The world may be a huge place to live and explore. But it is for sure getting smaller when we talk about being connected with people and places. Audience like always is the supremo when we talk about the reach of a post. Impressions are no longer immeasurable, which in turn lets you know your space worldwide. All the above that is mentioned is your most liked and used social media platform, known as Instagram. Instagram Stories are a way to get regular updates on Instagram about anything new happening!

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Instagram is a platform where photos and short videos are a way of communicating about your product/ service. It is known for its Instagram Stories, Reels, and many other features that engage the audience with its innovative content and trends. In this post, read about the ways one can engage audiences through Instagram Stories and other features that are a thing for connecting with people.

Before, we jump onto the ways of engaging audiences, let us know some highlighting trends of 2023 for Instagram Stories-

  1. Reels: A creative and amazing way to capture the audience’s attention is reels. Whether you want to share a piece of big news, or share an event, or an experience, use reels. They can be posted as Instagram Stories as well, with a 24-hour duration deadline.
  2. Carousel: Where reels top the chart, carousels are the next trending way to interact with your viewers. Let your viewers stay on your post longer, let them ponder awhile with a slideshow of approx 10 photos and videos in a single post. Give details information about your product/ service through carousels.
  3. “Add yours” Story stickers: It is a sticker that creates a public thread with its interactive feature. Ask a question to get a reply on it, or customize prompts and see the responders. This keeps you updated about your customers and their changing likes.
  4. Memes: Memes add a fun element to your Instagram Stories. You can make images and videos with some creative fonts and texts and add an element of funny text to give a smile to its viewers. They are proven to increase the views and likes on the posts.

Now that we know about the trends, have a look at the top 10 ways you can glue your audience to your Instagram Stories.

Tips to Engage Audience

1. Make it candid:-

It is never picture-perfect unless it is candid. Use this trick to attract your audience, starting with trusting the authenticity of the environment around your shoots. Let them peek into your work, and know how you plan to deliver so that they believe in the trueness of your posts.

2. Originality

Are your Instagram Stories proofed with content? Genuineness of the information given? Availability of the promises made? Yes, it is important to show that, your product or services are original, it can be used by the user without the feeling of cheating. That is when you can retain your viewer with their likes and follows.

3. Interactive Element

The Instagram Stories posted will get more reach if the audience can connect or follow up with someone. A personal touch always wins over everything. Use the DM feature and be spontaneous in replying to the queries asked. Keep posting with consistency. Instagram is more about the views. Be visible to your audience by posting at least once a day.

Starts Every Week-->

4. Brand Partnership

There are many people advertising similar content or similar products/services, how can you be different? Go with micro-influencers, some known brands which will get views to your Instagram Stories and definitely some followers too. Partnering with people with many followers will get you, additional followers, if you serve, just what they need!

5. Instagram Stories with Links

Links are essential when there is a lot to show and share, but cannot be all put together. Give links in the posts so that the audience can view all that you can offer. If the audience can reach you with ease, they are sure to follow you for longer. Add it to your post, carousel, reel, or story but be vigilant it is there.

6. Ads

Use photo ads, carousel ads, video ads, and Instagram Stories ads to tell about your product. A snapshot into how exciting can it be will attract the audience to know more about it, and they stay tuned to the posts and updates. 

7. Tweets Screenshot

The benefit of using this feature in your Instagram Stories is that reinforcement is equally important for your brand. Use this to post reviews by your existing users, industry expert opinions about the things you are dealing in, or even regular updates about your products.

8. Be an Expert in your field

You should be aware of the content you post using the various features of Instagram Stories. Be it the correct filters, or the use of emojis. It can also be the correct understanding of the use of hashtags. Be knowledgeable of what you are doing and how you are doing it.

9. Impulse Capturer

Instagram Stories have posts with short videos or photos which the audience scroll very fast. Make sure you capture that impulse by making your post stand out with attractive colours, fonts, cool filters and eye-capturing information. Your post has to be the one which speaks to your audience and go to your page to know more about it.

10. Know your competition

In addition to using reels, filters and hashtags, you should engage with ultimate users. Social media is all about socializing, so get social! Follow and like similar businesses to yours. Follow users who follow similar businesses as yours. This way you are in touch with what is changing and trending and surely will fetch you some extra followers.

Let’s Conclude our Thoughts on Instagram Stories

Whether you are already a user of Instagram Stories or wish to get started, read the above points as your guidance. Test your own strategies with your target audience before you blindly follow any new strategy. If you want to learn professionally about social media and how to use it, read about the Digital Marketing course by Henry Harvin. Reflect your true self through your Instagram account and followers will surely follow.

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