What is an effective blogging strategy?

The phrase effective blogging strategy seems a little hard to understand. To make it simpler in the understanding we have to understand content writing. Content writing

is all about putting ideas and thoughts on the internet. Most importantly, we can say that content writing is a procedure of planning, writing, editing web content for digital marketing purposes. Thus content can be manifested in various forms.

Finally, these are blog posts, scripts for videos and podcasts, articles, as well as content for a specific platform such as Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

What do we mean by blogging and blogger

In simple language, one can define a blog as an online journal that allows them to talk about their daily life or share their daily activities. New technology has opened the opportunity for those who want to write and publish online. Thus, an efficient blogging strategy is one of the tools to communicate and share written ideas with people around the world. The efficient blogging strategy can be manifested in a different form. For example, one may do it for fun or as a hobby, visibility, or business. It is also used as a medium for self-expression book promotion or to write a book.

The Seven Elements Of An Effective Blogging Strategy

Blogging is a great way to drive traffic to your website, generate leads, and attract clients. For example, Hubspot, one of the important marketing software, tells us that those who write three to four blog posts per month receive 20 more monthly lead subscriptions

A Guide to Creating a Successful Blogging Strategy

Why science blogging still matters
  • A blog with a clear goal in mind: Don’t blog just for the sake of blogging. Decide in advance what you want to accomplish with this blog.
  • Buyers Persona: The buyer persona improves the blogging profit as it identifies and explains the target audience.
  • Keywords: Google receives over four million search queries per minute. The chances of the blog being found at the top of the informational heap are much higher when the keywords are used relevant to the buyer’s persona search.
  • Research: Blogs aren’t created by themselves. It necessitates resources other than the blogging platform, such as time and talent. Determine the requirements ahead of time to ensure the success of the blogging strategy.
  • Frequency: Is six sufficient? Is ten an excessive number? Companies that increase their blogging frequency from three to five times per month to six to eight times per month double their lead generation. That is an important fact to remember.
  • Distribution: If you are blogging will it come? Not unless you have a strategy in place for where, when, and how frequently to distribute your content across various platforms.
  • Metrics: Metrics are important. What’s the point of putting in the effort if you are not going to measure the results and use the data to improve your performance?. Determine what is most important to measure, track, and analyze to achieve your objectives.
  • Blogging is one of the most effective marketing tools in any small business, especially when it is built on an effective blogging strategy.

What are the benefits of effective blogging in business?

The efficient blogging strategy helps small to medium-scale businesses in receiving more inquiries and sales. As the visibility of the business increases people can find the product or service online.

The benefits of efficient blogging for business are as follows:

1. Blogging helps with SEO:

One is aware of the fact that it is very important to get a search engine ranking on google for any small business. However, if you are one of the business owners then you realize the fact which keyphrase would rank the business on Google’s first page.


The online presence of the business is the website created beautifully with proper keywords but still doesn’t come up on Google’s first page.

Google gives ranking to the pages on their authenticity. This means the site will get ranked based on inbound links from relevant pages of other websites.

All the links created are not of equal importance.

Links that are shared from big newspaper or education sites are of great trustworthiness than taken from someone’s blog which hasn’t been updated for two years.

Generally, good-quality links have content that gets shared. It builds a community that is interested in the same industry or niche. An efficient blogging strategy enables the creation of blogs with killer content.

2. The Magic of Long Tail Keywords:.

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 Long-Tail Keywords help the business to get ranked on search results which increases its visibility online.

“ Long Tail Keywords” are keyword phrases that do not have much traffic compared to generic terms. The keywords get a higher ranking to reach the target audience.

Thus creating engaging, value-added blogs, videos, and other content it becomes easier to get ranked on search 

Engines for that term. Since long-tail keywords have much less search volume, therefore it becomes easier to reach people who are interested in the products or services, the chances of buying becomes high.

3 . Blogging helps businesses to get the brand: 

12 Blogging Tips for Beginners (+ Lots of Free Resources)

Business owners are realizing the importance of branding in marketing. Images, a good website are all the attributes of a good brand for the business.

However, blogging is one of the most important platforms that do develop a brand for the business.

The engaging content, appropriate images, and also the layout of the blogs are the important factors to make the blog successful for the business.

This means to optimize the visibility of the business the long-tail keywords have to be used to be in the first position of the search result. This helps to reach the targeted audience and also the business creates an authority on their product.

When the business proves their expertise and skill in their field through well-written content they are accepted over their competitors.

4 .Establishment of the business as an expert in its respective field:

Irrespective of the product or services a business is catering to, it is very important

to, be an expert in that particular field. These days people have a problem searching on

Google for the solution.

This means to optimize the visibility of the business the long-tail keywords have to be used to be in the first position of the search result. This helps to reach the targeted audience and also the business creates an authority on their product.

When the business proves their expertise and skill in their field through well-written content they are accepted over their competitors.

Blogging done on various topics related to business helps them to establish a reputation

in their respective field.

Blogging also helps the business in creating authority for potential clients.

5. Blogging increases the traffic:

The One Thing Gurus Always Get Wrong About Blogging | GaryVaynerchuk.com

People who generally blog post their content every week related to a particular industry.

The other industry website of similar nature gets the backlink from the blog. This increases the visibility of the blog and becomes popular at the same time.

The people who blog regularly get to see an increase in their sales and conversions due to blogging.

6. Creating a blog is easy, anyone can do it.  

In today’s date setting up a blog on WordPress is very easy. A content management system is one such feature on WordPress which make it super easy

Relation between content writing and blogging

Since content writer writes whatever they want, whether for profit or pleasure. Blogging is

a personal form of writing, in which one person maintains a blog and writes whatever they want and posts it whenever they want. They are generally attempting to gain the exposure of an audience.

What is a blog in content writing?

A blog is content writing that gets published on the internet. A blogger is someone who writes a blog and strives to interact with the reader. A blogger may choose to make their public life by discussing their daily life activities, experiences, and views.

Is there any professional training required to master the course of content writing?

The answer is yes, to become a professional content writer one has to go through a course. The second question that arises is which are the best institutes that offer this course.

1. Henry Harvin

The first and the foremost institute that offer one of the most authentic curricula in Content writing is Henry Harvin. One can learn to write Blog, Book, Seo, SocialMedia, Creative Report, Technical, PR. It is one of the institutes in India that offers 100%internship and placement support. Free recorded videos are also available.There is one year of access to LMS. One can get CDCW credential Tag. There is a free one-year membership. Some of the popular courses of the Henry Harvin related to contents are :

  • Content Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • TEFL courses in the USA
  • Digital Marketing Course
  • Medical Writing Course
  • Post Graduate Program in Content Writing , Techinal, and Medical Writing

Key Features of the Content writing Course

  1.   Training:- Online classes are for 36 long hours.
  2.   Projects: Learning Skills, Technical Writing, Research Writing, Academic Writing, and more task are available.
  3. Internships: Internship is a part of the course which gives the practical knowledge.
  4. Certification: Add the global accreditation of Certified Digital Content Writer to the profile and use the CDCW Hallmark next to the name to demonstrate expertise.
  5. Placement: 100% placement guaranteed support for one year following successful completion.
  6. E-leaning Access: Access to e-learning with a wide range of tools and techniques as well as video content, test, and more.
  7.   Boot camps: Revision classes will take place in the next twelve months.
  8.   Hackathons: Access to # Ask Henry hackathons and the competition is free.
  9.   Membership: One can avail of the one-year Gold Membership of Henry Harvin@ Writing Academy for the Digital Content Writing course.

The takeaway of the Investments

  • 36 hours of in-depth Content Writing instruction.
  • Henry Harvin@Writing Academy Gold membership for a  year .      
  • Every month the institute for the benefit of the students keep a class.
  • The most up-to-date and thorough study materials are available.
  • One will get access to a cutting-edge learning management system. (LMS)
  • There is a video recording for all the lessons
  • CDCW professionals receive 100% placement and internship aid as well as project support.
  • In classroom training the students enjoy tea or coffee
  •  Adding on supplements (logo creation, ebooks, software content writing guides/workbooks, mobile apps, etc) are available to deliver projects successfully.

Gold Membership Benefits

One year of Gold  Membership at Henry Harvin@Writing Academy are eligible to avail the following benefits

  • E-Learning Access: It has the facility of recorded videos, games.projects case studies.
  • Bootcamp Sessions: 12-month brush-up sessions for one year worth of rs 6000 are free.
  •  Internship: Guaranteed internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms.
  • Job facilities: The learners are notified every week of the availability
  • of the different jobs.
  • Perks of Membership: An opportunity to learn soft skills is a complementary module along with the course curriculum

Benefits Of Henry Harvin Content Writing Courses

  • Learn the art of writing 30+ content types and get the opportunity of earning with online projects,
  •  Skills that help to translate the thoughts into words that attract readers.
  •   Developing the essential language skills to write for international clients.
  •   To know the technicalities of understanding to develop a basic website and personal blogs.

 Having the Graphic skills to design newsletters, ppts logos, etc

  •   One could attain the advanced research skills to write on any topic.
  •  One has to develop the skill to identify the target audience for the content.
  •  One should establish an effective content strategy to engage the target audience.
  •  One should know about acquiring freelance projects from India. US, UK, and avoid the risk of bad debt in international payment.

        The course fees for this content writing course is Rs 15000

One can go ahead with the Henry Harvin Content Writing certification course

Apart from Henry Harvin other institutes which offers content writing courses are as follows:

  2. Udemy

 What you will learn: Creating a full blog from scratch on any subject.

  •  Knowing where and how to get great content and content idea for the blog posts.
  •  Enabling the visitors to create traffic on the blog from multiple free sources.
  • Monetizing the blog with high converting tangible products.
  • Setting up accounts with the best affiliate networks.
  • Monetize the list using passive or active strategies.
  • Setting up the blog for under 5$ per month.
  • Creating blog posts using best practices and knowing which type of post-work for the best.
  • The blog can generate revenue with the help of the Amazon Associate Program
  •   Building a list of email subscribers from the blog or websites.
  •  Using Multiple list-building strategies to receive 50+new subscribers a day.

Who is this course for:

This course will benefit students who want to make a living from blogging.

For instance, the course will also help students with no prior experience in blogging or students who want to improve on existing blogging.

 The actual course fee is Rs 3499 but at the discount price, it is coming at Rs 455

The course includes:

  •   12 hrs on-demand video
  •   11 articles
  •    25  downloadable resources
  •    Full-time access
  •    Access on mobile and tv
  •    Certificate of completion

Education & Career Times

This is an institute that gets paid by the Government. Just as important content writer, enjoys different benefits in this organization such as Internship opportunities, Personalized Attention & Feedback, Live and Interactive Sessions, Placement Assistance Lifetime Support.

For example, courses  are

  • Content Writing
  • ·Technical Writing
  • ·Digital Marketing Coursre
  • ·Personality Development Course

The course fee for content writing is Rs 15000 in this organization.

3. Coursera:-

Offers a series of multiple courses in different fields of specialization. If one has to master the course of efficient blogging strategy they can acquire the skill of different marketing courses it offers. The different courses it offers are

  •  Social Media and Social Content Strategy
  • Content Strategy for Professionals
  • Create a promotional video using Canva
  • Google Ads for Beginners
  • Digital Strategy and Business Opportunity
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing Fundamentals

Their courses are distance learning courses, on the other hand, there is a facility for classroom teaching in different locations

 4. Skills Upgrader:

Skills upgrade specializes in only one course, such as content writing. This course is only eligible for learners, working people, and corporate clients. Their online course on content writing having flexible timing and quality training helps them to learn with a new method. Skills upgrade content marketing course is a perfect combination of the content marketing and content writing.

Course duration & Fees:

Skills Upgrader content writing course is for 4 weeks. The course fee is Rs 6999+18% GST for live online classes.

How to develop an efficient blogging strategy :

  • Understanding the customer buying strategy:
  • In an organization, the revenue is looked after by the sales team. Despite the customer undergoes the following stages:
  •  Awareness
  • Research
  • Consideration






Retention and Loyalty



The blog article has an opportunity to cover everything in one nice package. The audience gets an understanding of the main points. This can come at the end conclusion. Since the message is so strong ultimately the audience immediately takes the action

  • It helps to drive traffic in business
  • One can repurpose blog content for social media
  • It helps to convert traffic into leads
  • It drives long term results
  • Blogging helps with link building
  • It helps to share the company news.

Moreover, an efficient blogging strategy is an essential part that leads to a digital marketing strategy. It drives traffic to the website, generates new leads for the company and helps to nurture those leads, and gives an increased insight into the customer base.


Q.1   What are the advantages of the blog in education?

Blogs offer many benefits for education:
Promotes free learning by providing opportunities for students to take more control of their learning.
Motivates students to become better readers and a writer.
 It helps in promoting the discussion among the students.
Encourages the students in the usage of internet and web among the students and the teachers.

 Q.2 What are the benefits of having blogs on the website

To increase the organic traffic, HubSpot recommends that small blogs post three to four posts per week. The large blogs try four to five posts per week including updated posts
Q.3 How often one should blog on his website?
To increase the organic traffic, HubSpot recommends that small blogs post three to four posts per week. The large blogs try four to five posts per week including updated posts.
Q.4 Do blogs help website SEO?
Is blogging beneficial to SEO? Blogging helps to boost SEO by bringing the website in the search results of Google. Blog posts that are used a variety of on-page SEO tactics can give more opportunities to rank in search engines and make the site more appealing to visitors.

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