Content builds relationships. Relationships are built on trust. Trust drives revenue.”–Andrew Davis, Bestselling Author, and Keynote Speaker

Digital Marketing for Startups is a new way to market a product or service these days. That world is long gone when people only rely on Newspapers, Magazines, Brochures, Postcards to market their services or products. The digital world has changed the lives of people drastically.

People rely on the Digital world these days. Customers and Company employees have started using the digital platform as a source to gain information and insights into new products, services and technology.

Startups are newly built small organizations having the vision to achieve a particular goal in the fast pacing dynamic business environment.


Digital World has led to this emergence of Fast pacing dynamic business environment that startups need to keep up with.

Digital Marketing for Startups

Importance of Digital Marketing has created an image in the minds of customers, businessmen and company workers that it is the most effective and efficient way to increase the productivity of any business.

Startups are growing businesses which are yet to establish their position in this growing competitive world.

Digital marketing for startups is becoming an essential tool for growing the business as it is an easy tool to market a particular product or service.

Importance of Digital Marketing has grown over the years as the world is becoming more technology-dependent day by day. 

So, let us know in simple terms what Digital Marketing is all about.

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5D’s of Digital Marketing – Digital Marketing for Startups

Digital Devices:-

Smartphones, Laptops, Tablets, Computers, Television and Radio are digital devices useful in Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Platforms:

Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram and Pinterest are some of the digital platforms that help in Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Media:

Videos, Blogs, Images, Advertisements, Infographics, Audio are Digital Media which are useful in Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Data:

Content written on computers, laptops and smartphones is the Digital Data that help in Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Technology:

Internet, WiFi and Data Connection is the technology useful in Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Marketing is defined as the marketing which is done using videos, images, blogs, websites, logos, social media pages and reviews.

Laptops, Computers, Tablets, Smartphones, Radio, Television and access to the internet can help to make various videos, images, blogs, articles and post it over any digital platforms like Websites, Emails, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

Different Ways of Digital Marketing for Startups

Now there are various ways under Digital Marketing by which we can market our services and products and gain insights into the customer’s perspective. These ways help in describing the importance of Digital Marketing for Startups.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a way to market any product or service through Emails. An advertisement, a brochure, an infographic sent to a group of people is called Email -Marketing. 

Emails are mostly used by everyone on regular basis to check important information, content or messages.

This way people can read and check the product or service information if the emails are sent in a creative way. Digital letters aka Emails have created quite an impression in the minds of the people for many years.

Therefore, it clearly states the importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world.

Ways to Improve Email Marketing:-

  • A unique and attractive title so that it gains the attention of people and they open it.
  • Short Emails– It should not contain too  much text as people don’t like reading stuff that much
  • The Emails should be in a simple language not too complex or difficult to understand. Otherwise, readers will lose interest.
  • Explain the purpose, benefits and features of a particular product or service in a concise way to catch a person’s attention.
  • Keep the subscribers of the mail engaged by sharing relevant content at least once in a week.

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There are various Email Marketing Services such as:

  •  iContact, 
  • MailChimp, 
  • GetResponse, 
  • AutoPilot,
  • ActiveCampaign 
  • Aweber.

Social Media Marketing

Digital Marketing for Startups

Social media platforms allow businessmen to send videos, images, infographics, advertisements to market products and services to a large number of people. Social media are trending platforms to product any service or product.

Various Social Media Platforms that are used to market products and services are as follows:


Facebook- Social medioa Platform

Facebook is an American online social media platform which was founded by Mark Zuckerberg.

This application helps to connect with families and friends anytime and anywhere., create videos with special effects, share videos, photos and favourite memories, buy and sell locally on the marketplace, follow various websites, companies and pages., watch millions of video clips and interesting updates.

Connecting with people and sharing videos, images, pages expand the horizon of the information about various topics making the importance of digital marketing very clear.


Socila Media Marketing- Twitter

Twitter is a social media and microblogging platform where people post short messages known as “tweets”. The users with an account can read, write and retweet but users without an account can only read tweets, cannot write or retweet.

This platform helps to market the product as many people use twitter accounts to share their thoughts, opinions on a particular product or service. So, a startup can gain insights into what people like and what they don’t like.

As this platform involves microblogging and people only like to read short messages, it can be a useful tool for Digital Marketing for Startups.


Digital Marketing for Starups- Snapchat

Snapchat is a popular social media platform among the youth. One of the main features of Snapchat is that pictures and videos remain for a short period before they vanish from the chat. Snapchat was made by Evan Spiegel,  Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown and it was launched in 2011.

Snapchat can be a powerful tool for Digital Marketing for startups to gain the attention of young people  who have an interest in Health, Wellness, Fitness and Beauty


Social Media Marketing- Pinterest

Pinterest is an American social media platform that enables the information search through images, small videos and gif in the form of Pinboard.

This type of Digital Marketing for the startups can help startups to showcase their products and services in the form of pictures, infographics and gif.


Digital marketing for Startups- Instagram

Instagram is an American video-sharing and social media platform owned by Facebook. It was made by Kevin Systrom and Mike Kreiger, finally launched in 2010 on iOS devices and later on Android Devices in 2012.

It has various features like uploading videos on video reels, sharing pictures and videos on stories, messages can be sent directly to people, follow favourite pages, photos and videos can be shared on Instagram feed.

A highly popular social media platform and the best way to market the product or service.

It is easy to use which can help startups to gain customers. One of the best social media platforms for digital marketing for startups making the company workers, businessman and professionals understand the importance of Digital Marketing


Digital Marketing for Starups- Social Media Marketing-LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the biggest Business-oriented Social  Media Platforms where startups can partnership with other companies through business to business marketing. Professionals can connect and help to find jobs, acquisitions, businesses as per the requirement. It’s a special social media platform where startups can get insights to trending business topics and choices of the audience.

Ways to Improve Social Media Marketing Strategy:

  • Social Media Profiles should be unique with High-quality Images, Catchy Title and full information.
  • Choosing a particular niche so that gain visits organically
  • Choose a particular audience to target.
  • Be responsive and try to clear out the doubts by commenting and replying to messages.

Affiliate Marketing 

Affiliate Marketing- digital Marketing For startups

Affiliate Marketing is a way of Marketing in which an affiliate who is an intermediate earns a commission for marketing a product or service of a company.

It’s performance-based marketing where the affiliate finds a product that people want, promotes it and earns a part of the profit by selling the product. 

Examples of Affiliate Marketing:

eBay Partner Network:

eBay is an American Multinational E-Commerce website that allows the business to consumer and consumer to consumer sales through the website. The eBay Partner Network is the affiliate marketing program which gives a unique ability to the company to provide partners with tools, reports and resources they need to succeed.

Etsy Affiliate:

It is a global marketplace for a wide variety of goods. This marketplace includes many homemade goods, handicrafts and vintage treasures. Most of the Etsy affiliates earn money from featuring the links to Etsy content and Etsy products on the site. The Etsy affiliates earn commission on each qualifying sale.

Amazon Associates:

Amazon Associates Affiliate Program - Affiliate Marketing- Digital Marketing For startups

 Amazon Associates is one of the largest affiliate marketing programs. This program helps the publishers, bloggers and content creators to make money out of the traffic they get.

There are many products available in the Amazon, associates use tools to direct the audience to the recommendations according to their preferences and earn from programs and qualifying purchases.

Content Marketing – Digital Marketing for Startups

Content Marketing involves the creation of various types of content like Videos, Blogs, Social media posts, infographics, images etc. to generate interest about a certain topic, products or services in the minds of the people.

This type of marketing does not directly promote a particular brand, it only gives relevant, attractive, catchy information about the particular product or service.

Social Media is a part of Content Marketing as social media is used to create content and eventually attract customers.

Examples of Content Marketing are as follows:

  • Hubspot:-
  • Buffer
  • Rip Curl

Benefits of Content Marketing:

  • Very helpful for creating a buzz for a startup
  • Highly effective Digital Marketing strategy
  • Highly cost-effective as you don’t have to pay for the ads
  • Builds trust and  reputation of the brand

Search Engine Marketing(SEM) – Digital Marketing for Startups

Search Engine Marketing

SEM or Search Engine Marketing involves the promotion of various websites in various search engines through paid advertising.

Search Engines are those systems that help in the retrieval of information from the web. These Search engines include Google, Bing, Yandex, Swisscows and

It is a way of marketing wherein the advertisers bid on certain keywords that Search engine users enter on the search bar so that advertisements of their websites appear on these search engines along with search results whenever the keywords are typed. 

The ads are pay per click ads which are usually in text form or picture form to attract the customers and allow them to view product or service reviews, prices, attributes etc.

This is a useful way to the market product as it allows putting the advertisements in front of the right target audience so that they can purchase the product at the right moment.

Ways to improve Search Engine Marketing Strategy:

  • Use the right keywords to enhance page visibility
  • Set a cap on bidding and budget so that ads don’t become too expensive to release.
  • Choose high-quality pictures for more traffic.

Benefits of using Search Engine Marketing:

  • The results are quite instant in the case of Search Engine Marketing
  • The paid ads help in reaching the audience easily.
  • High Return on Investment.
  • Data and insights to improve SEM campaigns and other marketing strategies.
  • Initially, the budget can be small to check whether the strategy is working or not and then we can cancel anytime we want.

Search Engine Optimization – Digital Marketing for Startups 

Digital Marketing for Startups

This way of Digital marketing involves increasing the traffic on the website by increasing the visibility of the website on the search engines without any paid advertising.

The advertising is done through natural ways like adding text search, image search, video search, audio search, inbound links and outbound links.

This type of marketing is helps to gain organic, free or natural traffic. 

Examples of Search Engine Optimization:

  • Mouseflow
  • Sprout Social
  • Cloud Bakers
  • Mulesoft
  • Open Hallway.

Benefits of using Search Engine Optimization:

  • Cost-Effective
  • The reach on the website or content increases organically.
  • Helps in Building trust and relationships with customers.
  • This way of Digital Marketing provides long-lasting results.

Benefits of Search Engine Optimization Marketing way clearly makes us understand the importance of digital marketing.

Pay Per Click Advertising -Digital Marketing for Startups

This advertising is one of the models of Digital Marketing, where an advertiser pays a fee to the publisher each time user clicks the advertisement.

It is a way to buy traffic on the website rather than earning those visits naturally or organically.

Pay per click is one of the forms of SEM.

Television Advertising

Televsiosn Advertising- digital marketing for Startups

This way of digital marketing involves showing advertisements on television to market the product or services of a particular organization.

The organization pays the television channel to show the advertisement to reach a wider audience.

A message typically contains slogans, catchy taglines or dialogues to attract the customers and build interest so that they get motivated to buy the product or service.

Radio Advertising:

Radio Advertising-

Radio stations run commercials or advertisements to promote the organization’s product or service.

The organization pays the radio channels to mention their name, product or service in a catchy, attractive way to gain the interest of the customers.

Referral Marketing

Referal Marketing- Digital Marketing for Startups

Referral Marketing is a marketing in which the customer who is using the product or service recommends it to one of his/her friends or to a group of people who have the interest to buy that product or service.

This type of marketing is beneficial for both  customer and startups due to the following reasons:

  • The customer gets discounts for the product or service they buy
  • Startups get more customers to interact with.

Facebook is a social media platform which helps in connecting with friends and family virtually uses referral marketing as a digital marketing tool to increase its popularity. This platform encourages users by giving them an option to invite friends so that it gets more popular.

Another example of Referral Marketing is DropBox, Dropbox encourages users to refer this to other people and they will get some memory space for free.

Amazon, Paypal and other companies also use this digital marketing strategy to gain more audience for the products and services.

Youtube Marketing

Youtube- Youtube Marketing- Digital marketing for Startups

Youtube is one of the most popular search engines where people can search for tons of videos related to any topic.

Uploading Videos is the best way to market the product or service since many people like watching videos and it can also help people to get to see visuals of product and service.

Some of the most popular organizations like Flipkart, Asian Paints, Hyundai and Pepsi have grown their business with the help of Youtube Marketing. 

Viral Marketing:

Viral Marketing- Digital Marketing for Startups

This way of marketing creates an online buzz on the internet. Unique videos with relevant, catchy content can gain many views from the public. It can go viral all over the internet.

Viral Marketing can be one of the most useful ways of Digital Marketing for startups to boost sales and enhance productivity.

Since Viral Marketing is a part of digital marketing itself, it justifies that creative and unique content on the digital platform can showcase the importance of digital marketing.

Importance of Digital Marketing for Startups.

Digital Marketing is important for startups due to various reasons:

Wide Reach– 

Digital Marketing for startups can help to reach a wide number of audience as the public uses emails, social media, search engines, websites to gain information about new products and services.

This excessive usage of emails, social media, search engines, websites to gain information about the new products and services have increased the importance of digital marketing in today’s generation. Hence, Digital Marketing results in a wide reach of audience.


Digital Marketing for startups is cost-effective because the startups are still in the growing phase and require more revenue to grow and establish. So, Digital marketing can help startups to grow and gain customers most affordably.

There will be no need for a startup to print brochures, pamphlets, postcards and banners to advertise the product or service.

The startup can simply advertise their product or service by using infographics, images, videos, blogs and audio on their website or social media platforms.

In addition to this, Emails containing advertisements can also help to advertise the product or service. Cost-effectiveness is one of the main reasons as to why startups should opt for Digital Marketing. Hereby, Marking the importance of digital marketing.

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement is the most important thing for startups because when customers engage, it builds relationships, relationships build trust which eventually generates revenue as convinced customers buy the product or service without any hesitation.

This aspect demonstrates the importance of digital marketing for startups.


Importance of Digital Marketing lies in the fact that it helps in creating brand awareness for startups.

Startups need a boost to make people aware of their brand so digital marketing can help startups to show their brand, even if customers do not buy the product right away, it will create an impression on a person’s mind about the brand.

Branding is crucial to establish a startup in a highly competitive environment which makes a clear indication about the Importance of Digital Marketing in today’s world.

Increases Conversions

Boosting online conversions makes the essential factor to justify the importance of digital marketing for startups.

Digital Marketing helps in analyzing whether marketing strategies are working or not. Analysis can help in the identification of the areas of weakness and success factors that are leading to conversions. Therefore, This analysis can help in boosting the conversions. 

Generates Leads-

Generation of the leads is important for sales. A sale is incomplete without marketing. Digital Marketing helps in generating leads or potential customers who have an interest in buying the product or service.

These leads can be reached directly to ask them about their views on the product. If customers have the interest to buy the product. It will help in the generation of revenue.

Digital Marketing for startups is therefore beneficial for generating leads thereby resulting in the generation of revenue.

Hence, the Customer Research aspect of Digital Marketing proves the importance of Digital Marketing.

Analysis using Metrics–  

Metrics help in analyzing the various factors related to traffic which includes buying behaviour of the person, time spent by the person on the website, the number of clicks on the website and much more.

These metrics help in identifying new opportunities to gain more customers. It helps in finding new ways in which marketing strategies can be planned.

Metric Analysis is one of the best aspects of digital marketing and therefore describes the importance of digital marketing for startups.

Customer Research– 

Digital Marketing for startups is also important for Customer Research, It can help a startup to identify which products, geographical area, population to target so that it can help to enhance their business.

It will help the startup to not waste any money on the advertisements which might not gain the attention of the audience.

It will help in choosing the right product and the right customer to target in terms of showcasing the product or service. Therefore, Customer Research showcases the importance of Digital Marketing.

Tracking of ROI-  

ROI stands for return on investment. Importance of Digital Marketing for startups is great mostly because it helps in tracking return on investment.

In traditional marketing, A startup needs to get a particular marketing campaign to get over in order to get results.

Digital Marketing helps the startups to track their campaign while it is running to make necessary improvements in such a way that campaign becomes successful.


The importance of Digital Marketing for startups in today’s world is increasing day by day because it not only helps in reaching a large number of people and creating brand awareness but it also helps in saving energy, time, money and efforts to build a perfect marketing strategy to sell a particular product or service.

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