Every writer works hard on creating insightful content that readers find worthy to read and share. But, then they ignore the power of the headline and toss some shoddy title onto that content. As a result, they don’t find many readers for their post, leave aside sharing it. 

The headline is an important part of any digital content, sometimes more important than the content writing itself! While only a fraction of visitors will read a complete article, almost all of them will read the post title. 

“On average, 80% of visitors will read the title post, but only 20% of them will read the rest. Your title can determine the success of your post, so don’t mess it up.”
– Anil John, Blogger.
A headline is like icing on a cake. It can tempt readers to dig into and read the entire piece. If you are all tired out after researching and composing the content, here are some tips to write a catchy headline in under two minutes:   
Tip#1: Identify your target audience.
 Knowing your target audience will help you to come up with a suitable title. Try to incorporate words that pique the interest of your audience and get them to read further.  

“Young, single people may not care much about babies’ toys. So, don’t bore them with headlines like “Educational Toys for Toddlers.” Shocking phrases like “lies”, “sex”, are a big turn off for readers belonging to religious communities.”
– Sandip Shukla, Freelance writer.
Tip#2: Optimize your title.
 Including a central keyword in the headline will make your post visible to search engines. Create the headline focusing on the main keyword. Make sure it is not more than 70 characters as Google considers additional words too long to index.
Tip#3: Inspire readers to find out more.
 A headline should incite excitement and urge readers to discover some new piece of information. Phrases like “Will make you”, “How to”, “Want to”, etc. will intrigue readers and they will probably read the rest of your post.
Tip#4: Use numbers.
Do you know? According to a survey conducted by Conductor, people actually like headlines with numbers in them. 
 Numbers work well in headlines. They give readers a sense of comfort and knowledge. Additionally, numbers give a fair idea about how long the article will take to read. This way readers can justify the time spent on the exchange of information. 
Tip#5: Utilize technology.
 There are various online tools that can help you generate a killer headline. You can plug in your focus keyword into Portent’s Content Idea Generator and get a catchy headline in less than a minute! If you don’t want to use that right away, at least you get an idea about what might work. 

“CoSchedule offers a headline analyzer tool that inspects your headline and rates it on a scale between 1 and 100 based on its overall quality. You can come up with several headlines and choose one that gets the highest score.”
Palak Jain, Content Specialist.

Tip#6: Look for inspiration.
 Read blogs, magazine articles, social media posts, or any other content and analyze your response to their headlines. Pay attention to the headlines that intrigued you, offended you, or just didn’t affect you much. While analyzing your own responses, you will understand what actually makes a headline work.

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A catchy headline is a great accompaniment to quality, engaging content that is loved and shared. That’s the whole point in wanting an attractive headline until you start reading from bottom to up!

Why headlines are important?

The headline is an important part of any digital content, It can tempt readers to dig into and read the entire piece, While only a fraction of visitors will read a complete article, almost all of them will read the post title.

How to write a catchy headline?

1. Identify your target audience.
2. Optimize your title.
3. Inspire readers to find out more.
4. Use numbers – Numbers work well in headlines.
5. Utilize technology. 6. Look for inspiration.

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