There are many foreign languages that are popular among people such as German, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean, etc. Amidst all these popular languages we are going to talk about the less explored yet powerful language Russian. The opportunities and scope of the Russian language, and some irresistible reasons to learn the Russian language in India.

Russia has always been a close ally of India; both counterparts have backed each other in hard times. Following our diplomats and foreign policies it’s nevertheless to say that both countries’ citizens have an edge over other nations and so there are various reasons to learn the Russian language in India.

As the world entered into globalisation, people came across cross-border cultures directly or indirectly. The MNC, FDI, and FII cultures have opened doors of opportunities for different countries. This is an era where economies are coming closer every day. It emerges the need to know cross-state languages.

1. Business Opportunities

Russia has the world’s 9th largest economy. It runs on the abundance of resources it has. After Western sanctions were imposed on Russia due to the Ukraine- Russia war, business opportunities for Indians in Russia have increased. 

Russia is ready to give incentives for Indian businessmen to invest in their market. In the year 2022-23, Delhi’s imports have remarkably increased from Moscow, it’s the 5th largest trade partner now.

One of the reasons to learn the Russian language in India is because you have to deal with local people. There is scope in different market segments like metallurgy, chemicals, pharmacy and drugs, fishing, timber, and furniture. For doing business In Russia, it’s advisable one should know the native language.

2. Engineering, Defence, and Technical Advancements

There is no doubt that Russia has always had an upper hand in terms of defense, space programs, research, and engineering. We all have witnessed their advanced fighter planes, missiles; naval ships. Infect it’s India’s primary defence equipment import partner.

In this field, there is an ocean of opportunities for Indians. Even if we are shareholding the companies.

One of the other reasons to learn the Russian language in India is because it gives an upper edge to senior government officials. As it’s also a favorite foreign language of diplomats and bureaucrats.

3. Cultural Exchange

There have been numerous cultural links between India and Russia since 1400. To know about one’s culture one has to be proficient with the language of the state at first because it meets with the soul of people and it’s needless to say that emotions can’t be translated.

This cultural exchange helps in knowing the people of the state and when you know the people from its core, your business, and services run smoothly there.

If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his own language, that goes to his heart”.

Nelson Mandela

The rich cultural values of both countries are the bedrock behind the strong diplomatic relationship and thus it’s among the reasons to learn the Russian language in India and deal with our strategic partner in their language.

4. Higher studies opportunities

Since Russia is highly advanced in research, shipbuilding, space programs, and medical science. It provides a great opportunity for higher studies.

For a foreign degree in your resume, Russia can definitely be an option. Especially for medical science, it’s very pocket-friendly in Russia to get an effective higher education.

5. For travel enthusiasts

If you are a travel enthusiast, the large landmass of Russia is definitely your place to explore. From local attractions to trying local cuisines you will require their native language everywhere. 

Besides this every year a number of Russians come to India to explore our place our culture, and our handloom industry. If you are Russian proficient it can help you in making money as a tourist guide, hospitality industry, travel agent, etc.

6. Get to know the best literary works ever

Leo Tolstoy, Ivan Turgenev, Alexander Pushkin, and Fyodor Dostoevsky are some renowned names in Russian literature. Some of their great works from the golden era of Russian literature include War and Peace, Eugene Onegin, The Brothers Karamazov, Dead Souls, The Queen of Spades, and more.

If you are into literature and have yet to read these literary works you are really missing out on something! To understand the soul and heart of these texts, you must be familiar enough with the native language.

7. Easy immigration to Russia

If you are looking to move out of the country but stay connected with your roots, Russia should definitely be on your bucket list.

After two years of temporary citizenship, you can get a five-year citizenship. Just clear your TORFL (Test of Russian as Foreign Language) and you must have a clean background (no criminal records) in India.

For Indian immigrants, it’s more a necessity than some other reasons to learn the Russian language in India.

8. Base of other Slavic languages

One of the advantages of learning Russian is that it is quite similar to other Slavic languages spoken in Tajikistan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, etc.

Even many people prefer to speak Russian there as it was the language of the USSR earlier. So once you are done with Russian, consider it done with other Slavic states.

If you are Indian and planning to reach out to these nations as a student, traveler, literary person, etc. In any of these countries, it’s a foremost reason to learn the Russian language in India and it can help you a lot.

9. One of the most spoken language

To your surprise, it is the 7th most spoken language in the world, nearly 147 million people speak Russian as their native language.

It gives a number of reasons to learn the Russian language in India because the Russian language got the benefit of the early USSR. Most Balto-Slavic and Slavic nations use this language as their preferred language.

So once you learn Russian you have options to look forward to other Slavic states.

10. Language of past and future

It was only after World War II that a new hegemony of languages came to be known. They challenged the scientific and diplomatic supremacy of Russia over the world.

Today, we know world history from only one perspective. To know different perspectives of the world’s intellects we get to know the different languages and Russian is among strong contenders.

The reasons to learn the Russian language in India here become important because it’s the most reliable strategic partner of India and in history, Russia has played a crucial role in claiming its supremacy.

Russia rejected the rumours spread that it would bring high unemployment, and high inflation in Moscow and the state would suffer from a financial crisis after Western sanctions and support to Ukraine from NATO states.

It is important to understand the language of native intellectuals to understand the political gimmick and diplomacy of Western countries

11. It’s an easy language

Few elements in every language always seem stiff. So it would be an injustice to specify Russian as a ‘tough to learn’ language. The reason it’s just because you want to, is among the reasons to learn the Russian language in India. 

If you closely observe this language you come across some new facts. For example, there is no rule of syntax and no complex vocabulary in Russian. It requires two to three words to describe any statement in Russian than English. That means less effort!!

12. Secret Code- it’s fun reason

One of the reasons to learn the Russian language in India can be fruitful is because Russian seems a mystery to most people. It uses a Cyrillic script for its 33 alphabets.

The message written in Russian is not too easy to decode for laymen because of the unavailability of Russian keyboards abroad. The message is translated into the Latin language. So next time you want to keep it secret! go with Russian!


Considering it is a tough nut to crack people opt out of other languages which are easier to learn but it might not give you the edge. Russian translation in media is not always the same as it’s phrased in the Russian language.

These reasons for learning the Russian language in India give you a win-win situation if you want to stay in India or move out to Russia or to some other Slavic nation for your business, studies, or travel purposes. After all, who doesn’t want to stand out among the flocks? Right!

Platforms to learn the Russian language in India

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