Creative Writing is a wonderful art of expressing your opinion, feelings, and views creatively and uniquely as possible. Creative Writing is very different from academic or technical writings but can attract a lot of readers and audience. It is almost impossible to define Creative Writing within a sentence or phrase. Any piece of Creative Writing is unique and special and comes directly from thoughts and imaginations of a writer. The ultimate purpose to write creatively is to entertain the audience in the best possible way.

If you are in search of an institute where you can learn Creative Writing in Guwahati, you must be interested in the best Creative Writing Course in Guwahati. There are so many institutes offering Creative Writing course, but you will hardly find an institute like Henry Harvin– a pioneer institute for learning Creative Writing. Creative Writing comprises of different themes and subjects like Stories, Tales, Poems, Comics, Playwriting, Screenwriting, and so many other various types of fiction and non-fiction contents. Creative Writers are always in demand from multiple schools, institutes, organizations, filmmakers, directors, and others. As a Creative Writer, there is no shortage of scopes and chances for you. You can get a very decent job with excellent salary package. You can even start your work after completing your Creative Writing Training in Guwahati. If you can write creatively on different themes and genre, you can think about making a good career in Creative Writing. Let’s learn about the advantages of Creative Writing first.

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Benefits of Creative Writing


It is very natural to feel a little hesitant before starting a new course or a new job. Knowing the pros and cons of any course is very important, and if we talk about Creative Writing, there is nothing negative. You will only get a lot of benefits once you complete your Creative Writing Course. Here are some highlighted benefits of Creative Writing Course.

  • Improvements in Vocabulary 

Having a good number of words in your arsenal is always very helpful and can make a huge difference in your overall personality. A good vocabulary can improve your writing and communication skills to a considerable extent. You will surely become a very attractive and influential Creative Writer with having a decent number of words and meanings. Vocabulary doesn’t only play a pivotal role in various languages; it is excellent for other subjects like science and mathematics. The best way to improve your vocabulary is Creative Writing Training in Guwahati. You will feel very confident among a group of educated and talented people. You will be able to express your opinions, feelings, and imaginations in a better and unique way.

  • Personality Development

Developing your personality isn’t an easy thing at all. But by learning Creative Writing, it will be effortless for you to develop your overall personality. Creative Writing isn’t only a better way to improve your writing skills; it can also make your personality very attractive and positive. You will be able to develop new skills; you will tackle different situations in your life with ease. Creative Writing is surely going to enhance your thinking and decision-making capacity. In short, it is going to make a great positive change in your life.

  • Improvement in Communication Skills

Good communication skill has been a very important part of personal as well as professional life. If you don’t have proper communication and interaction skills, you can’t deal with different types of people. You will feel very nervous and negative among a group of people. Creative Writing Course in Guwahati will undoubtedly improve your communication skills. You will feel the difference after learning the great art of Creative Writing. It will transform you into a positive and confident person

  • Decision-Making Ability

The biggest advantage of learning Creative Writing is, it allows you to think about different situations with creativity. A creative mind can do a single thing in multiple ways. You will be able to make a decision very easily. Creativity in your thoughts and opinions can make a huge positive impact on your life.

  • Problem Solving Ability

Life is full of different incidents. Some of them are positive for us, while a few of them are negative. Tackling bad situations in your life is not less than an art. Creative Writing teaches you how to solve a particular problem uniquely and differently. By getting Content Writing Training in Guwahati, you will develop an ability to solve problems in your personal as well as professional life. Jobs You Can Pursue after Creative Writing Course
Creative Writing isn’t only a way to improve your personality as a whole; it is one of the best job-oriented course as well. You can earn decent money by making a career in Creative Writing. As a creative writer, you can play different roles in different capacities. Plenty of career options are waiting for Creative Writers, and if you are a Certified Creative Writer from Henry Harvin, you will always have the edge Content Writing Course in Guwahati, there are very high chances of making a great career in writing.

  • Creative Direction

It is also a great career option for you as A Creative Writer. Creative Directors are always in huge demand, especially in this era of digital entertainment and advertisement. If it is about the advertisement sector, you can head various advertising corporations. You can also lead a team of creative artists from multiple fields. As a Creative Writer, you can also prepare drafts for advertisements, and other forms of video shootings. There is very tight competition for Creative Direction, and you need a high level of writing and direction skills. Creative Writing Training in Guwahati can surely help you to become a successful Creative Director. Creative Direction is a high-paying work, and you can easily earn 80K to 5 Lakh every month depends on your skills and your approach in different industries.

  • Lexicography

Both digital and printed dictionaries are always in use. Rapid global development and constant researches in different fields are giving birth to new words frequently. Lexicography is a career where you will have to edit and update different dictionaries with new words and their meanings/explanations. You will have to analyze the meanings, definitions, practices, and usage of different words, phrases, and sentences. Learning Creative Writing can give you great opportunity to work as a lexicographer for different academic institutes and publishing companies.If you are a fresh writer, you can opt to become a Lexicographer. It is an excellent option for freshers. As a lexicographer, you can easily earn 30K to 50K per month depending on your skills and knowledge. 

  • Editorial Assistant

With little experience as a Creative Writer, you can successfully start your career as an Editorial Assistant. Editorial Assistants are always in demand from different institutes, organizations, magazines, newspapers, and even individual writers. As an Editorial Assistant, you will have to assist senior writers and editors at different editorial bodies. You can perform different roles in sections like management, publication, and commissioning. Spotting errors in already written contents and articles is another great option that can give you better money. Becoming an Editorial Assistant will be very easy for you once you complete Creative Writing Training in Guwahati. As an Editorial Assistant, you can earn 30,000 INR to 80,000 INR without much fuss; again it depends on your writing skills and experience.

  • Marketing Executives

If you can prepare attractive presentations, there is no reason you can’t choose marketing as a career option. Your strategic thinking ability can make you a very successful person in the marketing field. There are so many different divisions of companies and brands hiring different professionals for different roles. As a Marketing Executive, you can play critical roles in different divisions like economics, advertisement, retail, and media dealing. The ultimate result a company would want from you is proper advertisements and promotions of services and products. Your salary or income depends on your skills and ability to impress your clients. Creative Training in Guwahati can help you immensely to become a successful Marketing Executive. With some experience and excellent writing skills, earning somewhere around 2-3 Lakhs per month should not be a big challenge.  

Henry Harvin- One of the Best Institutes to Learn Creative Writing
There are so many institutes around the country offering Creative Writing Course at different fee structures, but Henry Harvin institute is far better thanmost of them in a lot of ways:

  • It is one of the leading and established institutes to learn Creative Writing properly. You can become an excellent Creative Writer opting from various course options from the institute.
  • Henry Harvin is mainly known for its professional, and experienced faculty comprises of amazing writers and industry experts. Henry Harvin is providing Creative Writing Course in Guwahati and other Indian cities as well for quite a long time now. The success rate of the institute is the reflection of its impact on the writing industry.
  • The institute has produced thousands of Creative Writers who are successfully working with different companies, institutes, and publishing houses. Henry Harvin institute isn’t only about huge promises. It gives complete assistance to its students in a scientific, modern, and unique way.
  • The LMS Mobile Application, designed by the business and writing experts is something you won’t find at any other institute. The application is designed for all the registered students at Henry Harvin and provides complete assistance in learning the art of Creative Writing. LMS Mobile Application contains various aspects of Creative Writing and is accessible 24/7 for every student of Henry Harvin.

Various Options to get Placed
Placement is one of the biggest factors when you are in search of an institute. Henry Harvin is known for its excellent placement records. Numerous ex-students of Henry Harvin have a very peaceful and satisfied life with a great career in different sectors. There is no reason you can’t get a decent job after completing your Creative Writing Training in Guwahati from Henry Harvin Institute. Here are some excellent options for you.

Growing Online Travel Media Platform
Guwahati, Assam

Banyan Tree Info Media Pvt. Ltd.
Guwahati, Assam
Simplified Education

Guwahati, Assam

Next-Right Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd
Guwahati, Assam

Fab Digital Media
Guwahati, Assam

These are some organizations where you can get a decent job as a Creative Writer with an excellent salary package. There are many more options as well. Creative Writing is a great job-oriented course, and a large number of youngsters are already working with various MNCs and are having a very comfortable life. Creative Writing Course in Guwahati from Henry Harvin Courses is surely going to give you a new ray of hope.


Apply today for a suitable course and give yourself a high chance of becoming a successful Creative Writer. over others. Here are some job options you can pursue after completing your Content Writing Course in Guwahati.

What is the requirement to be a successful content writer?

To be a successful content writer
1- To have a constant habit of reading is a prerequisite.
2- Doing proper research on the topic to be written is a fundamental requirement. 3- Choose a suitable niche
4- Learn content writing tools and practice them.
5- Develop extensive vocabulary.
6- Create a website and build your portfolio
7- Explore social media and various portals that provide opportunities for content writers.
8- Take Internships to learn more and try to create your credibility.
9- Increase your social media presence.
10- Pursue a content writing course from a reputed institute.
11- Get updated with the Search Engine Optimization.

What is SEO Content Writing?

A Search Engine Optimized content writing is the series of planning, creating and optimizing any content to make it attractive, informative and interesting enough to attract the target audience. A search engine optimized content should rank on search engines.

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