You can’t even imagine the success of businesses, institutions, firms, and services without content writing. Content writing is proving to be a game-changer in this era of digital marketing. With well-written contents, you can advertise your services in a very innovative way. Content writing isn’t only a great tool for popularizing your businesses and services; it has become a very successful career option as well. Demand for content writers by national and international brands and companies are on all-time high.

There is no lack of institutions for learning content writing, but you will hardly find an institute like Henry Harvin. If you want to make a good career in content writing and looking for quality Content Writing Course in Guwahati, Henry Harvin is undoubtedly one of the best options for you. Henry Harvin has become very popular as a content writing institute as well as a content writing service provider in a very quick time. The institute has already produced thousands of certified and skilled content writers who are playing a pivotal ro le in the success of different companies and brands.

Doing something is a different thing, and doing it properly after learning is different. After completing your content writing course from Henry Harvin institute, you will be able to write excellent contents in very quick time. Trying to make a successful career in Content Writing? Enroll today for Content Writing Training in Guwahati, and give your dreams very strong and capable wings.

If you want to learn everything about Content Writing like its basics, some very useful and successful tricks, how to use your Content Writing skills to make good money, Henry Harvin is the best option without any doubt. The institute provides content writing course at a very reasonable fee structure. Before having an in-depth idea about Henry Harvin institute, let’s highlight some benefits of content writing course.

Benefits of Content Writing Course
 By learning Content Writing, you can become a completely different person. You will feel very confident about your writing skills. As a content writer, you can make a huge impact on the success of any company or brand. After becoming a certified content writer, you will have excellent knowledge of so many different things. Here are some benefits of completing your Content Writing Course in Guwahati. Great Opportunity to Learn Different Things after becoming a certified content writer, you will get many chances of writing on different topics and niches. You will always get opportunities to learn different things. You will be in touch with the huge world of knowledge. By dealing with different types of clients, you will be able to learn, how to deal with people in business, what are different ethics of working with different people. Content writing can transform you into a different and advanced person.

There is Nothing like LimitThere is no any type of limit for content writers. As a certified content writer, you can write as many contents as you want on different topics for different national as well as international brands, institutes, firms, and services. You are exposed to the international community all the time. You can do different things without any limit after completing your Content Writing Training in Guwahati.

You can Write on Your Terms and Conditions Content Writing is a unique career that gives you a lot of liberty. You can work according to your terms and conditions. You can manage your time according to your daily schedule. Everything is simply in your hand. You are free to decide the number of hours you want to work on a daily basis. Content writing gives you great opportunity to become a successful freelancer. As a freelance writer, you are always free to work from the comfort of your home according to your schedule, terms, and conditions. There is nothing like pressure from anyone. In short, you are the master of your life.


There is Opportunity to Do Other Things as Well As a content writer, you don’t have to work for long hours. You can earn a decent amount of money by working for a limited number of hours. You can do so many other things in your life as well. After completing your Content Writing Course in Guwahati, you can make a very good and successful career as a certified content writer. The career in content writing isn’t only a great rewarding one; it also gives you time to do different other things as well.

Different Content Writing Jobs and Their BenefitsContent Writing isn’t a single subject or topic. It is a bunch of different streams and types of jobs. As a certified and talented content writer, you can play different important roles in different job profiles. Here are some very successful jobs you can get after completing your Content Writing Training in Guwahati

Certified SEO WriterBecoming an SEO Writer is one of the most popular trends in the world of content writing jobs. Keywords play a huge role in SEO contents, and if you can learn the game of keywords, you can easily become a very successful SEO Writer and can work with any MNC in Guwahati and other Indian and Foreign Cities. As an SEO writer, you will have to keywords based plagiarism free contents before the given deadline. SEO contents are usually very important for advertising purposes. SEO contents are prepared for various Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, and other sites. A well-written SEO content can play a pivotal role in the advertisement of companies, brands, and services on different internet platforms. 

Advantages: As an SEO writer, you can write for different brands and companies without any limit. In addition to writing SEO contents for different firms, you can also start your own company to provide SEO contents.Content Writing Course in Guwahati can give you great opportunities to make more than enough money. 

Salary: In starting, you can easily get a payment around 7,000 INR to 15,000 INR monthly. With the improvement in your writing skills and some experience, you can earn something around 50k to 1 lakh INR periodically without much fuss. 

Professional Business Writer There is no dip in demand for business writers. Recent trends are suggesting the rapid growth in demand for business writers in the future. Many business experts talk about the value of well-written, informative, and attractive content in the success of any business. If you have deep knowledge about the business, market, and shares, you can use this knowledge to great benefit especially after completing your Content Writing Training in Guwahati. As a business writer, you will have to target a specific audience with your knowledge of business and writing skills. If you are willing to make a successful career as a business writer, you can even pursue it as full-time work. 

Advantages: By no means is Guwahati an ordinary city of North-East India. From a business point of view, it is one of the most important parts of the region. Many national and international companies are willing to start their setups in Guwahati. If you are a certified business writer, you can grab the chance by working for these companies. There is no doubt; you will have a great career as a business writer. 

Salary: Business writers are easily getting a salary of around 40,000 to 1.5 lakh every month. The certificate you will get after completing your Content Writing Course in Guwahati will be more than enough to get a decent job as a business writer. Depending on your business knowledge and writing skills, you can easily make more than enough money on a monthly and even weekly basis. 

Academic Content WriterIf we compare present India with the India of 20-30 years ago, we will find a huge difference. People are more than interested in getting education. Academic Writers are in demand from different institutes providing education at different levels. As an academic writer, you will have to provide academic contents to respective institutes, magazines, newspapers, journals, and publishing companies. You need to have more than good knowledge about different topics of primary to higher stages. 

Advantages: There are immense benefits of writing academic contents. Once you get Content Writing Training in Guwahati, you can’t only make more than enough money as an Academic Writer; you will always add a lot of new things every day to your knowledge repertoire. 

Salary: There is a huge demand for Academic Writers, and it is only going to increase with time. A large number of Academic Writers are earning 50K to 3.5 lakh monthly depending on the academic knowledge and writing skills. 

Freelance Writer If you want to get a part-time job along with your normal job, study or any other daily engagement, becoming a freelance writer is the best option for you. It is the best option for students, housewives, retired people, or even for those who want to use their free time to great effect. As a freelancer, you need to provide contents on different niches on a particular deadline.
Advantages: The biggest advantage you will get as a freelancer is liberty. You can work from anywhere and anytime. It solely depends on your daily schedule and priorities. Freelance writing isn’t the best option as a full-time job, but if it is about a part-time job, nothing can be better than it. 

Salary: After completing Henry Harvin Content Writing Training in Guwahati, you will be able to write quality contents without spending too much time. Earning 10K to 50K monthly shouldn’t be a challenge for a freelancer. Henry Harvin Content Writing Course in Guwahati As we know, the rapid increase in demand for contents and content writers matched with the rapid emergence of so many Content Writing Institutes. Providing Content Writing course is a different thing, and providing it uniquely and accurately is a different thing. Henry Harvin institute is known for offering excellent job-oriented CW course at reasonably affordable fee structures. There are different courses for different types of writers from beginner to the advanced, and professional content writing courses. If you want to make a successful career in content writing, Henry Harvin can prove to be a bridge between you and success. All the courses are very beneficial thanks to different topics related to basics, some golden rules for writing, and so many tried and tested tricks to become a successful and influential content writer. Content Writing Course in Guwahati from Henry Harvin institute will be very handy for you to take decisive steps towards making a good career in content writing.

Henry Harvin has an excellent faculty comprising of some well-known industry experts, business masters, and of course very experienced content writing trainers. The 32 hours of classroom training from Henry Harvin includes lectures and lessons from industry experts, some very useful tips to become a good Content Writer and much more.All of us are very well aware of the importance of mobile application in this digitally inspired world. Henry Harvin institute offers a fully equipped LMS mobile application to all the students right at the time of enrollment for Content Writing Training in Guwahati. Students can learn very important tips and tricks about Content Writing twenty-four hours and seven days. The app is designed with so many different topics about content writing, marketing strategies, Search Engine tips, Keyword Integration and much more.

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MNCs in Guwahati Where You Can Get Placement After Completing Your Content Writing Course Spark Fashion Consumers Marketing Pvt. Ltd Guwahati, AssamStartup Column Guwahati, Assam TBL Education Pvt. Ltd Guwahati, Assam Balaji Media GroupGuwahati, Assam Bargain Technologies Private Limited Guwahati, Assam Our Courier and Logistics Services Pvt. Ltd Guwahati, AssamThese are some prominent MNCs where you can get placed after completing your Content Writing Course in Guwahati. The list is very long though. We have shared only a few of the MNCs. Don’t lose a great opportunity to make a very successful career in Content Writing. Enroll today for the proper courses at Henry Harvin, and be assured of a hundred percent success.

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Who can take up a content writer course.?

Anyone who has the passion for writing , who understand the nitty-grity of the writing can take up a content writing course. The program is mainly learned by the college going students, any graduate, entrepreneurs, persons interested in restarting their career, Housewives, Digital Marketer

Why should you learn the course from Henry harvin?

Henry Harvin is one of the pioneer institute in the content writing industry. Henry Harvin not only conducts its classes all over the India but it also have international presence. The institute does not have physical infrastructure every where in India but it conducts its virtual online classes in many Indian cities. The timing of the classes are quite feasible and you can easily attend them. Their fee structure is quite pocket friendly and low as compared to other institute in this field. Their Certification and affiliations are important key feature .

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