Marketing management is the organizational discipline which emphasizes on the practical application of marketing orientation, techniques and methods. Six Sigma is a perfect concept for a serious way of boosting marketing performance. Its already transformed manufacturing in hundreds of companies, and it is now doing the same in marketing and sales in companies such as Bank of America, Dell, General Electric, HSBC, Service Master, Johnson &Johnson, Standard Register, Sun Microsystems, Xerox.

Six Sigma certification assists professionals to take base decisions on measurement and analysis of activities and results and then improve the activities to improve the results, Six Sigma enables you to apply that kind of thinking to your marketing and sales process.

Six Sigma benefits in quality of leads and quality of presentations and proposals, Six Sigma has brought production management to previously unimaginable levels of success and sophistication. Top corporations such as Motorola and GE have built their reputations, products, and revenues using this approach.Organizations can increase market share and revenues by integrating Six Sigma and marketing.

A predominantly Certified and driven sales & marketing company shows that a common business marketing can win back disgruntled customers and then retaining them, Six Sigma projects are directed by the voice of the customer, which assists marketing department to pass onto the organisation to obtain larger benefits from the organisation.

The integration of Six Sigma into an organization provides marketing with a unique opportunity and a challenge to change its traditional role within the organization, the role of Six Sigma can evolve to capture the voice of the market, interpreting that voice in order to identify value-based systems and processes.

According to Six Sigma,The starting point for marketing and sales is not the salespeople, it is the customers. In sales, Six Sigma can be used to uncover the best ways to build and grow relationships with customers. Great relationships are the key to increasing sales.

What is Six Sigma all about?

It is a set of tools and techniques used for the improvement of the product. It can be termed as a cornerstone principle used by leading corporations of the world. It is so because it has proven itself by giving rise to substantial business returns. The thrust on the Six Sigma policy caused 50% process cost reduction along with the less waste of that materials.

How many level’s are there in Six Sigma certification?

1. White belt – Helps in understanding basic and specifics of the certification, teaches where and how to apply it.
2. Yellow belt – Teaches different aspects of six sigma training.
3 Green belt – Teaches about analyzing and understanding the project.
4. Black belt – Expert.
5. Master black belt – Master strategist.

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