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Understanding what is six sigma?

Renovation and Upgrading are the tools in any business process. Six Sigma certification is an incredible method for further developing your abilities as a forerunner in an organization. Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut is a bunch of strategies and devices for process improvement. It came into existence in 1986. Six Sigma has turned into a worldwide peculiarity with companies globally. Thus, Business firms and people are utilizing six sigma procedures to improve functional efficiencies. It accentuates more on wiping the blunders within processes.

According to Jack Welch “Six Sigma is a quality program that, when all is said and done, improves your customer’s experience, lowers your costs, and builds better leaders.”

Six Sigma hence, proves to be a helping hand in various associations like 3M,, Dell,, many more. The course utilizes a statistical approach to analyze the working of the process. It keeps a check on improvement of technique. So, the outcome is delicate cash reserve funds of the association.

Top 10 Six Sigma certification Green Belt courses in Connecticut

1. Henry Harvin (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

It is a worldwide popular edtech organization covering a wide range of clients in 97+ countries. Their goal is to reshape the development of people and associations at international level. It conveys phenomenal preparation through standard content, assets, and best-in-class innovation. Six Sigma Green Belt adds skills in business processes, execution, and also the quality management. They are thorough with the concept of DMAIC mentioned by the IASSC Six Sigma green belt body.

Course details

  • Training

Includes online classes with assignments to ensure skill sets in various steps.

  • Projects & Internship

Henry Harvin offers project work about steps of Six Sigma Green Belt to get a better hold on the subject. It also has the provision of an Internship to improve the concept on a practical basis.

  • E-learning Access

Students gain access to videos, various tools, and assessments.

  • Certification

You can get a CSS EGB certificate from Henry Harvin.

  • Extra benefits
  • Placement Support for 0ne year after course completion.

It has a proven track record of working with major global brands such as Hero. Hitachi, HP, Airtel, HCL Bsnl, Gillette, and Denso.

  • Boot camps for twelve months.
  • Hackathons
  • Gold membership of Henry Harvin for one year
  • Hands-on Experience covers more than 5 projects. Projects are improving waste reduction, quality maintenance, and time management.

Course Fee

  • 234 -336 $.
  • Payment options are flexible like PayPal, Mobikwik, or on Henry Harvin payment link. They have finance options of 0% interest without any hidden costs.

Course Duration

It takes 28 hours for online sessions. The course has flexible batch schedules and 10 weeks to complete the modules. It may be week days batch or weekend batch.

Course Eligibility

Individuals should have work experience of 2-3 years or hands-on 2 projects.

Why Henry Harvin?

Henry Harvin six sigma certification in Connecticut is an institute with excellent trainers with 18+years of experience. Their training method involves conceptual modules. There are extra modules for soft skill development and Resume building. It centers on expanding business by working on customer-company relationships. It teaches the learner a problem-solving attitude and makes them better service providers. Hence, it proves as a gateway to many opportunities.

2. Anexas

Anexas means Attached. It is an organization linked with industrial set up. Their operative network is in 50 countries of the world. They believe in Innovation and updated as per the need of time.

Anexas offers courses like Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut, IT, Project Management, Data Analytics, Business Process Management, process improvement, and training of Artificial Intelligence. It also works as Consultancy to various sectors like banking, medical care, coordinated operations, media communications, and IT. They have a track record of implementing Six Sigma in many multinational companies. Their team consists of consultants with extensive hands-on implementation and coaching experience. It is a Training Partner (ATP) accredited by IASSC and Peoplecert.

Course details

Anexas provides globally recognized Six Sigma Green Belt certification program. Kpmg Connecticut approves Anexas for certification.

  • Training

It includes Online interactive classes with free access to recorded lectures. Free e-books along with other study materials are part of a certification course.

  • Projects

It is the important part of the curriculum. Trainers provide guidance to real time projects from various industries. After completion of the project, participants get project completion certificates.

  • Certification

Certificates are available in hard and soft copy. There is lifetime validity of certificates. Participants have to appear for online certification examination. Before examination company organizes one to one revision class.

Course Fee

  • 221$
  • Mode of payment can be through credit/debit cards, net banking, or cash.

Course Duration

It takes 3 days to complete course offline. Online classes have 21 modules. It takes 20-25 hours for completion.

Course Eligibility

Candidates must have least three years of full-time experience in areas listed in the SSGB Body of Knowledge.

Each candidate must pass a multiple-choice exam. The exam lasts 3 hours and contains 50 questions and needs to earn 60% of the points. It is worth noting that the exams are only offered in English

3. Six Sigma USA

Six Sigma uses expert consultants and certification services. They assist companies with all aspects of implementing Six Sigma, from training Six Sigma Green Belt Champions to certifying employees at various levels.

Course details (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

  • Training

Online training has two sessions. These sessions cover basic concepts of Six Sigma and statistical tools. The Curriculum also covers case studies, documentation and exercises to enhance skills.

  • Projects

After the completion of training attendees can opt for project work. They can work on projects using charts, control plans, measurement tools, and processing maps.  Projects last for 4-6 months.

  • Certification

Each attendee will receive two certificates(One certificate for completing the training and another for completing live project). Both certificates are internationally recognized Six Sigma Green Belt designations.

Course Fee

  • $2600-3800

Course Duration

There are approximately 40 hours of training. The attendees can complete at their own pace during a one-year period of time. This program is available on weekdays either four days a week or two days a week.

Also, there is virtual instructor–led training and classroom training.

Course Eligibility

This program does not have any prerequisites. Students can earn Black Belt certification with global recognition at 6Sigma after completing the Green Belt and Black Belt programs consecutively as part of its unique program.

The main essential for the Green Belt is a fundamental understanding of Microsoft Office like Word, PowerPoint, or excel.

Those whose task is improving existing processes would benefit from the Green Belt certification. A process that is not standardized or doesn’t have metrics, or an opportunity to reduce error rates or cycle time, could be an area of an organization’s interest.

4. ASQ (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

ASQ is a worldwide association with individuals more than130 nations. Settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, we likewise work focuses on Mexico, India, and China. Our Society embraces part driven networks. These networks that assist individuals associating with other quality experts and professionals, advance their insight and vocations, and develop as thought pioneers.

With ASQ, one can advance at every one of the Six Sigma levels. They upgrade to industry: from complete fledgling to cutting edge, and en route to affirm.

Course details

  • Training

There are three modes of learning. It depends upon one’s preference or need to decide either live virtual, face to face, or e-learning.

  • Projects

The Attendee may dole out explicit interaction level improvement tasks to their ventures.

  • Certification

The Candidate can apply for a certificate after online test and assignments with 80% score. The Certificate is in form of PDF.

Course Fee

  • The version will be profession-specific 
  • Availability of other languages
  • Training fee – $5179
  • Fee for certification preparation – $724

Course Duration

It is a self paced web based course with videos, pictures, audio recordings, interactive activities, and quizzes. Trainer covers the course in 18.67 hours. The candidate can access the content for a year.

Course Eligibility

There are no eligibility criteria for course. If the  participant is taking certification preparation course then he must be a green belt or worked for project. It will be a review course. 

American Society for Quality (ASQ) is the best Six Sigma Certification supplier. It is well known due to its worldwide standing, thorough test prep and preparing, center around subject authority, and Certification.

5. ExpertRating (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

ExpertRating is an ISO 9001:2015 organization.  TÜV SÜD America certifies its courses. The organization is the main name in online accreditation. The company gave its expertise evaluation, in 2001. The reasonable courses are a brilliant way for the contender to show abilities in business. Their work is upskilling through a well-informed and top-to-bottom courses.

Course details

It provides a concept-based e-learning content. It is a comprehensive online course of about 250 pages. The course design is simple and easy to understand for beginners.

  • Training

This course will show you demonstrates methodologies, procedures, and strategies of six Sigma.

  • Examination & Certification.

The Applicant has to appear for the examination. Candidates can receive the certificate after 12-15 days of taking the exam. If one is not able to pass the exam there are three attempts.

  • Renewal of certification

After one year with payment of 30$.  

Course Fee

  • 69.99$

  • The fee is inclusive of course, examination charges, a hard copy of the certificate, and postage.

  • One can make Payments utilizing any of the accompanying choices. Receipt of a similar given through email. It can be credit cards, Master Card, PayPal, checks, and wire payments. Checks and money orders will be in favor of ExpertRating.

Course Duration

The course takes 2-4 weeks for 1-2 hours daily.

Course Eligibility

The Six Sigma Green Belt certification needs no prerequisites.

6. MSI (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

The company devotes to addressing the requirements of process improvement experts. The Institute addresses experts in each industry segment in every one of the 50 states and 34 nations. They give experts profession advancement and credentialing open doors. MSI, a six sigma certificate association represents considerable authority in Six Sigma. They have a total line of expert certificates to meet one’s credentialing needs.

Course details

  • Training

The Curriculum includes good in-depth knowledge of DMAIC  process. They characterize the degree, limits, or restrictions for the interaction. The last step is to foster a general interaction map which shows the beginning and the end of the processes.

They explain SIPOC outlines and COT – Critical-to-Quality components. They get a comprehension of the COPT-Cost of Poor Quality. Green Belts should have a solid comprehension of clients and their importance. They focus on understanding the client’s input via VOC-Voice of the Customer and

 Prerequisites of item.

  • Projects

It involves scope and charter of project work.

  • Examination & Certification

The Company awards Certificates after completion of course and passing an online test. It is an online open book examination. It is a MCQ based test of two hours. After passing exam candidate receive certificate. Participant gets PCU (Professional Competency Units) Score of 20 points.

Course Fee

  • $199.95
  • This fee includes
  • Online review material to get ready for the test.
  • Certification test, web based.
  • Once affirmed certificate and records sent through the mail.

Course Duration

The instructional class is self-guided. Time to finish and completely appreciate will fluctuate with each person. It might require a few days or longer stretche of review before you feel great to step through the last examination. You might accept the end of the year test when you’re prepared. Total time consideration is one year from the date of joining course.

Course Eligibility

The attendee will gain skill at first with the Yellow Belt material. Then they continue with the Six Sigma Green Belt material. This affirmation lines up with their Six Sigma Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

Green Belt Certification training in Connecticut grew only for the Management and Strategy Institute intends to provide the understudy with a strong comprehension of Six Sigma standards and train how to perform better in a Six Sigma group.

7. GreyCampus

GreyCampus accept that each functioning candidate ought to approach more straightforward, effective, and reasonable choices to upskill themselves. The Campus decided to make the world’s best-esteem stage. Here students can get to excellent internet based courses. They get their inquiries addressed straight by specialists. They tried to make Top notch learning cost effective.

Course details

  • Training

There are many training options. It may be self paced, online live or boot camps one to one. The attendee can access e-learning platform for one year. E- learning includes videos, sample papers and mock tests for certification exams. Also, there is access to classroom recordings

  • Examination & Certification

Pattern of examination is available to participants in the form of simulated examinations. This also includes solved examination questions. Certification exam is 3 hours test 100 MCQs and true false based. After passing test PDU (professional development unit) score is 35.

Course Fee

  • 176$ for Bootcamps
  • 268$ for self learning

Course Duration

Duration depends upon training mode a trainee opts. It takes 18 hours of  recorded videos, 18 hours bootcamps, content is of 60 hour, Mock tests 48 hrs.

Course Eligibility

There is no prerequisite for the course. Anyone interested in Six Sigma Green Belt can take up the course and then appear for examination.

Why Green Belt certification with GreyCampus?

Green belt level equips towards empowering mastery in Six Sigma. IASSC authorizes the course. The course is in accordance to the IASSC Green Belt Body of Knowledge.

8. Lean Six Sigma Institute


Starting around 1998, LSSI assists individuals and associations with arriving at their most noteworthy potent, expand benefits, and increment esteem by giving information and direction on executing consistent improvement culture change, systems, and instruments. Associations utilizing Lean Six Sigma Institute coaching do critical enhancements in speed and quality in giving products and administrations to their clients.

Course details (Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut)

  • Training

Discipline contains advanced tools and method, video demonstrations to explain the same. E- learning content is downable. So it can be accessed anytime.

  • Examination & Certification

Participant can get the Certificate after passing the test. Two attempts are available to pass the test.

Course Fee

  • Self paced599$
  • Instructor –led-1399$

Course Duration

Duration of the course depends upon the mode of training. If an attendee opts for self paced online training, it is 17 hour coaching. If the option is an Instructor–led then it takes 40 hours

Course Eligibility

There is no eligibility criteria but suitable for professionals like managers, executives, students, yellow belt trainees and project leaders. Batch schedule option either week days , two days in a week or weekends.


This Green Belt Training and Certification is an open-enrollment. It is a web based independent course. Six Sigma Green belt Certification is a critical thinking course. It gives you bit by bit directions to finish Six Sigma projects. It’s the most straightforward method for conveying quantifiable upgrades results.

Course details

It is a self paced training using DMAIC method. After completion, it provides the participant with 32 PDU scores. Certification is valid for lifetime. There are many attempts of examination.

Course Fee

  • $999

Course Duration

  • 32 hours training
  • Examination – 4 hours.

Course Eligibility

No prerequisites needed in training.

10. benchmark 6ix Sigma

Benchmark is a company which came with a stronger belief of improvement in the market. They established in 2001. The company offers Exemplar Global certified worldwide recognized certificate. There is a definite scope for development. Flawlessness is a moving aim of the company. Improvement counts through business results. There is an obscure improvement, and succession. It will get better outcomes your novel business circumstance.

Course details

  • Training

It is a web based instructor-led training. It includes workshops using various tools like statistical tools

                            process control

                            graphical tools and much more.

  • Projects

Modules involve two projects and free online guide to project.

  • Certification

Exemplar Global accredits the certificate. After completion of project participant gets project completion certificate additionally.

  • Extra benefits
  • Six Sigma Green Belt Examination
  • Online webinar for job guidance
  • Lifetime validity of certificate

Course Fee

  • $1800-2000

Course Duration

It is a 24 hour an instructor-led training. There are batches from Tuesday to Friday or weekend batches. It finishes in 3 weeks.

Course Eligibility

No prerequisites for eligibility needed in the training. This program is useful to working strata who needs an update in techniques. It is also useful for post graduation, students of management. A person with a willingness to problem solving and dealing with data can be a suitable candidate for program.

Levels of Six Sigma Certification

  • Yellow Belt
  • Green Belt
  • Black Belt

Selection of the level of certification

  • Yellow Belt certification is a proficient method for learning the essentials of Six Sigma. It is useful for the individuals who lead restricted roles in improvement projects.
  • Green Belt certification is the classic course for the individuals who are part of a Six Sigma Management Team. So, it is a perfect course for people who assist in data analysis in development projects. It permits to carry out Lean Six Sigma.
  • Black Belt certification is for group leaders who oversee large improvement. It likewise helps with critical thinking projects. It offers a proper understanding of parts of Six Sigma.

Job opportunities after completion of Six Sigma Green Belt

  • Quality improvement specialist
  • Process improvement specialist
  • Instructor( part time or full time)
  • Learning leader
  • Senior manager
  • Continuous improvement specialist

Advantages of Six Sigma Certification in Connecticut

Professional Advancement

This is the common rationale to develop and grow in occupation. It adds an unequivocal range of abilities in your job profile. This makes you separate from the swarm.

Leadership qualities

Six Sigma Green Belt preparing prepares you for influential positions. Course Polish your skills to  reduce expenses and increment income. You learn ways of working on the skill of the business cycle. They help in working on the quality of items and administrations conveyed to clients.

Monetary administration and hazard evaluation are helpful abilities for center and high level administration. Six Sigma experts get great shots at developing to senior administrative positions.


Certification assists in accomplishing a culture for development. It likewise helps process the management. The people who know six sigma Green Belt voice a comparable language. They better comprehend the means. It fixes a cycle and lessens squanders.

Develop business processes and quality

Six Sigma Green Belt teaches you to distinguish the attributes of business processes like to quantify, broke down, control, and further develop them. The learner has the capacity to lead a survey of current cycles. They get a clear information on their effect on quality execution.

It likewise develops the capacity to do nonstop quality improvement. It is the standard edict of the company. You learn processes near affirm there is no deviation from the mean. This helps to meet the precision tasks.

Monetary gains

Employees are among well paid professionals.

Eliminating errors

The individual achieves the capacity to recognize and cut repeatable mistakes. With a Six Sigma Green Belt, people have the option to expand the income of the association. Errors may affect consumer loyalty and cause harms to the business. Ensured Six Sigma experts can assist with diminishing protest goal time, client grumblings, and cost invades.

Business Growth and many more


Learning is a constant process. Continuous growth is essential in any field of business organization. Six Sigma Green Belt is a collaborative course offering a thorough understanding of the business process. It focuses on major steps of DMAIC. The application of Six Sigma reduces the risk of disappointed clients in an organization. Thus, Certification helps in diversified roles in companies, excelling in advanced tools for quality work and higher career prospects. So, get smarter by making the right choice of learning, implementing, and performing out of the box.


Q1. What is Six Sigma?

Six Sigma is a technical program that offers tools to improve quality, Customer experience, cost reduction, and extract leaders out of you.

Q2. What is the validation period for Six Sigma certification?

For a time of 3 years from the time the Professional gets Certification.

Q3. What are the different belts in Six Sigma certifications?

The following are the types of Six Sigma Belts
White Belt
Yellow Belt
Green Belt
Black Belt
Master Black Belt

Q4.What will be the salary rise after certification?

The normal yearly middle compensation will rise further to $100,000 across   the United States.

Q5.Who conceptualize Six Sigma?

Bill Smith and Mikel Harry had credit to create “Six Sigma”, and in 1995, Jack Welch made it the focal business procedure of General ElectrIc

Q6.Why is it named as Six Sigma?

The six sigma is a statistics tool.
Sigma – standard deviation from the mean.

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