What is the power of a figment of the imagination? Salesforce.Inc as technology drives the gloom of monotony toward NOT beating around the bush. Salesforce delivers innovation that cuts the efforts yet yields targeted and striking outcomes.
Traditional ways followed in the past are too slow for today’s modern acquisition techniques.

If we assume working in older times (now called traditional ways), indeed the world wasn’t technologically compact. Neither was technology available at manageable expense to people, in hand nor were people more too concerned about providing services until it meant loss!


However, if customers built up in numbers gradually with time or abruptly according to the market’s role, there came a great need for manual labor with an increase in quantity! An increase in number would mean extra expense of labor, and increased investment of time, and money.

As a result, they would lose their health and mental peace, which wasn’t a happy thing. On the whole, the quantity would cost them their quality of living. Today, we aspire to increase our reach in terms of quantity; our products can serve the purpose of humanity at a large scale.

Salesforce is a subjectively vivid topic with a simple objective name. As the name suggests, it is a cloud-based software company forcing sales to thrive market. Apart from expanding work, demand, and technological ease and optimizations, as a platform it increases receptibility in communications.

Learn Salesforce Developer Course with Henry Harvin.
Salesforce joins hands with SAAS, PAAS, and IAAS architecture, but PAAS differentiates it from the rest.

Tech-no-logy serves the need when required takes are fulfilled for no applied logistics through the human’s calculations, but bringing upfront the instant outcomes through machine learning, saving time and labor.

Salesforce, technically!

Salesforce is an American cloud-based software company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Marc Benioff, a former Oracle executive founded this company.

Salesforce is a cloud-based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platform that enables businesses to manage customer data, sales operations, and marketing campaigns.

It provides various features and tools for businesses; it can be used to improve customer relationships, including customer segmentation, customer data management, and customer support.

Apart from sales-related advantages, Salesforce offers a variety of integrations with third-party applications and services, making it a powerful and versatile CRM platform. Of course, it can be accessed through a web browser, mobile app, or desktop. Equally important is that it provides automation and Artificial Intelligence techniques for furthering market strategies and raising the bar.

The Customer Relationship Management platform helps better judge the information and feedback on each customer’s account. Moreover, it serves the purpose of multi-tenants.

A known history of the customer, a present motto, and a future vision set an easy track for employees while envisaging future advice calls to action, or offers to present to the customer, meeting with services for customers’ happiness and satisfaction.
The motto of every company is to prioritize their customer’s requirements above all.

Learn Salesforce Developer Course with Henry Harvin.
Technology is welcoming while we struggle to make it each day. Let us try our hand at getting habitual to making each day more futuristic and productive with Salesforce.

Salesforce Cloud Services

Salesforce has segmented cloud services that distinguish and distribute the work with ease. Below is a flow diagram demonstration for the same.

Learning Salesforce with Henry Harvin
Flow Diagram: Salesforce; Cloud Services
  1. Sales Cloud: In addition to helping you manage your company’s sales, marketing, and other customer support aspects, it also gives you the status of the lead which helps set targets for sales executives.
  2. Marketing Cloud: It lets you run campaigns, and manage emails, messages, social media, content management, data analytics, etc., with the help of a tracking system. 
  3. Analytics Clouds: It helps in detailing the depths of insights that help encourage certain important decisions.
  4. IoT Clouds: IoT helps in exchanging real-time responses however space-consuming.
  5. Salesforce App Cloud: You can use this service to develop custom apps that will run on the Salesforce platform.
  6. Salesforce Service Cloud: Salesforce service cloud also helps you serve your customers. This is a service platform for your organization’s support team. It provides features like case tracking and social networking plug-ins.

Now we know its dynamic response. Let us understand its inclusivity in the Education system. Why is there a need to formally introduce a certification course to learn its implementation and applications? Why should we know the setbacks and forte of choosing it as a career? Primarily it has to be mentioned more precisely its salient features in the next heading. It should not appear as a ghost certification course to our readers.

Learn Salesforce Developer Corse with Henry Harvin.
We strive to create a happy business, an exciting atmosphere, and a sorted professionalism.

Enroll Salesforce Developer Course with Henry Harvin.

Who is a Salesforce Developer?

A Salesforce developer is a programmer who creates Salesforce applications for various PAAS (Platform As A Service) platforms.
The developers use the Apex, JavaScript, Aura, and Lightning Web Components to customize the applications as per the client’s requirements using codes and configurations, providing solutions.
Farther from rote learning developers need to think out of the box. A modern and sharp sense of vision is expected of a developer.

What does Henry Harvin offer to a Salesforce developer?

  • First, we at Henry Harvin offer a well-optimized module structure to carry out rigorous training without exhausting the learner’s confidence.
  • Second, along with the Internship that would offer working experiences with well-paid salaries, we deliver projects like Building Applications, Working with Developer Consoles, and more, facilitating the skills upright in learning minds.
  • Third, a certification sets your skills apart, and knowledge dominates.
  • Fourth, we provide a 100% Job guarantee for the duration of one year post-certification.
  • Fifth, learners can have and enjoy all the learning opportunities that are a must for online and offline learning. As an add-on, we provide e-learning access, hackathons, Masterclass Sessions, and gold membership.

Career Opportunities

  • Salesforce Developer
  • Senior Developer- Salesforce
  • Report Builder
  • Process Developer
  • Lightning App Builder
  • Experience Developer
  • Flow Developer

Henry Harvin Certificate Recognition

Henry Harvin is ISO certified and accredited by UKAF, UK Cert, and MSME.
The International Organisation for Standardization is reckoned to have set the necessary benchmarks in the field of setting rules.

In addition to the rules of rectitude that meet with the issues of International concerns that meet global interactions now and then.
United Kingdom Accreditation Forum is another accreditation that accredits certification bodies and training organizations. It administers an auditor registration scheme.
UK Cert

According to the structure of UKCERT, it has been established fully to meet international accreditation standards and national legal requirements which are achieved by the following principles:

  • Impartiality
  • Competence
  • Responsibility
  • Openness
  • Confidentiality
  • Responsiveness to complaints

Ministry of Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises envisions a vibrant MSME sector by promoting growth and development of the MSME Sector.

Certification Course of Salesforce Developer from Henry Harvin.
A certified course in Henry Harvin.

Salesforce Developer Course Training Certification Process

  • Counselling & Registration
  • Complete the Program
  • Submit Projects Assigned
  • Earn Certification


In conclusion, it becomes evident and an unskeptically right choice to join this perennial Course of studies. This occasion of setting wings to your career cannot be skipped at any cost.



Does Henry Harvin offer job support?

Henry Harvin provides 100% placement assistance to all learners who have completed the Salesforce Developer training.

What kind of projects are included in the Course of Education with Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin® offers you the most updated, relevant, and high-value real-world projects as part of the training program. This will help you to implement the learning that you have acquired in real-world scenarios.

Is prior job experience required with Henry Harvin?

No, there is no job experience needed for this course. Freshers and fresh graduates can apply too. Students in their final year of graduation are eligible.

What are the career opportunities after completion of the course with Henry Harvin?

A salesforce developer can work in multiple job roles like a  Senior Developer – Salesforce, Report Builder, Process Developer, Lightning App Builder, and Experience Developer.

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