We all know Adobe. Don’t we?

Like Google, Adobe is used one way or the other in our day-to-day online activities.  Scanner,  Photoshop, Pdf, Flash are some tools we all use. Adobe Illustrator and  Photoshop have proved to be very popular among creative professionals.

Adobe is an American Company. Undeniably it is recognized as a global leader in digital media and digital marketing solutions. Adobe continues to innovate since its inception in 1982. Hence they deliver their products as per the requirements of the world. Undoubtedly Adobes’ cutting-edge solutions are used across industries around the world.

Adobe Captivate

Adobe Captivate is a tool of the Adobe family. Particularly used to create different types of online learning content. Thankfully it does not use any programming language. Basically, It is an authoring tool used to create eLearning content. Content developed is in the form of software demonstrations, software simulations, and branched scenarios. 

What is eLearning?

eLearning is learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet.eLearning is in demand. Pandemic revolutionized learning methods giving surge to online teaching medium. eLearning has to be responsive, yet quick to create.

Adobe Captivate generates online learning resources quickly with minimum effort. Thus there is a huge demand for Adobe Captivate professionals. Companies are looking for Adobe Captivate trained employees who can handle international projects. Being a Certified Adobe Captivate professional will add laurels to your prior achievements. Flaunt it as a symbol of upgraded expertise with your name. 

Adding Captivate Course to your resume gives you a greater chance of bagging new projects or growing up in your organization.  Upgrade your skills by selecting any one of the following Top 10 Adobe Captivate Courses in India listed below.


Top 10 Adobe Captivate Courses in India

#1 Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is a prestigious Edtech company. Undoubtedly its focus is to enhance and polish the talent of the learners.  Chiefly its expertise lies in the business of training, skill development, assessment centres, Instructor-led classes, higher education. Mr.Henry Dunster established this company 400 years ago. The company was set with the vision to be recognized as a premier educational institution worldwide. Indeed this vision has come true. As per the Higher Education Digest’s survey, Henry Harvin has been ranked best out of the 5 fastest-growing Edtech start-ups in India.

Henry Harvin’s Adobe Captivate course is amongst the top 3 Adobe Captivate courses in the industry. For this reason, it is ranked number one on our list of Top 10 Adobe Captivate Courses in India

Certified Adobe Captivate Training Course by Henry Harvin is a certification training program. Henry Harvin has a pool of Industry-specific trainers with vast training experience. In fact, they have been practitioners of this domain for a long with international companies  Henry Harvin offers the top online training curriculum. To emphasize this course is designed for online practitioners. In other words, those who want to have elementary-level proficiency in instructional design and eLearning course-creation workflows.

However, this course is also recommended for:

  •        Trainees,
  •         LMS Managers & Admins,
  •         Corporate Trainers,
  •         Sales Professionals,
  •         HR Leaders (L&D),
  •         Legal & Compliance teams Attend 16 hours sessions to earn 16 credits    to obtain course completion Certification.

Project Submission: Work on real-time projects to master your skills.

Get a Certificate on successful completion of the Course.

Course Types, Benefits & Fees:

To know more information about fee structure please check it here:-


Cities in India where Henry Harvin Adobe Captivate Course is provided:

Bangalore, Jaipur, Pune, Bhubaneshwar, Kolkata


Henry Harvin also Provide These Courses:

2 The Knowledge Academy

The Knowledge Academy is a global training company. It is based in the UK. Chiefly the Knowledge Academy specializes in Training for  IT, management, and project management training. However, they train Individuals as well organizations like corporates, government agencies, public sectors, multinational organizations. Accordingly, they are ranked at No 2 on our list of Top 10 Adobe Captivate Courses. 

The Knowledge Academy has designed Adobe Captivate Master class Course

Course Duration: One day

This one-day course is suitable for beginners as well as advanced users wherein they can learn from scratch up to advanced level.

  • Basic eLearning theory
  • Getting to know the workspace
  • Using Captivate views
  • Creating a new project
  • Using templates
  • Importing from Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adding & Deleting Slides
  • Inserting standard objects
  • Inserting drawing objects
  • Editing the timeline
  • Understanding animation
  • Layers and visibility
  • Adjusting animation sequences

Anyone can opt for this course irrespective of any experience with Adobe Captivate. However, this course will also help those who are looking to add up on their creative skills. As a result, they can develop interactive and audience-engaging eLearning courses.

This training course includes the following:

  • The Knowledge Academy Adobe Captivate Master class Manual
  • Experienced Adobe Instructor
  • Completion Certificate
  • Refreshments

For Enquiry

Call +91-181-5047001- Available 24/7

3. Strenghthscape:

Strengthscape is ranked 3rd in our list of the Top 10 Adobe Captivate Courses in India. Comparatively, they have quite a strong in-house capability of training in multiple eLearning projects. Certainly, that assists with the Adobe Captivate course.

Strengthscape provides experiential learning for the participants with the help of a live project with guidance from experts

Certification Course designed by Strengthscape is Rapid eLearning Development Using Adobe Captivate

The course is delivered in two modes:

     In-person classroom and

      Virtual Live Program

Course Duration: 24 hours of live virtual sessions

Added Features:

  •        6 months of LMS Access
  •       6 hours of guided project work
  •       90 minutes of Interactive assessments
  •      1 hour of coaching
  •      Global certification

For Enquiry Call

+91 97 40001600

4. CreativeAgni.com

CreativeAgni is a portal dedicated to empowering eLearning and Training in India. It aims to integrate Creativity with Instructional Logic to produce a strong ELearning structure 

CreativeAgni has developed Adobe Captivate Course by the name of

Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate (REDAC)

REDAC is Certificate Course.

Course Duration: 2 Months. ( 16 Sessions)

The course is conducted as classroom session as well as Online

CreativeAgni has come up with Online courses during the pandemic, making it easier for learners who want to learn remotely. The classroom session is held in  Noida – Delhi-NCR.

On successful completion of the course, you receive the Rapid eLearning Development with Adobe Captivate Certificate from Creative Agni.

 For further details, you can visit the website.Creativeagni.com

5  ATD

ATD is a non-profit Association dedicated to developing Talent within Organisations. Accordingly, programs are framed for professionals within the organization. It is also beneficial for other employees within an organization who are responsible for developing others, like managers to HR professionals.

COURSE Details

  •       Introduction to Adobe Captivate
  •       Soft Skills E-Learning
  •      Software Demonstrations and Simulations
  •       Adding Interactive Elements
  •      Audio and Accessibility
  •      Laying out and Formatting Larger Projects
  •       Evaluating Learning
  •      Publishing E-Learning Lessons

This workshop is designed for beginners. However, participants should have a foundational understanding of e-learning design and development practices.

ATD is very particular about attendance be it Classroom sessions or Online. Learners are not allowed to miss more than two hours of the entire program.  They will not be eligible to receive the certificate if they miss more than two hours. Therefore ATD expects active participation to receive credits.

14 learning hours earns you credit to obtain a Certificate.

On successful completion of this course, you are awarded a Certificate from the ATD Certification Institute (ATD CI) through the ATD Learning Platform at the end of the program.

For Enquiry call

1 8554042783

6. Onlc.com

ONLC Training Centers are among the Top 20 IT Training Companies recognized by Training Industry. Such training center offers live, hands-on Adobe Captivate classes. The curriculum teaches to create a soft-skills lesson from the scratch. Eventually, you are taught to record and produce demonstrations and interactive training simulations.

Course Method



Instructor-led Training (ILT)

ILT classes are held live by instructors remotely.  ILT is completely interactive irrespective of the location chosen.

Hands-on Learning: You get to practice throughout the class to make sure you’re learning Captivate thoroughly. ONLC instructor can work directly with you via the computer and you just simply speak up if you have any questions or need help at any point during the class. Instructions can be virtual or in-person depending upon public or private sessions. They also customize content to meet specific learning objectives, schedules, and budgets.

 For Enquiry call


7. Iconlogic

IconLogic has been in business since 1992. Their clientele included commercial, education, and government organizations. In fact, they have experience in training hundreds of professionals on Adobe Captivate.

Adobe Captivate beginner course from Iron logic starts the Basic Fundamental Captivate skills. This is necessary to develop awesome eLearning projects. As your class commences, you’ll explore the existing Captivate project and get hang of Captivate interface. Gradually you will get to create a soft skills eLearning lesson from the root level.

Course Details:

Iconlogic allows you to customize courses as per individual or Team Requirements. Listed below are the various beginner and Advanced  Adobe Captivate courses offered by Iconlogic.

  •      Adobe Captivate Beginner
  •      Adobe Captivate Advanced
  •      ADOBE Captivate Variables and Actions 101:
  •      ADOBE Captivate Variables and Actions 201:
  •       ADOBE Captivate Variables and Actions

In Classroom, Instructor-Led Training

IconLogic offers classroom training at select locations. Classroom sessions are fully interactive and engaging. Learning in such an environment helps you enhance your skills. Such  Comprehensive training focuses on key concepts and features you need to know. 

Post Graduate Program in Adobe Captivate Training Course

Ranked Amongst Top 3 Courses | India Today

View Course

Private Instructor-Led Training

Iconlogic also provides customizable courses as per your requirements. They offer both online and on-site instructor-led, tailormade courses as per our needs.in Adobe. 

For inquiry

Contact. Toll-Free: 888.812.4827. Phone: 410.956.

8.  New Horizons

New Horizons is the largest independent Training Company for the last 35 years. As New Horizons is an Official training partner for technology leaders such as Microsoft, Cisco, it s adds as an advantage for students. Naturally, they get trained with the premium quality source materials of these prestigious companies. Indeed they can have hands-on experience with the latest products and technologies.

Course Details

    New Horizon Learning Methods deliver training in the following formats:


       Traditional classroom settings


       Self-paced with one-on-one support.

Topics Covered:

  •  Exploring the Captivate environment
  •  Recording a software demonstration and simulation
  •   Updating a Captivate project
  •   Designing and working with quizzes
  •   Organizing and publishing projects

Adobe Captivate program at New Horizons is ideal for:

  • Students
  • Educators
  • Institutions and businesses with in-house training

For inquiry:

Contact: 800 201 0555

9. Koenig Solutions

Are looking for an advanced course in Adobe Captivate. Surely Adobe Captivate 9 Advanced Certification from Koenig Training Course is your thing.

Koeing Solutions Adobe Captivate course teaches advanced skills. Obviously, such skills are mandatory for developing complex projects and advanced-level interactions. Captivate 9 has many hidden tools which are powerful enough to develop intricate projects. It is highly recommended for advanced users to take  Captivate 9 Essentials training before taking up Captivate 9 Advance Course.

If you are familiar with Captivate 9 and know about eLearning then this course is just for you.

For inquiry:

Contact :+91 70425 93729, 91 80950 73333 (24/7)

10. Adobe.com

Last but not least is Adobe itself. Adobe also trains on Adobe Captivate. Instructor-led Virtual class.

Adobe Certified Professional: Adobe Captivate offers a certification program Clearly this program offers Adobe Captivate online training. The curriculum and assessment exam is for eLearning practitioners. Practitioners ought to have basic to advanced level proficiency in instructional design and eLearning course-creation workflows. Adobe provides 2 days Optional live workshop, which is led by an instructor.

Earn an Adobe Certified Professional certificate

Certification only- Online curriculum and exam.

Virtual training + Certification – It is a 2day virtual instructor-led training, online pre-work curriculum, and exam.

For Enquiry

Visit Adobe.com


A great opportunity is waiting for you. Choose any of the Top 10 Adobe Captivate courses listed above, become a certified Adobe Captivate expert. Let your productivity touch new heights. Captivate has a lot to offer. You can do wonders with this tool and make e-learning accelerate at full speed. Adobe Captivate tools will let you produce and deliver more content faster and efficiently. 

Hope our list of Top 10 Adobe Captivate courses helps you to narrow down your search for the best Adobe Captivate course for you.


Q.1 Is Adobe Captivate a programming language?

Adobe captivate is an authoring tool, not a programming language. It is a smart authoring tool that lets you easily create all kinds of interactive and responsive eLearning content, without programming.

Q.2 Who can enrol for Adobe Captivate Course?

Instructional designers, eLearning content developers, training specialists, training managers, educators, learning and development professionals all can enroll in this course.

Q.3 How will Adobe Captivate help my career?

Adobe Captivate on your resume will add an edge to your profile. Companies these days are looking for Adobe Captivate-trained professionals who can handle their international projects.

Q.4 Are there advanced Adobe Certification courses available?

Yes. Some institutes offer a course on Adobe Captivate 9 Advance Training, which will help students in learning the advanced features of Captivate.

Q.5 Who uses eLearning?

eLearning is used by schools, businesses, and other organizations around the world to teach everything from shapes and letters for preschoolers to workplace training for adults. Pandemic gave a lot of boost to this mode of learning. Adobe Captivate is a widely used software in the world for creating eLearning content. Captivate is a tool with rich features enabling professionals of respective fields right from teachers to instructional designers to create interactive and engaging learning modules.

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