The current pandemic has forced us to work differently. While working from home has become the new norm, people are exploring work options that help them earn from the safety of their homes.

Creative writing is one such field that gives work satisfaction as well as helps make money. If you are planning to take up writing as a profession or a hobby, there are several writing tools that you can use.

“Writing apps make you more productive. Whenever you come across a great idea, simply make notes and develop them into a whole story later. Make the most of your writing abilities by incorporating these apps in your writing schedule.”

Here are 13 best android apps that writers must try: 

1. Google Docs

Google Docs is an excellent app for writers powerful and big enough to write a book or script. You can access this cloud storage platform on any device (computer, phone, etc.) by connecting to the Internet.

2. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office comprises Word, OneNote, OneDrive with accessibility across multiple devices. The writing app allows you to take notes and write extensive documents for free. 

3. Grammarly Keyboard

This is a virtual keyboard that can be used for auto-correction and also helps with grammar. Whenever it finds a grammar error, it suggests a correction. If you tend to make spelling mistakes, this app can be useful.

4. JotterPad

This writing app is specifically designed for writing books, screenplays, and other extensive works. It includes features like no-distraction mode, dark mode,  typewriter style scrolling, Markdowns, built-in dictionary, word counter, and cloud storage support. 

“Jotterpad allows writers to export to DOCX or PDF and work on these files on their computer. These features are free but you can get more with a payment.”

  • Kinshul Jain, Content Writer.

5. Quip 

This app allows you to take quick notes or write a detailed document. This app is compatible with Android and iOS devices. It includes a free plagiarism checking tool to detect copied content. The app comes with real-time messaging and chat options.

6. Markor

This is a simple writing app that can be used for formatting and editing. You can take notes, make to-do lists, and organize your tasks using Markor. In addition, it has convert-to-PDF reader feature, offline support, and other productivity functions. 

7. Writer Plus

This is a popular writing app with features like headers, keyboard macros, rich text formatting, a night mode, undo and redo, character and counters, and right to left text support. Its simple navigation and UI makes writing easier for novice writers.

8. Day One Journal

This wonderful app can help you maintain a daily journal. It has ‘On This Day’ and Nearby entries feature that helps you find an old note. 

9. Pure Writer

It is another basic writing app that has paragraph, line spacing options, a dark mode, and document saving functions. You also get a history feature to find deleted work. 

10. Novelist

Novelist comes with special features for plotting, preparing, writing, and exporting short stories or novels. In addition, it has formatting options, a preview feature, and a decent text editor. 

11. Writer Tools

The tool has a word processor that allows you to create characters, plots, locations, and store ideas. With its quarterly goal feature, you can maintain a writing schedule and monitor your writing progress. 

12. Character Story Planner 2

Although it is a gaming app, it serves as an excellent tool for short story writers and novelists. You can develop characters, places, scenarios, events, and various types of scenes and later move it into a word processor.

13. Evernote 

This writing app is ideal for use on Android smartphones. You can create and share your notes.  It’s readability evaluator checks the quality of your text and suggests how it can be improved. 

A creative writing course can be of great help. Besides downloading writing apps, you can take up an online writing course to fine-tune your writing skills.

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