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Do you engage in report writing as part of your everyday work? Don’t hesitate to read this! Are you tired of composing lengthy, exhaustive reports that appear to go unnoticed? However, the fact remains that report writing is a crucial aspect and can also be a thrilling endeavour. While it can display our achievements, maintaining each page for a report can be unconvincing. Integrating various reports into one conclusion is challenging. You can head to dashboard views to fix this using Power BI Dashboard. So, “What is Power BI Dashboard”? Using the dashboard it is possible to mix and match content in a single report? Yes, many of us have this query! Let’s see.

The main purpose of using Power BI Dashboard is to offer a comprehensive outlook on essential metrics and insights through integrating data elements, visualizations, and reports. Data can be in various forms. Besides, it helps the users to monitor and analyze data from multiple sources in a single interface. That is quite enlightening! Are you excited about learning “What is Power BI Dashboard”? If you’re not equipped to handle data in a way that generates useful results, or, in case you need to enhance your performance or if you are struggling to manage data across multiple platforms? What’s more! Read into this!

What is Power BI Dashboard

What is Power BI?

Power BI, developed by Microsoft, is a powerful tool for business intelligence and data visualization. It empowers users to connect with diverse data sources, shape and model the data, and produce interactive reports and visuals which are equally important.

What is Power BI Dashboard and its importance?


A Power BI dashboard is a collection of visualizations, reports, and other data elements that provide a consolidated view of key metrics and insights. Moreover, it allows users to monitor and analyze data from various sources in a single, interactive interface.

Essential features

  • It connects with various data sources for analysis, such as databases, spreadsheets, and cloud services.
  • Data transformations and modelling operations can be done in Power BI to prepare data.
  • It creates table relationships, defines measures and calculations using DAX, and builds data models for analytics.
  • It offers various visualizations, including customized charts, graphs, maps, and tables for presenting data.
  • Users can create interactive dashboards by pinning visualizations from different reports onto one canvas.
  • Allows users to design reports with interactive visualizations, text, and images.
  • Its data exploration features help to find patterns or trends.
  • Finally, it works with Microsoft and other applications to analyze and report data effectively.

Tips for Building an Outstanding Power BI Dashboard

  • Make it something attractive to the audience
  • Simple and useful information
  • Keep a grid layout
  • Lastly, make the loading time faster

What is Power BI Dashboard for Sales?

Sales Dashboard

A sales dashboard presents performance data in a visually appealing format. It serves as a crucial tool for making critical decisions regarding significant transactions. Subsequently, it shows results such as sales growth, regional sales, lead conversion rate, and revenue.

Power BI Dashboard Example (sales) – Supermarket Sales Dashboard

Here’s a report about a supermarket. It displays data on customer demographics and product categories. In addition, it shows headcount and staff cost data across various supermarket branches.

What is Power BI Dashboard for Finance?

Finance Dashboard

For finance and accounting teams, a financial dashboard is a business intelligence tool that enables them to visualize, track, and report on financial KPIs.

Power BI Dashboard Example (Finance) – Inflation Dashboard

Further, the dashboard shows inflation rates and economic indicators, including GDP and import/export data, for various countries.

What is Power BI Dashboard for Healthcare?

Healthcare dashboard

A healthcare dashboard manages data overflow and maximizes hospital data usage. In addition, healthcare dashboards provide streamlined, transparent reports of key performance indicators, with analytical and dynamic tools.

Power BI Dashboard Example (Health Care) – COVID-19 Dashboard

Further, the dashboard provides Covid-19 spread, recovery/mortality rates, country comparisons, etc.

Overall, there are several dashboards for Email marketing, Customer segmentation, Marketing campaigns dashboards etc.,

How to Make a Dashboard: A Simple Guide

  • Define your dashboard’s objective
  • Gather data from multiple sources
  • Determine the visual elements to illustrate your data
  • Plan layout design
  • Select a software or online tool
  • Bring your data into the tool you selected.
  • Make visuals
  • Organize the visuals on your dashboard canvas.
  • Add filters, dropdown menus, or drill-down functionality to the interface.
  • Check the accuracy, clarity, and effectiveness of your dashboard.
  • Finally, Share and collaborate

In summary, creating a dashboard involves multiple iterations. It constantly evaluates and enhances for audience needs. It presents data in an attractive and understandable way.

What makes dashboards a better option than reports?

Dashboards Reports
It provides a real-time snapshot of key performance indicators (KPIs) or metrics  Gives detailed and structured information about specific data or activities
Users are allowed to access the status of any business at any time It is generated on a daily basis
Data are shown in a visual manner like charts, graphs, maps etc., Data are shown in heavy text, tables and paragraph
Difference Between Dashboards and Reports

What are the Best Dashboard Applications?

  • Tableau – It easily customizes, interacts and visualizes data
  • PowerBI – It is user-friendly and Microsoft product-friendly
  • Looker – Emphasis on data exploration and analysis
  • Klipfolio is affordable and connects to multiple data sources
  • Google Data Studio – Free and simple with Google Suite
  • Mokkup- It creates dashboard wireframes with ease before actual implementation

Above all, it should be noted that Power BI is used for all dashboard views.

Scope of Power BI Dashboards

  • Firstly,The Power BI Dashboards offer a comprehensive perspective on data, empowering users to make informed decisions.
  • Moreover, with these dashboards, users can access multiple data sources for a complete view.
  • Additionally, Power BI Dashboards offer visualizations of data, like charts, graphs, maps, and tables.
  • Furthermore, these dashboards support interactive features like drill-down, filtering, and slicers, allowing users to explore data at various levels.
  • In addition, Power BI Dashboards provide real-time data updates for users.
  • Moreover, these dashboards can be shared with others, allowing for collaboration and enabling stakeholders to access and interact with the data without requiring access to the underlying data sources.
  • Subsequently, Power BI Dashboards provide accessibility and flexibility on desktops, tablets, and smartphones.
  • Further, Power BI Dashboards can be embedded into apps or websites, offering users familiar environments for interaction.
  • Lastly, Power BI Dashboards provide advanced features as natural language querying and machine learning integration for deeper analysis.

What is the demand for Power BI in the job market?

In addition, the demand for Power BI skilled professionals is high in almost every industry, such as software, retail, healthcare, etc. Subsequently, this is a promising career path for almost all individual roles such as

  • Project Manager
  • Developer
  • SQL Server Developer
  • Semantic Model Developer
  • Administrator
  • Manager
  • Last but not least, the Consultant

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Overall, Power BI dashboards are a versatile tool for data visualization, analysis, and monitoring in various industries and functions. In addition, it allows organizations to merge data, create interactive visualizations, and decision-making. Moreover, It enables users to track metrics, identify trends, and improve operations, sales, finance, HR, and projects. Furthermore, dashboards provide consolidated data and interactive exploration, leading to great business success.

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Q1. What is the function of a dashboard in Power BI?

Ans. Especially a dashboard displays an overview of data from various sources. Dashboards help monitor and analyze key data without a doubt.

Q2. What purpose does a Power BI dashboard serve?

Ans. Power BI dashboards are used for visualizing the data in a single canvas. A well-designed dashboard includes only the crucial elements because of the one-page limit.

Q3. What are the best resources for learning Microsoft Power BI?

Ans. Henry Harvin offers the best course on Power BI Certification Training Courses for learning Power BI. Please click the above link.

Q4. How many reports are allowed on a dashboard?

Ans. Initially, each dashboard can contain 20 report graphics/components.

Q5. Is it possible for a fresher to work in Power BI?

Ans. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field is required for a Power BI analyst. However, after studies apply for jobs or do a Power BI course.

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