“Can you consider the world without mobile phones?”

“Of course not. Are you insane?”

“Unless, of course, you belong to one of the remotest islands of the world, you wouldn’t need one.”

My point is, the commercial world has expanded and nearly exploded with data and an abundance of knowledge that we aren’t capable of processing the information anymore.

We need help! Help to automate and integrate business functions. So Tally is to accounting as a mobile phone is for communication. It is a vital part of all business operations. In simple words, it is accounting in the digital format.


The Goenkas did India proud by establishing Tally Solutions in 1986. Mr Shyam Sunder Goenka and his son Bharat Goenka founded it and incorporated it in 1991.

This software makes work easy as it handles accounting, inventory management, order management, tax management, payroll, banking, and more.

Although Tally introduced version 3.0 in 1990, the latest version today is the Tally prime “the one-stop solution” to all business needs. Granted, Tally has come a long way, it has added many features to its application, making it more versatile.

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Let’s answer some important questions before finding out the ‘10 best Online Tally courses in India’.

What is Tally?

Many wouldn’t know that the expanded form of Tally is ‘Transactions Allowed in a Linear Line Yards’.

Many small and medium scale industries use Tally for a detailed and systematic accounting activity. The latest version is Tally ERP 9.

Why do we need Tally?

Every business has to track expenses and calculate profits from various investments. Accounting is a primary function of all businesses hence, we must execute it judiciously. However, when we maintain manual records, discrepancies arise unavoidably.

In order to avoid such miscalculations, one must use this software, which will help eliminate all human errors and improve efficiency.

What is the Tally course all about?

In this course, you learn about GST, TDS calculation, inventory management and such related concepts apart from the software training. This course would be helpful for anyone who wants to focus on accounting.

Overall, it takes about 1-3 months to do a basic course, but an advanced course would take over 2 years.

What is the difference between a basic course and an advanced Tally course?

Advance Tally or ERP 9 comprises features like interest calculation, auto bank reconciliation, cheque management, statutory compliances like TDS, GST and payroll compliance like PF and so forth.

While basic tally only deals in basic masters creation and a few voucher entries.

What are the eligibility criteria for this course?

The following are the requirements:

  • A secondary education completion certificate (preferably in Commerce).
  • Basic business management and accounting knowledge preferred.
  • You can also pursue this after your graduation.

What is the course fee and duration?

The duration depends on the academic institution; usually between 1-3 months for a basic course and 1 – 2 years for an advanced course. The fee is within INR 8,000 – INR 10,000 depending on the choice of institution.

After much research, I have found courses that are worth taking up.

So, let’s get started with our topic and find out the best advanced online Tally courses in India.

1. Henry Harvin Accounts Academy

Though Henry Harvin Education needs no introduction, I will ask my readers to pay special attention to this institution as it provides the best courses in the country. One course it provides is the Advanced Tally Erp 9 Course, which qualifies you to become an expert in this field.

Henry Harvin is recognised across the world with over 1400 reviews and 200 YouTube testimonials. Whoa! They are also winners of prestigious awards and have meritorious affiliations.
Well, how do you benefit from them? You avail of the Gold membership benefits, which entitle you to E-learning access, monthly Bootcamp sessions, job opportunities, internship facilities, and other complementary modules.

It is a 28-hour duration course after which you get access to 24-hour boot camps. The trainers here are proponents of the finance world and will see you through.

There are two attractive courses to choose from: Self-paced and Live online classroom(preferred). The course fee varies from INR 8,550/- to INR 9,500/-.

Also Check this Video

2. Tally Training.in

If any of my readers is a Hindi pundit, then you sure are in luck. This online training institute teaches all the concepts in Hindi and assures that the topics are simplified to the benefit of the audience.

This course is easy to enrol in. Be it a business owner, an accountant, a commerce student or anyone with the basic knowledge can join.All you do is make the payment online and you will receive a download link with instant access.

Though the entire course lasts for 30 – 45 days, you can keep the access to the course until 1 year.

However, there is a drawback to this system. Since it is a self-paced and self-learning course, there is no support for doubts and queries.

After course completion, you can attend the online exams and once you pass with a minimum of 60%, you can avail the Tally expert course certificate.

Not to worry about the 60% because you get 3 attempts to come through! The course fee is only INR 1,800/- and you get a free demo session to decide.

3. ICA Edu Skills

ICA Edu Skills enables you to learn the most sought after Tally course, “Tally Prime”.
They understand GST has taken India by storm and the tediousness of manually calculating it. Hence, they have introduced this course to educate small, large and medium scale businesses.

It is a 51-hour program. Here you will learn :

  • Inventory management
  • payroll management
  • GST and TDS
  • Other everyday accounting entries.

Only 10+2 pass candidates are eligible for the course, but you need to pass the entry test conducted by ICA.

One advantage of this course is that you can switch batches, however, with a penalty of INR 1000/- (which I consider overpriced). Moreover, the student has to complete the course within 12 months, failure of which will lead to readmission wherein you pay 20% of the course fee.

Word of advice: Interested candidates, re-admission is valid only for 6 months, so buckle up.

For more details about the course fee, you must contact them.

4. Tally (GST) course, Udemy

Udemy is popular these days. Now, with the pandemic and lockdowns in effect, we are adopting an alternative lifestyle. WFH (Work From Home) is the buzzword. This generation is the trendsetter where everyone’s learning a new hobby or enrolling in programs to enhance their skills.

Udemy is a great place to take off. They have tons of courses to boost and enrich your knowledge and skills. It helps you connect with the best instructors from your home and fulfil your goals. They have over 135,000 courses in over 65 languages.

Likewise, there are around 300 Advanced Tally courses to up-skill yourself. You can browse through the reviews and select the best. However, I’m going to be kind and save you a lot of time by showing you the most popular course.

Course name: Tally ERP 9 + GST 2020
The instructor is K.R Gupta who has a sound industry experience of 8 years. Anyone can enrol for this course with or without an accounting background.
This course comprises 19 sections, with 54 lectures and is 8.5 hours long. The course fee is INR 7680 /-

What do you learn here? Everything.
This course teaches managing accounts of any company with GST compliance, as it is an advanced course. You receive a certificate after course completion.

5. CAclubIndia

This institution provides the course ‘Tally.ERP 9-GST enabled’. Interactive Media Pvt. Ltd. launched CAclubIndia in 1999 for finance professionals and taxpayers, as a knowledge sharing platform and now has over 3 million members. There are many industry experts and seasoned professionals on board who guide other members.

There are no specific requirements for joining the course. The coach is Mr CA Raj K Aggarwal, who is a renowned educator and has authored several professional books.
The duration of the course is for 20 hours and expires after 3 months or 50 hours whichever is earlier.

Alternatively, you can download the course, but extra charges are payable. All participants receive an E-certificate after the completion. 

6.Tally school

This is an online space, started by the talented Mr Rishit shah, which caters to every Tally fan for free. Yes, you heard it, FREE.

Why is it free? The benevolent Mr Rishit, being a fan of Tally himself, wanted to educate every interested candidate through online tutorials. Mind you, this course is very detailed, unlike other free courses which are basic.

This innovative platform allows the user to download Tally and learn with instructions. Interesting! Moreover, they have loads of resources to download along with Tally with GST, with no course fee.

How do you benefit from a free course?
This course is free, but you receive a certificate by paying a nominal amount of INR 299/- only. Once you clear the test, you are eligible to get the certificate .
Log into their website or Facebook page for more details.

7.Intern Theory

Intern Theory has an unconventional yet game-changing approach to training. To connect employers with talents from across the country through their strong networking abilities is their aim.

Candidates with the best profiles deserve meaningful jobs no matter where they are. Once the deserving candidates are located, learning and development sharpens the existing skills . This institution has many courses to up-skill the new work-force.

Courses ranging from offline to online, data analytics, finance, app development, web development , Tally with GST and many more are available here.
When employers seek desirable candidates, it’s easy to spot them on this training platform.

To get a certificate, you must complete 65 lectures, 61 quizzes and 9 assignments, which are a part of the 9 modules. The duration of the course is anywhere between 4-6 weeks and the course fee is INR 3999/-

Since this course is subject to practical training, rather than theoretical, learning becomes easier and their certificate enhances your portfolio

8. MKCL Klic Courses

The Maharashtra Knowledge Corporation Limited has joined hands with 10 other universities to bring the best of education to the youth of our nation. This government initiative has addressed the literacy problem in India by training over 10 million.

Through its various vocational training courses, MKCL has established its presence in over 17 states and has about 500 learning centres now.

While courses range from hardware to networking and programming to digital arts, accounting has paved the way for Tally with GST.

Candidates with a certification in Information technology are preferred however, anyone may join the course.

You require 120 hours to complete the course, and the fee is INR 4,500 /- for Mumbai metropolitan whereas for the rest of India it is INR 4,000/-
The Maharashtra Open University(YCMOU) recognises this course and grants certificates once the course is completed.

How do we benefit from this?

Here, learning happens through case studies . These case studies help the participants understand business and data management through Tally.

9.Tutorials Point

Learners who want to go at their own pace can benefit from Tutorials Point. When you want simplified courses on various subject matters, always turn to this online platform because it delivers easy to learn content.

Participants can choose content based on the price( paid and free available), vernacular languages, level of skills, and publishers.

SAP, programming, marketing, Machine learning are few of the topics available, along with the Tally (with GST) course. Other resources like questions and answers, HR interview questions and best practices are also available

All interested candidates are eligible to take part in the programme. So, there are 84 lectures and around 18 hours of video tutorials and when you complete the course, you receive a certificate.

Takeaways from the course are : You get an experienced mentor, receive reference material and quizzes after each module, and lifetime access to the course.

10.Tally eLearning

Tally e-learning is yet another platform to learn Tally, while they specialise in this course they also promise to deliver a non-traditional method of training.

Though concepts are streamlined with business processes, the designed course remains concise throughout and simple to understand.

Here, courses also include consultancy, development, design and so on, apart from Tally with GST, Tally ERP 9 with Advanced GST and Tally with GST.

But the fundamentals of Tally (with GST) is a free course and the others are paid versions. The duration of the course is 2 months, and the fee is INR 2700/- After the course, you receive a digital certificate of completion.

Readers, I hope this article helps you in making the right decision. While evaluating, consider the pros and cons and approach the right online course.

Meanwhile, I will familiarise you with the syllabus of the Advanced Tally Course.

All new to this subject can take a note of the following and draw a general idea:

Tally Advanced

  • Fundamentals of accounts and inventory
  • Advanced inventory and technological capabilities
  • Fundamentals of transaction
  • Fundamental and advanced taxation
  • Payroll advance features


Tally, an application with a make in India, has surpassed its competitors successfully and has created a unique space for itself. Even after many years, Tally is advancing in its features and is still growing strong despite other ERP softwares in the market.

Both small-scale and large-scale industries use this alike and reap the benefits thereof. I feel, as a reader, you are reading this post because you aim to get trained. I must tell you, it is a rewarding decision and you wouldn’t regret it.

Every organisation needs automation to avoid discrepancies and manually managing a humongous database is a bad idea. Since this is a double-entry method of accounting, errors can be eliminated easily. This software is ideal for tracking and recording all receipts, notes, vouchers and bills. And about 4 million companies are using this software around the world.

How do we use Tally in business?

We can use Tally for the following purposes:

  • Interest calculation
  • Cash and fund flow
  • Cheque management
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Maintaining Profit and Loss accounts
  • Maintaining journal and ledger

What are the advantages of using this software?

The advantages of using the software are:

  • Information stored on this software can never be lost. Once stored, it can always be retrieved, even after a power cut.
  • The special binary coding embedded in this software helps avoid alteration of data. This complex system assures protection from data tampering and fully prevents it.
  • Though certified external clients audit the accounts( to double-check) ,they cannot discretely alter or improve the entries made. Whoever changes or edits the accounts ,their name will be displayed on the screen.
  • There is an in-built vault to safeguard all data using encryption techniques.
  • Since there are no physical files involved, all data can be easily transferred and updated to access it from any place.
  • Data processing becomes smooth as it eliminates all human errors, reducing all kinds of wastages.
  • There are no hitches and glitches while using this software, ensuring a smooth, problem-free operation.
  • It helps in evaluating all profits and losses by assessing all transactions. It ensures that losses are remedied.
  • It helps in storing data under GST formats, making it hassle-free for all businesses.

Job prospects

Let’s see what jobs would be available for a certified Tally certificate holder.

Here is a list of jobs that you can avail of after completion of the course:

  • Accounts executive
  • Data entry operator
  • Accountant
  • Tally operator
  • Financial Tally analyst
  • Investment banker
  • Bookkeeper

“Want a career with Tally”. Is it a smart move?

The current analysis of ERP9 jobs says that there is an imbalance in the demand and supply of jobs and talents. The job seekers outnumber the job opportunities not only in India but across the world.

However, talent and skills are coveted the most while seeking to hire the best. Hiring the best candidate and being that best candidate is a consequence of your decision. Your hard-work, skills and talents make room for success.

Keeping in mind the 4 million companies that are using Tally, you can easily get hired. Here is a list of the top companies that you could work for:

  • Levant consultants
  • ARK Data Solutions
  • Accenture
  • IBM India
  • Genpact
  • Reliance Industries
  • Deloitte
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Ernst & Young
  • KPMG
  • Grant Thornton International
  • RSM Tenon
  • Smith & Williamson.
  • BDO International
  • SS Kothari & Mehta

The average salary for Entry level and mid-level in Tally ERP9 is around 2.2 lacs and 4 lacs respectively.

At present, the skill-sets preferred by employers along with Tally ERP are accounting, chartered accounting, and financial accounting. Also, they prefer candidates with a B.com, M.com, C.A or BE B.tech degree.

I believe you can learn advanced Tally and become an accountant, or use your newfound knowledge to advance your business or coach others. You can even become a software vendor and customise the software.

Your actions should be backed by your want and desire, to succeed. It would be a smart move if you back your Tally certificate with the desired educational qualification, skill set and interest.

All the best !!!

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Q.1 Is learning Tally difficult?

No, it isn’t. Although it is a simple software, you need to be aware of basic accounting principles. It is better to learn Tally from an institute with an industry standard curriculum.

Q.2 What is the benefit of the Tally course?

It is an essential accounting software which is used for purposes such as book-keeping, bank reconciliation , journal and ledger entries, profit and loss account and more. It helps in recording and tracking all transactions.

Q.3 Is Tally good for the future?

Tally is globally used for accounting because of its many benefits. This software is also evolving with the changing business and is recommended for all recording, tracking and accounting purposes. So ,yes, Tally is dependable and good for the future.

Q.4 Which Tally version is the best?

The latest updated version of Tally Prime is the best.

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