Tally courses in India teach people how to handle accounting, which helps companies grow. Tally is software that makes daily calculations easy, saving time and ensuring accuracy in business. Small and big businesses use it for accounting. In this blog, you can learn about the Top 10 Tally courses in Pune. Online and offline platforms that offer Tally course 

1. Henry Harvin 

Henry Harvin Academy | Noida

Henry Harvin offers one of India’s top Tally courses. It’s highly practical with live online instructor-led training and certification. Completing this course can lead to a promising career in Tally ERP.

Tally ERP 9 is crucial for accounting, taxation, inventory, billing, and payroll. It’s widely used in both individual and business financial management.

Key Features:

28 hours of instructor-led training and certification.

Followed by 24 hours of boot camps spread over a year.

You can attend unlimited batches for a year without extra charges.


experts with over 10 years of experience.

Invited for 100+ keynote classes.

Delivered 500+ lectures and are domain experts.

Associated with placement cells to help students find jobs.


Earn the global credential of Certified Tally Accountant (CTA).

Access to e-learning, boot camps, and placement assistance.

Course Curriculum:

Covers Tally ERP 9 basics, inventory, accounting, production, TDS, GST compliance, and payroll.

Hands-on training with industry projects.

Henry Harvin also offers various other courses like 


Top 10 Tally course in Pune

Accounting with Tally.ERP9

NIIT is a top training institute available in 30 countries. They offer live classes with expert instructors for Tally ERP 9 and GST courses. You’ll receive study materials and practical learning. If you’re from a Commerce background and know accounting, you can enroll in Tally ERP 9 courses at NIIT.

Course details 

This program teaches you how to use Tally, software for business finances.

You’ll also learn to use Microsoft Word and Excel.

It helps you understand basic money rules.

You’ll be able to keep track of business transactions using Tally.

3. CAclubindia 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

 Tally Course ERP 9 (GST Enabled)

The unique feature of the Tally ERP 9 online course is:

GST Readiness: In the GST era, accounting is crucial for businesses. This course helps you prepare for GST with Tally ERP 9, a trusted software used by about 70% of SMEs in India.

Course Details:

Video Duration: The course consists of approximately 20.01 hours of video content

e-Book: A 49-page electronic book is included as supplementary reading material.

Language: The course is conducted in Hindi.

E Certificate: Upon completing the course, you will receive an E Certificate. CAclubindia will issue this certificate, indicating your successful completion of the course.

  4.  Udemy 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

48.5 Hours of On-Demand Video: You can watch pre-recorded videos at your own pace to learn the course material.

2 Practice Tests: These tests help you assess your understanding of the course content.

Assignments: There are assignments to practice what you’ve learned and reinforce your knowledge.

2 Articles: Additional reading materials or articles may be provided to enhance your understanding.

24 Downloadable Resources: You can download supplementary resources to aid your learning.

Access on Mobile and TV: You can access the course on both mobile devices and TV, giving you flexibility in how and where you learn.

Full Lifetime Access: You’ll have access to the course content for a lifetime, allowing you to revisit and review the material whenever you want.

Certificate of Completion: Upon finishing the course, you’ll receive a certificate to acknowledge your successful completion.

These features make the course comprehensive and accessible, ensuring you have the resources needed to master the material and receive recognition for your achievement.

5. Coursera 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

Enrolling in this Tally ERP 9 course not only gives you access to the course itself but also automatically enrolls you in the Tally Bookkeeper Professional Certificate program. This certificate program offers several advantages:

Learning from Industry Experts: You’ll have the opportunity to learn new concepts from experts in the field, ensuring that you receive high-quality education.

Foundational Understanding: You can build a strong foundational understanding of Tally, a valuable tool in accounting and finance.

Hands-on Projects: The program allows you to develop job-relevant skills through hands-on projects, which can be beneficial for your career.

Career Certificate: Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll earn a career certificate from Tally Education that you can share on your resume or professional profiles, showcasing your expertise in Tally and bookkeeping.

This Tally ERP 9 course consists of 8 modules and is tailored for individuals looking to kickstart a career in bookkeeping. Throughout the course, you’ll gain knowledge and practical skills in computerized accounting using TallyPrime, fundamental accounting concepts, bookkeeping, daily business transactions, chart of accounts creation, management information systems, and data security.

The course is enriched with real-world business scenarios, screenshots, observations, solved examples, and practice situations to help you grasp the simplicity and efficiency of working with TallyPrime while addressing real business challenges. You’ll become adept at handling various business operations in your daily work environment.

after completing the course you can :

Explain and apply fundamental accounting principles.

Utilize TallyPrime as an integrated business management software.

Create and manage a chart of accounts.

6. TEPL 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

This Tally course offers the following features:

A concise duration of 5 hours and 30 minutes, making it time-efficient.

Self-paced learning through video lessons, allowing you to learn at your own speed.

Accessibility from various devices ensures flexibility in your learning.

Access to course content for a period of 1 year, providing ample time for completion.

Lifelong access to the Tally Job Portal, aiding in career opportunities.

An industry-recognized Tally Certificate is awarded upon course completion, enhancing your professional credentials.

About the course 

The TallyPrime with GST course is essential for individuals in the Accounting, Finance, MIS, Data Analysis, Tax, and Business Management sectors. It simplifies GST compliance management, a key component covered within the course. The course is divided into four modules: TallyPrime Start-up, TallyPrime with GST, TallyPrime Printing Configurations, and GST Filing Concepts.

This comprehensive course offers real-life business scenarios, charts, screenshots, observations, and solved examples to facilitate your understanding of TallyPrime. It’s designed in a blended format, providing flexibility for self-paced learning while also offering expert guidance. Becoming a certified learner in this course can give you a competitive edge in the job market, enhancing your career prospects

7. Tally institute 

The TALLY SALES, SERVICE & TRAINING CENTER is an Institute dedicated to Tally learning and Tally-related services. They offer a range of services, including the sales of Tally.ERP 9 products, support, implementation, and various Tally.ERP 9 services. Additionally, they provide Tally.Net subscriptions and comprehensive Tally.ERP 9 training programs.

Their focus is on practical-based Tally learning, simplifying accounting processes with Tally.ERP 9, especially in the context of GST, Income Tax, and e-Return filings. Moreover, they extend placement assistance to all their students, enhancing their career prospects in the field of accounting and finance.

8. Tally training .in 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

The Tally ERP 9 Expert Training Course offers comprehensive knowledge tailored to meet industry-specific accounting needs. It not only imparts theoretical concepts but also provides practical guidance on implementing these concepts in your accounting processes, demonstrated through practical examples using Tally software. The course covers a wide range of topics, including accounting, inventory management, taxation, GST, return filing, finalizing books of accounts, MIS reporting, and auditing within the Tally framework. This training course is presented in a step-by-step video tutorial series in Hindi and an eBook series in English, ensuring that learners can access the content in their preferred language and format. It aims to equip individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in accounting and financial management using Tally ERP9

They offer the following features 

  Effective Lessons

  Video & eBooks

  Planned Curriculum

  Free Update


 Practice Files

9. Vskills 

Top 10 Tally course in Pune

The Certificate in Tally.ERP 9 course establishes a comprehensive framework for individuals aspiring to become accountants or those remotely involved in accounting. In today’s competitive industry, companies actively seek professionals equipped with the necessary skills to handle complex business accounting setups. This course not only benefits companies but also provides valuable training for candidates.

The Tally.ERP 9 online course offered by Vskills has gained popularity among accounting professionals due to its precision and accuracy. It simplifies the process of generating stock, statutory, and accounting reports, making it a highly sought-after skill that can ease the burden of applicants.

Vskills’ Tally.ERP 9 certification focuses on providing a clear understanding of accounting principles, along with practical application. With recognized certification and a strong skillset, candidates can excel in the field of accounting. The course is supported by a professional and responsive customer care team to address any doubts or concerns. Its slow-paced approach ensures that even beginners can gain valuable insights. Overall, the Tally.ERP 9 training is well-designed, featuring sample videos to enhance the learning experience.


Top 10 Tally course in Pune

FITA Academy’s Online Tally Course Program offers several key features to help learners excel in Tally ERP:

Real-Time Experts as Trainers: The course is conducted by experienced trainers who have real-world expertise in Tally ERP, ensuring that learners receive practical and valuable insights.

LIVE Project: The inclusion of live projects provides hands-on experience, allowing learners to apply their knowledge in real-world scenarios.

Certification: Successful completion of the course likely results in a certification, validating your proficiency in Tally ERP.

Affordable Fees: The program is designed to be cost-effective, making it accessible to a wide range of learners.

Flexibility: Learners often have the flexibility to choose when and where they want to study, accommodating various schedules and learning preferences.

Placement Support: FITA Academy offers placement support, which can be beneficial for learners looking to start or advance their careers in accounting and finance.

The course covers various aspects of Tally ERP, including accounting, bank reconciliation, taxation, GST, inventory management, reporting, and auditing tools. It aims to make learners experts in using Tally for a range of accounting and financial tasks.


Tally courses offer valuable skills for both individuals and businesses. Learning Tally can lead to better job prospects and higher pay, especially with the increasing importance of GST. It’s an efficient tool for accounting and can save businesses money. These courses are job-oriented and suitable for students, entrepreneurs, and interns looking to boost their career opportunities.

Recommended Reads:

Who can benefit from Tally courses?

Commerce graduates, job seekers, and entrepreneurs can benefit.

How can Tally courses boost career prospects?

 They enhance job readiness and open up opportunities in accounting.

What’s the salary potential after Tally training?

 Freshers can earn 1.7-2L per annum, while experienced accountants can earn 2-5 lakhs annually.

 Why are Tally courses important for businesses?

  They help streamline accounting, manage taxes, and improve financial efficiency.

How do Tally courses benefit entrepreneurs?

They empower entrepreneurs to handle accounting operations efficiently, from e-payments to fund management.

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