Do you take forever to write an article? Call it writer’s block or simply a lack of ideas; it makes you wonder whether there is an easier way to write a great piece of content.
 Luckily there is!

Content is essential for strengthening your online presence. The data published by Curata indicates that 71% of marketers are willing to spend more on content marketing year after year to boost their e-business.
 If you are responsible for creating quality content for your business, use this 8-step formula for writing an amazing blog article in 60 minutes:
1. Choose a Topic Beforehand.
 Creating a list of topics beforehand will make the writing process simple and fast. When listing out topics, put down a few thoughts under each topic. It could be an image that inspired you, a link that fascinated you, or your own ideas. When you sit down to write, pick a topic from your list and start working. Check out some tips to write a catchy headline in under two minutes

2. Write an Introduction. 
 Start by writing an introduction. This will help you to work out the flow of the article.
The introduction should cover three points: 

  1. The main idea for the article.
  2. The need for the article.
  3. What the reader will learn from the article. 

Having done this, it’s time to write the main piece.

3. Create an Outline of key Points.
 Create an outline that will form the backbone of your article. It can consist of as many points as you need to get your idea across. 


“You can write “5 ways to”, “7 tips for” or any other number of points. By numbering your key points, you will have a plan traced out in front of you to approach the topic.”
– Deepak Thakur, Sr. Content Writer.

Readers prefer this numbered approach as they can quickly read the points and get a general idea about the article.

4. Validate your Points with Evidence.
 After listing your points, you need to fill them up with research-based, action-oriented content. Browse search engines to find case studies, news articles, examples, or statistics that validate your point. Intelligent readers look for actual research that backs up your claims.

5. Include Visual Data.
 Intersperse your content with visual data. You need to find relevant images to back up your topic. 

“Every blog article should include some visual data. Use the ones that you like as a reader and that don’t infringe copyright laws. Always cite the sources of the images used.” 
Saurabh Sharma, SEO Expert.

6. Conclude Your Article.
 This is the final section of your content where you summarize your article. Keep the conclusion short and real. Avoid confusing readers with any new information.  This is where your article ends so, just slow down and conclude gradually.

7. Include a Call to Action.
 The objective of your article is to engage readers and get them to do something. You can include a call to action to bring your readers back on your site and connect with your content. 

“It could be anything like “Share this article”, “Leave a comment”, etc. A call to action at the end of your post will motivate your readers to build a relationship with your content.”
– Mohan Bisht, Content Creator. 

8. Edit Your Write-up.
 Finished writing your article? Well, it’s only a half job done if you don’t edit your post. In order to make sure that your content is flawless, you must check it for consistency, spelling mistakes, and grammatical errors. You can always self-edit or seek the help of experts for editing your write-up.

Successful content marketers and writers depend on the formula-driven system to do their job. Use this 8-step approach to create quality content far more quickly and efficiently.

What is a successful blog article?

Writing a successful blog need skills, there should be enough keywords so a reader can find your article, it should be presented in such a manner that he can read and recommend it to others. Opt for an online content writing course to get command over these skills.

Steps for writing an amazing blog article?

1.Choose a topic beforehand.
2. Write an introduction.
3. Create an outline of key points.
4. Validate your points with evidence.
5. Include visual data.
6. Conclude your article.
7. Include a Call to Action.
8. Edit your write-up.

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