framing the outline. A mind map of all the points you have jotted down in your research will be useful here. Put together all the main points you have listed and group them into common themes or logical progression to build on it later. However, this outline is flexible and you can change it as you get better ideas. You can use this to produce a step-by-step explanation of the topic at hand and engage the interest of the readers.

Furthermore, if you want to boost your writing skills, there are options for getting a certification in Creative Writing from well-known academies like Henry Harvin Education which provides one of the best training in the field. Henry Harvin has flexible training schedules to accommodate various professionals and homemakers alike. It will train you in all the techniques needed to be a successful blogger.

5. Understand SEO

Having a good knowledge of Search Engine Optimization is among the best blogging tips for writers. Your blog becomes visible or draws traffic to your site through search engines. Hence a thorough knowledge of SEO will go a long way. Try and look for popular keywords that are often searched by people and add them to your articles. This will increase the visibility of your blog on search engines. 

However, one should always be careful while adding keywords so as not to compromise the value of the content. You should incorporate them in a natural way. They should not appear stuffed and in the wrong places. Signing up for SEO courses on platforms like LinkedIn learning will also be beneficial. Every article you write gives you an opportunity to optimize keywords. Nonetheless, your web traffic will also increase if your content is about the readers. If it adds value to their lives, they will want to read your blog consistently.

Keep reading to know more blogging tips for writers!


6. Acquire technical skills

Learning new technical skills will do wonders for your blog posts! A few hours spent on content management systems like WordPress will help you learn some new skills. WordPress is free too. Spending time to get some understanding of the technical aspects of a blog is time well spent. It will give you some insight into which is the best hosting provider for you. Exploring WordPress to know the pros and cons of various plugins will prove useful in more ways than one. 

Writing is a form of business wherein you sell your ideas. Blogging and copywriting go hand in hand here. Learning copywriting will transform you into a concise writer who knows how to sell great ideas. Hence acquiring technical skills is one of the best blogging tips for writers whether beginners or existing writers.

7. Short sentences and skimmable content

Framing of sentences does most of the magic to your content. This is among the most advised blogging tips for writers. Keep them short, use simple words, and cover one idea per sentence. Try not to repeat redundant phrases. You should also avoid repetition of the same words or similar phrases in consecutive sentences. Using a thesaurus to look for alternate words with similar meanings is a brilliant idea. Always be aware to keep your content understandable in a short duration. 

Remember that readers might not read word for word what you have written. Therefore it is advisable to make the content skimmable. Break the paragraphs, use bullet points, and list or state the steps during any explanation. All these will bring a good readability score to your blog. The readers will be able to grasp the message you have put across in your blog in a lesser time.

8. Appeal to the eyes by using illustrations

Illustrations are always helpful in any form of content. They help visualize the message in the write-up. Illustrations enable you to see what your words have described. It makes your article skimmable. Not just pictures and gifs but also use charts, diagrams, and graphs to make the reader understand your article.

There are many online courses available these days that will train you in these skills. Academies like Henry Harvin Education offer certification courses in content writing at convenient schedules which will boost your skills. Their curriculum involves modules on content writing skills and techniques, and the use of various tools like Canva, Freepik, Grammarly, WordPress, etc. which will all come in handy to improvise your creativity while writing a blog. 

9. Re-read and edit your content

Once your blog is ready, give yourself a break and read it later. You are bound to find some new mistakes or improvisations to work on. Read and re-read your blogs for grammatical errors or rephrasing of sentences. However, there are certain tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway, etc which will help you further in identifying grammatical errors. These apps also guide you to remove redundant words and sentences that increase the value of your blog. 

Content editing is just as important as content writing. Some experts even say that it is more important to focus on what not to include rather than what to include in a blog. As quoted by Michael Lee, the famous author, “the first draft reveals the art; revision reveals the artist” couldn’t be more apt. Self-reviewing and editing your article might be hard but you have to do it with a critical point of view. Only this will ensure the best of outcomes. Nevertheless, it is advised that every blogger or author must know the basics of content editing. Again, Grammarly can serve as a saving grace here. This is among the excellent blogging tips for writers that will help you identify the flow and tone of your content and deliver a great blog.

10. Say NO to distractions

This is probably one of the challenging blogging tips for writers. In this digitized era, there are innumerable things we do online. We often find ourselves checking our phones for Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp, etc. There are many other important things that get done online, like banking, shopping, etc. We are completely dependent on these gadgets. Hence these are the biggest distractions for writers. 

While they are tempting just like the coffee breaks we often take, it is recommended to stay away from these distractions as they keep you focused on your content. This will bring better outcomes in terms of blog value. Additional efforts such as working in a quiet environment, using tools specifically meant for writing, and turning the phone on silent mode are going to help you focus on your work furthermore.

11. Write persistently

Persistent and consistent creation of blogs is important to make an impression on the internet. It will leave a mark on your readers. This is definitely among the best blogging tips for writers. The internet thrives on content. Becoming a popular blogger means you have to invest a lot of time and patience to achieve this outcome. Since fruitful results are time-consuming it might lead you to feel discouraged. Hence set short-term goals while creating content. Choose one factor as a goal for every blog such as increasing your word count, learning from the mistakes you have made, going in-depth with the topic you choose, and changing the tone of the article and writing style. 

Achieving these short-term goals is easy and will keep you motivated to move ahead.

As a beginner, you can seldom expect income through your blogs. However, writing and publishing consistently will help you practice your writing skills. You will also explore your thoughts on various blog topics. Eventually, you will learn to write what readers are looking for in good content. Therefore, you will also build a good number of blogs in your portfolio which is a demonstration of your ability to the clients. 

12. Guest blogging

Guest blogging is an SEO technique where you publish your blog on a third-party website so as to establish a new audience. To get started, you will have to find a popular blogger in your niche and pitch your topic which adds value to his site. Being an excellent marketing strategy, it is among the creative blogging tips for writers. Therefore this is a brilliant way of increasing traffic to your site while building a relationship with other bloggers. The dedicated readers for other bloggers will be introduced to you who might like your craft. Hence it is a wonderful way to expose/ promote your brand. Guest blogging can also increase organic traffic to your site.

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The blogging industry is a huge one with over 500 million blogs from around 2 billion websites. The content marketing industry is estimated to be approximately 400 billion dollars worth. Expanding consistently, as per statisticians’ predictions, it is expected to grow further in the coming years. This means a lot of scope for digital content writers in the future. So if you are a person with lots of creativity and want to leave a mark on the internet, this is the right time to do it.

Blogging is an excellent venue where you get to express your thoughts and knowledge and exercise the art of publishing it to the world. If you want to establish yourself seriously as a blogger on the digital platform then you have to master the skills of connecting with your readers. Solving the readers’ problems and inspiring them with your ideas will also take you a long way in this field.


Q.1. How do I increase web traffic to my blog site?

You can increase the traffic by techniques such as consistently publishing content, catchy titles, using popular keywords, keeping readability green on WordPress, optimizing SEO, guest blogging, etc.    

Q.2. How do I improve my site’s SEO?

Using long-tail keywords and incorporating them cleverly throughout the content, catchy meta description, using images and image alt text, linking related blog posts, etc are a few ways how to improve a website’s SEO.

Q.3. Is there a stable and steady income in this field?

The content writing/creative writing field is booming right now but there is a lot of competition too. Hence in the initial years, you may not have much income as a freelancer but once you establish yourself there will be a good number of clients you can bag.

Q.4. What is the future for creative content writers?

In today’s digitized world where everything is available at the tap of a button, there is an increasing demand for creative writers. Writers who can create crisp and concise content that draws audiences’ attention in the shortest of time are needed. This field will only grow and prove to be full of potential for currently existing creative writers.

Q.5. Should I work for a firm or become a freelancer?

Well, it depends on what your goals are. If you are financially stable and want to give all your time to becoming a writer then go for it. If you are having financial commitments and are obliged to stay employed, then start freelancing in your free time. You get to learn the tricks and techniques of the field and discover what sells. Use all this knowledge to sell your ideas on the digital platform while following your passion.

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