Mechanical Engineers are represented as the problem-solvers for many challenges that arise during inventions and deliver futuristic solutions. It helps in various professions such as Energy, Space exploration, health care, Climate change, and more.

The following are some of the disciplines that involve Mechanical Engineering:

  • Automation
  • Aerospace
  • Biotechnology
  • Computer-Aided Design (CAD)
  • Design
  • Ergonomics
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology

By seeing it involved in numerous domains we all can understand the importance of Technical Skills for Mechanical engineer Resume in 2022.

Without a mechanism, there is no solid creation that exists in this world. Technical skills for Mechanical engineers are needed because they often need to practice them during the process of research, design, maintenance, & Operation of mechanical devices to obtain practical solutions to the Business.

Almost all the Job Descriptions in the Engineering field mention some of the technical skills for a mechanical engineers, that they are expecting from their candidate. Having those skills highlighted on your resume will give you first preference over other applicants. In this blog, we will discuss the Top 7 Technical skills for Mechanical Engineer to be on their Resume in 2022.

1) Engineering Design:

The definition of Engineering design has been mapped out in several ways, but universally all descriptions have a few common attributes in it.


Engineering Design is a method or decision-making process which combines both Mathematics and sciences to solve problems.

It helps engineers to discover solutions to many critical problems in a powerful approach that is also flexible to implement in any situation. It stands first when it comes to Technician skills for Mechanical Engineer to be in the resume.

The process involved in the Engineering Design is as below:

  • Define the Problem: This is the first and foremost step that needs to be implemented in the design. To find a solution we need to understand 3 questions.
  1. What is the problem?
  2. Who has the need?
  3. How important is that to solve?

Answers for the above questions can be obtained by :

  • Background Research:

To avoid mistakes, we need to learn from others experiences. Doing background research in engineering design is necessary for two areas.

 1- Customers. 2 – Existing Solutions.

  • Specify Requirements:

The best way to meet up the requirements is to analyze the key features of similar existing product

  • Brainstorm Solutions:

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 You need to look out for as many alternatives as a solution instead of over thinking one.

  • Choose the best one:

As the name suggests, this step helps to analyze and pick up a better solution for designing.

  • Develop the solution:

This step involves the refinement of a solution right from designing a product and also continues to improve even after its shipment.

  • Building a prototype:

Prototyping is a key step involved in producing a final output; these are usually different from the final version. It just lets the designer know how it is going to come out.

  • Test and Redesign: Involves making corrections and finding new options before the final design
  • Communicate Results:

After the final design is ready it is necessary to display and communicate your results so that they can be manufactured and supplied.


Here is how Product design is mentioned as one of the important technical skills for Mechanical engineer on resumes.

  • Worked for many plumbing designs both indoor and outdoor.
  • Proved HVAC designs for modification of nuclear power plant systems and many major renovation projects for safe implementation of piping through HVAC improvements.


2. CAD (Computer-Aided Design):

CAD is software that is used by various types of Engineers to aid in the design process. It is used frequently as a result of creating two-dimensional and three-dimensional models.

The main use of Computer-Aided Design is to optimize the designer’s workflow, increasing the quality of Documentation communications and, increase in production. This CAD Application’s output is represented in the form of electronic files.CAD (Computer-Aided Design) or CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) is utilized to design and develop systems for instance Circuit boards and other electronic devices.

Mechanical CAD (MCAD): Is also termed Mechanical Design Automation (MDA) uses software to obtain accurate technical drawings either in 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional models

It provides a digital platform where all the materials starting from ship manufacturing to aerospace industries are executed.

 CAD is not only used for creation but is also involved in advertising the product to the real world.

CAD is used in different professions like Engineering projects, Arts, Graphic designers, Drafters, Game designers, Fashion designers, and also in the field of Architecture.

It is widely used in the design process because it helps the user to visualize the output in 2D or 3D.

Who uses CAD?

CAD is used by both Civil and Mechanical Engineers.

Having this skill in your resume is an added advantage; hence it stands second in the Top 7 Technical skills for Mechanical Engineers.

CAD skill is mentioned in the resumes as the following example:

  • Created CAD designs for meeting the requirements of Mechanical CAD system, by Importing Electrical Engineering data.
  • Worked on developing Solid works models for producing mechanical drawings.
  • Provided methodology for creating sketches for many satellites and critical experiments.

3. Six Sigma:

In this digital world, Six Sigma has occupied a slot in the Technical skills for Mechanical engineers.

Six Sigma comprises a set of management tools and techniques that help almost all businesses to improve their quality and reduce defects. This model was created by Bill Smith and Mikel Barry, who were working at Motorola during the 1980s

It is a statistical, data-driven process or methodology that is used for the betterment of products by eliminating errors. It also benefits the business to boost its profit.

Six Sigma has also ranked in the top among various methodologies that help a business function effectively and efficiently.

It is not only used for manufacturing operations but also applies to one’s own life as well. It is proved to be adaptable in various ways or situations.

Below mentioned are the steps involved in the Improvement Process of Six Sigma

  • Define – The primary task of it is defining the project objectives. To do that a team charter is used to select the team to work on the project.
  • Measure – The data collected by the team is measured to eliminate variance.
  • Analyze – Here it performs two tools of six sigma, Regression analysis & Variance analysis.
  • Improve – In this process, the team is asked to often launch and work on a pilot program to look for better solutions and improve the quality.
  • Control – The phrase itself is self-explanatory. The project is controlled and monitored to see whether it meets up the requirements or not.

Six Sigma has two main functions.

  1. DMAIC stands for Define Measure Analyze Improve, Control
  2. DMADV stands for Define, Measure, Analyze, Verify

Therefore, it is contemplated to be one of the drifting technical skills for mechanical engineer.

4. Math Skills:

Image source

Mathematics is involved in almost all disciplines of engineering. It is said to be one of the important Technical skills for Mechanical engineers because of various reasons like Implementing physics formulas, developing computer algorithms, using Algebra in Designing suspension systems, etc.

Math skills play a huge role especially when it comes to Mechanical Engineering.

It requires expertness in Statistics, Differential equations, Geometry, Algebra, and Calculus.

The first use of mathematics in mechanical engineering is in the area of fractions because every hardware component right from bolts and nuts to spaceship engine design needs to be in a proper fraction.

A Mechanical engineer should be proficient in math skills such as trigonometry and calculus to create and renovate new automobiles.

It is necessary because without mathematics it is hard to overcome mathematical relations(laws of nature), analysis, and problems solving techniques. Thus it is said to be a crucial concept in the Technical skills of Mechanical engineers.

Is Math used by Mechanical Engineers every day?

Well, the profession determines it, but there are several answers to the above question. It is said to be a skill that is rarely used by Engineers unless required. There are certain branches where advanced excel, Complicated math, and CAD models make use of highly complicated math more often according to the needs.

5. HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning ):

It is one of the important Technical Skills for Mechanical engineers which add value to your resume in 2022 because Google is littered with searches related to HVAC.

It is a mechanical system that uses a single blower to move air either in indoor or outdoor spots. It functions throughout all seasons to keep your home adapted to the climate accordingly.

HVAC helps to keep you warm in winter and cool during summer.

The basic function of all HVAC systems is not just keeping your space warm or cold. It also helps to purify the indoor air by replenishing oxygen and removing excessive odors and moisture.

HVAC is mainly used in the following designs

  • Boilers
  • Ducts and Moisture vents
  • Air conditioning units

The fresh air Ventilation process depends upon two types namely

  1. Natural Ventilation and
  2. Mechanical Ventilation.
  • Natural Ventilation: This is an airflow technique that is done without the need for any specialized equipment.
  • Mechanical Ventilation: This system uses mechanical instruments and architectural techniques to transmit air both indoors and outdoors of a place or building. Mechanical Ventilation lets the airflow through an inlet valve and supplies it to the areas which are in need. It also removes dirt particles and dust moisture and utilizes the same heating and cooling technology.

HVAC also has worked on responsible projects like Fire protection for Government as well as Military Agencies.

Hence, knowing HVAC in modern technology is considered a crucial thing when it comes to Technical skills for Mechanical Engineers.

Here is an example of how you can elaborate your HVAC skill in the resume.

  • Worked on major Plumbing designs and several industrial renovations in-house and on-site.
  • Conducted a program for hourly analysis to filter the best HVAC equipment design.
  • Have collaborated with Fire Protection projects for Government and Military agencies that provide responsibilities towards the project.

Difference between Air Conditioning (AC) and Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC).

  • An AC is an Electrical appliance that only cools your home.
  • On the other hand, HVAC performs the Heating, cooling, and ventilation processes in your home.

6. Engineering Drawings:

Engineering drawings is one of the basic technical skills for Mechanical Engineer in 2022.

Simply saying Engineering drawing is a form of technical drawing that helps to disclose information about a product.

This skill is essential to be in your resume as it clearly defines and illustrates every mechanical process.

Engineering drawings have a special scope among the Technical skills for Mechanical engineers because through the help of sketching it enables a path to communicate the challenges and solutions experienced by a Mechanical engineer.

Types of Engineering drawings and Sketching are listed below

  • Dimensioning
  • Sectioning
  • Orthographic/Multi drawings
  • Cross-sectional views
  • Assembly drawings
  • Isometric drawing.

What are the 3 main reasons for having an accurate Engineering drawing?

  • Eliminate Queries:

A drawing should be in such a way that even a new member put into the project has to understand the design structure and eliminate at least half of his queries regarding the design.

It helps him to give necessary inputs just by looking at the design sketch.

  • Reduce delay in production:

A perfect drawing leads the project team to have clear communication just like grease in the chain to run smoothly. If any one part of the drawing is not accurate, it leads to manufacturing defects, quality issues, etc.

  •  Cost-cutting :

As mentioned in the above paragraph, if production delay is avoided, you will save time involved in manufacturing as a result of saving additional costs involved in the system manufacture.

Some tips to make your drawing accurate-

Every manufacturing process of a Mechanical engineer involves design as a major factor. So without drawing no design exists. Meeting the below information checklist may help your drawing to look perfect and perform efficiently.

  • Placement and size of holes
  • Radius and thickness for metal parts
  • Tolerances
  • Wire length & Voltage
  • requirements of PCB
  • Paint type and color
  • Terminal materials &
  • Primary instructions

An example of adding Engineering drawing to one of your Technical skills as a Mechanical Engineer is given below.

  • Evaluated engineering drawings for several internal and outside vendors in the manufacturing field.
  • Inspected fabricated parts of a design to check the dimensional features.
  • Worked on producing detailed reports for equipment parts age, design, and suitability for current engineering drawings.

7. Project Management:

Project Management is a set of art that includes Planning, Oversight, Executing, Supervision of Workers, and management of the budget. These metrics are looked after by a person called a Project Manager. It plays a vital role in the Technical Skills for Mechanical Engineer Resume, because it allows you to gain many new skills and also provides you a huge opening to grow up in the career. Project Management is not that easy to add to your skills list.

It needs soft and hard skills as it deals with processes like planning, managing, executing, and finishing.

Having project management as one of your Technical skills as mechanical engineer can be mentioned in your CV as follows-

  • Initiated Product Development activities for Manufacturing industries and Design Centers in the United States and Mexico.
  • Have assisted in Project management gatherings and extending support in resolving design errors related to scope-of-work and phase 1 design
  • Provided a project management document for reducing cost and labour by enforcing new software programs to automate protocols.


Every invention starting from the Hairpin to the Aeroplane involves Mechanical Engineering. So, a graduate who is appearing for an interview is tested whether the candidate has acquired some basic skills pertaining to engineering programs or not.

Having a degree is not surprising, but bagging required technical and software skills is important which helps you during the call.

In this blog, you have gone through the crucial technical skills for a mechanical engineers to have on their resume to boost up the calling. Though there are plenty of technical skills for mechanical engineers, I have filtered the most generally mentioned skills on the resumes.

With the above key skills, you can easily get a glimpse of on what basis recruiters ask questions at interviews. You can also add other software skills as well to balance the scale. You no longer need to depend on luck if you have these technical skills in your CV, I wish you all the best for what you’re trying to accomplish.


How does Mechanical Engineering work?

Mechanical Engineering deals with Problem-solving techniques and principles involved in designing, manufacturing, and maintaining mechanical systems. It is termed to be one of the broadest disciplines in the Engineering branches.
Simply saying, Mechanical Engineering comprises Science, math along with material science to build a product.
If Aerospace, supercars, and machines spring to your mind, when you hear the word “Mechanical Engineering”, you get half a mark, because Mechanical Engineering is much more than this.

Why do Mechanical Engineers choose different domains?

We live in a world where 12-15 lakhs of Engineering students get graduated every year. As per TOI, only 3 percent of them get placed into high-quality tech jobs. Having said that, 80 percent of them choose non-technical fields because of the limited employment opportunities.
The rest candidates are lacking in technical skills that are required to fulfill their employment.
Technical skills for Mechanical engineers are a crucial thing that needs to be obtained by students before stepping into work.
Adding up those skills in your resume gives you wider open positions.

What type of programming languages does a Mechanical Engineer Use?

Technical skills for mechanical engineering are not the only need one should have on their resume. A mechanical engineer should also master software like MATLAB, MathCAD, Autodesk Inventor, and Solid works
MATLAB: This is a programming platform that includes numerous applications, for instance, the Control system toolbox, and the Symbolic math toolbox.
MathCAD: It is a calculation program that provides solutions to combine mechanical equations, graphics, and text in a readable format.
Solid works: It is one of the Computer-Aided designs or applications provided by Dassault Systems.

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