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Digital marketing interview questions and answers will help you to understand the growing areas of internet marketing. To ace the interview, we have prepared the list of questions and answers.

Today about 60% of the advertisements are aired digitally. Social media has become an integral part of every sphere of our life. Audiences have made a shift from television, radio, and newspapers to digital platforms and social media.

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As a result, it has become strategically important for companies to reach out to audiences on social media to boost their business.

Therefore, making a career in digital marketing is a lucrative option. A digital marketing interview is a way to enter the digital marketing domain for all aspirants. Thus, cracking these digital marketing interview questions and answers is the first step to a successful digital marketing career.

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On the other hand, a digital marketing interview benefits companies as it becomes a catalyst to discover creative and knowledgeable talent.

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Digital Marketing Interview

Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers

Are you aiming to make an impression at a digital marketing interview? Are you searching for talent to enhance your company’s digital presence and sales?

The following digital marketing interview questions and answers can be a key to opening that door. 

In this article, the questions are divided into sections. Firstly, it helps in understanding the different probable criteria of digital marketing interview questions and answers. Secondly, it helps understand the aspects that rank you in the interview.

Also, the ‘Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview’ given with each question can assist you in adding your special touch.

Section A: General Overview Questions

These digital marketing interview questions and answers aim to check your general understanding of the concept of digital marketing. 

The attributes observed with these questions:

Keenness to stay updated, curiosity, love for learning, communication skills, knowledge of fundamentals of the field, and technical skills.

So, let us look at some of these questions:

1. What is digital marketing, according to you?

Your Answer: Simply put, digital marketing is applying digital media, technology, and data to achieve marketing objectives. Because customers spend a lot of time on digital platforms, placing the company in those channels can help the company with more visibility.

Most importantly, people will learn about the company and even ask questions about the product and company.

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Therefore, digital marketing is all about the strategy and mastery to details to compete with other companies trying to grab the consumer’s attention on the various digital platforms.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

Highlight how the habit of people being constantly on social media can be of advantage.

2. How can we show our online presence, regardless of the product we are selling?

Your Answer: We can show our online presence in a multitude of ways.

  • Content Marketing is at the core of the digital marketing scenario. Therefore, content can bridge the problems the customer is facing and how we can we can solve these problems through our products and services.
  • Social Media Marketing can be used to share this content and engage with customers as friends and followers. Similarly, it improves brand loyalty, authority, and search engine rankings.
  • Search Engine Optimization of the content will help the content show up when a potential customer is searching for the content you have written about.
  • E-commerce Marketing can drive paid and unpaid traffic to the company’s website, where we can present the offers to buy our products and services.
  • Email Marketing can, certainly, be a medium for us to connect with customers regularly. For instance, follow up can be done to know if our products and services are helping them achieve a solution for the problem they are concerned about. On the other hand, it is an effective tool for feedback from customers too.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

Give real-life examples wherever you can.

3. What are the strategies to get real results in digital marketing?

Your answer: A digital marketer’s objective is to know clearly the tactics that work and how to make the business grow for the company.

Most importantly, providing ‘shiny quick fix’ solutions are firmly unacceptable. In addition, the knowledge of content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing should be made keeping the goals of the business in focus.

However, the strategies are not mutually exclusive even though the objective to apply them may differ.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

If you wish to enhance your knowledge of the strategies of digital marketing here is a list of institutions that are popular for their Digital Marketing Course

4. Why is it beneficial for the company to adopt digital marketing?

Your Answer:  Following are the benefits of digital marketing:

  • Tracking the progress of the market and the product
  • Measurement of the effectiveness of a strategy applied by the company to boost sales in real-time
  • Cost-effective and cheaper than traditional advertising
  • Improved attention and reach even for small business
  • Specific and broad choice of audience compatible with company goals.
  • Influencer marketing
  • Easy access to people already on social media makes it more about ‘when’ rather than ‘where’ to find the customers
  • More buying options and choices for customers
  • Customised, real and direct messages for customers based on target groups

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

Highlight the use of algorithms in digital marketing. Talk about some brands, Google and other shopping sites you may be using.

Section B: SEO Related Questions

These digital marketing interview questions and answers aim to examine your knowledge of SEO as it is a very important component of digital marketing. 

The attributes observed with these questions:

Data analytics, communication skills, the use of the latest technology, competitive nature, creativity, content creation capabilities, ability to think logically, and leveraging an expansive network.

So, let us look at some of these questions:

Digital marketing interview questions and answers on SEO. Screenshot of a Google search to show result of keyword search
Keywords and SEO Search Results

5. What is SEO? How are the various types of SEO different or similar to each other?

Your Answer: For gaining visibility for any business SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is a powerful strategy. Moreover, it comprises a set of techniques that optimise the blog and provide better ranking in search engines like Google and Bing. Therefore, the appropriate use of keywords is important for SEO.

White HatBlack HatGrey Hat
Looks to improve user experienceLooks to manipulate Google algorithmsStrategies fall somewhere between white and black hat SEO
Follows search engine guidelinesViolates search engine rulesCan be considered manipulative but Google has not named them void
Focus on human audienceFocus on quick winsConsidered less risky but have the potential for consequence
Takes a long term approachShort-livedMaybe short-lived
Relevant contentDuplicate contentManipulated content
Relevant links and referencesCloaking and redirecting audience to other sitesFalls between white hat and black hat SEO
Table 1: Types of SEO

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Highlight that the White Hat SEO technique is the most popular. Give your reasons for it.

6. What are the components of on-page and off-page optimisation?

Your Answer: The correct implementation of on-page and off-page can bring the rank of the company’s website to the first page of SEO. On-page optimisation looks to optimise your own website to grow traffic. Off-page SEO focuses on online reputation.

On-Page optimisationOff-Page optimisation
Content is kingBacklinks
Long-tail keywordsDomain authority
Title TagSocial promotion
Meta descriptionLocal SEO
Alt TextPay-Per-Click advertising
SSL/HttpsLeveraging social interaction with your site
Organised URL structurePromote content through social channels
Internal linksSocial bookmarking
Mobile-friendlinessGuest blogging
Table 2: OnPage and Off Page Optimisation

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Read more about the Pay-Per-Click concept of advertising.

Section C: Digital Strategy

These digital marketing interview questions and answers aim to investigate your hold on digital audience interaction to boost the potential of digital marketing for the company.

The attributes observed with these questions:

Strategic mindset, communication skills, business acumen, persistence, competitive nature, innovation, attention to detail, monitoring and tracking of data, being proactive, and strong leadership qualities.

So, let us look at some of these questions:

Digital marketing interview questions and answers on digital strategy.  Shows pillars of digital marketing. digital Audience, digital technology, consumer, digital traffic, media, digital marketer, devices, platforms, internet, website, email, smartphone, engagement with customer,

7. When can we completely stop using the traditional model of marketing?

Your Answer: Traditional marketing is a setup where customers physically visit the shop to buy a product. Digital marketing has its benefits, but we cannot be completely dependent on it.

However, traditional marketing is a tried and tested way of promotion because it has served marketers for the longest time.

Moreover, it establishes credibility and performs better for brand recall. Similarly, hard copy marketing materials, like brochures, can be easier to read compared to white paper or a website. Besides, traditional marketing mostly happens offline and thus is not dependent on internet connectivity.

Also, the marketing activities conducted in a local area can be made specific and cater to local customers.

Hence, making the brand more attractive for the direct customer building trust. So, it is ideal for a company to have a mix of traditional and digital marketing to reach a larger audience.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Highlight the benefits and limitations of both types of marketing.

8. What are the pillars of digital marketing that help build a digital strategy?

Your Answer:

Pillars of Digital strategy, Digital marketing interview questions and answers, Digital marketing interview, Brand goals and overall vision of the business, objectives to achieve the overall goals, campaign goals, goals for the digital transformation of business, changes that are needed, business revenue strategies, Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer, Target groups of people and markets, Website, apps, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and PR, Earned-Owned-Paid media, Specific intermediaries, Facebook, Google, Smartphones, desktop, tablet, digital TV, and smart speaker, Cloud, artificial intelligence, software, augmented and virtual reality ,Customer profile and behaviour, communication preferences, variety of data, Digital Goals, Digital Audience, Digital Media, Digital Platforms, Digital Devices, Digital Technology, Digital Data
Pillar Description
GoalsBrand goals and overall vision of the business, objectives to achieve the overall goals, campaign goals, goals for the digital transformation of business, changes that are needed, business revenue strategies
Audience Business to Business, Business to Consumer, Consumer to Consumer, Target groups of people and markets
MediaWebsite, apps, SEO, social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing and PR, Earned-Owned-Paid media
PlatformsSpecific intermediaries, Facebook, Google, etc
DevicesSmartphones, desktop, tablet, digital TV, and smart speaker
TechnologyCloud, artificial intelligence, software, augmented and virtual reality
DataCustomer profile and behaviour, communication preferences, variety of data
Table 3: Pillars – Digital Strategy

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

Talk about your online presence or a digital marketing event you may have attended.

9. What is AMP?

Your Answer: Mobile usage to search the internet has far surpassed desktop. For instance, Google records show that 40% of the consumers leave a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. That is the time we have to keep the attention of the consumer who likes your ad to click to buy.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP), an open-source project of Google, helps tap into this. It aims to make the mobile page ‘fast’ creating a lightweight fast-loading web page. Therefore, it enhances the digital marketing experience by creating mobile-friendly web pages that can be supported by all platforms and browsers.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Focus on benefits of AMP for digital marketing rather than talking of technical aspects of AMP.

10. What, according to you, are the 4C’s of digital marketing?

Your Answer:

  • Customer – Who sees the message?
  • Content – What is the message seen?
  • Context- Why is the message seen?
  • Communication – What happens between the customer and you?

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

You can elaborate with an example of the product or service of the company you are being interviewed for.

11. Why is it said that YouTube is a valuable tool for digital marketing?

Your Answer:  YouTube can be a fabulous tool in digital marketing for the following reasons:

Digital marketing interview questions and answers, 2022, YpuTube, you tube, promotion of brands, promotion of products, services, video creation, sharing, posting, influencers, advertisements, visibility of company, visibiility of product, insights on stakeholder behaviour, effectiveness, insights on market, trends, data analysis, competitior observation, learning from competitor, know trends, optimisation with time stamps, keywords, video description, thumbnail, digital marketing, digital marketing interview, marketing, buying, selling, viewing, subscription
Benefits of YouTube

YouTube helps the business reach out to every corner of the globe. Thus, giving the company the benefit of attention of a large audience. Also, the information conveyed through videos can break language and literacy barriers.

Additionally, viewing videos is preferable to many as compared to reading text. Video content with employees sharing their experiences and suggestions can be a great way to attach the company to a face, thereby, making the company appear more human.

Video testimonials can be an instrument to build trust so that the customers feel more confident to make purchases.

Subscriptions, viewership, and online reviews can enhance the online reputation of the company. Meanwhile, this data can offer a valuable insight into the effectiveness of campaigns, viewership demographics, subscriber status, number of views.

Furthermore, data related to specific dates, external and internal searches done by the viewer, and keywords used to find the company can assist in further analysis and formulation of future advancements.

Moreover, YouTube immediately boosts the SEO as videos show up on Google searches more often than images. Webpages having high-quality content along with clickable YouTube videos can be advantageous because the people watching videos stay on websites longer, positively affecting ‘dwell time’.

Besides, the content on YouTube stays forever and smart videos with evergreen content give the company more growth opportunities. Also, the old content on the existing videos can be repurposed for freshness.

On the whole, leveraging the power of videos to elevate the digital marketing goals of a company is the biggest blessing of YouTube.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Learn how to use video and YouTube marketing here.

12. When can a company drive digital traffic to its website in a short time?

Your Answer: Digital traffic can be attracted to the website in the following ways:

  • Social media posts that link back to the company’s website
  • Posts that include promotional offers, contests, giveaways
  • Content that is engaging and time-sensitive
  • Engagement in promotional activities
  • Online public relations development through answering queries as a subject expert
  • Press release for online distribution

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview

Mention if you have used any of the above ways in your professional journey.

13. What are the steps in an online shopping journey of a potential customer?

Your answer: The following depicts the online shopping journey of a potential customer:

Online shopping journey of consumer, shopping journey, digital marketing question and answers, digital marketing interview, potential customer, brand, discover, awareness of the problem, awareness, research, digital marketing strategy, smart decision, customer decides, buy, sell, impression, care of customer, consideration of brand, digital marketer, preference, websites, platforms, digital platforms, changes, looking for options on websites, video marketing, content,marketing, big win, company, get ahead of competition,  competition, competitors, loyal customer, customer stay, keep in touch with customer, consumer turns into customer, online shopping sites
Online Shopping Journey of a Consumer to Customer
StepConsumer ActionDigital Marketer Action
Awareness Identifies problem, looks for solution, do extensive research Provide precise content, provide understanding of the solution, inform the buyer, show genuine care, does not aim to sell the product/service
Consideration Check options, understood the solution to his problem, looks for sellersChanges strategy, provide solution through the product/service, informs through valuable content
PreferencePrefers buying from his chosen websiteProvide promotional videos, comparison papers, case studies, product reviews, expert guidelines, advertises the product, provide content that is effective to show the unique selling point of the product
PurchaseBuys the product, consumer turns into a customerBig win for the company
LoyaltyPrefers coming back to the brand for future purchasesEntice customer to come back and make another purchase, keep in touch with customer, show you care
Table 4: Journey of Online Shopping – Consumer & Digital Marketer

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Mention some online shopping sites and your opinion about them.

Section D: Personal Experience

These digital marketing interview questions and answers intend to understand you as a digital marketer.  Consequently, it can be a make-or-break opportunity to get selection in a digital marketing interview and become part of the company.

The attributes observed with these questions:

Leadership skills, soft skills, communication skills, budget and financial accountability, data analytics skills, technical skills, ability to network, adaptability, problem solving, business acumen, and strategic mindset.

So, let us look at some of these questions:

Shows people working on digital marketing, employee, customers, email, settings, digital, advertising, Digital marketing interview questions and answers on personal experience of the interviewee. Planning, strategise, data, analysis, collaboration with others, email, communication, contributing, research, learning, recording, graph, pie chart, dedication, concentration, knowledge of digital marketing, digital marketing interview, business, increase in profit, digital marketer, Image references:

14. Why do you feel you stay updated with the latest trends in digital marketing?

Your Answer:  Digital marketing is a potent but ever-changing, and ever-evolving arena. Because of this, I stay updated with blogs, podcasts, books, webinars, etc. In addition to this, I regularly refer to digital marketing websites.

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview: 

Update yourself with a digital marketing course.

15. How can you contribute as a digital marketer?

Your Answer:  Digital marketing needs a lot of experience and knowledge. In short, you will be responsible for the success of the digital marketing campaign of the brand. As a digital marketer, you should intend to –

  • Contribute to crafting, implementing and managing the marketing strategy
  • Bring an impressive amount of leads of customers  
  • Identify suitable marketing channels to promote the brand and its products. 
  • Accomplish goals while keeping in mind the budget and other aspects. 
  • Contribute in deciding the best strategy to adopt for attracting customers and giving business a boost 
  • Use the data and its analytics to the company’s advantage. 

Handy Hint for a Digital Marketing Interview:

Try to focus on your unique abilities and what makes you different from other digital marketers. 


In conclusion, digital marketing is a great career option. Therefore, preparing yourself well with these digital marketing interview questions and answers can go a long way in establishing an impression.

In addition to this, a digital marketing interview can be made favorable with your knowledge of brands, products, and digital platforms. Staying updated with digital marketing courses and internships, attending events, and becoming part of a professional group can do wonders.

Wishing you all the very best for your digital marketing interview!

Image references: and Canva.

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Q.1 Why is a Digital Marketing Interview conducted by companies?

Ans. Digital marketing touches the lives of people and is a very competitive industry. Therefore, the company wishing to use the digital portal for marketing asks digital marketing interview questions and answers to reach a suitable person for the job.

Q.2 How does the digital marketing career help the candidate?

Ans. The digital marketing arena provides dynamic and creative jobs, a fast-paced scope of growth, and well-paying jobs. One is inspired to go with the flow and take changes positively.

Q.3 What are the things that indicate success in digital marketing?

Ans. Success in digital marketing is defined by how many people the social media you have tied up with can bring to your website, how many of them qualify as leads, and finally how many of them become your customers.

Likes, shares, active followers, brand mentions, and traffic data can be some other indicators.

Q.4 What are long-tail keywords?

Ans. Long-tail keywords are keywords that are generally made up of four or more words. They tend to be longer and more specific.

They are a great SEO tactic. Although they may have less search traffic they tend to rank better as compared to single-word keywords.

Q.5 Why is co-marketing an important strategy?

Ans. In a co-marketing strategy, two companies enter an agreement to promote content or a product.

Consequently, they share the results of the promotion. Moreover, it helps both companies expand their reach.

Mostly companies of the same industry enter into such an agreement. The companies collaborate to develop marketing campaigns, etc.  As a result, both the companies channel sales, build audience and generate qualified leads.

In other words, it helps bigger milestones with less effort and the load is shared.


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