The Problem Statement: Is it important in Lean Six Sigma?

A difficult explanation is an all-around said (with few words) depiction of an issue or the statement of the problem to be handled or a condition to be improved. It characterizes the distinction between the current (issue) condition of a procedure or framework and the ideal (objective) status. Concentrating on reality, the inquiry explanation will be organized to answer the Five W’s and One H’s. The main prerequisite to understanding an inquiry is to recognize the issue, which can be (cultivated or picked up with exertion) by a difficult explanation.

Statement of the problem are generally utilized in the (placing into) utilization of value the board programs for organizations and associations. The venture group should utilize an all around said (with few words) and (unmistakably obvious/plainly comprehended) issue explanation to clarify the issue and move towards an answer. It would likewise give chiefs portrayed/clarified sentiments/perspectives into the issue with the goal that they can make educated decisions on venture leeway. Along these lines, being plain/genuine/simple and clear is significant for the inquiry proclamation.

Venture the executives is for the most part about critical thinking and delivering results. On the off chance that the supervisor shows up with a venture plan to you, that is when there is an organization issue that should be conversed with/took a gander at. Some portion of an undertaking chief’s main responsibility is to characterize the issue so that it tends to be illuminated, at that point build up the arrangement, plans, and deal with the outcomes. Everything starts with an (official, open proclamation/archive with such an announcement) about the Problem.


Issue/ Statement of the problem

An announcement of the issue is an away from of a territory of worry that exists inside an association. It appears/tells about a hard condition waiting be improved or killed. It (makes sense of the value, sum, or nature of) the hole between an association’s present position and it needed/trusted position.

Motivation behind Problem Statement

When there is a difficult that meddles with an association’s appropriate work process, such an association calls Business Analysts to design an announcement about an issue.

Composing an announcement about issues should help with cautious undertaking endorsement dynamic. The difficult articulation of the statement of the problem will likewise go about as the establishment for the presentation part of/measure of a last archive, controlling the per user’s consideration regarding the issues that will be settled by the proposed venture.

The reason for a difficult articulation is to turn a plain and basic thing/not a brand-name tranquilize issue into one that can be understood via cautious dynamic. More than that, it should handle a hole in hierarchical information, clarify the impacts and (identified with overseeing cash) impacts/results/recommendations of the issue.

Clients and (individuals who are keen on an undertaking or business) will be educated regarding the issue from the inquiry depiction in the statement of the problem, what steps and approaches are required/requested to address them. The announcement of the inquiry is correct in the event that it follows the above required things.

The key point of the (official, open proclamation/report with such an announcement) of the issue is to characterize and clear up the inquiry. This includes characterizing the current atmosphere, when the issue exists, and what impacts it would have on individuals (who utilize an item or administration), spending plans, and related occasions. The inquiry explanation is additionally used to clear up what the (depicted a potential future occasion) picture/circumstance resembles. Characterizing the perfect state gives a perspective on the strategy or framework. It clears up the expectation and points of beginning the improvement venture and the objectives that it is intended to finish.

Another critical component of the contention about the issue is to be utilized as a contact instrument. The issue proclamation intends to increase an endorsement from other people who are keen on the push to start (accomplishing something). The (individuals who are keen on a venture or business) (check for truth/demonstrate valid) the issue before the undertaking begins, and the objectives are (such that’s near reality or genuine number) depicted in the difficult articulation. When this endorsement is gotten, it is explored by the undertaking group to ensure that everybody comprehends the (theme that is significant now) and what they’re attempting to (achieve or gain with exertion). This additionally assists with characterizing the degree of/the scope of the undertaking, which will keep the task concentrated on the general objective.

During the procedure, the issue articulation or statement of the problem is alluded to/is given a pass to set up center focuses inside the procedure group and secure/ensure that they remain on track. Before the finish of/conclusive assessment of the cycle, (checking for truth/demonstrating valid) the methodology applied fixes the issue is returned to. An (obviously noticeable/plainly comprehended) issue proclamation may likewise help in doing main driver exploration to clarify why the issue occurred and to ensure that means can be placed into utilization to dishearten it from occurring later on.

Note that the announcement of an issue doesn’t characterize the arrangement or techniques to show up at an answer. The difficult proclamation just concedes/perceives/reacts to the hole between the issue and target states. “An unmistakably portrayed inquiry is half unraveled” might be told. Be that as it may, there are frequently numerous, feasible/potential answers for an issue. The solution(s) should just be talked about after the difficult articulation has been composed and concurred, and the subsequent strategy chose/made sense of.

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Characterizing the Problem Statement

Before reporting it, an inquiry ought to be characterized as an issue articulation. It’s not as trying to characterize a general issue as recognizing the inquiry. At the point when the inquiry is found, the human creative mind needs to naturally begin thinking on a fix (for a sickness). The correct methodology is to portray the issue top to bottom, depict/show the issue and afterward plan the arrangement. The helpless depiction of as far as possible the execution of the fix (for an infection). It is important to understand the statement of problem.

As expressed, making a difficult articulation is an individual activity, while portraying the issue is an aggregate (of everything or everybody) exertion. On the off chance that one can see all the activities in question, an issue can be depicted accurately. How are they all working out? How does that influence everybody?

Take a soft drink creation firm, for instance, which fabricates (with heaps of air pockets) water in glass bottles. For certain reasons, the administration reports that there are in any event 50 breakages of glass bottles per move/change in the plant (three changes each day) during the (with loads of air pockets) water filling and fixing process.

The primary move is to distinguish the issue. To test/assess the issue, the accompanying inquiries should be posed for defining the statement of problem.

The inquiry should be distinguished before the issue explanation can be made. Needing to begin dealing with an answer at the earliest opportunity and ignoring the meaning of the genuine issue to be unravelled is (the manner by which people are). An ineffectively characterized issue anyway raises the danger of beginning an answer that doesn’t completely meet the normal outcomes. In the event that this is totally known, an issue can’t be comprehended.

The technique for issue ID is consistently an aggregate (of everything or everybody) exertion. It begins by meeting the (individuals who are keen on a venture or business), clients or potentially clients influenced by the issue (if conceivable) and finding out about their agony focuses. Since individuals regularly battle to convey their issues viably, particularly to somebody outside the procedure, it is useful to solicit an arrangement from “why” inquiries until the purposes behind (accomplishing something) is recognized. This procedure, known as the “5 Why’s,” will in general burrow down to the focal issue, since a great part of the issues met may be absolute/absolutely/with nothing else blended in obvious indications of the genuine issue. Posing some nitty gritty inquiries and saying in various words what the individual (who is keen on a venture or business) said focuses to/shows a level of profoundly mindful, getting emotions and comprehension of the issue.

The data accumulated from those first meetings is only one piece of the examination of issues. The inquiry additionally applies to (more than two, however not a great deal of) fields or jobs the proprietors, customers, and individuals (who utilize an item or administration) are uninformed of. They may even (comprehend/make genuine/accomplish) what’s happening the surface yet not actually the covered up (under) source. Social occasion (capacity to do things well overall), realities and (responses or reactions to something/supportive returned data) from venture group pioneers and topic specialists on the point is additionally similarly as significant.

Included/more exploration materials may likewise should be conversed with including work guidelines, client manuals, item (point by point depictions of precisely what is required), work process outlines and past venture plans. As in some other periods of the improvement cycle venture, the meaning of the issue is regularly rehashing/dreary, since it might take (more than two, yet not a ton of) rounds of conversations to get the full picture. On the off chance that the issue is known and the explanations for the (placing into) utilization of the undertaking are self-evident, the opportunity has arrived to form the difficult articulation.

Composing the Problem Statement

The Issue Statement or the statement of problem will be utilized to get venture backing and individual (who is keen on a task or business) endorsement. That must be activity situated thusly. All the more explicitly, to (achieve or gain with exertion) positive outcomes the inquiry explanation must be introduced just and effectively. A seriously fabricated or wrong clarification of the issue can bring about an imperfect answer, just as loss of vitality, exertion and helpful things/important supplies.

There are (more than two, however not a great deal of) essential components that can be incorporated/consolidated into each announcement about issues to diminish the danger of task disappointment. Next, the contention (identified with/taking a gander at/pondering) the issue needs to consider the end client. A-blunder is to (center one’s exertion/increment/for the most part study) on “how” to fix an issue, as opposed to the current separation. Second, it shouldn’t be too wide to even consider stating the issue. One preferred position of utilizing the “5 Whys” approach is that it maintains a strategic distance from over-straightforwardness by giving the subtleties important to comprehend the issue and to build up a decent arrangement. In the long run, it shouldn’t be too little to even think about stating the issue.

Thought inclination stops the creative mind that happens when a thought is (worked in a gathering to get thoughts) and may include/provide for a not exactly perfect understanding for client. Structuring and following an unmistakably expressed/specific arrangement are valuable when composing an announcement on an issue. While there are (more than two, yet not a great deal of) choices to do this, coming up next is a basic and plain/legit/simple (model that ought to be duplicated) regularly utilized in Business Analysis to maintain the attention on issue definition.

  • Perfect/Ideal: This segment is utilized to depict the condition of the procedure or item wanted, or “to be.” It distinguishes the (individuals who are keen on a venture or business)’ and clients’ objectives, just as characterizes scope. This part/segment will generally clarify what the (depicted a potential future occasion) world looks like after the arrangement is applied.
  • Reality: The current or “with no guarantees” condition of the procedure or item is portrayed in this area. This depicts the weight focuses accomplices and individuals (who utilize an item or administration) have shared. This will likewise incorporate the suppositions/perspectives and (conclusions about what should or ought to be possible about a circumstance) offered by the venture the executives and topic specialists through issue investigation.
  • Outcomes: This bit is intended to distinguish the organization impacts/results/proposals until the issue has been fathomed or changed. Which includes costs identified with cash misfortune, vitality, a lucrative state, upper hand, etc. The significance of these impacts will likewise assist with choosing/make sense of venture need.
  • Proposition: This area depicts potential arrangements. At the point when the pieces of thought, certainty, and impacts/results/proposals have been gathered/made, distinguished, and acknowledged, the venture group will keep on giving answers for critical thinking. This ought to likewise give (responses or reactions to something/supportive returned data) from (individuals who are keen on a task or business) and individuals (who utilize an item or administration), however more conversations (with others) and investigation would be required/requested before an unmistakably expressed/specific strategy can be chosen.

Following this organization, a (down to earth and possible) record can be utilized by all gatherings to comprehend the issue and to make required things that will bring about a triumphant arrangement.

The Five W’s and One H

Where will it occur?

  • The bottles got through the entire procedure, as the jugs were stacked and fixed.

When was this incident?

  • The partition occurs in an abrupt and impromptu manner, without a solitary second.

How’s that turning out?

  • Bottles utilized in the wake of filling and impacted when cinched.

Which/What course is right?

  • The issue should be about the weight or temperature in light of the fact that the containers impact.

Who causes the issue?

  • The issue must be bottle quality or fixing machines which causes pressure.

Why is this event?

  • The utilized containers can’t endure pressure when fixing the jugs.

By and large, 5 Why s survey is the most generally utilized technique to characterize the specific inquiry.

This issue proclamation in different excursions/organizations, particularly the Lean Six Sigma Programs, fills in as a controlling power. A venture called Lean Six Sigma includes the accompanying advances:

  • Define
  • Measure
  • Analyze
  • Improve
  • Control

The task’s five stages are interconnected, after the cascade model. The model of the Waterfall is (broken into parts) into various periods of a venture. Each progression depends on the impacts of the previous cycle. As expressed over, the directing power of an undertaking is the (official, open explanation/archive with such an announcement) of issues.


Meaning of the issue

The issue is characterized at this stage. The characterized issue is confined as an announcement called the (official, open proclamation/record with such an announcement) of the issue. Consider/accept the recently referenced beverage producer. The association has an issue and has been alluded to/been given a ticket. Presently we should perceive how the contention about the issue resembles;

“The organization’s bundling activity would target rising compartment breaking down for a smooth and powerful technique”.


Put into numbers the issue

The subsequent stage practically speaking is the test/assessment of genuine yield or activity. Now it places into numbers the issue depicted before by:

  • Measuring the yield of (happening now) processors.
  • Identifying Metric Units.
  • Develop plan for information assortment.
  • Describe the issue dependent on assembled information.

The inquiry point that was made at the “characterizing” level is the establishment for every single such (activity that help terrible circumstances).

“There is a normal each day of 150 broken containers in the production line. The cost of washing and fixing a messed-up bottle is Rs.5.00. Net jug utilization consistently is Rs.22,500 and Rs.270,000 each once-a-year.”

Cautiously Study/Analyze:

Recognize the birthplace of the issue

The announcement of the issue plainly focuses to/shows that the issue is that the jugs are broken. In this way, various methods of getting things done and (devices or articles used to accomplish work or measure something) were utilized in the feeling of the investigation to choose/make sense of the specific issue which causes bottle breakage. The “Study” step is intended to characterize the issue.

“The issue might be the nature of the jugs, the weight contrasts/various forms during filling and fixing, the shape and nature of the jug tops and changes in the temperature of the procedure.”


Put into utilization the methodology and test it

We currently know the reason for the issue, and the difficult itself. The subsequent stage is the period of “improve” In this, the methodology is applied and tried.

“The hit/impact they have had in the diminishing request is not kidding and obstinate after the entirety of the issue, elements, and arrangements have been found to expel them.”


Adhere to the Solution.

The following stage is one of “request.”

The motivation behind the six-sigma control stage is to (check for truth/demonstrate valid) the (how great (or adequate) something is) of the arrangement put into utilization during the “improve” stage; utilizing various apparatuses. “To keep up the arrangements put into utilization in the” improve “stage, and to check whether they dispense with or lessen the components of the issue.”

Incline toward the opposite side insights squander the executives. Seven sorts of waste are ordered in absolute utilizing the (word made up from the principal letters of words) TIMWOOD.

They are:

  • T-Transportation
  • I – Inventory
  • M-Movement
  • W-Waiting
  • O-Over Processing
  • O-Over Production
  • D-Defects

An inquiry explanation is of significance in Lean Six Sigma, as it stresses squander the board. In the event that a difficult articulation is tricky and bogus, at that point the entire DMAIC strategy will prompt over-handling and mistakes. Along these lines, for lean six sigma that doesn’t bode well. The most significant thing in the entire venture is consequently the difficult explanation.

While applying Six Sigma or Lean Six sigma it is thought of as a task in each business. In any venture, there will be an issue; thusly, the task needs to start to discover an answer. An objective might be to fuse Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma all alone. (more than two, yet not a great deal of) (numbers that change/things that change) may assume a job in an undertaking’s prosperity or disappointment. The huge (numbers that change/things that change) would be procedure, duty, and comprehension of the inquiry proclamation.

How about we consider the entire cycle utilizing a graphical picture.

Portrayal of the cycle by geometric model

“Current condition” signifies equivalent to the period of association, “halfway stages” are the (achievement plans/methods of arriving at objectives) important to fathom the real test and help to (achieve or gain with exertion) the “ideal point”

Venture stream when issue proclamation is fitting

We know the driving variable in a venture is the difficult articulation and in the characterized stage, DMAIC is driven totally by the difficult explanation. What’s more, if an away from of concerns is created, this is the means by which the (achievement plan(s)/way(s) of arriving at objectives) works and makes the perfect condition.

Presently, how about we see the venture stream if the announcement of the issue is wrong.

Undertaking stream if the announcement of the issue is wrong

It’s obvious from the figure over that we don’t have a clue where to go, and what to do straightaway. By this stage we comprehend that the general endeavours are a disappointment and will restart the cycle, bringing about lost vitality, helpful things/significant supplies and over-handling. In this manner, the inquiry articulation must be (sufficient) for a task to be done inevitably and to satisfy (by addressing a need or arriving at an objective) the (definite depictions of precisely what is required).

Instructions to recognize a difficult proclamation

This will be not an (official, open proclamation/record with such an announcement) of the organization’s (prosperity plan(s)/way(s) of arriving at objectives) and reason, nor any conviction frameworks.

A remark about the issue will be short and clear/transparent. A remark (identified with/taking a gander at/contemplating) an inquiry ought to be precise and ready to be contacted/genuine. Continuously make the comprehensive view understood.


The time allotment of inquiry articulations will vary, in view of the outrageous cruelty of the inquiry. Coming up next is an outline of an essential issue articulation to construct a Single Sign On a capacity:


Ideally our clients should sign into their PCs and afterward have moment access to all the applications they need.


To finish our work, we use at any rate three PC programs every day. Each code is made sure about by a secret phrase with explicit username and secret key time allotment (nitty gritty depictions of precisely what is required). Passwords frequently wear out at various occasions.


Clients lose around 2 minutes of signing in (more than two, yet not a great deal of) applications consistently (Let’s consider/accept on the off chance that there are 500 clients, at that point 500 clients * 2 minutes per day = 1000 minutes of missed functioning admirably and completing a ton; 1000 minutes = 16.67 hours daily * $75/hr = $1250 every day).

Help-desk settle around 6000 calls each year to reset overlooked passwords and open records. Well-being peril when clients continue composing usernames and passwords on clingy notes on their work areas.


This has a S/W Development, Network Management and businessmen (who are keen on an undertaking or business)’ cooperating/collaboration to (make sense of the value, sum, or nature of) potential answers for a Single Sign On capacity.


A Problem Statement clarifies an association’s inquiry and characterizes what the appropriate response resembles. It can likewise give an establishment to creating persuading business cases and (appearing or demonstrating) the requirement for ventures.

A very much expressed issue is half settled. The better the clearness about what the group is attempting to fix, the (creating more with less waste) they will be in taking care of the issue, the better the arrangement will ‘fix’ the issues and the group will have the option to return to executing the business against/contrasted with/or fixing it.

Similarly, as basic as the remark about, the issue or is in making a statement of problem(triumph plan(s)/way(s) of arriving at objectives) to fix it. The issue articulation generally characterizes the inquiry as a separation to close or as an objective to (achieve or gain with exertion).

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