The best TEFL certification courses (TEFL – Teaching English as a Foreign Language) are available at the click of the mouse. However, it has been proved that the global market for innate English speakers armed with TEFL courses is, but, a dive into an ocean of opportunities. From the offline to the online portals, colleges are offering a certified TEFL course that carries equal opportunities in the different parts of the world.

Our focus today is on the best TEFL certification courses in Ohio – a USA state that is steeped in a history of more than 20,000 years; surrounded by natural beauty from the rugged cliffs to the serene waters; and enjoying a humid continental climate. For the student keen on acquiring a world-class TEFL course certification as well as a need for fulfilling his/her thirst for adventure, Ohio is the go-to destination!


On the other hand, the TEFL certification online is by no means less effective – especially in the days of the pandemic. A rigorous 14-week certification online or at-your-own–pace TEFL course online is also on offer for students with busy rosters, far from onsite course campuses, and most importantly, for those getting an education on the minimalistic of budgets. The best TEFL online certification courses are most certainly on the line-up!

Overview of the Top 10 TEFL courses in Ohio         

1. Henry Harvin TEFL Academy

Ranked as the best TEFL certification on a number of fronts, this 120-hour online, instructor-driven self-managed AAEFL (American Association of EFL) affirmed TEFL course is followed by post-training support with 24 hours live to brush up sessions. The trainers have experienced industry experts with 10+ years of service. Henry Harvin boasts 23000+ alumni worldwide. One-year membership of Henry Harvin assures the following:

  • E-Learning Access: Includes Recorded Videos, Games, Projects, Case Studies
    • Interview Guaranteed: Provide support in facing and clearing the interview
    • Internship: Guaranteed Internship with Henry Harvin or partner firms

120-hours TEFL / TESOL Online Certification Course

Ranked No. 1 Course | 100% interview guaranteed | Live Online Instructor-led TEFL Training & Certification | AAEFL Certified TEFL Course

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Address:  355, Serrano Drive,
                  10C, San Francisco,
                   CA-94132, United States-85253

Contact Number: +1 408-834-8824
Email Id: [email protected]

2. International TEFL Academy – Chicago TEFL Certification

This certification online course provides 100 hours of study which says that it is slightly less than required but it is known for the additional hours of live practicum. The TEFL course online is monitored by highly trained staff most of whom have lived, traveled, and taught abroad giving this course an experience edge. All classes are supervised and approved at a level 5Ofqual (British Government) accreditation by TQUK which makes the certificate internationally recognized.

In addition, the graduating students get lifetime job search guidance and personal assistance from the advisors at the ITA – Academy. The graduates also belong to a life-long alumni support network which was one of the criteria for a good TEFL course online.

Contact details:  International TEFL Academy

                              916 West Diversey Parkway
                              Chicago, IL 60614
Contact numbers: Local 773-634-9900
                                 U.K. +44-203-318-6930

3. Oxford Seminars

Oxford Seminars TEFL course online is due to the onset of the pandemic. At present all onsite classes of this TEFL course stand suspended. The 120-hour course has a limited class size equipped with highly qualified experienced teachers. The advantage is a comprehensive curriculum with personalized job placements. Though the on-site classes have been suspended for the present, the course advocates practical experience ensuring that the graduates are well trained with bright job prospects.

Oxford Seminars
                5757 W. Century Boulevard, Suite 120, Los Angeles, CA 90045
                244 5th Avenue, Suite J262, New York, NY 10001

Contact number: 1-800-779-1779 (Toll Free)

4. International TEFL and TESOL Training

With the motto ‘Make the world your classroom’, the ITTT offers both certifications online as well as onsite classes in downtown Columbus Ohio.  The TEFL course is internationally recognized and accredited by the BOAA. The 160 hours, intensive course also guarantees jobs worldwide. Also on offer are a range of TEFL course online options from 60-hour introduction TEFL courses all the way to 470-hour course packages. Set in the hub of a city like Columbus, the experience of the TEFL course is guaranteed to be a memorable one!


Contact number: within the USA or Canada 1-800-490-0531 (TOLL FREE)

5. Adult / International TESL Certificate | Online

This certification online offered by the University of Cincinnati, Ohio comes with high recommendations as it is an inclusive program designed with the intention of creating job profiles for the candidates to teach English as a Second Language (ESL) or English as a Foreign Language (EFL) to adult learners, either domestically or abroad.  The University of Cincinnati and all regional campuses are accredited by the Higher Learning Commission.

The TEFL course online claims to have the following goals for the graduating students: 

  • Take leadership roles in literacy and language acquisition settings within local, regional, national, and international arenas, while serving the needs of multiple clients from the immediate urban areas.

  • Have participated in professional and scholarly opportunities to become theoretically informed and practically equipped, caring, committed, and competent educators and scholars

Address: University of Cincinnati, 2600 Clifton Ave.
                Cincinnati, OH 45221
Contact number: 513-556-6000

6. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certificate

With a growing need for English language teachers in Latin America, this TEFL course has found a growing mandate.  This innovative course integrates in-person training with the TEFL course online modules. The 160- hour TEFL course allows for instruction along with practicum as well as observing the teaching skills of a master teacher. At UD, the need for being a part of a community is met. Each individual has the support of the entire institution and the University facilitates relationships between individuals and across borders. By joining the program, you automatically become a valued member of the UD community.

Address: University of Dayton English Language Institute (UDEL), Rike Center, Room 214
                300 College Park
                Dayton, Ohio 45469 – 0000

Contact e-mail: [email protected].

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7. TESL/TEFL Graduate Certificate, Department Of English, Kent State University

The TEFL course offered by the Kent State University is a four part course with English grammar, linguistics and language teaching. There is an additional requirement before a student is certified.  One must take ENG 31007 TESL Pedagogy before traveling to Florence, Italy for the required teaching practicum. The practicum exposes the student to hands-on training through classroom observations, assisting, and teaching your own classes.

Address: Kent State University

800 E Summit St, Kent, OH 44240, United States

Contact email: [email protected]

8. Wright State University TEFL Course Certificate

The TEFL course, as given by the Wright State University Ohio, includes classroom communication, written and oral communication as well as facing the various challenges which are part of teaching English as a foreign language in another country. The course is accredited to the Higher Learning Commission and promises to be a course worthy of further research.

Address: 3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy, Dayton, OH 45435, United States

Contact Number: 937-775-1000

9. Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) minor at Muskingum University

The TEFL course floated by the Muskingum University is designed to equip students with the skills to teach English to non-native English speakers abroad. The TEFL minor is of great value to any major, especially for those pursuing further studies in the fields of Education, World Languages, International Affairs, and International Business. However, the TEFL minor does not provide a teaching license. Minor Requirements (19 credit hours)

Contact Information:
Meri Linn McCollum, Assistant Professor of Education
Muskingum University
163 Stormont St., Library 217
New Concord, OH 43762
Email: [email protected]

10. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio – Teaching English as a foreign language (TEFL) in collaboration with the University de Sevilla, Spain

A TEFL certification is designed for individuals planning to teach English overseas. In order to complete the TEFL Certificate, students must take the five required courses listed in the curriculum. Students must take two of these courses at OU, while the other three will be taken during their year-long stay at the Universidad de Sevilla.

Contact Information: Department of Modern Languages, 247 Gordy Hall,

Ohio University,                     
                                      Athens, OH 45701-2979, USA

Tel: 740.593.2765

E-mail: [email protected]

How do you choose the best TEFL certification courses, anyway?

Gone were the days when boundaries were defined by physical limitations or by the capacity to spend or – more recently, the need to fit into the family trade and profession. The young have a mind of their own and in order to streamline their opportunities …here are a few hands-on markers to consider while selecting a good TEFL course in Ohio.

  • Go for the ranking and reviews – The online platform is used to rate all goods and services. Reviews are the best way to judge the suitability of a product. Every program, similarly, will have its pros and cons from your point of view. Will you be looking for a certification online or a TEFL course onsite? Are you happy with the reviews…then go for it!
  • Look out for the accreditation – After all, one of the best TEFL certifications in the hand is worth twenty non – accredited ones in the bush! During a search for the best TEFL certification, International accreditation cannot be compromised. The course should include at least a ‘100-hour’ program along with practicum or interactive teaching to be accredited and acceptable. Time is money and a good course at a higher premium is more fruitful than the rosy picture portrayed by the TEFL courses dotting the internet searches.
  • A glance at the program should rake up comprehensive details with no hidden agenda – All your queries should be answered when you look into the TEFL course that you have zoomed into. No surprises or aftershocks can be compensated for – after the bills are paid!
  • Your style of studying or time management decides your TEFL course – Each one knows their own limitations and expectations. In the world, you stand alone to make or to break your career…hence, you will always choose according to your own potential! Will it need to be a certification online? Will it need to be an on-site TEFL course with the college experience, the campus activities, and the compatriot requirement? Are you a fast learner? Do you have other commitments? You can be your own judge….
  • Dig a little to justify that the value system replicates what you are attuned to – After years of education, your value system can do without a shocking upheaval of the basic principles that you advocate. So, a deeper look into the search will guarantee a TEFL course suited to your tenets!
  • A job guarantee course should get a better rating in your estimate – A course with a 100% job guarantee offer, definitely tilts the scales. Who would want to be lost in the uncertain ambit of a pandemic job market of 2020? The best TEFL certification courses do proclaim an absorption into the global workforce and should be an incentive while choosing a TEFL course or a certification online.
  • A strong alumnus makes for a strong back-up – When there are authentications from the past students about the placements, difficulties, benefits of the course, etc. it gives a  boost to one’s confidence, an inkling that one is choosing a right fit for one’s future TEFL course journey….go for it – track down your best TEFL certification!



The reasons for opting for the best TEFL certification or a TEFL course online are your choice. It could be the travel abroad factor or the need to teach English to non-English speaking inhabitants of another country. The pros and cons are many, so choose wisely. Having said that, there is a chance of umpteen questions coming to mind. In the next section, some of the most predominant questions have been answered for you. Do not think too deep…if you wish to teach abroad, live and travel overseas, and get more qualified along the way…then start with one of the best TEFL certifications!

What is TEFL?

TEFL certification(Teaching English as a Foreign Language) is a course designed to enable teachers to teach English to people who do not speak English as their first language. This is largely done abroad; however, this certification also fulfills the need of those who want to teach English in the USA as well. It also acts as a stepping stone to pursue higher qualifications in English, International Affairs, etc. There are other certification courses that are similar to TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages) or TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language).

Having heard of this course recently, am I too old to do a TEFL course?

A certification online or in-person education adds to one’s credentials. On the other hand, no knowledge is wasted. If you suddenly find the interest or the urge to travel abroad, change your field of work or venture into this new avenue; then age will be no bar for a TEFL course online or an onsite certification.

Will having a disability, hamper my ability to gain a TEFL certification?

Teaching is not a physical activity, per se. It can be made interesting with activities, projects, and seminars. Yet, a disability is hardly going to be a challenge in acquiring or pursuing a job with a TEFL certification. In case of your choice of any of the above universities or certification online, the required managements have systems in place to assure you of an enjoyable and interesting period of study, as per your need.

What are the job guarantees after doing a TEFL course?

Nearly all the courses on offer in the ranking of the top 10 TEFL courses in the State of Ohio USA have advertised placements and career assurances. Hence, the prospects of an uncertain future are laid to rest.

Are there any glaring differences between the TEFL certification online and the onsite certifications?

The study routine in both are the same, the job opportunities in both the courses are the same and the goal of teaching English abroad is also the same. However, the reason for choosing a particular platform of obtaining the certificate may determine how long one takes to finish the course. The TEFL online course is more conducive to people having busy schedules.

What are the qualification requirements for me to enroll for the best TEFL certifications in the State of Ohio?  

The ability to speak English, learn from the experts, and the love for travel are the only qualifications required for the acquisition of the best TEFL certifications available.

There are many levels of TEFL courses. Should I take the basics and then add them to it later?

I think there is no use in that. If you have the ability to handle the higher courses in the very beginning, then do so instead of wasting time and money on the basic courses and then moving on to add to them.

If I am posted abroad, do I need to learn the local language as a prerequisite to travel to that destination?

There are no such criteria. In fact, it should be well understood that the purpose of your landing in a foreign place is to teach English to the non – English speaking students. Hence, as a rule, the class should not shift to the vernacular at any time. However, since you have to live in that place, it will be easier if you learn some nuances of the local language to communicate with others outside the classroom.

Is there a single body that grants an international TEFL accreditation?

No. There is no single body that grants international accreditation. There are various bodies of high repute that grant accreditation for the various TEFL courses on offer in Ohio. These bodies, as listed against each college or TEFL course online, are in themselves internationally acclaimed. Hence, the accreditation bodies are non-specific.

How soon can I begin to work after a TEFL course online or in person?

You can begin to work as soon as the certificate lands in your hand! After completing the requirements of the course, inclusive of the assignments and the practicum, then you will receive the certificate. This entitles you to be a qualified TEFL trainer and can work overseas. However, your travel permits should be in place.

Can I live comfortably on my salary as a teacher with even the best TEFL certification?

Living comfortably may not come as soon as you start the job with a TEFL certification. The salary is dependent on a few criteria. Firstly, the country of work. Asia and the Middle East have a higher salary package as compared to the rest of the world. Secondly, the degrees that you have in addition to the TEFL certificate also make a big difference to your pay package. If you can offer more as a result of more degrees that you are armed with, then your credibility is more and the salary is more. You can, therefore, start off small and then keep gaining more certifications and more experience to put you in a higher salary bracket even as you enjoy your stint in foreign lands!

Any pitfalls to look for before I consider taking up the course?

There are risks in any sector. Please look at things positively and all will be well. The colleges listed in the blog come with a well-articulated list of promises to include alumni status to the graduating students as well as life guidance for jobs and career choices. You need not worry. After doing the course of your choice and getting a job in the field, your work becomes the guiding factor for others!

What would happen if I do not take up a job immediately after getting the TEFL certification? Will the certificate become useless or does it have to be renewed when I decide to take a job in that career path?

There is no requirement for you to take up a job immediately if you have other commitments. The certificate does not have to be renewed, either. Nonetheless, to refresh your skills, a quick refresher TEFL course should be fine. Also, you would be able to justify to your employer the time lag between the certification and the job aspect.


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