An Automobile engineering is a discipline that includes variants related to Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering and Safety engineering for various designs of buses, trucks, cars and planes.

The Six Sigma certification provides engineers and executives with the necessary skills to execute plan developed under wireframe and effectiveness in finding the right tool for the right problem .In the recent market scenario, the automobile companies have secured positive financial growth, increased productivity output, ensured equity in peoples relationship and customer satisfaction by implication of Six Sigma in their business or organisation.

It is believed that automobile manufacturers are the most effective people to be benefited with certification as the industry produces various domiciles of products generated through new innovates ideas and technology .Auto engineers now understand the importance of quality and profitability by reducing and effective man force and productive output to ensure customer satisfaction hence Six Sigma methodology is an effective tool for all level of automobile engineers.

Following are the top 10 benefits of Six Sigma in Automobile engineering:-

  1. Automobile engineers work with lot of responsibility. Six Sigmamethodology assists is to maximize the flexibility in designs considering minimum cost incurred.
  2. Six Sigma tools help Automobile engineers to apply physical data to their plans towards viability in end product.
  3. Six Sigma tools are beneficial in planning and research before designing any particular design.
  4. It offers lucrative salaries to fresher’s as well as experience holders.
  5. A well designed Six Sigma approach enables mechanical engineers to apply best practice tools and confidently deliver any design project.
  6. Six Sigma is divine for mechanical engineers which assists them in design and development of world-class test hardware and software.
  7. It help in accurate and precise billing without any repletion’s in audit process
  8. Another way that the Six Sigma can benefit is by eliminating waste
  9. It assists automobile engineering for quality and reliability that will satisfy and even exceed demands and expectations of today’s demanding customer
  10. it also emphasize on probability and statistics for optimizing automotive manufacturing

Automotive billing methodology is quite tedious and time consuming with tethering issues processes are likely to get slower and at times it may be frustrating when thousands of bills are left at the desk for perusal. Six Sigma is an excellent choice for all the masses to find ways to improve billing procedures and raising invoices.

What is the job of engineers?

Instrumentation and control engineers are responsible for designing, developing, installing, managing and maintaining equipment which is used to monitor and control engineering systems, machinery and processes. Their job is to make sure that these systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently and safely.

How six sigma is useful?

Engineers can manufacture but quality comes with Six Sigma. Six sigma helps in determining the quality of instruments manufactured. quality and six sigma go hand in hand. If you ignore Six sigma training, you ignore the analytical skills.

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