The use of weapons in the war are changed from time to time. The evolution of war weapons is a unique chapter in the history of mankind. In the war of troy or Kurukshetra, the weapon used like a sword, arrow bows, spears, etc. Horse chariots, horses, elephants were used in the war.

In the middle age, cannons came into the war field. In the first world war tanks, aeroplanes, and modern technology were utilized. In the second world war high-level technology, modern tanks, bombard planes, submarines, warships, and just after the end of the war atom bomb is used. Now anybody can say if the third world war comes it will be a cyberwar.

The history of crime is contemporary of our civilization. But in the modern changing society character of crimes also changed with times. A new phenomenon in crime is cybercrime. In the age of digitalization, crimes have also been digitized and it is called cybercrime. Naturally to protect civilized men from this crime is very necessary and important. So the word cyber security is included in our dictionary in this digital era.


Cyber security relevancy

As the internet and online practices are highly valuable so cyber security became a regular business. Every cybersecurity is infected with 11 seconds according to the statistics. though 37% surge and there is a huge quantity of cyber attack is being happened. By KSN this is being searched and researched. Many authorized courses in India have started inflow on cyber security.

Physical security gives the facilities on to store goods in the real world whereas cyber security protects information systems and data. Many attacks happened on the server, networks, computers, electrical devices. Its goal is to guard cyber connection through vast environments including computing and businesses in a great quantity of data exposed each year.

In the first nine months of 2019 7.9 million data were exposed and 112% of records of data were disclosed. Meanwhile, cyber security IT jobs are evolving by their importance. These organizations have grown ever more vulnerable to hack cyber attacks. Ultimate data must be kept, secured by the cyber security staff. The job portal indeed reported a huge number of cyber security roles for the job was implemented. Companies like KONG have doubled their size in the cyber security arena.

According to NASSCOM reports India lacks cyber security experts but the companies are willing to offer premium salaries over 4 crores over top talents and this has increased the budget on cyber security by 71% observed by PWC in its 2016 report.

The recent cyber security of several factors:

Digital media and demonetization-

According to Ashoke Pamidi, the senior director of NASSCOM, while the government was implementing digital India and demonetization, the companies were being pushed to digital transformation. There was a huge scope of cyber attacks raised. So there is no negligence without compromising security.

General Data protection revolution:

GDPR did not go into effect until May 2018. They have been preparing to safeguard their database from cybercrime rules. It seeks a cyber security expert.

Aftermath of wama cry Ransomware:

A year ago in May 2017 Ransomware reported that 200000 computers in 150 countries were affected within three days. It had affected 100 billion dollars. The vulnerability of the data and destroying laws made the country destroyed. It brought a damaging situation in the countries.

Types of cyber threats:

Network security-

Network security as the name we know prevents malicious or unauthorized access of the network for integrity, dependability, and useability this is required. The incoming and outgoing traffic must be monitored. The preventing Softwares are VPN, firewalls, anti-spyware, IPS, and so on.

Cloud security:

To decrease the operational expenditure IT farms popularized the cloud. Users are more open to hackers for security stack. So cloud suppliers and consumers have to be more cautious. To be secured for business expectation providers like AWS, GCP, and AZURE are ready to supply customers at per.

Application security:

Any application released by the users can come into contact with stakeholders resulting in network amplification. A variety of tools and methods must be used to secure the app.

Cyber security engineers, what they do:

Those individuals are the most perfect candidates who can possess organizational, technical, and communication skills. The job entails the focus of quality purpose in IT infrastructure including designing, building, and protecting robust systems assisting cyber threats and organization’s structures. Routers, firewalls switches, VPN, and other networks monitor their tools under their control. Cyber security engineers can detect cyber viruses, destructive defects, and hacking attempts. The expert must maintain solid configuration in data transformation.

●  Security measures for data, systems and networks are highly monitored and upgraded by engineers.

●  Resolving security and networks issued all systems false and barriers must be mentioned enabling organization’s data with safeguard.

●  Being a participant in the process of change management. Wherever any troubleshoot, unwanted access or system obstacles come there must be engineers or experts have to perform the precise duty. The threats of data and unauthorized data information should be ending by their end. Regardless of your title, you must collaborate with other departments to implement security policies and IT systems.

Cyber security engineers’ job roles and security:

●  Detail ensures security configured firewalls.

●  Detail security hardware and software updates.

●  Keep an insight on the network system.

●  Establish security policies.

●  Detection of harmful situations, conducting security and forensic analysis.

●  Protection of the organization’s data, system and network monitored and updated.

●  Enabling organizations’ data and infrastructure are to be safeguarded.

Important skills for cyber securities:

●  Bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology or system engineering.

●  Expertise in cyber security tasks, incident detection, and response.

●  Experience with firewalls and various forms of securities including operation and maintenance.

●  C++,Java,NODE,Python, Ruby, or power cell are examples of the tools.

●  Knowledge of cyber protection and hacker tactics is important.

Cyber security salary in India:

The average total compensation for early-career cyber security engineers with 1-4 years of experience is Rs.3,07034 per annum.

Network security engineer:

The network security engineer is a critical position role. It secures the threats to stop an encounter. Their main work is to check vulnerability, automation, maintain 

the system. They maintain various monitoring tools like VPN. Their salary is Rs.400000 to 800000 per annum.

●  Ensure data detection system.

●  Hardware and software maintaining

●  Planning of overall security system

●  Define security policy

●  Maintaining VPC, web protocol, email security

●  To play with forensic analyzer and infected malicious incidents.

Cyber security analyst:

Cyber security analysis is based on planning, implementing, and upgrading security control. They ensured there are no loopholes in security and its behavior. The cyber security analyses test and security assessment to manage the network. The salary of cyber security begins at Rs.600000 per annum.

●  They test and evaluate cyber threats.

●  Identify the weakness in the existing firewalls and encryptions.

●  Being updated always.

●  Monitoring all unusual, unauthorized, and illegal activities.

 Security architect:

There is a model architecture to build the network and computer security for the company. It also makeover the researching model security. Without security, there is no scope for cyber attacks. It has to build the structure for the employees and decide a paucity action in case of lapses. The security architect begins the salary of Rs.1700000 per annum.

Cyber Security Manager:

A cyber security manager identifies the plan and effective solutions. He has to provide reports of employees to minimize and maximize the systems.

●  Create a plan and nurture the high-level IT security issues.

●  Supervise the employees and security measures.

●  Hier new employees.

●  The purpose of the security budget for the firm.

●  Expertise in cyber attack detection, protection, response, and recovery.

The average salary of a cyber security manager is 1200000 rupees per annum.

Chief Information security officer:

According to the PWC CYSO has a management team. The company has aware of the threats of cybercrime and potential management. It also ensures the cyber security plan for the business vision, mission, and technologies. They have to develop inclusively and maintain processes that there is no security lapse whatsoever. They have to ensure, there are no obstacles in business. They’re also responsible for securities policies and procedures within the organization. The average salary for CISCO is between Rs.20000000 to 40000000.

●  Ensure the company’s compliance regulations.

●  Connecting with the budget.

●  Designing risk management.

●  Providing cyber resonance, rapid response, and recovery strategy.

Ethical Hacker:

White hat hacker hacks the company with the approval of the organization. They have the tests for the weakness of the system securities. The IDS and IPS as a hacker do with its sniffing network, social engineering, and cracking wireless encryption. Their annual income is Rs.4,98957.

Security administrator:

Plays the role of the organization-wise security system and system analyst in a smaller organization.

●  Defending systems against unauthorized access.

●  Monitoring unusual activity.

●  Configures and supports security tools.

●  Including network safety policies and corporate data safe.

●  Develop and update disaster recovery protocol.

●  The average salary of a security administrator of Rs.5,24,587 per annum.

Security Software developer:

Security software developers enhance the software to monitor and analyze traffic intrusion detection viruses, spyware, malware, detection antivirus software, and so on.

●  The invention of a new security software technique.

●  Review the software security.

●  Troubleshooting issues that arise.

●  The average salary of a security software developer is $ 73460


A cryptographer works as a researcher to develop strong algorithms to secure software or build software.

●  Delete existing weaknesses by implementing highly encrypted solutions.

●  Enhancing or training the IT security

●  The average salary of a cryptographer is Rs.610419 per annum.

Security consultant:

A security consultant is highly responsible for software detection and virus or cyber attack.

●  Tests the potential security threats

●  Accepting the protocol to cover the security threats

●  Adjusting security specialists and assigning tasks.

●  Meeting with clients to discuss security measures.

●  Running risk assessment.

●  Compiling reports on the lists result.

●  Suggesting improvements to security systems.

The average salary of a security consultant is Rs.6,96,407 per annum.

Network engineer poses-

●  Engineering of network


●  This is a wide area network.

●  Router

●  Java,Python

Top companies who hire cyber security in India:

●  Microsoft

●  Salesforce

●  ACT fibernet

●  Accenture

●  Thomson Routers

●  Tata Communication

●  Capgemini Engineering

●  Deloitte

Cyber security salaries in Other countries:

The most popular counties’ networks are spread in Canada,USA,Australia,Arab Emirates, United Kingdom. Their salaries are $6000 to $ 7000 per month to $10000 to $ 15000 per month. So by this way engineers concentrate on personal growth per year.

Cyber security job market:

Cyber security jobs are highly demanded in digital format.31% by 2029 more than 7 times the average rate of job growth across all the industries. Cyber security aspirants should consider these skills by taking cyber security courses.

Henry Harvin cyber security jobs and Its courses:


This certificate course teaches the students the fundamentals of the network industry.

License penetration tester(LPT)

LPT is an advanced cyber security certification. Technicians are well equipped to demonstrate their eligibility perfectly and it also hastens the new skills to implement.

Advantage of the course:

Aware of the increasing demand for cyber security experts.DISEASE idea and ECC cryptography.

It is Henry Hervin affiliated with the American Association of EFL, the ministry of corporate affairs,MSME.UKAF,UKCRT,PMI, and ISO 299990:2010 certified.

Aspirants can avail these courses through                 Cybrary,,, open security,,,edX.Org.

Except that the bureau of labor statistics in the federal structure intends to increase employees through the OPM 2.1 million civilians.

Some important Cybercrime news published in different newspapers and media:

If you look at the following news published in various newspapers of different countries you can get a concept of the increasing danger of cybercrime around the world.

❖ Hackers shut down Microsoft sites –The New York Times 26 th January 2001.

❖ Virtual MAYHEM arouses real anger at hackers’ attack—13th December Newyork Times.

❖ Stolen credit data put online—13th December NewYork times

❖ UK defence school hit by sick Cyberattack by Russia or China. Causing significant damage.—The Sun,3rd January 2022.

❖ A British newspaper owned by Rupert Murdoch has warned some readers that their details may have been stolen by cyber attacks.– The HINDU

❖ For remark against general Bipin Rawat,     Gujrat man arrested.–—December 10 2021.

❖ Russian extradited to US to face cybercrime–29 October 2021.

❖ China handles 62000 cybercrime cases 2021–China Daily 6th January 2021.


There are so many companies who afford their works in SD-WAN, security, virtualization, and cloud computing. Network engineers must focus on programming, security, storage, and systems. In addition to routing and switching with optimum network management positions. It is to improve 6% between 2016-2026 which is all average for the occupation. The top 5 cyber security jobs are including development professionals, security analysts, and incident assessors. Banks, government, retail, and BFSI sectors actually recruit cyber security professionals. The job demands only grow. The challenge is to meet the critical roles. The exciting well-developed jobs await.

We passed away the stone age,the copper age, the Iron age and now we are in the age of coins. In this modern age,a man’s status in his society actually depends on which salary or income he earns. In this point of view as the scope of huge earnings is possible in the field of cyber security jobs. These are lucrative and respectable in society.


1.Is cyber security a good carrier in India?

Ans-Due to the high demand for compliance specialists and professionals apperentities and outlook is favorable,So Engineer can choose this pain.

2.Is cyber security a high-paying job?

Ans-Yes lucky one can earn more than Rs.2000000 per annum.

3. Does cyber security pay well in India?

Ans-Yes they have the highest-paid employees who can earn 900000 to 1500000 per year.

4. Does Cyber require coding?

Ans-Coding and decoding tasks to become qualified within a few years of experience may require you to write and understand code.

5. How much does a system engineer take?

Ans-A system engineer can look for a necessary degree for the course.









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