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Agile management is a process to complete or manage a project step by step. It is a part of the IT field. Agile project management keeps changing with every project as a world is evolving, technology is getting faster with it and we need to be in the same race to be with it.

There are many agile project management courses online which can help you achieve the target. I am going to list all the top 10 sites Ranking them from 1st to 10th, which are offering agile project management online with all the information and fees details.

Agile Project Management Certification Training

An exclusively designed Program by professionals working in international firms across San Francisco, Colombo, Melbourne and Hong Kong.

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1. Henry Harvin Education

The agile project management course is designed by international professionals for Henry Harvin. They are working in San Francisco, Colombo, Melbourne and Honk Kong. The institute has many more things to offer to you with the course. I am going to list all the benefits which you will  be eligible for when you’ll sign up for the course from Harvin which are :

  • You will be taught by the seasoned industry experts who have more than 10years experience.
  •  You can avail 1-year membership with henryharvin management academy in which you will get access to : E learning through recorded videos, games, case studies as well as free brushup sessions.
  •  Guaranteed internship with henryharvin or partner firms
  • You will get 10+ job opportunity weekly

Not only this, you will be getting the best out of your investment in henry harvin online agile project management course, the takeaways which will be :

  •  16 hours online training : a virtual tour on agile project management strategies, principles, and implications.
  •  Free monthly brushup sessions
  •  Study material
  •  Access to learning management system (LMS)
  •  100% placement, internship and project support exclusively entitled for digital marketing professionals
  •  Hallmark of CADM next to your name.
  •  Excellent marketing knowledge about all social media platforms
  •  Opportunity to work with renowned companies
  • Certification from HenryHarvin. 

What Will you Learn After this Course?

  • The key concept of agile project management, agile software development, and agile project delivery.
  • Difference between Agile methodology and traditional project delivery.
  • Learn to arrange projects as per customer’s requirements and overall company goals.
  • You will be able to produce various Sprint artifacts : product backlog, sprint backlogs, product increment, burn up and burn down, charts, etc.
  • Develop skills in effective team-building with quality players.
  • You will acquire a skillful mindset to transform your team or organization.


Self-study course: Rs. 9000
Benefits- Lifetime support and access

Live online classroom: Rs. 10000
Benefits- self-paced facility plus 1-year gold membership 

Flexible Schedule

Get recordings of all sessions for a lifetime
Also, you can set up a no-cost EMI option for paying the fees in instalments.

There are many more other courses provided by Henry Harvin :

And many more… you can check out all the other courses if interested on this link: https://www.henryharvin.com/

2. Udemy

Udemy provides a wide range of courses on agile project management online. They includes scrum methodology, PMI-ACP certification prep.
You can select the level of the course you wish to learn. there are levels like beginners, intermediate, expert, you can learn all levels at best prices. You will see some of their best sellers and I am going to list some of them for you.


  • Agile crash course: Agile project management course, agile delivery

Learnings – You will get Agile certified
Learn key concepts of Agile development, agile project delivery, and agile project management, the meaning of user stories, daily standup.
Fees : Rs.4,480

  • Agile PM 202 – Introduction to agile project management
    Learnings- understand the different strengths and weaknesses of agile and traditional plan-driven approaches to project management.
    Learn what differences a project manager needs to understand to make changes in the project. The shift in thinking, fundamentals are different about agile project management.
    Impact of agile on project management profession, new challenges, and roles which an agile project manager plays.
    Fees: Rs. 4,480
    And many more like these ….
  • Agile PM 201 – Understand agile at a deeper level
    Fees : Rs. 4,480
  • Mastering agile scrum project management
    This course includes all the levels.
    Fees : Rs. 12,800

You can check out all the other relevant courses at this link: https://www.udemy.com/courses/search/?q=agile+project+management

3. Coursera

Coursera is offering the agile project management course online as a part of google project management: professional certificate.
It is the 5th course in the certification program.
It is a 4-week course and each week you will get a few videos to watch and learn about the course. Get certification which you can share on LinkedIn, on printed resumes, CVS, or other documents. This course is 100% online, it is a beginner level course.

  • Learnings:
  • You will explore the agile project management approaches and philosophy including values and principles.
  • Learn scrum framework
  • 5 important scrum events and how to set it up for a team.
  • How to handle an agile team and overcome challenges
    Some other courses which they offer are :
  • Foundation of project management 
  • Project initiation: starting a successful project
  • Project planning: putting it all together
  • Project execution: running the project

4. Edx Courses 

The agile project management course is offered by the University of Maryland. They will teach you the mechanism of how to design and facilitate projects using agile scrum and lean kanban techniques, trade-offs of using hybrids techniques.
It is 100% online. It has 5 skill-building courses. it is self-paced. The duration is 5 months, 2-3 hours per week, and a certification will be provided.

The 5 courses are named : 

  • Applied scrum for agile project management
  • Sprint planning for faster agile team delivery
  • Agile innovation and problem-solving skills
  • Agile leadership principles and practices
  • Agile process, project, and program controls 
  • Fees: Rs. 66,421


  • Learn an agile framework and scrum mechanics.
  • Deep understanding of agile principles and how to use them with other industries like software, aerospace, finance, and construction with a case study
  • Adopt agile results-based controls to finish projects more effectively.
  • Learn faster techniques for agile management.

Unlock your team’s potential with an innovation and leadership approach by improving project benefits. 

You can check out this course details here: https://www.edx.org/professional-certificate/umd-usmx-agile-project-management?index=product&queryID=75b96a6925ccbe0c8dfe5358235eb2f6&position=1

5. PMI- Project management Institute

PMI is a US-based professional organization that offers project management courses. The courses are available globally. There are some kickoff free PM courses available on their site. You will get access to exclusive content by signing their membership. Get certifications by meeting the demands of the projects and employers.
They are providing agile project management courses at different levels. Here is one of the course details:

The Complete Agile Project Manager
Offered by PMI and the level is intermediate.
It will have 9 courses in which you will learn the full spectrum to put agile practices into action. You will learn effectively implementing agile practices which require grasping methodologies.
Topics you will cover :

  • Agile methodology
  • Agile project management essentials
  • An agile approach to managing a project
  • Agile planning – project initiating, requirements gathering, estimates, and release plan
  • Planning and monitoring iterations
  • Leading a team
  • Learn to manage stakeholders
  • Delivery of value and quality in projects
  • Get aligned with agile certified practitioner exam objectives

Regular customer : Rs.28,730
Member price : Rs.14,075

6. Knowledge Train 

There are 3 courses under agile project management online course
AgilePM Foundation and Practitioner

Benefits: with the AgilePM project management foundation and practitioner certification you can increase your job opportunities.
Your understanding to manage a project will be increased.

  • Benefits of the online course :
  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Flexible schedule
  • Flexible delivery 

Offerings: certificate APMG

Duration: 35 hours

AgilePM handbooks will be available

Exams will be held,

The pass rate is 99%

There will be 11 self-paced modules in foundation and 12 self-paced modules in the practitioner. After completing the course you can use the exam simulator and can prepare for the exams and You have the option to go through these two courses differently.
Fees: 849.00 pounds.

 You can check out all the details on this link: https://www.knowledgetrain.co.uk/agile/agile-project-management/agilepm-online-training-courses 

7. Knowledge Hut

This site has all the agile project management courses online, there are 77 different courses. I am going to list them down with their duration.

  • ICP agile certified coaching: you’ll learn the agile mindset and master team dynamic and conflict handling.
    Duration: 24 hours.
  • Certified scrum master (CSM): training will be by scrum alliances CSTs and have an experiential workshop
    Duration: 16 hours live instructor-led session.
  • ICAgile-Agile fundamentals (ICAgile-ICP): successful transformation by mastering agile fundamentals, develop agile mindsets, principles, values.
    Duration: 7 hours 
  • Offerings: live virtual (online classes)



Agile services

Corporate training

You can check out and can get in touch with their team for more info on this link: https://www.knowledgehut.com/agile-management

8. Project Management Academy

PMI-ACP certification training
You will have an instructor-led course which will be available in 4 formats which is – Live Virtual Classroom, Live Instructor-led Classroom, Video-On-Demand, and In-House
You will also get all the exam prep materials, online resources, training aid, and sample papers.
You will get 6-month access to their portal and you can request the session videos so that you can learn at your own pace. 
They are also offering you a 100% money-back pass guarantee. If you don’t pass the exam after 3 attempts you will get your full tuition amount refunded. You must attend the entire course live or virtual and complete the practice exam. 
Virtual class – 2 days of live instructor-led course
Video on demand – 21 hours at your own pace
In-house – 2 days instructor class facility on the timing of your own choice. 
Agile foundation, estimating, fundamentals,metrics,methodologies,leadership,communications, contracts and accounting principles.
You also get the option to choose the days on which you can attend the course. you can select weekend classes or weekdays classes.
Fees: $1,195 USD
Link: https://projectmanagementacademy.net/articles/introduction-agile-project-management/

9. Class Central 

Applied scrum for agile project management by class central. The course will be for 4 weeks, 2-3 hours a week. It is a self-paced course.
Fees: $199.00
Certification will be provided by the Maryland university.
In the fourth week, you’ll learn the difference between the agile and scrum framework in terms of scale, program and portfolio management, risk management, and pitfalls of agile
Link: https://www.classcentral.com/course/edx-applied-scrum-for-agile-project-management-11917 

10. Plural Sight 

AgilePM project management course will enable the learners to become a product as a project manager in an agile project.
This course is for the intermediate level.
Duration: 2h 26m. 

  • Learning :
    In the first week of the course, you will learn Agile methods and case studies, and the history of getting to scrum.
    In the second week, you will explore who uses agile and how their type of work and how this study fits in the world of work.
    In the third week, you will get into the mechanism of scrum and how it is performed and executed. Learn how to form and manage a team.

The author of this course is Paul Bradley who is a subject matter expert and a prominent figure in the best management practice industry. 
You can have a 10-day free trial. 
Fees :

  • For standard customers: Rs. 1,499 per month.
    Benefits: core course library
    Paths and skills assessments
  • For premium customers: Rs. 2.229
    Benefits: entire library of core and expanded courses and exams, projects, and hand on learnings.
  • The free trial will be available to all the customers. The certification practice exam, interactive courses, and projects will only be provided to premium customers. 

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Q-1. What is Agile Project Management?

Agile project management is a process of how to handle or manage it or technology-based project.

Q-2. Are these Courses Online? 

Yes, all these courses mentioned are 100% online. You can access from any part of the world.


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