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Digital Marketing, as we all know, refers to advertising and creating awareness about our brand and promoting it by using digital tools such as Search engines, websites, social media, email marketing, Pay per click, paid advertising, etc.

Digital marketing is that field which is required in every profession nowadays. Online marketing has become more effective than offline and traditional marketing.
For creating awareness and have a market standing, it is crucial to have an online presence and visibility.

For connecting and having a personalized connection with the audience, it is essential to target and influence them and promote your brand and its services.

This is where Digital marketing skills come in handy and the need to look out for free digital marketing courses arises.

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So now it is the time to learn, grow, and develop your skills by showing a little dedication and motivation.

List Of Top 20 Digital Marketing Courses Which Are Free:

#1: Google Free Digital Marketing Course- Fundamentals Of Digital Marketing With Certificate

Offered by: Google

Level: Beginner

Google offers a free digital marketing course in the Google digital garage. This course will help you to master the basics of digital marketing. It contains 26 modules that are created by specialized Google trainers.

This free digital marketing course offers interactive video lessons and practical exercises and quizzes. The teaching is done using real-life examples to help us turn our knowledge into action.

This course has unlimited access, IAB-accredited, and recognized certification.

On completion of this free course and on taking a 40-question final exam, a certificate of completion would be given that will show that you have a clear understanding of all the basics and can help boost your CV and your LinkedIn profile.

So, learn this free digital marketing course by Google garage, improve your digital marketing skills, and help grow your business and career.

Do you want to master the essential disciplines in digital marketing? Check out the Digital Marketing Specialist course now!

#2: PPC University

Offered by: PPC University

Level: Beginner to Advanced

PPC University is a free online learning course created by Word stream to help build digital marketing skills and PPC skills. All the necessary skills of digital marketing are taught in this free digital marketing course.

They have spent thousands of dollars on advertising and found that small enterprises struggle to function correctly.

There is a need to make a free digital marketing course from basic to advanced levels with additional modules for social advertising.

The course is mobile friendly and can be easily learned. This free digital marketing course will do wonders for you and can’t be missed at all.

#3: Inbound Digital Marketing Course

Offered by
: Hubspot Academy

Hubspot academy offers a free digital marketing course that has many students participating in it.

There are 38 lectures, and the course duration is just 4.5 hours, which will help you gain basic digital marketing skills.

You can learn SEO, blogging, basics of inbound marketing, landing pages, lead nurturing, email marketing, etc.

that can help a person improve his career in a lot of ways.

After the course, a certification of completion by Hubspot academy would be given to boost the CV.

#4: Alison E-business Free Diploma

Offered by: Alison

Alison provides this free E-business digital marketing course that will help build skills in Google Analytics, Ad-words, search optimization, campaign integration, digital measurement, etc.

This course would help you improve your digital marketing skills and performance and help you maximize results.

#5: Alison Social Media Marketing

Alison offers a free online digital marketing course for social media marketing, which will help improve your digital marketing skills. It contains all the necessary information required to do social media marketing.

Students can learn this professional skill at their own pace and master the skills required for digital marketing.

#6: Email Marketing By Code Academy

Code Academy offers free online email marketing courses where students are taught how to write compelling and relevant emails that can help us in business and how to use this old technology to our best use.

Since emails are the most effective ways to reach the audience, it is essential to study them properly and have a good knowledge of them.

This course is an excellent opportunity for all people who want to master the art of email marketing.

#7: Wordstreams Growth Academy

Growth Academy is an interactive roadmap to grow your digital marketing skills. It includes all sorts of online teaching like advertising, generation of leads, etc.

Their goal is to give marketers and businesses a better chance to succeed and learn these incredible skills free of cost.

This free digital marketing course is taught by the best experts and will give you an amazing experience of learning.

#8: Digital Marketing Specialization By Illinois

Illinois offers a 7- day free trial to learn free digital marketing skills.

The course has a self-paced option, videos and readings, graded and marked assignments, practice quizzes, and course certificates.

Also, you can get feedback from your peers and learn from your mistakes.

This course aims to promote personal branding and practical experience and aim at teaching free digital marketing skills.

#9: Canvas Free Online Marketing Course

Canvas offers free online courses related to content marketing and clarity. Content marketing is an essential tool for digital marketing and hence needs to be mastered to drive traffic on your website.

Some of the courses offered by canvas are as follows-

  • Certificate course in writing for Global market
  • Copyright clarity
  • Projecting your brand through new media

These courses give us thorough knowledge to master this free skill, which helps us build a better career and promote our growth and development.

#10: Massachusetts Institute Of Technology Free Digital Marketing Course

MITOPENCOURSEWARE offers some free material online to develop and grow your digital marketing skills. There are tons of courses for budding digital marketers and entrepreneurs to build their skills and build their personality.

 Some courses are:

  • Entrepreneurial Marketing
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • How to build effective relationships with customers

#11: Social Media Quickstarter Course

Social media Quickstarter digital marketing course focuses on how emails can be incorporated with social media to build better relationships with customers and maximize efficiency.

Learners can learn and study tricks for all social media channels, online listings, and reviews.

The course is designed for beginners and has all the components to make them understand everything correctly. The course is well-guided and has real-life practical examples.

#12: Coursera Digital Marketing Course

Coursera offers various online courses, both paid and unpaid, and is very useful for beginners.

These courses related to marketing are worth doing and will help you improve your digital marketing skills.

These courses will make you very smart and knowledgeable.

To avail of free courses, you just have to make an account on the website and voila! You can access all the digital marketing courses for free.

#13: Copyblogger Marketing Email Course

This course is a bit unique, as the learning would be given via emails. Because of this, a lot of information stacking at once won’t be possible.

This is a 20-installment email marketing course for everyone.

One can learn SEO, SEM, researching keywords, content marketing, etc.

This course from Copy Blogger is worth a try and is free.

#14: Social Media Monitoring By Coursera

This free course is offered by Coursera, which teaches us Social media monitoring and includes all the teaching related to keyword filtering, Google related searches, how to use Google alerts and its benefits, strategy monitoring for various social media sites.

This digital marketing course is free and would help you gain valuable insights related to social media.

This comprehensive course would help you learn and grow and help you get an overview of using social media effectively and efficiently.

#15: Quicksport University Free Digital Marketing Course

This course by Neil Patel, will help learn a wide variety of online digital marketing skills and tactics. The topics range from beginners to advanced level and SEO and strategies social media, email marketing, and whatnot.

This course is very easy to learn. The lessons are in a video format and are easy to understand, making a beginner learn effectively.

This place is easy to learn about free digital marketing skills and gives an excellent opportunity to learn and grow.

#16: Diploma In E-business By Alison

This course offered by Alison and created by Google is a comprehensive resource for marketers, business owners, and advertisers who can get most out of this opportunity.

Fundamentals of promoting business online and using various tools and make sense of

#17: Introduction To Seo On Skillshare

This introductory course on SEO is by Rand Fishkin, CEO of Moz is an excellent start for all the people who want to learn SEO.

About 41,000 people have done this course already.

This is a great course to study SEO for beginners and is free of cost.

You can activate your two months of free trial and can not only do this course and other thousands of classes of your choice.

#18: Seo Foundation On Linkedin

This course is excellent to gain SEO knowledge. Made by David Booth, this course includes everything he has learned over the years. This course teaches keyword density, maximization of internal linking, understanding SERPs, content optimization, etc.

This is a fantastic course for everyone who wants to move forward and explore SEO more. Certification of completion would also be provided along with interactive sessions and quizzes.

This course is free and can be activated by using a LinkedIn free trial.

#19: Free Seo Training – Yoast

Yoast is a very well build site and is known to be a plugin tool and is widely used by bloggers, website builders, etc.

This course is right to learn basics and is free of cost and will give increased results. The course is for beginners and includes all the content and technicalities related to SEO.

This free course gives you a certification of completion as well.

#20: Googles Online Marketing Channel

This is the best source to learn about marketing. This course has video tutorials on everything- SEM, social networks, mobile strategies, Ad-words, etc.

This free Google course is impressive to learn digital marketing and will improve your skills.

#21: Wordstream’s Growth Academy Digital Marketing Course

This course helps you to grow your business through digital marketing, online ads, lead generation, e-commerce, etc. This gives marketers a chance to grow and succeed and provide them with a platform to channelize their inner talent.

This is a free course and is taught by very famous experts and is worth doing.

Why Digital Marketing is Important?

In the world where we are living right now, it is essential to learn and execute digital marketing and e-commerce. People are online 24×7, so it is important to exploit this opportunity and take its full potential and promote our brand using all digital means.

Every industry needs this. Digital marketing is the need of the hour and the need for free digital marketing courses can’t be ignored.

Learning digital marketing skills has become a necessity now. Every enterprise, be it small, medium, or large, needs to learn this amazing skill that can do wonders for them and boost their business and help them reach new heights.

Everybody should know basic digital marketing fundamentals to gain knowledge and learn its applicability in the real world.

Everything is done digitally and that makes knowing the essentials of digital marketing even more relevant.

Learning advanced digital marketing is not a child’s play and requires patience and continuous practice to master it. But with increased efforts, it can be mastered quickly.

More on Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has become one of the top highest paying careers not only in India but in the entire world. This skill has opened doors for new opportunities for a lot of people. They can master any one digital marketing skill and can earn a handsome amount of money.

You can be a content writer/ marketer, social media marketer, SEO expert, etc. based on your interest and choices. For being a professional in digital marketing, it is crucial to learn and execute it.

Mastering digital marketing can be costly, and not everyone can afford that. Institutes and digital marketing schools ask for a considerable amount of money, which sometimes is not worth it.

That has created problems for all those people who are genuinely interested in learning free digital marketing courses without spending a fortune.

So how can one learn digital marketing without burning a hole in the pocket?

Don’t worry!

We are here to help you out.

You can learn free digital marketing courses and skills online without paying even a single penny.

We got you covered and will help you to learn these digital marketing skills. We have collated a huge list of free online digital marketing courses that you can do and master all these skills. This is such an amazing opportunity to grow and build your career and improve your skills. That’s too for free.

Before diving into the digital marketing pool, it is important to have a good knowledge of its components to make our journey much easier, understandable, and reliable.

One by one, we can slowly master the skills and become a top paying digital marketer.

Components of Digital Marketing are:
1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Search engine optimization refers to the process of making the web page easy to find, categorize, and crawl. It helps to get traffic from the free and natural results on the search engine. It is the most important feature of digital marketing.

SEO helps the customer to find your business from thousands of other results and helps the firms to advertise, promote, and create awareness about their brand.

2. Email Marketing

85% of the adults use emails to network and build formal relationships with each other. Today, one of this oldest technologies is still used by entrepreneurs to educate a large number of people.

Emails are a highly effective way to promote and advertise your product and services.

3. Website

Having a business website is the key for a company to begin with the process of successful digital marketing.

A good website reflects your brand, products, and offers good quality content. The website should be easy to navigate.

Social Media Marketing

We all know people are active on social media 24×7. Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Youtube, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. give firms a chance to connect with their potential customers.

Social media helps increase sales, build your brand, and increase traffic. You would be surprised to know the wonders that social media can do for your business.

1. Paid Advertising

This is the advertising that we have to pay to promote our products and services. These paid ads are a bit costly but effective in promoting your products and services and exposing our brand to a large audience.

2. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is the form of marketing where relevant, consistent, and exciting content is produced, published, and distributed for a large number of targeted audiences. It helps to increase sales, is cost-saving, and attract a defined and targeted audience.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is the process of promoting the products of others and earn commission on each sale that you make.

It involves referring a product or service by sharing on various social media platforms and websites. The marketer earns a part of profit by making affiliate sales.

4. Search Engine Marketing (SEM):

Search engine marketing is the process of increasing traffic and visibility on a website by using both paid methods. The paid results that appear on the search engine are all paid advertising. It is also referred to as paid search or Pay per click.

Now that we know all about digital marketing and its components, it is the time to know all the free digital marketing courses that are available on the Internet and can give us good knowledge about this vast field and help us save a huge amount of money which we would have to pay while learning it from any outside source.


As promised, these online free digital marketing courses are amazing, and you can’t afford to miss them at all.

Go, browse these courses in detail, and chose the best one for yourself.

By patiently doing these courses, you will be able to get insights into the world of digital marketing. You would be able to relate to everything online practically and who knows you might become a top paying digital marketer.

So, what are you waiting for!

Learn these digital marketing skills for free and improve your career and achieve great heights of success.


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Q1. What is Digital Marketing?

Ans. Digital marketing is promoting your products or services through digital channels like social media, mobile applications, email, web applications, search engines, websites, web-based advertisements, text and multimedia messages.

Q2. Does Digital Marketing have a good scope?

Ans. With digitalization digital advertising, content strategy, social media and content creation are getting more and more demanding. If you specialize in skills like SEO and SEM which can make a business more profitable, then you can easily land a high-paying job.

Q3. How can I register myself for a digital marketing course?

Ans. Visit Henry Harvin’s “Digital marketing course” page directly and click on the “Schedule” option. The page will display upcoming Digital marketing course batches available. Select your convenient batch and register online for the course by paying the specified course fee.

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