Learning of Power BI

Microsoft Power BI is a comprehensive data analysis tool. It gives service to employees to create a simple visual presentation of the analyzed data that is easy to interpret and use.

There are numerous advantages of Power BI, it aids management teams in making quick decisions without jeopardizing the company’s profitability. It makes data visualization simple hence it offers a full summary of the company in different display choices such as tables, charts, gauges, and maps making it easier to use.

Power BI is a powerful decision support tool that definitely shows the difference between a typical company and a more efficient, agile and flexible organization because of its simplicity and visual representation.

Therefore overall we can say that Business intelligence (BI) is a tool that helps increase your company’s productivity.

Power BI can be used to manage all the aspects of a company including logistics,customer relation,human resources,financial transactions,market analysis,sales,manufacturing processes and so on. Each department’s data can be viewed in an interactive,visual and understandable format.

Let’s go through some amazing and useful power BI books. Read about the 20 Best Power BI books and select which book suits your needs the best.

1. Mastering Microsoft Power BI

                                                                        by Brett Powell

The book introduces you to the era of Power BI. With the help of which you will learn about importing data, transforming, creating interactive dashboards and preparing data. There are practice lessons on dashboard and publishing reports, reporting features and developing Power BI content.


 By using cases provided in the book you can learn through the real world. It is a great aid to professionals like administrator and management people to understand and supervise power BI projects.

About this book

This book is intended for business intelligence professionals who design and develop Power BI content as well as managers, architects and administrators who oversee Power BI projects and deployments. BI developers will learn how to create sustainable and impactful Power BI datasets, dashboards and reports. This includes connecting to data sources, developing an analytical data model and shaping and enhancing source data.

You will learn how Power BI’s tools work together such as with the On-premises data gateway and how content can be staged and securely distributed via Apps.

By the end of this book, you will be confident in creating effective charts, reports or dashboards for any kind of data using the tools and techniques in Microsoft Power BI. 


You can easily find this book on amazon site by clicking on the link below:- Mastering Microsoft Power Bi: Expert techniques for effective data …

2. Beginning Power BI by Dan Clark


The introduction to BI is explained precisely and in a very easy manner in this book. Additionally the chapters include importing data, cleaning and transforming data, building data models, and creating dashboards and reports.


Along with this, you will get complete knowledge about combining analytical visualizations, representing geographic data using map visuals etc. This beginner-level book targets readers from both technical and non-technical backgrounds. Also, it addresses lessons on the advanced use of Power Query.

This book is for business analysts,   professionals who work with data and BI developers, and database administrators.

This book is available on amazon- Beginning Power BI: A Practical Guide to Self-Service Data Analytics …

3. Microsoft Power BI Cookbook

                                                                                          By Brett Powell


This book by Brett Powell focuses on complete Power BI tools and their features. It provides complete knowledge of Power BI capabilities with sample solutions and snapshots. Along with an in-depth guide on data connectivity, data preparation, data transformation, data modeling, visualization and analytics.


Further one can learn about Power BI’s functional programming languages like DAX and M. You can also get lessons related to Power BI developer and its predictive capabilities, Direct Query, Live Connections, Import-Mode, Power BI data set, self-service capabilities, row-level security Power BI Service, data integration with Excel, etc.

This book is available on amazon-Microsoft Power BI Cookbook: Creating Business Intelligence …


 4. Applied Microsoft Power BI (4th Edition)

                                                                                                             by Teo Lachev

 The book intends to teach IT and BI professionals by providing information on how to deal with data. Therefore with its natural course, it explains to IT professionals, developers and data analytics how to make the best use of Power BI as per their requirements.

IT professionals will enhance their skills by learning to establish direct connections with different types of data including cloud services and instant reports creation.


Data analysts will get the knowledge to integrate, clean and transform data followed by using that data to create self-service models and solutions. This book also contains valuable information for developers. Developers can learn how to create and in cooperate custom applications with Power BI, embed reports and import and implement custom visuals in Power BI.

Book available on amazon-Applied Microsoft Power Bi (4th Edition): Bring Your Data to Life …

5. Pro Power BI Desktop (2nd Edition) By Adam Aspin


 This book is a complete guide on Power BI desktop. Power BI desktop is software loaded with options and capabilities to collect data from any type of available data source and create informative reports for data analysis.

Apart from the basic knowledge, the latest edition of the book includes chapters on new features like, trend lines, Cartesian charts, combo charts, gauges, etc.

You can easily buy this book on- Power BI: 4 in 1- Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks Simple and …


6. Microsoft Power BI: Quick Start Guide

                                                      by Devin Knight, Brian Knight, Et al

If you want a quick guide to Power BI then this is the book you must read. It provides all the necessary information that you need to start Power BI. This book teaches about the installation processes of Power BI software, designing data models, creating dashboards using DAX formulas and reports.


It specifically focuses on features like Direct Query, Query Editor, formulating relationships between data using DAX calculations, using Power BI desktop, Power BI service, row-level security, Power BI administration etc.

This book is available on amazon-Microsoft Power BI Quick Start Guide: Build dashboards and visualizations to make your data come to life

7. The Definitive Guide to DAX


This is the complete guide to Microsoft’s DAX language for business intelligence, data modeling, and analytics. Expert Microsoft BI consultants Marco Russo and Alberto Ferrari will help you become master from table functions through advanced code and model optimization. You will learn what happens under when you run a DAX expression, and use this knowledge to write fast, robust code. This book mainly focuses on examples you can build and run with the free Power BI Desktop.

You can buy this book on amazon.com-The Definitive Guide to DAX: Business Intelligence for Microsoft Power BI, SQL Server Analysis Services, and Excel Second Edition

8.Microsoft Power BI Dashboards step by step

Expand your knowledge and learn how to create world class Power BI business analysis dashboards that bring data to life for better decision-making. Wonderfully designed and implemented Power BI in your work and take complete advantage of any Microsoft Power BI including Power BI Premium.


Though you do not have any prior Power BI experience before with this book you can get all the guidance, examples and code to succeed.

You can find this book here-Microsoft Power BI Dashboards Step by Step

9. Applied Microsoft Power BI (5th Edition)

 You can bring your data to life with this Power BI 5th edition. Professional workers will learn to connect to popular cloud services to derive instant insights, create interactive dashboards and reports and can view them in browsers. Data analysts will discover how to integrate and change data from virtually everywhere and then implement self-service models for descriptive and predictive analytics.

Additionally, it teaches how to implement Power BI- centric solutions for organizational BI.

This book is available on- Applied Microsoft Power BI (5th Edition): Bring your data to life!

10. Power Pivot and Power BI

With nearly 700 ratings, this is one of the top-rated Power BI books on Amazon. This book gives you an overview of Power BI, Power Pivot and Power Query, DAX formulas and the core capability of Power Pivot

This book’s concepts and approach are introduced in a very simple manner that helps not only professionals but beginners to understand and use. The techniques presented allow users to produce results in hours that formerly would have taken entire teams weeks or months to produce.

Find this book here- Power Pivot and Power BI: The Excel User’s Guide to DAX, Power Query, Power BI & Power Pivot in Excel 2010-2016

11. Supercharge Power BI

Here the book offers an emphasis on learning DAX for better understanding of Power BI. It is a tool that facilitates data acquisition, modeling and visualization and the skills that you gain with Power BI are fully transferable to Microsoft Excel. Following are the three learning areas offered by Power BI Desktop

  1. Language
  2. The DAX language
  3. Microsoft Excel

Super Charge Power BI clearly shows the necessary concepts while at the same time giving hands-on practice to gel the reader and help new knowledge stick.

Find this book here-Supercharge Power BI: Power BI Is Better When You Learn to Write DAX

12. Analysing Data with Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel.

This book introduces the techniques for shaping data models in Power BI and Excel. This book helps beginners in data-modeling and to experienced data modeling it helps in getting tips from experts.

If you want to use Power BI or Excel to analyse data then this book gives many real world examples that help you look at your data in different ways. 

This book is available here- Analysing Data with Power BI and Power Pivot for Excel (Business Skills)

13.Collect, Combine, and Transform Data using Powwer Query in Excel and Power BI.

This book shows Power Query is embedded in Excel, Power BI, and other Microsoft products, and leading Power Query expert Gil Raviv will help you make the most of it. Learn how to eliminate time-consuming data preparation, avoid pitfalls, solve common problems and more.

The book also presents many analytics challenges and integrates all your skills in a realistic final project. By the time you finish the book you will be able to solve any data and transform it into actionable knowledge.

Buy this book here- Collect, Combine, and Transform Data Using Power Query in Excel and Power BI (Business Skills)

14.Learn Power BI: A beginner’s guide to developing interactive business intelligence solution using Microsoft Power BI


This book is for beginners as it helps to learn from scratch about running the data modeling, visualization, and analytical techniques. It’s a great handy book to get well versed with the extensive Power BI ecosystem. From basics of business intelligence to Power BI ecosystem.

Further the book will teach you how to use Power Query to ingest, cleanse and shape data and also use Power BI DAX.

Buy here- Learn Power BI: A beginner’s guide to developing interactive business intelligence solutions using Microsoft Power              

15.Power BI: 3-1-Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks Simple and Effective Strategies to learn Power BI and Power Query

This 3 in 1 book offers detailed analysis of the powerful tools and features contained in Power BI’s arsenal. It shows how to start a Power BI project and share projects amongst a large number of people.

You will learn about concepts of Power BI and how it is used. The reader will be able to utilize its features and carry projects.

Buy here- Power BI: 3 in 1 – Beginner’s Guide Tips and Tricks Simple and Effective Strategies to learn Power Bi and Power Query

16.Beginning DAX with Power BI

Get your hands on learning DAX language to solve common data modeling challenges. This book not only teaches about Power BI but also mapping techniques from SQL to DAX, filtering, grouping, joining, pivoting, and using tables.

The book guides you through typical business data transformation and challenges to how to resolve challenges using DAX.

Find this book here- Beginning DAX with Power BI: The SQL Pro’s Guide to Better Business Intelligence

17.Power BI MVP Book

Power BI MVP book is great choice of book as it is written by 21 expert authors so there is plenty of room to improve and learn all about Power BI.In this book, you will learn anything from AI, architecture, data modeling & data preparation, to DAX, issues in the enterprise, and even integration.

Buy here-Power BI MVP Book: A book of tricks and techniques for working …

18.Power BI: An Advance Guide to Learn the Advanced Realms of Power BI

There is more to learn in this book if you think you know all about Power BI. This book isn’t for beginners but for those who have had experience with Power BI and are looking to take their skills to the next level.

The book covers some advanced topics regarding the software so if you’ve been wondering about advanced features of the software you can find here in this book.It is available on both kindle and paperback formats.

This book is available on amazon click here- An Advanced Guide to Learn the Advanced Realms of Power BI: 4 ..

19.Power BI: Business Intelligence Clinic-Create and Learn

In this Power BI book, you will be taught how to install Power BI on your computer to get data, model your data, create visual reports, sales dashboards, and more.

Although this book doesn’t focus much on theories. However, you can quickly catch up and learn from the book without software.

You can start your Power BI journey and from this book, you can always pivot and find training that will take you to another level.

Buy here-Buy Power BI – Business Intelligence Clinic: Create and Learn: 1 …

20. Power BI Course instead of Book

Though there are plenty of books available in the market nowadays, there is one better source of getting all the expert knowledge of Power BI and that is taking up its course.

 Power BI Certification Training Course – Henry Harvin

The course offers 24 hours live online training. The trainers teaching this course are from knowledgeable industry with decades of work experience. Henry Harvin gives live projects for better understanding of the course. They offer Gold Membership with Alumni Status and network. Additionally, E-Learning Access includes recorded videos, games, projects, and case studies. They also help in getting jobs and have special internship programs.

Henry Harvin for Business Intelligence

There are many benefits of joining this course. Firstly it is Highly Relevant and Engaging content. The Business Intelligence course curriculum comprises modules which impart the important knowledge along with developing interest and curiosity. Secondly you will learn from the most elite and finest of industry trainers.

The business intelligence trainers go through rigorous interviews and selection tests to make sure that students get the best. Lastly They provide access to the most advanced LMS so students get priority 12 month access to learn management systems including projects and case studies, material soft copies and presentation.                    

Therefore overall it is advisable to join the course provided by Henry Harvin rather than learning from the books.

Below is the link to join the course- Henry Harvin education  


Above mentioned are all the important and latest list of Power BI books that you need to get a strong grip of Power BI technology. From these books, you can gain both theoretical as well as practical knowledge.

Though Excel has been favorite to keep and analyze data, Power BI is much more superior in finding solutions.

These are the 20 best Power BI you can get and start producing excellent reports and perform data analysis. No matter whichever book you select, you will not regret it.

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Q.1 Can I learn Power BI from a book?

Ans. Yes, good old books as they provide the best information on specific topics.

Q.2 What is Power BI Desktop?

Ans. Power BI Desktop is a free application that you can use on your own computer.

Q.3 What do I need to install to use Power BI?

Ans. To use the Power BI service for free you need a web browser and email.

Q.4 Can I learn Power BI online?

Ans. Yes certainly you can. There are many options for learning Power BI online.

Q.5 What is the Power BI book?

Ans. Power BI book offers a thorough knowledge of Power BI capabilities with sample solutions and snapshots.


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