Everywhere people keep finding security. Cyber attacks are not new in this digitally forward world. Therefore, no one is safe. The only precaution against these cyber threats is cyber security. Cyber security is a way of protecting computer systems.

They provide protection to networks, devices, and programs from digital threats. In this write-up, we will discuss the benefits of cyber security. Also, a career in it can be beneficial. One must not take technological threats lightly, and therefore, one should always be prepared for them.

We must take the benefits of cyber security seriously. With the onset of the pandemic, there was a sudden change in working conditions. More and more people started working from remote places. Hence, people across the world started to connect with more devices, globally. It is said that due to this usage, more cyber threats have been observed. The devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, and many more have become an integral part of our life. Thus, with the innovation of technology, comes its disadvantages as well. And one of the major cons is cyber attacks. We should know about cyber security and its benefits. It has been studied that people utilize a number of devices. Also, there are more attackers who are increasing day by day. They are also using innovative methods to attack. And that is why people should start applying cybersecurity measures.

What is Cyber security?

Cyber security protects data from unwanted threats.

Cyber security is the practice of protecting internet-related devices and services from hostile attacks by cyber criminals, spammers, and hackers.
People are more reliant on technology nowadays, whether it is for shopping, banking, or contacting our friends and families. We have indulged in devices and therefore, along with it our personal information. This information can be prone to threats like identity theft, extortion of money, or unauthorized acquiring of data. Cyber attacks mostly access, change, or destroy sensitive information. Furthermore, money is also being extorted from users using ransomware. Also, it is observed that all these dangerous activities are done by previous employees, third-party vendors, or trusted partners.
All these breaches can be stopped by using cyber security. Organizations should protect information which is of utmost importance thus, keeping its functioning properly. It is, therefore, necessary to gain knowledge about the benefits of cyber security.

What are the different types of cyber threats?

There are different types of cyber threats and hence, cyber security is required to safeguard against these threats.

1. Phishing 

The practice of sending false emails depicting emails from actual sources so as to obtain sensitive data like login information, credit card numbers, etc.

2. Social Engineering 

The practice of obtaining sensitive information is done by either clicking false links, or downloading malware, or a source.

3. Ransomware

It is a type of software where money is extorted by blocking access to files or computer systems until you pay the ransom.

4. Malware

This is a type of software where access to a computer is obtained without permission.

Benefits of cyber security

The many benefits of cyber security make people rely on it

1. The benefit of Cyber security is the Protection of data 

– Protection of Personal data

People have no idea that they are sharing their personal information because of the use of digital applications. Sometimes, a virus may also pose a threat to obtaining information. It has been observed that internal threats can be done by previous employees, third-party vendors, or trusted partners. Here, cyber security protects the data, whether done intentionally or accidentally, and eventually ensures the protection of information and provides internet access without any data breach.

– Maintaining the Reputation of the Business

All businesses are dependent on customer satisfaction and obtaining their trust. If there is a security breach in a market, it not only affects business services but also brand loyalty. Therefore, if cyber security services are implemented it can avoid any threat to further securing clients’ trust and the reputation of the company.  

2. Regulation compliance

The regulation sets standards for the services and hence, should be applied to the businesses. Similarly, regulatory bodies have made it compulsory for companies to apply cyber security systems. This will help in protecting individual users and organizations from potential threats. Regulatory bodies include HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOX, and GDPR among few.

3. Benefits of Cyber security are Increasing Productivity and Providing remote working opportunities

Cybercriminals find ways to breach data by utilizing innovative methods. There are computer viruses that affect the system, networks, and the entire functioning of the organization, eventually, affecting productivity. 
Also, businesses are at a higher risk with the remote working model being applied globally. The cyber attacks come through the simple use of WiFi or IoT as well as personal devices.
One of the benefits of cyber security is to follow various ways like virus scanning, firewalls, and automated backups to avoid cyber attacks. Cyber security protects WiFi from obtaining users’ data, thus, safeguarding personal information.

4. Cost-effective and time-management

Cyber threats to businesses lead to major financial losses. Firstly, it can be either through money theft or through the expenses required for repairing any damaged systems. Secondly, time is lost in restoring and repairing. Finally, the entire damage to the system leads to the loss of clients’ trust and eventually the organization’s reputation. Hence, cyber security is one such way to avoid losses. If we execute the right cyber security measures such as usage of strong passwords, regular updating of software, putting up firewalls and antivirus, and upskilling ourselves, we can keep ourselves one step ahead of these cyber threats.

5. The benefit of cyber security is Preventing the crashing of websites

With cloud systems managing businesses, a cyber attack may lead to the entire crashing of the system. Eventually, this leads to revenue and client losses. Therefore, cyber security is an effective way to avoid future website crashes.

6. Protection of Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property (IP) is the property that is created by the mind like inventions, literature work, artwork, etc. It also includes important information like trade secrets, patents, copyrights, and trademarks. Cyber threats lead to threats to Intellectual Property. The benefits of cyber security also include measures to protect Intellectual Property through encryption and access control. Digital watermarking and authentication are also ways of safeguarding your data.

Why should one do a career in cyber security?

The need for securing cyber information from digital threats is increasing, and therefore, the need for people who are skilled in cyber security is also increasing. Nowadays, cyber security knowledge and skills are in very high demand. Hence, the list of benefits of cyber security should also include a career in the same. So, people interested in computers and networking can opt for a career in cyber security.

Apart from the high salary, a career in cyber security offers job satisfaction, working in remote places, and growth in the workplace. One can also start their own cyber security business. However, to be an expert in cyber security one needs to be well-trained and have a particular set of skills. One can obtain a certificate in cyber security by enrolling in cyber security classes. There are many cyber security institutes as well and one can find the best online course at Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Professional course.

Henry Harvin Cyber Security Academy

Cybersecurity is a growing industry, therefore one must have knowledge and skills in it. One of the benefits of cyber security is that students can pursue a career in it. And one can find Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Academy provides the best Cyber Security Professional course. It is the most demanded Certification course that includes the best cyber security syllabus, and it also provides skills in Cloud security, Data and Endpoint security, and Application security.

The cybersecurity course syllabus guides you in the following skills – 

  • IT Strategy Management
  • IT Operation Management
  • Cyber Attack Phases
  • Cloud Security
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Data and Endpoint Security

The cyber security course details are as follows – 

The period of the entire program is 144 hours which is online live interactive classes and consists of 9 modules which are – 

  • Security Essentials
  • Cryptography – in accordance with DES, AES, IDEA, ECC
  • Computer and Network Security – with reference to Internet Layer Protocol, Transport Layer Protocol, Application Layer Protocol, and Link Layer Protocol. 
  • Application Security
  • Data and Endpoint Security
  • IdAM (Identity and Access Management)
  • Cloud Security
  • Phases of Cyberattack
  • Security Processes in Practice for Business

The cyber security course fees at Henry Harvin

The cyber security course fees at Henry Harvin are Rs. 129500/-, and one can also pay by EMI starting at Rs. 14389/- per month.

Benefits of cyber security course at Henry Harvin

Apart from the various skills offered by the cyber security institute, students also benefit from the best-trained professionals with updated study materials. The course has a flexible schedule. It also includes a 9-in-1 program and a Gold membership along with Post-Training Followups. The cyber security institute offers the best-guided opportunity with respect to job placements. Finally, the students will receive a Hallmark Certification of Certified Cyber Security Professional.

Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Academy courses


Cyber attacks are the biggest threats to increasing digitalization. Therefore, a strong cyber security system, if implemented, acts as a precautionary measure. Also, a career in cyber security can be one of the benefits of cyber security. Of course, the best choice of cyber security courses is Henry Harvin’s Cyber Security Professional Course in order to obtain the necessary skillset. It is important that all individuals must be aware of the benefits of cyber security. Thus, to conclude, it is very important for all to be observant about their online activities, and make the internet safer for everyone.

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Q1. What are cybersecurity and its benefits?

Ans. Cybersecurity is the method of securing our digital software, networks, and internet-related devices from dangerous cyber crimes. The benefits of cybersecurity are plenty which include ensuring the safety of our personal information, financial accounts, businesses, as well as Intellectual Property. It also proves to be cost-effective and saves our time by safeguarding the information. If the appropriate regulations are followed, businesses can avoid major losses.

Q2. Who needs cybersecurity?

Ans. Although cybersecurity should be applied by both, all individual users as well as business entities, industries like healthcare, finance, and education are at greater risk. It has also been observed that small businesses that are included in the supply chain of bigger enterprises are more prone to cyber-attacks.

Q3. What is a cyberattack and its types?

Ans. Attacks or threats to computer-related devices, networks, or businesses are called cyberattacks. The many types of cyber threats are-
– Phishing
– Malware
– Ransomware
– SQL Injection
– Social Engineering
– Man-in-the-Middle Attack
– Denial of Service (DoS)
– Advanced Persistent Threats

Q4. What are the advantages of doing a job in cybersecurity?

Ans. Choosing a career in cybersecurity surely has its advantages and they are –
– High salary
– Job satisfaction
– Remote working
– Guaranteed Job Growth
– Chances of starting own business
– Many training options
– Flexible working conditions
– The workplace can be private or public

Q5. How to kickstart a career in cybersecurity?

Ans. One of the benefits of cybersecurity is to make a career in it. One can join a cybersecurity class and obtain certification in it, thus kickstarting your career. There are many online courses available as well, but Henry Harvin’s CyberSecurity Professional Course is the best one to choose from.

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